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Thank you. Thank you.谢谢你们,谢谢你们。 Thank you, so much.非常感谢你们。 Thank you, all.感谢你们所有的人。 Thank you very, very much.非常非常感谢大家。 Well, this isnt exactly the party Id planned, but I sure like the company.准确地说,这并不是我计划中的活动,但肯定地说,我喜欢大家的陪伴。 And I want to start today by saying how grateful I am to all of you,我想以表达对你们所有人的感谢来开始, to everyone who poured your hearts and your hopes into this campaign,所有倾注了你们的心血和希望的人、 who drove for miles and lined the streets waving homemade signs,不远万里开车赶来站在街道两旁挥舞自制的标语的人、 who scrimped and saved to raise money,靠精打细算地节省来筹集资金的人、 who knocked on doors and made calls,敲门拜访和致电的人、 who talked, sometimes argued with your friends and neighbors,因谈论我而有时与朋友或邻居争论的人、 who e-mailed and contributed online,给我发过电子邮件和上网持我的人、 who invested so much in our common enterprise,给我们共同的事业投资巨款的人、 to the moms and dads who came to our events, who lifted their little girls and little boys on their shoulders and whispered in their ears,来到选举现场把女儿或儿子举在肩头的妈妈爸爸们,并对孩子轻声耳语, ;See, you can be anything you want to be.;“瞧,只要你想,你可以做成任何事”。201411/339832。

And it was all because I wanted to do it by the time I got to speak to you all so thank you so much.这一切都是因为我想在来哈佛之前把事情做好,所以非常感谢你们!You dont know what motivation you were for me, thank you.你们不知道你们给了我多大的动力,谢谢!Im even prouder to share a fundamental truth that you might not have learned even as graduates of Harvard unless you studied the ancient Greek hero with Professor Nagy.我甚至能更骄傲地来和各位分享一个基本的真理。作为哈佛的毕业生你也未必知道,除非你上过Nagy教授的课程,知道古希腊英雄人物。Professor Nagy as we were coming in this morning said ;Please Ms. Winfrey, walk decisively.;在今天早上来的路上,Nagy教授说:“温福瑞女士,请坚决地向前走。”I shall walk decisively. This is what I want to share. It doesnt matter how far you might rise.我应该坚决地向前走。这就是我想分享的。无论你已经达到怎样的成就。At some points you are bound to stumble because if youre constantly doing what we do, raising the bar.在某个节点,你就是会跌倒,因为如果你一直不断的在做我们每个人做的事:不断设定更高的目标。If youre constantly pushing yourself higher, higher the law of averages not to mention the Myth of Icarus predicts that you will at some point fall.如果你一直不断把你自己推向更高的目标,你将在某一点上落下,不必说伊卡洛斯的神话,连概率都能预测到你会跌倒。And when you do I want you to know this, remember this: there is no such thing as failure.当你真的跌倒时,我想让你知道,并请记住:“世间并不存在失败。Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction. Now when youre down there in the hole, it looks like failure.那不过是生活想让我们换个方向走走罢了,现在当你在人生谷底时,那看起来像是失败。”So this past year I had to spoon feed those words to myself.在过去的一年里,这些话撑着我自己。And when youre down in the hole, when that moment comes, its really okay to feel bad for a little while.当你到了人生谷底,到那时候,你可以难过一段时间。Give yourself time to mourn what you think you may have lost but then heres the key, learn from every mistake because every experience, encounter, and particularly your mistakes are there to teach you and force you into being more who you are.给自己时间去哀悼你认为你可能失去的一切,但关键在于:从每个失败和遭遇中学习,特别是你的每个错误,因为这些都会教会并迫使你成为真正的自己。And then figure out what is the next right move.然后想想接下来怎么做。And the key to life is to develop an internal moral emotional G.P.S. that can tell you which way to go.生活的重点在于建立内在道德、情感的定位系统,它能为你指路。Because now and forever more when you Google yourself your search results will ;Harvard, 2013;.因为现在或将来当你在谷歌上搜索你自己,结果会是“哈佛2013毕业生”。201507/389016。

International best-selling author Jonathan Safran Foer gave the commencement address at Middlebury College on May 26, 2013.201412/348155。

The final one I want to talk about -- and its a great one to end on --我最后想讲的是——用来结尾很好的例子是is this concept of communal discovery,社群探索的概念,a dynamic in which everyone has to work together to achieve something.人们需要一起工作来达到某个目标的动机。And communal discovery is powerful because it leverages社群探索有影响力的原因是因为the network that is society to solve problems.它能够利用人际网络解决各种问题。This is used in some sort of famous consumer web stories,它多用于著名的网上店铺,like Digg, which Im sure youve all heard of.例如Digg,我相信你们都听说过。Digg is a communal dynamic to try to find and source the best news, the most interesting stories.Digg就是一个社群动力寻找最好的新闻,最有趣的故事。And they made this into a game, initially.起初,这就是一种游戏。They had a leader board, where, if you recommended the best stories, you would get points.当你推荐的某个故事上了网站首页,你会得到加分。And that really motivated people to find the best stories.这激励人们去寻找最好的故事。But it became so powerful that there was actually a cabal,这很有影响力,很像某种帮派,a group of people, the top seven on the leader board,也就是一群人,领袖榜的前七个,who would work together to make sure they maintained that position.他们会通力合作保他们的位置。And they would recommend other peoples stories, and the game became more powerful than the goal.他们会推荐彼此的故事。游戏的过程变得比目标达成的影响力更大。And they actually had to end up shutting down the leader board because while it was effective,最后,霸占主页成为主要的目标,当这种情形发生时,it was so powerful that it stopped sourcing the best stories社群动力就会使参与者不再推荐好故事,and started having people work to maintain their leadership.并且,有些人开始专门为了维持领导地位忙活。So we have to use this one carefully.所以我们必须谨慎使用这一动机。Its also used in things like McDonalds Monopoly,再举一个例子,像麦当劳大富翁游戏where the game is not the Monopoly game youre playing,这不像我们平常玩的大富翁游戏,but the sort of cottage industries that form to try and find Boardwalk, right.消费者会像寻找农舍一样寻找滨海长堤And now theyre just looking for a little sticker that says ;Boardwalk.;他们都希望找到一种有“滨海长堤”的小贴纸。But it can also be used to find real things.这能够用于寻找真实存在的东西。This is the DARPA balloon challenge,DARPA推出了气球挑战赛,where they hid a couple balloons all across the ed States and said,他们随机在美国境内放了10个气球,他们宣布;Use networks. Try and find these balloons fastest, and the winner will get ,000.;“请使用网络,最快找到这些气球的人会得到4万美元奖金。”And the winner was actually a group out of MIT,拿走奖金的是麻省理工的一个团队,where they created sort of a pyramid scheme, a network,他们制作了一个类似于老鼠会的网站,where the first person to recommend the location of a balloon got ,000第一个到网站报告气球位置的人就能拿到2000美元,and anyone else to push that recommendation up also got a cut of it.并且把这个消息传给其他人就能够分到一些。And in 12 hours, they were able to find all these balloons, all across the country, right.12个小时后,他们发现了境内的所有10个气球。Really powerful dynamic.真的是非常有效的驱动力。And so, Ive got about 20 seconds left,我还有20秒钟的时间,so if Im going to leave you with anything,让我做个总结,last decade was the decade of social.过去的十年是网络社交的黄金十年。This next decade is the decade of games.接下来的十年是游戏社交的十年。We use game dynamics to build on it. We build with mindshare.我们正在用这些游戏驱动力来建立。我们用的是心灵占有率。We can influence behavior.我们影响行为。It is very powerful. It is very exciting.这很有影响力,这很激动人心。Lets all build it together, lets do it well and have fun playing.让我们共同打造这个游戏社交圈,让我们一起玩游戏。201601/423818。

America is about giving everybody willing to work a chance, a hand up, and Id welcome a serious discussion about strategies we can all support, like expanding tax cuts for low-income workers who dont have children.美国是一个会给每个愿意工作的人机会的国家,我欢迎大家提出可行性战略,如为无子女低收入人群减税的方案。But there are some areas where we just have to be honest, its been more difficult to find agreement over the last seven years.但在过去七年里还有其他难以达成一致的领域。And a lot of them fall under the category of what role the government should play in making sure the systems not rigged in favor of the wealthiest and biggest corporations.比如,政府应该扮演怎样的角色,才能保制度不向最富有的财团和大公司倾斜。Its an honest disagreement. And the American people have a choice to make.这是确实是个分歧。在此,美国人民需要做出选择。I believe a thriving private sector is the lifeblood of our economy.蓬勃发展的私营经济是我们国家经济的命脉。I think there are outdated regulations that need to be changed, and theres red tape that needs to be cut.我认为,其有些过时的规则需要改变,有些繁文缛节需要摒弃。But after years of record corporate profits, working families wont get more opportunity or bigger paychecks just by letting big banks or big oil or hedge funds make their own rules at everybody elses expense.在企业连续多年利润破纪录之后,如果让大、石油巨头或对冲基金制定只对自己有利的规则。Middle-class families are not going to feel more secure because we allow attacks on collective bargaining to go unanswered.或者允许对集体谈判的攻击置之不理,工薪阶层就无法获得更多机会和更多薪水。Food Stamp recipients didnt cause the financial crisis; recklessness on Wall Street did.引发经济危机的不是那些领食物券的人,而是华尔街那些鲁莽行事的人。Immigrants arent the principal reason wages havent gone up; those decisions are made in the boardrooms that all too often put quarterly earnings over long-term returns.移民人口不是阻碍薪酬上涨的原因;那些决议是由董事会的人提出的,他们经常将季度分红看得比长期回报还重。201602/425376。

Also bought my first guitar for there Music was an important part of my life And its just so relaxing to play with the guitar every day for twenty years我也在那里花25美元买了第一把吉他音乐是我人生重要的一部分二十年来每天弹弹吉他真的是太放松了Top Dog, here in Berkeley, Ive never... I have never... That inspired me and my computer design so much伯克利大学的顶好热 我从未我从来没有这家店给了我太多电脑设计的灵感because Top Dog, a hot dog then it was at a different price but now like 75 cents but its for a hot dog you dont have to figure some pennies out for tax因为顶好热 现在一般是75美分 当初不是这个价可他家的热就卖三块你也无需找零钱付税You know, you buy a 50 cents for a bun, its a dollar and fifty for a drink就是那种50美分买个面包 一块五买杯饮料Nice simple amounting, you dont have to do all these worrying about the fringe, little extra details that every accountant will tell you are the important critical parts这种算法简洁明了不用你费心想那些附加小细节那种会计认为非常重要的东西It is so simple. It is so nice for the buyer定价如此简单 对于买家来说非常便捷And I like to put that thought about simplicity into all of my designs just make them work so simple, the person doesnt have to do as much work我喜欢在我的所有设计中体现出这种简单性即使得产品使用简便 无需人们多费力doesnt have to think as much get the details out of the way Purpose of engineering courses should build devices,也无需多想不需要考虑细节问题工科类课程的目的是打造设备appliances that make our homelife a lot simpler and give us more fun and more time they save us work and they save us thinking使居家生活变得简单的家用电器给我们带来更多欢乐和时间它们让我们省力又省心and that was the goal and we did this long enough someday wed only have to work four days a week we were totally successful,这就是目标 我们为此一直在努力以后可能我们一周只需工作四天我们很成功but now it takes two people working hard stressful fulltime jobs just to own a home in Sillicon Valley但现在还需两个人努力地进行紧张的全职工作才有可能在硅谷买套房子So we didnt really... the wealth didnt come out that way to those that were doing the work所以我们还没有真正对于那些工作的人来说 财富不会轻易得到201509/397160。

What it is about Baidu and the Chinese search market thats allowed是什么让百度在中国Baidu to become much more successful than Google and Yahoo! in China?比谷歌以及雅虎做得更成功Specifically, what is it that American companies that,美国公司对于中国的互联网行业both then and now, still dont understand about始终不甚了解China that you think you do and they dont?能否谈谈一些你知道而别人不知道的原因Robin Li: I think that there are a lot在这个问题之中存在着of misconceptions about this question.许多误解There are very successful American companies在中国,有很多很成功的美国公司in China: Intel, Cisco, Microsoft.比如,因特尔,思科,微软They have been in China for a very long time.他们来到中国有很长一段时间了They figured out how to do business in China已经摸索出在中国的经营之道and they have been quite successful.并且获得了成功But Internet companies, a little bit different.但是对于互联网公司来说会有些不同There are three reasons for that.原因有三First is that, during the 90s,第一,在九十年代I think the Chinese IT market was very, very small.中国的互联网市场规模很小Nobody paid attention to that.没人关注这个市场But during the past decade,但在过去的十年间I think, with the Internet coming to China,随着互联网的普及that the market gets larger and larger as以及中国经济的崛起Chinese economy gets larger and larger,互联网市场规模也不断扩大the opportunity, the potential for that market市场潜力上升以及机遇的涌现has become very meaningful to a lot of people.吸引不少目光与投资Therefore, its a fast-growing market.这是一个快速成长的市场Its growing very, very quickly, much faster than the world average.变化非常迅速,比世界平均速度更快For example, when I returned to China,举例来说,当我回到中国I remember we had less than 10 million Internet users,当时中国网民人数不足一千万and today we have more than 338 million Internet users.而现在网民数达到了3.38亿So during the past 10 years,在过去的十年中the market actually changed very quickly, very dramatically.市场变化极其迅速American companies did not realize that in the early days.许多美国公司都始料未及They thought, ;OK, the amount of online information grows about他们认为,既然网上信息量每年增长50%50% per year. Ill grow my index by 50% per year. But in fact,那就每年增长50%的索引if you pay attention to China,但事实上,如果你关注中国the amount of Chinese information online triples every在中国,网上信息量每年翻3倍year. And we triple our index every year. So that gives因此我们的索引也同步增长50%the Chinese Internet users impression that if you cannot这给中国网民一个印象find anything on the other search engines,如果在其他搜索引擎上找不到的东西you may be able to find it on Baidu. If you cannot find it on Baidu,百度或许能够帮你,如果在百度上都找不到you cannot find it anywhere else. So thats just one example of showing那么其他地方肯定也找不到how quickly the market is. If you are not close to that market,这个例子表明中国市场发展得十分迅速,如果你不够关注市场you have missed a lot of opportunities. The second reason is that,机会将跟你擦肩而过,第二点原因是although Baidu is perceived as a Chinese company虽然百度被认为like many other NASDAQ-listed folks --SINA,像其他在纳斯达克上市的中国公司一样Sohu, Netease, Shenda--- but they are almost 100% funded by U.S. VCs,比如,新浪,搜狐,网易,申达,但它们几乎都是many of the Silicon Valley-based. This kind of money由美国风险投资资助的,许多来自硅谷actually helped a lot in the development of the Internet这样的资本在中国互联网的发展过程中助益良多market in China. And as many of you know,众所周知Chinese people are very entrepreneurial. They really want to make a difference.中国人很有企业家精神,总是想着有所作为They are hardworking. Once they are married with VC money,并且不辞辛劳,一旦得到了风险投资的资本its very competitive. So the Internet他们将变得十分具有竞争力space in China has become very,所以中国的互联网市场极具竞争力very competitive. This is different from many这和其他行业不同other sectors. In the traditional sectors,在传统行业American companies are basically competing with state-owned美国公司的竞争对手是中国的国有企业enterprises. They move very slowly. They dont have the他们反应迟缓,没有正确的奖励机制right incentive structure. But in Internet,互联网市场就不一样了its very different. Its like everyone knows everyone and公司之间知己知彼they all have the right incentive structure to become successful.也有正确的激励机制以达到成功The third reason is that Internet companies,原因三,对于互联网公司be it American or otherwise,不管是在美国还是在其他国家are generally very young. Young companies usually do not plan for the都是新生的企业,一般不做长期打算very long term. Sometimes they are not patient enough. They try,有时显得缺乏耐心they lost a lot of money. A couple of years later,他们不断尝试,同时也为自己的年轻交了很多学费five years later, they say,若干年后,或许5年,他们会说;OK. I give up. I have enough challenges in my domestic够了,我还是放弃吧,本国市场上的竞争太激烈了market. I dont want to deal with this thing.;我不想干了So that happened to a number of American Internet companies.一些美国互联网公司碰到过这样的情况I think thats the three most important reasons for以上这些就是主要的三个原因what happened in the Internet space in China.来解释中国互联网市场的现状201503/366862。

So when a request is entered into this box,当用户输入请求之后we do all kinds of semantic analysis, behavioral analysis,将会对此请求进行各种语意分析,行为分析intelligent interaction with the user并与用户进行智能交互than massive computing然后进行大量计算and figure out what the user really wants.来定位用户的真正需求Once thats clear, we will send it结果一出to the necessary application,页面将会转到相应的应用be it a search engine or anti-virus software,像,搜索引擎,或者,杀毒软件or a stock search, or shopping,或是,股票搜索,购物or FriendFinder - anything that can be交友网站plugged into this kind of platform.任何能够接入平台的东西So now we have implemented a number of the applications.我们现在已经设计一些应用If you ask what is todays lunar date,如果你问今天的农历日期we will come up with a calendar of it. So, lunar dates.页面会呈现农历的日历给用户If youre looking for a piece of software Baidu Hai如果你要找百度Hi这个软件--its an instant这是一种messenger software we delivered-- we will show that to you.即时通讯软件,搜索页面会显示出来If youre looking for a beautiful girl,如果你寻找美女this is one that not only shows you页面上the pictures but its got不仅会出现照片a Flash application that you can browse through as well.还有Flash应用能帮助你轻松浏览It also automatically rotate.还带有自动旋转的功能Train schedule, you will be prompted by列车时间表,一个新搜索框会提示你the newer boxes from where to where.输入起点与终点We understand this kind of user intents.了解到用户的意图之后Then, theres a lot of computation going on将进行大量计算to figure out whats the right answer.以找到正确We had a lot of submissions第三方应用程序from the third-party application.也提供许多信息This is the movie showing schedule from a third party.这是一个来自第三方的电影放映时间表This is the stock es. This is an anti-virus software.这是股票报价信息表,这是一个杀毒软件It doesnt need to show you the search result.页面并不显示所有搜索结果It just asks you,而是询问用户;Do you want to run the anti-virus software?;;是否要运行杀毒软件;So we group all kinds of information into one box.当所有的信息都被整合至一个搜索框内时You can find that Box Computing efficiently connects框计算就会展现出高效的一面enormous user request with the application providers.能够将众多用户要求与程序提供者连结起来So in the future, when you power up a terminal,在未来,当你打开一个终端时a laptop, a PC, a netbook, or a cellphone, immediately,比如笔记本电脑 PC机,上网本,手机instantly, you see a box.马上就能看到一个搜索框You dont wait two minutes for Windows to put up.无需花两分钟等待Windows启动You dont need to launch a browser也无需启动浏览器and type in a URL address.并输入URL地址You will only see this and immediately see this.只要打开终端,你就能看到搜索框Whatever you want to do;无论你想做什么check your email, publish tweets, go shopping or whatever,查收邮箱,发布推特状态,网上购物等等it can be solved by this one box.都可以通过这个搜索框解决So everyone you know,学会使用it takes time to learn how to use Windows.Windows需要时间It takes time to learn how to use Mac.学会使用Mac也需要时间But nobody needs to teach you但使用搜索不需要how to use the search. Its so easy.很简单Its so instant.很便捷,这就是为什么Thats why I think the future should be like this.我认为未来应该是这样的201503/365922。