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get New York, London or Hong Kong. Here are seven cities that are racing up the rankings of the world richest, and will be among the top by 5, according to researchers from McKinsey.忘了纽约、伦敦或香港吧据麦肯锡发布的报告,以下这7个城市正在向全球最富有城市的头衔冲刺,到5年,他们将跻身全球十大最富有城市排行榜Doha, Qatar多哈,卡塔尔Qatar Doha is predicted to be one of the rising stars in terms of per capita GDP. The country is aly among the richest in the world, and huge investments ahead of the Soccer World Cup are set to give it extra boost.从人均国内生产总值来看,卡塔尔的首都多哈,被认为是一颗冉冉升起的新星这个城市曾经站在全球最富有的城市队伍中年世界杯前的巨大投资将会让这个城市变得愈加富有Bergen, Norway卑尔根,挪威Bergen is the second most populous city in Norway. It is aly at the efront of the country economy, but McKinsey researchers predict it will rise to become one of the richest cities globally. It serves as the hub Norway energy industry, shipping, and marine research.卑尔根的人口规模在挪威城市排行中位列第二位目前,这个城市已经站在了挪威经济的最前沿不过,麦肯锡的研讨人员预测,该市还将跃升为全球最富有城市之一卑尔根是挪威能源行业、船运和海运研讨的枢纽Trondheim, Norway特隆赫姆,挪威Another Norwegian city on the list, Trondheim is the birthplace of mobile tech. It is where the GSM standard was invented in the 1980s. Since then, the local tech scene has been booming, and now boasts over 550 startups with more than ,000 employees, according to officials.挪威还有一个城市也上榜了:特隆赫姆是移动技术的诞生地创建于上个世纪八十年代的GSM标准,就是在这个城市根据官方数据,自那时起,特隆赫姆本地技术行业蓬勃增长,现已有550家新兴企业,雇员规模高达1万人Hwaseong, South Korea华城,韩国Hwaseong, although not widely known outside South Korea, is a booming city south of Seoul. It home to the global research facilities of Hyundai (HYMTF) and Samsung (SSNLF), as well as flagship plants Kia and LG Electronics. The city is investing heavily in new residential real estate in the super modern Dongtan district.虽然知道这个城市的人不是很多,不过它是首尔南部一个新兴城市该市是现代和三星旗下全球研讨中心的所在地,同时也是起亚和LG电子旗舰工程所在地华城正在斥巨资投资新住宅房地产市场Asan, South Korea牙山,韩国Like its neighbor Hwaseong, Asan is home to several large industrial complexes.It also benefits from being near the port of Pyeongtaek, which is the closest port to east China, and a global shipping hub.和邻市华城一样,牙山是数家大型工业企业的故乡另外,该市距离平泽的港口很近,并受益平泽港口是距离中国东部最近的港口,也是全球船运枢纽Rhine Ruhr, Germany莱茵-鲁尔,德国Rhine-Ruhr is aly one of the most successful urban areas in Germany. It the third largest in Europe, trailing only Paris and London. Many powerhouses of German industry and finance are based in the region, including tune 500 companies.莱茵-鲁尔,曾经是德国最成功的城市地区之一它是欧洲第三大城市,仅次于巴黎和伦敦德国工业和金融业很多“大块头”都位于该市,其中包括《财富杂志世界500强中的家Macau, China,中国Macau is an example of how quickly things can change. Tipped to become one of the richest cities in the world by 5, Macau suffered a huge recession at the end of last year. Its economy slumped % after an anti-corruption drive hurt Macau casinos, the main driver of the territory economy. Growth is expected to return next year, but experts sayMacau must find other sources of income to recover its momentum.是明事情能够飞速改变的范本就在其大步向5年全球十大最富有城市排行榜迈进的同时,该市年年底遭遇了大规模的衰退受累于中国政府反腐力度的加大导致该市行业受重创,经济暴跌%,经济增长有望在来年回暖不过,专家指出,必须找到其他收入来源以重获增长动力 573911.Good morning,sir. 早上好,先生.Good afternoon,madam. 中午好,太太3.Good evening,sir. 晚上好,先生.Good night,madam. 晚安,夫人How are you? 你好吗?Fine,thank you,and you? 很好,谢谢,您呢?Fine,thanks. 很好,谢谢5.How do you do? 您好?How do you do! 您好!6.Welcome to our hotel. 欢迎光临我们饭店7.May you enjoy your stay in our hotel. 祝您住店期间愉快8.Hope you had a good trip. 希望您旅途愉快9.Hope you have a good journey. 祝您旅途愉快.It’s nice to meet you,sir. 见到您很高兴,先生.Pleasant to meet you,sir. My name is……见到您很高兴,先生我叫×××.Welcome you back,sir. 欢迎您回来,先生.Nice to see you again,madam. 很高兴又见到您,夫人.Goodbye,thank you coming. Please come again. 再见,感谢您光临,希望您再次光临.Have a nice day. 祝您今天愉快.Have a good evening. 祝您度过一个愉快的夜晚.Have a good weekend. 祝您周末愉快18.Good night and have a good rest. 晚安,祝您休息好19.Good night and pleasant dreams. 晚安,祝您做个好梦.Good night and rest well. Hope you will come back tomorrow. 晚安,祝您休息好,明天再来 19

第一句:Room service, please.我要客房务A:Room service, please.我要客房务B:What can I help you?能为你做点什么?A:Please change our sheets and pillow cases.请换一下床单和枕套第二句:Please come to room No. 3.请到3房间A:Room service. What can I do you?客房务部,您需要什么务?B:Please come to room No. 3 and bring me bath towels.请给3房间送几条浴巾来A:OK, well send a waiter soon.好的,我们会马上派务员过来B:Thank you.谢谢!知识延伸:寻求旅店的客房务或主动提供客房务时还可以说:Housekeeping, may I come in?我是房务员,可以进来吗?Room service. What can I do you?这是客房务部,我能为你做点什么吗? 1891



  8.Would you please complete this registration m?请您填写一下这张登记表,好吗?9.Could you please put your nationality there,sir?先生,请将您的国籍写在这0.May I ask you to put your name in block capitals?请用大写字母写您的名字好吗?1.What’s your occupation,please?请问您的职业?.What’s your address in your native country,please?请问您在本国的地址? 3.Could you sign your name,please?请您签一下名,好吗?.I’ll need your signature. 我需要您的签名5.Sign here,please. 请在这签6.Would you put your signature here,please?请您在这签一下名,好吗?7.May I see your passport,please?我可以看看您的护照吗?8.Have you got any identification?您有什么可以明您身份的吗?9.Here is your key,hope you enjoy your stay in our hotel. 这是您的钥匙,祝您住店愉快0.Could you please put your key on the Reception Counter when you are out the sake of safety?为安全期间,请您在外出时把房间钥匙放到接待台来好吗?1.Could you keep your room key until you check out?请您在住点期间自己保管钥匙,直到离店.The porter will show you to your room.行李员会领您去您的房间的3.Your room number is 5. on the fifth floor. 您的房号是5房,在5楼.The porter will take your luggage and show you the way. 行李员会为您提行李,并为您领路5.I’m afraid your room is not y yet. Would you mind waiting,please?We are very sorry the inconvenience. 恐怕您的房间还没有整理好,希望您不会介意在这里等一下,给您带来的不便真对不起6.Our check-in time is noon,I’m afraid we have no vacant rooms now. would you mind waiting until then?我们登记入住的时间是中午点,恐怕现在没有空房,烦请您等到那是好吗?7.Untunately,we are fully booked tonight,would you like me to get you a room in another hotel?很抱歉,我们今晚的房间已全部订满,我帮您联系另外一家酒店,好吗?8.Please wait a moment,I have to check if there is a room available. 请稍等,我要查一下看是否有空房间可以出租9.As a hotel policy,we require one day’s room charge as a deposit guests without reservation. 饭店规定没有预订的客人入住需交一天的房费押金0.The room rate is 5 per day including % service charge. 房费是每天5美元,包括%的务费1.Room-to-room calls can be made from your room,please dial room number directly. 在房间内可拨打房间与房间的电话,请直接拨号.Half-day room rate will be charged if you check out after :00 noon. 如果您在中午:00点以后退房将加收半天房费3.Full-day room rate will be added if you check out after 6:00pm.如您在下午6点以后退房将收全天房费.No additional charge is required children under sharing parent’s room without extra bed. 岁以下儿童与父母同床不收加床费5.All reservation are held until 6:00pm unless guaranteed or inmed earlier,as a hotel policy. 饭店规定,除保类预订或提前预订外,其他预订均保留房间至预订日当天下午6点6.Rates are subject to change by the hotel management without a prior notice. 饭店房价若有变更,恕不另行通知7.We have special corporate rates certain commercial s. 我们对某些商业团体实行特别价格8.Please show me your passport or some other identification. 请让我看一下您的护照或其他能明您身份的件9.I’m due to check out tomorrow,but I’d like to extend my stay by two or three days. 我应该明天离店,但我想延长两至三天离店 1993

  Meet and invite eign guests 接待国外客户A: There a car waiting you just outside the door. Right this way, please.B: OK.A: Let me put your cases into the trunk, and please get in the back.B: Thanks!A: How was your flight?B: It comtable, but now Im a little tired.A: Well reach the Beijing Hotel in another ten minutes. When we arrived there, you can go up and have a rest. The hotel has very good service, and it considered as one of the best hotels here.B: Thank you! I lived there when I came to Beijing last time. It comtable and beautiful.A: If it convenient you, Mr. Wu would like to invite you to the banquet in honor of you in the evening.B: Thank you, I will. When and where will the dinner be?A: At six oclock in the International Hotel. Well pick you up this afternoon. Besides, if you care visiting, well arrange some sightseeing you.B: Oh, that nice. Thank you arranging all of this.Trunk n. 行李箱Banquet n. 晚宴Sightseeing n. 观光相关词汇:Sightseeing bus 观光巴士Arrange v. 安排;pick sb. up; 的意思是;用汽车搭载某人或接某人;例如:Irsquo;ll pick you up at seven orsquo;clock. 我将在七点钟开车来接你 793Climbing nighttime temperatures, driven by climate change, may harm human sleep, a new study revealed, with the poor and elderly most affected.一项最新研究表明,气候变化导致的夜间气温上升,可能危害人们的睡眠,其中低收入者和老人受到的影响最大;What our study shows is not only that ambient temperature can play a role in disrupting sleep but also that climate change might make the situation worse by driving up rates of sleep loss,; Nick Obradovich, who conducted much of the research as a doctoral student in political science at the University of Calinia San Diego, said in a statement.加利福尼亚大学圣地亚哥分校的政治学士、该研究的负责人尼克·奥布拉多维奇在一份声明中说道:“我们的研究不仅表明环境温度可干扰睡眠,而且还能显示出气候变化导致睡眠损失率上升,可能让情况变得更糟”In a study published last week by the U.S. journal Science Advances, Obradovich and colleagues looked at responses from 765,000 individuals across the ed States who took part in a public health survey, alongside temperature data from to .美国杂志《科学进展于上周刊登了奥布拉多维奇和其同事的一项研究,他们分析了76.5万名参与调查的美国公民在年至年的睡眠数据They found that a one-degree Celsius increase in nighttime temperature translates to three nights of insufficient sleep per 0 individuals per month.研究表明,夜间气温每上升1摄氏度,将导致每月每0人中多出3个睡眠不足的夜晚;To put that in perspective: If we had a single month of nightly temperatures averaging one degree Celsius higher than normal, that is equivalent to nine million more nights of insufficient sleep in a month across the population of the ed States today, or 1 million extra nights of insufficient sleep annually,; the study said.该研究称:“换句话说,如果夜间气温比正常情况高1摄氏度,那么美国人单月将多出900万个睡眠不足的夜晚,1年则将多出1.1亿个睡眠不足的夜晚”The negative effect of warmer nights is most acute in summer, the research showed. It is almost three times as high in summer as during any other season.另外,夏季夜间气温上升对睡眠的负面影响更为明显,几乎是其他季节的3倍It also revealed that those whose income is below 50,000 U.S. dollars and those who are aged 65 and older are affected most severely.该研究还显示,年收入在5万美元以下的人和65岁以上的老人受影响最严重 older people, the effect is twice that of younger adults. And the lower-income group, it is three times worse than people who are better off financially.对老年人的影响是年轻人的倍,对低收入人群的影响是高收入人群的3倍 50

  P: Hey Yang Chen, could you please give me our baseball tickets? The attendant needs to see them.Y: Tickets? Yeah, no problem. Let me see - ummmmmmmmmmmP: What? What the problem?Y: I didnt bring them. But I can show my ID!P: Isnt this the third time youve gotten to bring tickets to the game? You know what? You arent allowed to be in charge of bringing the tickets anymore.Y: 三次?Please give me another chance - it makes me feel so important!P: Enough. That three strikes, Yang Chen. Youre out!Y: I dont understand, Patrick - 你说什么Three strikes, youre out!我不懂P: How many baseball games do I need to take you to? In baseball, a strike S-T-R-I-K-E is when the pitcher throws the ball on the target to the batter and the batter either swings and misses the ball or lets the ball pass him. The umpire - U-M-P-I-R-E yells, strike! Or more like,treeeeeeikkkkkkkkkke!Y:我怎么没听到过棒球裁判umpire喊lsquo;streeeeeeikkkkkkkkkke!P: That because you are at the snack bar all the time during the games.Y: Well, 那这个;Three strikes, youre out! ;到底和我有什么关系?P: We have the general saying three strikes and youre out in American English to express when someone still hasnt corrected a problem after three failed chances. When theyre out it usually means that they no longer have the opporty.Y:其实我知道Three strikes, youre out! 就是棒球里的;三振出局,; 如果一个人同样的错误犯三次,我们就说:P: Three strikes, youre out!Y :Three strikes, youre out! 59

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  A woman who describes herself as not a touchy feely person has become a full-time cuddler – and now earns an hour giving hugs.一名自称“不是个轻浮的人”的女子,成为了一名全职拥抱者--现在她通过拥抱他人,每小时可以挣到80美元Janet Trevino, 37, from San Antonio, Texas, became a professional, part-time cuddler in August last year – going full-time in September, in response to demand.37岁的珍妮特·特维诺来自德州圣安东尼奥,从去年8月开始兼职专业拥抱者,为响应需求,在去年9月成了一名全职拥抱者She now spends - hours a week cuddling men, aged between 0 and 70 and earns up to Look business opporties 寻找商机A: Currently, we're looking business opporties in northeast China.B: What kind of business do you do?A: We send analysts to companies that run into financial difficulties.B: What kind of clients do you prefer?A: Smaller local companies. We specialize in trade amp; shipping industry.B: I used to work a shipping company six years. And I'm quite familiar with some managers. Would you like to meet them? 重点讲解:1. analyst n. 分析师 相关词汇:analysis n. 分析 analyze v. 分析. specialize vi. 专攻,专业化常用词组:specialize in...例如:Tom specializes in chemistry. 汤姆研究化学3. be familiar with... 熟悉......例句:Nancy is familiar with Words amp;Excel. 南希熟悉电脑操作A: 现在,我们正在中国东北寻找商机B: 你们是做什么业务的? A: 我们派分析师到一些出现财务问题的公司里面去(帮他们解决问题)B: 你们更倾向于选择何种类型的客户?A: 小一点的本地公司我们的专项是贸易和船运B: 我曾在一家船运公司里面做过六年我跟一些经历还挺熟的你想不想见见他们?课后题目:be familiar with...的汉语意思是什么? 659 a week.现在,她每周要花大约到个小时来拥抱年纪在0岁到70岁的男人,每周的收入可达到00美元Janet, who has a partner called Carlos, had always been naturally supportive to those around her and, in her early s, even wanted to work as a missionary.珍妮特有个男友名叫卡洛斯,也非常持她做这件事而在珍妮特多岁时,她还曾想过当一名牧师My whole life, I have done this kind of work. When I was 19 or , I wanted to be a missionary, she recalled. I think people really need messages of hope and I wanted to sp that.她回忆道:“我的一生都在做这种工作当我19还是岁时,我想当一名牧师,我认为人们真的需要希望,我愿意去传播希望”But three years ago, she decided she wanted to do more to explore who she is as a person.但三年前,她决定去做更多,以探索自己到底是个怎样的人At one of her workshops, she met two professional cuddlers who explained what they do and persuaded her to come along to a cuddle party - a non-sexual gathering of cuddlists.在她的一个工作室里,她遇到了两名职业拥抱者,他们向她解释了自己的工作,还劝说她加入一个拥抱派对--拥抱者们的聚会,与性别无关Soon Janet was hooked and immediately signed up to online training through a website called Cuddlist.珍妮特很快就被吸引了,迅速在一家叫拥抱者的网站注册了线上培训This involved guidance on cuddling positions, how to make clients feel comtable and how to stay safe.课程包括对拥抱姿势、如何让客户感觉舒适、如何保护自身安全等的相关指导Once I started, I felt like it all clicked and I thought I was really good at it, she said. I am not really a touchy feely person. That not me at all but I love it. I feel like cuddling helped me find that missing piece.“一开始从事这个行业,我感觉一切都棒极了,我真的非常适合我不是个轻浮的人,但我就是热爱这件事我感觉拥抱帮助我找到了缺失的那一部分” 9196

  A friendly dog has become one of New York latest tourist attractions, thanks to her love of ;hugging; strangers.近日,一只友善的因为喜欢;拥抱;陌生人,成为了纽约最新的旅游卖点之一Louboutina the golden retriever is fast becoming a social media star thanks to her affectionate nature, as passers-by have taken to posing pictures when they spot her on the street.这只金毛猎犬叫做;鲁布蒂娜;,凭借亲切的个性迅速成为社交媒体明星,路人在街上看到鲁布蒂娜时都喜欢与它摆姿势拍照There are scores of pictures of the pet pooch on her hind legs, with her front paws clasped around a man or woman thighs, which are posted by fans on Instagram.粉丝在Instagram上传了许多这只宠物的照片,照片中它用后腿蹲立,前爪紧抱一名男性或女性的大腿The images are all re-tweeted by her owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez on Louboutina own page, which now has thousands of followers.鲁布蒂娜的主人凯撒·费尔南德斯-查维斯将这些图片都转发到它的个人主页上,该主页现在已有数千名粉丝了He was given Louboutina as a gift by his best friend five years ago, when she was just a puppy.鲁布蒂娜是查维斯最好的朋友5年前送给他的礼物,那时它还是一只小Cesar told MailOnline Travel: Louboutina started ;holding hands; in February , a week bee Valentine day.凯撒在接受《每日邮报旅游版采访时表示:;鲁布蒂娜是在年的月,情人节前的一周开始握手的,;Then in the spring of she started ;hugging me; and since last winter she has been hugging other people more often.;之后在年的春天,它开始拥抱我,从去年冬天开始,它已经开始拥抱其他人了; 676


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