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黑龙江中医药大学附属第二医院挂号肇东市人民医院门诊部地图French leader Francois Hollande#39;s new Socialist government got down to work on Thursday with the first order of business a symbolic 30 percent pay cut for the president and ministers.法国新任总统弗朗索瓦-奥朗德带领社会党政府本周四正式履新,首项政策即宣布对总统和所有内阁部长一律减薪30%。Following the cabinet#39;s inaugural meeting, spokeswoman Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said the salary reduction was to ;set an example; as the government looks to tackle France#39;s troubled public finances.在内阁就职会议后,女发言人娜贾#8226;瓦洛-贝勒卡西姆表示,在政府寻求解决法国面临的公共财政困难之际,减薪措施“树立了榜样”。The move was also aimed at drawing a distinction between Hollande and former president Nicolas Sarkozy, whose gross salary famously increased by 170 percent to 21,300 euros (,000) per month after he took office in 2007.此举是为了将奥朗德同前任总统萨科齐区分开来,后者在2007年就任总统后,就把总统薪金增加了170%,达到每月2.13万欧元(合2.7万美元)。The gross salaries of Hollande and Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault will fall to 14,910 euros per month, while ministers#39; gross salaries will drop from 14,200 euros to 9,940 euros per month.奥朗德和总理让马克-埃罗的工资总额降至每月14910欧元,内阁部长的工资总额从每月14200欧元降至9940欧元。The head of the main opposition centre-right UMP party, Jean-Francois Cope, denounced the salary cut as a ;sham;, noting that the new government had 34 members -- 14 more than Sarkozy#39;s first cabinet in 2007.主要反对党、中右派人民运动联盟的领袖让-弗朗索瓦-科普认为减薪是个“骗局”,指出新政府有34位内阁成员,比萨科奇2007年初就任时多出14名。;Decreasing salaries by 30 percent cannot hide the simple fact that Francois Hollande#39;s government will cost a lot more to the taxpayer,; he said in a statement.他在一份声明中说:“奥朗德的政府会花纳税人更多的钱,减薪30%也不能掩盖这一简单的事实真相。”However Sarkozy#39;s last government had 31 members including ministers and secretaries of state.但萨科奇离任时,内阁成员已达31人,包括内阁部长和政府秘书。Senior ministers said the government#39;s first concern would be to tackle the European debt crisis and push Hollande#39;s vow to shift the European Union#39;s economic focus from austerity to growth.高级部长表示,法国政府的首要考虑是解决欧债危机,以及推动奥朗德的竞选承诺,把欧盟的经济焦点从节约转向促进经济成长。;The priority is to disentangle the crisis in Europe,; Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told news channel BFMTV. ;I am profoundly European but we need a different Europe, a Europe that is much more focused on jobs.;法国外长洛朗#8226;法比尤斯告诉新闻频道BFMTV,“政府的优先要务是化解欧洲的危机。我完全是个欧洲人,但我们需要一个全然不同的欧洲,一个更加专注于就业的欧洲。”Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici reiterated that Paris would not ratify the EU#39;s fiscal austerity pact if it does not include measures to boost growth.法国财政部长皮埃尔-莫斯科维奇强调,除非欧盟财政紧缩条约的内容包括推动经济成长的措施,否则法国不会核准。Moscovici also gave assurances that the Socialists would keep public finances under control.莫斯科维奇也承诺说,法国社会党会把公共财政出控制好。;I want to be very clear, Francois Hollande has said it repeatedly, we must tackle the public debt, reduce deficits, and secure France#39;s situation. That is fundamental, a country that runs up debt is a country that is getting poorer.;他说:“我想说清楚,奥朗德已反复重申,我们必须应对公共债务、削减赤字、稳定法国的局面。这些都是最根本的,一个债台高筑的国家只会越来越穷。” /201205/182837哈尔滨省第二医院有网上预约吗 伊春妇幼保健妇保医院环境

黑龙江哈市九州女子妇科医院A powerful earthquake rocked the coast of Guatemala and southern Mexico on Wednesday, killing at least 48 people and toppling buildings in poor neighborhoods.周三,危地马拉沿海地区和墨西哥南部地区发生强烈地震,造成至少48人死亡,贫困地区大量房屋倒塌。The magnitude-7.4 tremor struck off the coast of Guatemalan coastal town Champerico, about 150 miles from the capital at Guatemala City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake sent shockwaves through the Mexican state of Chiapas and along the Guatemalan coast, and was felt as far as Mexico City more than 600 miles away.据美国地质调查局(U.S. Geological Survey)监测,这场里氏7.4级的地震震中位于危地马拉沿海城镇钱佩里科(Champerico)附近海域,距离该国首都危地马拉城(Guatemala City)约150英里(约合240公里)。震波冲击了墨西哥的恰帕斯州(Chiapas)及危地马拉沿海地区,远在600多英里以外的墨西哥城也有震感。At least 48 people were killed, mainly in San Marcos province, a mountainous coastal stretch that sits beside the epicenter, said Johana Miner, a spokeswoman at the Guatemalan disaster agency. Ms. Miner said that around 100 remained missing and that the death toll could rise. At least 32 houses were destroyed, mainly in San Marcos, she said, where construction is often unstable adobe.危地马拉救灾部门发言人米内尔(Johana Miner)说,至少有48人遇难,其中大部分是在圣马科斯省(San Marcos)。该省是沿海一个多山地带,位于震中附近。米内尔说,目前仍约有100人失踪,死亡人数可能上升。她说,有至少32座房屋被毁,主要位于圣马科斯省,当地的建筑通常是不够稳固的土坯房。Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina issued a disaster alert and asked for the evacuation of affected buildings, warning of aftershocks.危地马拉总统佩雷斯(Otto Perez Molina)发布了灾害警报,要求受影响的建筑内的人疏散,并警告可能发生余震。Guatemala, which lies along a range of active volcanoes, is vulnerable to severe earthquakes. The country is one of the region#39;s poorest and many buildings don#39;t comply with seismic standards.危地马拉位于一系列活火山沿线,易发生严重地震。该国是中美洲最贫穷的国家之一,很多建筑不符合抗震标准。The earthquake appeared to be the largest to hit the country in decades. In 1976, a magnitude-7.5 earthquake rocked the country north of Guatemala City, a disaster that claimed more than 23,000 lives and leveled entire towns.这次地震似乎是几十年来该国发生的最严重的地震。1976年,该国危地马拉城以北发生里氏7.5级地震,造成逾2.3万人死亡,整座整座的镇子被夷为平地。There were no reports of casualties in Guatemala City, where most of the population is concentrated, nor on the Mexican side of the border. Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard said there were no serious damage there.目前危地马拉城和墨西哥靠近危地马拉的边境地区尚无人员伤亡报告。危地马拉的大部分人口都集中在危地马拉城。墨西哥城市长埃布拉尔(Marcelo Ebrard)说,该城没有遭到严重破坏。 /201211/208510延寿县妇产科医院 A one-eyed documentary filmmaker has revealed how he has turned his prosthetic eye into a miniature camera. Rob Spence, from Toronto, is able to record what he sees through his other eye. It is not linked to his brain and hasn't restored his vision.   一名加拿大多伦多的电影纪录片制片人罗布?思朋斯在工程师们的帮助下,他受伤的右眼又获得了新生,不仅变成了摄像机,随时拍摄真实事件,而且像极了由施瓦辛格主演的电影《终结者》中机械人般的红色机械眼。据悉,机械眼可以拍摄他所看到的画面,并且拍摄效果逼真、并且机械眼未与大脑链接,不会损害制片人罗布?思朋斯自身的视力程度。   The device crams a camera, wireless transmitted and battery inside Rob's empty eye socket - no mean feat when you consider the tallest space is only 9mm high. The 'eyeborg' then transmits a signal to a handheld screen. The eye is not connected to Rob's brain and has not restored his vision. Instead it can show others how he sees the world in real-time. A tiny camera, just 3.2mm squared, was donated by OmniVision, a California-based company that specializes in the miniature cameras found in cell phones, laptops and endoscopes. It had a resolution of 328x250pixels.   这个名为eyeborg的“机械眼”总的来说就是一个无线摄像头,它只有3.2平方毫米,但是分辨率高达328x250像素。由OmniVision制造。据悉,眼球摄像机包括:一个数字摄像机、一个无线传输器和假眼中的一个电源电池。打个比方,它与一个像一张纸一样薄的印刷电路板连接在一起。该装置还包括一个无线发射器和二级管灯。这套系统的工作原理是:系统中的镜片部分内藏有一个线圈,而患者眼眶里的假眼珠四周也同样绕有线圈,里面则装有摄像头和植入的微芯片,镜片里的线圈可以利用电磁效应为摄像头和芯片供电,而为了防止水浸,微芯片则被密封在一个钛盒中。微芯片接收摄像头的视频信号,并把信号转换成电极信号。   Mr Spence lost his eye in a childhood shooting accident and it was removed from the socket five years ago. A fan of the 1970s televsion series 'The Six Million Dollar Man,' Mr Spence said he had an epiphany when looking at his mobile phone camera and realising something that small could fit into his empty eye socket. He contacted engineer Kosta Grammatis in 2009 who came and stayed with him for three weeks while they made their first attempt at building the device. 'It wasn't easy, but because it's so like pop fiction, engineers had a lot of fun making it - without a budget I was able to do it - it was a fun project for these guys,' Mr Spence told Sky News.   记者获悉,现年39岁的罗布?思朋斯在童年时右眼受到严重伤害,造成永久性损伤,虽然之后进行了右假体置换手术,但是自己的右眼能像正常眼睛一样看到事物是他最大的梦想,他说:“当让我看到手机里的智能摄像头的时候,我就在想,有没有可能有那么小的摄像头可以装进我的眼睛中去呢?”他还说:“起初,这个创新并不简单也不现实,太过于大胆以至于像极了科幻电影中的画面,但是我最终还是实现了我的梦想。” /201108/151832香坊区妇女医院检查

道里区中心医院要预约吗 Seminal American author Philip Roth, whose novels explored modern Jewish-American life, has told a French magazine that he will write no more books because he has lost his passion for it.近日,以小说形式关注现代犹太裔美国人生活的美国著名作家菲利普·罗斯在某家法国杂志中透露,由于灵感枯竭,他今后将不再进行写作了。The author of such novels as American Pastoral, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize, and Portnoy#39;s Complaint slipped his retirement announcement into an interview last month with French magazine Les Inrocks.菲利普·罗斯在上月接受法国杂志《Les Inrocks》的采访时宣布他封笔的消息。他的代表作有《波特诺的怨诉》,小说《美国牧歌》曾获普利策小说奖。;To tell you the truth, I#39;m done,; Roth was ed as telling Les Inrocks. ;Nemesis will be my last book,; he said of his 2010 short novel set against a fictional polio epidemic in Newark, New Jersey, in 1944.“和你说实话吧,我的写作灵感已经枯竭了。”罗斯对《Les Inrocks》杂志说“《涅墨西斯》(Nemesis)将是我创作的最后一本书。”这部2010年出版的短篇小说是以虚构的1944年新泽西纽瓦克市脊髓灰质炎爆发为背景所写的。Roth, 79, one of the world#39;s most revered novelists and a frequent contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature, said he had not written for three years.79岁的罗斯称他已经有三年没有写作了,他是世界上最受人尊敬的小说家,曾多次提名诺贝尔文学奖。The novella Goodbye, Columbus catapulted Roth onto the American literary scene in 1959 with its satirical depiction of class and religion in American life. Published along with five other short stories, it won the National Book Award in 1960. He won it again in 1995 for Sabbath#39;s Theater.菲利普·罗斯1959年发表的中篇小说《再见,哥伦布》以讽刺的手法描写了美国社会中的阶级和宗教问题,书中还另外收录了五个短篇小说。小说一经发表,罗斯便迅速走红美国文坛。凭借此书,罗斯于1960年美国国家图书奖。1995年,凭借《Sabbath#39;s Theater》一书再次获得该奖项。 /201211/211168黑龙江省九洲无痛人流哈尔滨哪家做人流好啊



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