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襄阳襄城区妇幼保健院中医院好嘛枣阳市第一人民医院收费怎么样Why are there no restaurants on the moon? Great food. No atmosphere. The atmosphere is the layer of gases that surrounds a planet or other massive body. Although our atmosphere extends for tens of miles, almost ninety-nine percent of it is within eighteen miles of the earths surface.Our own atmosphere is mostly nitrogen, with about twenty-percent being the oxygen we breathe. But, a planet doesnt start out having an atmosphere like ours. Much of the carbon dioxide that envelops earth, for example, was originally embedded inside rocks, and later released by heat from the sun. About a billion years ago, simple green plants started generating oxygen, which soon became a major part of our atmosphere as well.为何会月球上没有餐厅?很棒的食物。没有大气层。大气层是环绕星球或其他巨大天体的大气层。虽然我们的大气层延伸几十里,几乎99%的大气都在地球表面18英里范围内。我们自己的大气层主要成分是氮,约20%的成为我们呼吸的氧气。但是,一个星球最初时的大气层和我们的大气层并不一样。很多二氧化碳笼罩大地,比如,原本储存在岩石内的二氧化碳,经过太阳的加热而被释放出来。大约10亿年前,简单的绿色植物开始产生氧气,氧气很快成为了我们的大气层主要部分。201202/169754襄州妇幼保健院中医院是民办还是公立医院 If a little honey drizzled on a piece of homemade toast or into a cup of tea is how you like to start the day, youre not alone. One drawback to honey, though, is that after sitting too long on the shelf, it crystallizes and that soft, amber liquid turns to a hard, gooey mass.如果这是你一天生活的开始:将一点蜂蜜细腻地涂在自制的烤面包上,或融入一杯咖啡中,那你并非特殊的一位。然而,蜂蜜有一个缺点,如果长期不食用就会变成晶体,那些柔软的琥珀色液体就会变成坚硬而胶粘的一团。 Actually, though, only part of the honey is crystallizing. Honey is made mostly of two kinds of sugar: glucose and fructose. What crystallizes is the glucose, so the more glucose there is in comparison to fructose, the more likely it is to crystallize. But before honey can crystallize, it needs whats called a “seed” for the crystals to grow on. The seed might be a grain of pollen, a speck of dust, or even a scratch on the inside of the jar.然而事实上,蜂蜜中只有一部分会结晶化。蜂蜜主要由两种糖组成:葡萄糖和果糖。葡萄糖是晶体,因此葡萄糖对果糖的比例越大,那么蜂蜜结晶化的可能性越大。但在蜂蜜变成晶体之前,需要有所谓的“种子”催化晶体生长。“种子”可能是一粒花粉粒,一粒灰尘,甚至是罐子内壁的刮痕。But the best seed of all is a bit of honey that has aly crystallized. Most of the honey in a supermarket has been heated and filtered to remove virtually all the possible seeds. That slows the crystallization, but the heating process also drives off some of the honeys distinctive flavor.但最好的种子是少许已经晶体化的蜂蜜。超市里卖的大多数蜂蜜都已经加热过,几乎过滤掉了所有可能的种子。这样会减慢结晶化过程,且加热过后也驱散了蜂蜜某些独有的风味。When honey does crystallize, you can soften it again in a microwave or a pan of warm water, but as it cools the crystallization will begin again-faster even than before. Honey crystallizes faster the second time because heat alone cant remove all the seeds. Dust, crumbs, and other tiny particles that have accumulated since you first opened the jar will remain as seeds to start the process all over again.蜂蜜晶体化了,你可以用微波炉或者一锅温水将它软化,但当温度冷却时,蜂蜜会以更快的速度再次晶体化。蜂蜜之所以第二次结晶速度更快,是因为即使加热也无法清除所有的种子。自第一次打开罐子时,灰尘,碎屑或者其他微小颗粒会在罐内积累,它们作为种子会重新开启这一过程。原文译文属!201302/224214襄樊铁路中心医院地址

宜城人民医院人流套餐Who were the first farmers on Earth? You might think it was the Babylonians or another group in the Middle East. But humans are newcomers when it comes to the fine art of raising food. Leafcutter ants of arid and tropical regions of South, Central and North America have been farming for fifty million years, long before modern humans existed.谁是地球上的第一代农民?你可能会想到古巴比伦人或是中东的另一族群。但是谈到种植作物的艺术,人类还只是菜鸟而已。切叶蚁在美洲南部,中部和北部干旱的热带地区发展农业已有五千万年的历史,比人类的进化的历史还长。Leafcutter ants have large jaws to cut through plant and tree leaves, but they do not eat leaves. Instead, they carry leaf pieces back to their five million or so nest mates. Here is where the farming begins. Foraging ants hand their leaves over to smaller ants who rush them off to one of many football sized chambers. The leaves are then chewed into smaller and smaller fragments until they can be added to a fungus culture garden.切叶蚁用大下巴切碎植物和树叶,但它们并不吃树叶。相反,它们把碎树叶拖回容纳着500万同胞的巢穴。这就是农业的起源。外出觅食的蚂蚁将树叶交接给更小的蚂蚁,它们则将树叶碾到足球般大小的隔间里。然后将树叶咀嚼成更细的碎片,直到可以将其添洒到真菌花园里。Fungi feed off the leaves and grow bodies called gongylidia which are then distributed around the colony, especially to growing larvae. Fungus may not sound too appetizing, but the white fluffy growths are much more nutritious than leaves. We use a similar process with cows. They are fed grasses which we cant digest to create milk and meat. The leafcutters not only grow crops, they also protect them. While we use man-made pesticides, leafcutters use antibiotics made by their skin bacteria to ward off invasive mold. They also physically remove foreign fungi growing in their gardens. Their system of agriculture is one to be admired. It certainly has passed the test of time.真菌以树叶为食,长出躯干来(叫做结节丝),随后四处蔓延,分散在茁壮成长的幼虫的“殖民地”里。也许菌类听起来并不让人垂涎三尺,但是那白绒绒的幼虫比树叶营养价值高得多。我们养牛的过程与此类似。我们喂牛吃草,草不能产奶但牛可以。切叶蚁不仅种植作物,还悉心料理它们。我们用人造杀虫剂来保护农作物,而切叶蚁则用自身皮肤上的细菌分泌的抗生素来阻止霉菌入侵。它们也会除掉长在花园里的异类真菌。它们的农业系统令人惊叹,当然也经得起时间的考验。原文译文属!201207/191673襄阳市第一人民医院好不好 襄樊第一人民医院医术怎么样

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