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  • For the average 17-year-old, there are some well-established rites of passage: slaving away for A-levels,illicit visits to the pub, a mundane Saturday job and driving lessons in the hope your parents might buy you an old banger.对每个17岁的少年而言,有些公认的必经之事,像是努力通过A-level课程、去未成年人不得入内的酒吧、周六打份无聊的工以及为了让父母给买一辆旧老爷车而去学驾照。And, in theory, Brooklyn Beckham - eldest child of footballing legend David and former Spice Girl Victoria - is just another London sixth-former.而布鲁克林·贝克汉姆身为足球传奇大卫·贝克汉姆与英国辣组合前成员维多利亚的大儿子,理论上其实也只是伦敦的一名大学预科少年。But in reality, his life bears scant resemblance to that of a normal teenager. He has his own agent, a Mercedes sports car and a famous girlfriend.而现实是,他的生活和一名普通的青少年有极少的相似之处。布鲁克林有自己的经纪人,一辆梅德赛斯跑车,还有非常知名的女友。HOLLYWOOD GIRLFRIEND好莱坞女友SOCIAL MEDIA KING社交媒体名流While most teenagers use social media to share photos of school friends, it’s wall-to-wall celebs for Brooklyn — Christmas lunch with Gordon Ramsay and a seat at Sir Elton John’s wedding. He has posted pictures of himself with model Cara Delevingne, comedian James Corden and Sir Elton, who is his godfather.在众多青少年们用社交媒体分享学校伙伴的照片时,布鲁克林的社交媒体上可是满屏的名人。上个圣诞节,他和戈登·拉姆齐(厨神)共进午餐。他还是艾尔顿·约翰爵士所举办婚礼的座上宾。他已经晒过自己同超模卡拉·迪瓦伊、喜剧演员詹姆斯·柯登以及自己教父艾尔顿·约翰爵士的合照了。He joined photo-sharing website Instagram in December 2014 and by April 2015 was telling Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria — his mum’s best friend — ‘race you to a million!’ He won the race comfortably and now has 7.6 million followers.在2014年12月布鲁克林注册了照片分享网站Instagram账号,到2015年4月他便对《绝望主妇》女星伊娃·朗格利亚(同时也是他妈妈的闺蜜)炫耀道:“挑战你的100万粉丝数!”他轻而易举地赢了这场粉丝比拼赛,如今他的Instagram有760万的追随者。Father David says he and Victoria vet all the pictures their son posts. They include many of his girlfriend Chloe, complete with soppy captions such as ‘love this one’.他的爸爸大卫表示自己和妻子会过目儿子发过的所有照片。他们在看过儿子女友科洛的许多照片后,还会附上“这个不错哟”的喜爱评语。NICE SET OF WHEELS豪车在手请别羡慕我CAMERA ACTION掌镜Brooklyn has a long way to go before he matches his parents, who are worth around £600 million. However, he is being managed by Simon Olivera, who is dad David’s agent, so who knows where it will all end.要赶上身价近6亿英镑的父母,布鲁克林还有很长一段路要走。不过,他正由父亲大卫的经纪人西蒙·奥利韦拉照看,因而没有谁晓得他最终会发展成怎样。In total, to date, he is estimated to have earned around £250,000 and counting.到目前为止,布鲁克林的总身价约为25万英镑,而且呈上升趋势。 /201607/456239。
  • But believe it or not, there#39;s an escapist in all of us. But some of us tend to take escapism to the next level and this can be quite bad. In this article, I will identify 9 signs of being an escapist. So if you want to know whether you are an escapist, check these 9 signs below.信不信由你,其实每个人心里都住着一个“逃避现实者”;只不过有些人比较纵容逃避主义,导致情况变得不那么乐观而已。在这篇文章中,我将向你揭示作为逃避现实者的9个征兆。如果你想知道自己有没有中,那就赶紧看看下面这9条征兆吧。1. You daydream (a lot).1. 经常做白日梦。If you have a tendency to daydream (a lot), then you could be an escapist. Escapists are people who want to create their own reality whilst they go about their daily routine. And these day dreams don#39;t tend to happen purposefully; they actually happen quite naturally when you don#39;t expect it. And when they do occur, you welcome them.如果你经常做白日梦,那你可能就是个逃避现实者。撇开日常现实生活,逃避现实者更愿意营造一个属于自己的小世界;而他们所设想的白日梦往往不会刻意实现,只会在最不经意的时候顺其自然地出现;当白日梦真的成真时,那就尽情享受吧。2. You are very creative.2. 极具创造力。If you are capable of making your own alternate reality in your mind, then you must be one imaginative and creative person. And because you developed this habit of imagining, you regularly exercise your creative muscles so you come up with new ideas all the time.如果你很擅长为自己想象出另一种生活,那说明你想象力丰富、非常有创造力。而且,因为你经常不自主地东想西想,创新思维比较发达,所以总能冒出不少新颖的点子来。3. You want to live life on your own terms.3. 喜欢随心生活。If you are an escapist, chances are you are working in a job that you don#39;t really like. And you probably have this burning desire to quit your job. But being an escapist is not just about wishing to quit your job; there could be many things in your life that you wish weren#39;t there. They could be finance or family-related, and things which you don#39;t have control over. Escapists like yourself are longing to free from their shackles and live life on their own terms.如果你是一个逃避现实者,那么有可能你并不是特别热爱自己的工作,甚至很想辞职走人。但对逃避现实者来说,一切并不只是辞职那么简单,其实,生活中很多事情都不如其愿,比如经济状况、家庭关系、各种无法掌控的事情等等。逃避现实者特别渴望挣脱各种枷锁、渴望能够随心生活。4. You love to travel the world.4. 喜欢周游世界。You#39;re quick to be bitten by the travel bug. And by travelling, it is not your usual going to a beach and partying type of vacation (although you won#39;t mind doing that now and then). Your idea of travelling is to explore and to embrace the vibrant cultures that the world would has to offer.你会一直被旅行的愿望挠得心痒痒。虽然你并不介意俗套的漫步沙滩或派对度假,但对你而言,旅行更多的是探索和经历世界各地的风情文化。5. You enjoying ing fiction like fantasy and sci-fi.5. 喜欢读魔幻科幻小说。As mentioned in one of the previous signs, escapist are incredibly creative and they#39;re responsible for creating the greatest works of fiction, especially in the fantasy and sci-fi genre. And as a fellow escapist, you admire their work because it allows you be a part of their imaginary universe. It gives you a chance to escape.正如前面所言,逃避现实者具有惊人的想象创造力,很有可能创作出伟大的魔幻科幻小说作品。作为普通的逃避现实者,你很欣赏这类作品,因为它能引领你走进那个神奇浩繁的世界,让你逃避日常现实生活。6. You may be addicted to games.6. 或许会沉迷于。Video games have evolved so much recently that you actually feel as if you are a part of their pixelated world. Like many escapists, you are probably addicted to playing games, and that is because these games allow you to escape into an imaginary reality.现如今已经发展得相当强大,甚至会让你觉得你就在虚拟世界里一样。跟许多逃避现实者一样,你很可能也喜欢玩,因为你能逃避到一个虚拟世界里去。7. You realise the world is a harsh place.7. 觉得现实世界很残酷。This is very common characteristic of all escapists, and it should be seen as a sign. As an escapist, you will have probably imagined this amazing future where you will be living the life of your dream. But when you go and pursue this dream, the shock of what the world is really like disappoints you. You will quickly realise this so go back to just imagining your dream world, where you feel happy.这也是逃避现实者的常见特征。作为逃避现实者,你会为自己想象出一个美好的梦想未来,而当你准备努力追寻这个未来时,你会发现现实世界真的很打击人。很快你便发现,最好的办法就是继续做白日梦,至少这样你是快乐的。8. You tend to procrastinate.8. 有拖延症倾向。Although you may have all these aspirations to live your dream life, the truth is something is holding you back and it is preventing you from pursuing passion. The one thing that is holding you back is your fear of failure. In fact, you#39;re petrified of failure. You keeping asking all these ;what ifs; and they all revolve around failure. And because of this, you end up staying where you are and you start procrastinating.虽然你雄心勃勃想过上梦想的生活,但总有些原因让你踟蹰不前,阻止你追随自己的。其中一个原因就是“对未来的恐惧”。说实话,你特别畏惧未来。你总在设想各种“万一”,这些“万一”都跟失败相关。正因如此,你只能拖拖拉拉、原地踏步。9. You can#39;t face uncertainty.9. 无法面对不确定因素。Similar to the last point, another sign which coincides with procrastination is your inability to face uncertainty. Your alternate dream world is where you go to escape the actual reality that you find difficult to accept. When you face uncertain situations, you tend to start procrastinating and start to fantasize. And that#39;s because you find certainty and security in your dream.跟前面一点类似的是,逃避现实者无法面对不确定因素。一旦发现现实世界难以接受,你就会逃到自己想象的小世界里去。在面对不确定环境时,你会变得拖拉磨蹭,然后开始做白日梦,因为在白日梦里,你才能找到确定感和安全感。 /201607/452119。
  • The US has returned an ancient Buddhist stone sculpture to Pakistan, from where it was stolen in the 1980s.日前,美国政府向巴基斯坦归还了一尊古佛石雕,该石像曾于上世纪80年代在巴基斯坦被盗。The 2nd Century piece, depicting Buddha#39;s footprints alongside religious symbols, was taken from the Swat Valley and eventually smuggled into the US.在这尊公元二世纪左右的石像石雕上,描绘的是佛祖的足迹和其他一些佛教象征的符号。该石像曾于斯瓦特山谷被盗,后来辗转流落到了美国。A Japanese antiques dealer who brought it to the US from Tokyo pleaded guilty to possessing stolen property in April. The sculpture was expected to reach m (700,000 pounds) at auction, but the sale was intercepted by New York authorities.据悉,该石像是由一名日本古董商从东京带到美国去的,而在今年四月份,该古董商已经承认自己犯下了占有偷盗赃物罪。这座石像本来预计将在一场拍卖会上拍出100万美元(约合70万英镑)的价格,但是纽约当局截获了这场非法交易。New York prosecutors returned the sculpture to Pakistan#39;s Deputy Chief of Mission Rizwan Saeed Sheikh at a ceremony on last Wednesday.在上周三的一场交接仪式上,来自纽约的检察官们将该石像交给了巴基斯坦代表团副团长赛义德·谢赫。Mr Sheikh said it was ;an important element of the cultural history of Pakistan;, and would likely be kept in New York for the short term and possibly put on display.代表团副团长谢赫表示,这座石像是“巴基斯坦文化史上非常重要的一部分”,并表示该座石像很可能将在短期内留在纽约、并向公众展出。Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R Vance Jr said the piece was ;so much more than a piece of property;. ;It#39;s an ancient piece that speaks to the history and culture of Pakistan that should be celebrated and protected,; he told the Associated Press.曼哈顿地区检察官小塞勒斯·R·维斯表示,这件珍宝“不仅仅只具有经济价值”。他告诉美联社:“这是一尊来自古代的珍宝,它向人们诉说着巴基斯坦古时候的文化和历史,而这些珍贵的历史和文化理应受到重视和保护。”Antiquities dealer Tatsuzo Kaku had said he was in part motivated by a desire to protect Pakistan#39;s artefacts, but this was dismissed by other experts, who said there were good structures in place in Pakistan for doing this. Kaku paid a ,000 fine and a sentence of time-served and left the country voluntarily.被捕的日本古董商贺来辰藏表示,他是出于对这件珍宝的保护才将其带到美国的,但一些专家驳斥了他的话,并指出巴基斯坦当地就有专门保护、修复古董的机构。在贺来辰藏付了5000美元的罚金、免于了监禁刑罚之后,他便自愿离开了美国。 /201605/442111。
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