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come on to 轻薄某人,吃某人的豆腐He kept trying to come on to me all night, until finally I just had to leave.他整晚都想和我亲近,直到最后我不得不离开。take advantage of 占便宜,吃豆腐Men take advantage of women when kissing.男人在接吻时占女人的便宜。flirt with 调情I had not expected that this shameful woman should flirt with her best friends husband.我没料到这个无耻的女人居然同她好友的丈夫调情。chat up 搭讪 The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries.这些家伙老是与新来;的;秘书搭讪。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201108/149759。

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:我的英语很糟糕。你是一个谦虚的人吗?你觉得你的英语好吗?如果你的英语不怎么好,你会怎么说呢?【英文对比翻译】【中式英语】Chinese Style ——My English is poor.【地道英语】American Style ——I am still having a few problems, but at least I am improving.有人开玩笑说,全中国人最擅长的一句英文是:My English ispoor. 说实话,还从来没有听到一个美国人说:My Chinese is poor. 无论他们的汉语是好是坏,他们会说: I am still having a few problems, but Im getting better. /201302/224889。

In the last three weeks, two US citizens have been detained by the North Korean regime. 在过去的三周里,两名美国公民被朝鲜政权拘留。According to CNN, both men work at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, one of the few schools to employ foreign experts in North Korea. 据美国有线电视新闻网报道,这两人都在平壤科技大学工作,这是朝鲜为数不多聘请外国专家的学校。Kim Hak-song, an ethnic Korean, born in Jilin, China, and educated at a university in California, was detained Saturday on suspicion of ;hostile acts; against the regime.Kim Hak song,朝鲜族,出生在中国吉林,在加利福尼亚的一所大学接受教育,周六涉嫌反对政权的“敌对行为”而被拘留。In April, Kim Sang Duk, also known as Tony Kim, was also detained for ;hostile acts; while trying to fly out of Pyongyang International Airport. 四月,Kim Sang Duk,又名Tony Kim,在平壤国际机场也因“敌对行为”被拘留。The detentions also come amid heightening tensions on the Korean Peninsula. 此刻也正值朝鲜半岛紧张局势加剧。Just last week, North Korea state media published an 1,800-word report accusing the US and South Korea of plotting to kill leader Kim Jong Un.就在上周,朝鲜国家媒体发表了一篇1800字的报道,指责美国和韩国正密谋杀害领导人金正恩。译文属。201705/508150。

迷你对话:A: Mary, I have something to tell you.玛丽,我有件事情要告诉你。B: Go ahead.说吧。A: I’m afraid you’ll become angry. But I think I must tell you.我恐怕你会生气的,但是我必须要告诉你。B: Come on. Don’t hesitate.说吧,别犹豫了。A: John made out with other girls at the party yesterday.约翰在昨天晚上的派对上与别的女子过分亲热。地道表达:make out解词释义:短语make out的意思很多,例如填写票,凑足钱数,说明一件事情,了解一个句子,具体筹划一件事情等都可以用make out来表示,但是这里要介绍的是这个词语的现代通俗的意思,它表示“那女之间过分亲热的行为”。这种用法很常见,现代年轻人在表达这方面的意思时,很少用传统的字眼,一方面可能是嫌那些字眼太过陈旧,另一方面也是因为这个词语有伪装的意味,需要人去琢磨其含义,说得不直接,含蓄委婉。持范例:Those are pictures of the couple making out on the beach.这都是那对夫妇在海滩做爱的照片。拓展范例:释义1: (费力地) 看出; 听出Eg. I could just make out a tall, pale, shadowy figure tramping through the undergrowth.我只能看出一个高高的、苍白的、朦胧的人影穿行在矮灌木丛中。Eg. She thought she heard a name. She couldnt make it out, though.她以为自己听到了一个名字,但听不清楚。释义2:理解; 辨清Eg. I couldnt make it out at all.我完全不能明白它。Eg. It is hard to make out what criteria are used.难以辨清使用了什么标准。释义3:明; 竭力说Eg. They were trying to make out that Id actually done it.他们在试图明我确实做了那件事。Eg. I dont think it was as glorious as everybody made it out to be.我认为这不像大家说的那样了不起。释义4:填写完Eg. Ill make the check out to you and put it in the post this afternoon.我会给你写一张票并于今天下午邮寄给你。词海拾贝:1. at the party:在晚会上,在聚会上,在派对上Eg. We had a rare time at the party.我们在聚会时玩得高兴极了。Eg. Did you behave yourself at the party?你在聚会上举止得体吗?Eg. Her behavior at the party had not been calculated to please the boss.她在舞场的那种举止并不是为了取悦于老板。Eg. All the guests were graciously served at the party.宴会上所有客人都受到殷勤款待。2. go ahead:继续说吧,接着说吧Eg. Go ahead, were all listening.继续讲吧,我们都在听着呢。Eg. Go ahead, don’t beat around the bush.接着说吧,别拐弯抹角的。 /201212/213914。

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Theyre called ;transplant tourists.; In need of an organ transplant but lacking a donor, they travel to countries where human organs are available for purchase on the black market. The organs they buy are harvested from the poorest of the poor, those who are most desperate for money. Often, after the organs are taken, the promised payments are never made.Monir Moniruzzaman is an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University. Hes studied the sales of organs by people trapped in extreme poverty and was invited to the Vatican to participate in a summit on organ trafficking.Moniruzzaman told us the problem started in 1971 with the development of the drug cyclosporine, which prevents organ rejection. Since then, in the ed States and other countries, the number of organs legally donated has fallen far short of the increased demand.;There is a big waiting list, often it is five years or so,; Moniruzzaman said. ;So to bypass this waiting list, some of the recipients, they are going overseas and they are having the transplantation done in those countries. So that’s why the black market is flourishing, for the last three decades or so.;Advances in medical science have only worsened the issue, as more organs have become transplantable. Originally the black market consisted only of kidneys. More recently, liver lobes have become available. Moniruzzaman described one case in which a poor woman wanted to sell one of her corneas.While selling organs is illegal in nearly every country on Earth, limiting the black market can be difficult, especially when most buyers come from abroad. Moniruzzaman explained one way of dealing with the problem that doesn’t require any legal intervention: simply increase the number of legal donors. Spain, for instance, has a ;presumed consent; system where those who don’t want to be donors must opt out. That leads to higher levels of organ donation than in countries like the U.S., which has an opt-in system.Misconceptions and fears about organ donation also limit the number of donors.During his visit to the Vatican, Moniruzzaman hopes to enlist the help of the Pope to increase the level of donation in the U.S. and around the world.;If Pope Francis calls for organ donation, more and more people will step forward, which will reduce the black market for organ trafficking,; he said.Listen to our full interview with Monir Moniruzzaman, assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University, above.201702/490885。

引言:大家好,欢迎来到,我是Canace。今天我们来谈谈单身汉的话题。单身的好处之一是人们往往很愿意谈论你浪漫的感情生活。缺点呢?有时候,即便是你不想谈的时候,人们还是会抓着你的感情生活喋喋不休。1.Are you seeing someone? Why not?如果你是单身汉, 你会不会害怕这样的问题:Are you seeing someone? Why not?“你有对象了吗?为什么没有呢?”这句话实在是能引起共鸣。通常被问到这样的问题还常常不知道怎么回答。这里有一个很简单而且地道但有人不一定能理解对的短语:seeing someone。是看见某人的意思吗?Of course not.If you are seeing someone, you spend time with them socially, and are having a romantic or sexual relationship. Seeing someone的意思其实是“与…交往,与…有恋情 ”—Are you seeing someone? —你有对象了吗?Have you heard the news? Rick is seeing someone. 嗨,你听说了吗?Rick谈恋爱啦。2. Itll happen when you least expect it.我们问天问地,问真爱在哪里。但缘分是很奇妙的东西。“你不想找的时候,真命天子/女就会出现了。”来学习一下least作为副词的用法。Least可以修饰动词,表示“最少地、最轻微地”,注意一下修饰动词的时候,它放在动词前后都可以。比如:She came when we least expected her. 她在我们最意料不到的时候来了。He worked hardest but was paid least. 他工作最辛苦,但所得报酬却最少。“Itll happen when you least expect it.” “你最没有期待的时候,真爱说不得就出现了。”3.You just need to flirt, make eye-contact, stop bringing up your ex. 这句话提出了对于结束单身的很多小建议,我们一个个来,第一个flirt调情,打情骂俏。常听说“男人不坏,女人不爱”,太过于腼腆在追求爱情的途中可是一种障碍,“坏”并一定是指真的做出一些坏事来,但至少don’t be too shy。与别人调情叫做flirt with,比如说:She was flirting with her boyfriend. 她和男朋友在打情骂俏。Make eye contact,意思是来一些眼神交流,contact是“接触”的意思,眼神交流叫做Make eye-contact。Next one, stop bringing up your ex. EX是口语,指前妻或前夫、以前的男朋友或女朋友等等,如exwife前妻,ex-girlfriend是前女友。Bring up是一个动词短语,表示“提出,提起”。既然打算投入新的恋情,当然不要急于谈论前任啦。EX可以单独使用,就表示“前任”。正在播出,收纳当下热点,用英语调味生活。今天的节目就到这里,我是Canace。下期再见,拜拜!背景音乐:I Knew You Were Trouble本节目属 /201505/373111。

I mean,I-Im a drinker.Did you drink any of the bottles of booze while you were there?我喜欢喝酒 那些酒瓶里有你喝的吗Yeah,but theyre mini bottles so,like,drinking all of those is like one drink.Basically a drink.有的 但那些是迷你酒瓶 所以全喝了 也只等于喝一瓶 基本上只有一瓶There appears to be about 10,000 here.I think youre wrong.看上去有一万个酒瓶 我觉得你算错了I wanted to be naked because Im aging like the president,so I was like lets show everybody.我想裸体是因为 我跟总统衰老得一样快 我要让大家看看Not like our President,a president ever.They always age faster.A lot of pressure.不是说现任总统 我是泛指 他们都老得很快 他们压力很大Why,though?I could do it.No,just kidding.但是为什么 我都能胜任总统 不 我只是开玩笑But I was like,lets capture this before things are on the floor.So lets go.但是我说 我们要在某些部位下垂到地板上之前留恋 我们拍吧I think you look very sexy.Thank you.No.So horrible.You know,in the.I dont know how to sit.How do they do it?我觉得你看起来很性感 谢谢 不 真可怕 你知道吗 我不会坐 教教人家嘛Girls that have no idea shes sexy.Ive never sat before.好像她们不知道自己很性感一样 我从来没坐下过We have a lot of women come here and do that.They wear skirts and theyre just turning.Its fascinating.Looking up and down.Oh yeah.很多女嘉宾都这样做 她们穿着裙子 扭来扭去 很养眼 她们看着自己 好耶In the article you talk about they actually talk to your friends and theyre all saying what is it that makes Amy so funny?在文章中 他们采访了你的朋友们 他们都会说为什么艾米这么搞笑What did you demreen from that?What do you think made you funny?Was it something when you were a child?你从中获得了什么启发 你觉得你为什么搞笑 是因为童年经历吗201611/478869。

今天讲述包含hit这个单词的一些表达。Hit这个单词很短小却拥有很大;能量;。棒球选手;击;球,导弹;击中;一架飞机,汽车;撞;上一棵树,都跟hit有关。Hit还和很多其他单词组合起来,形成各式各样的短语表达。1. hit the road 出发、离开例句:I had better hit the road if Im to be back home before dark.如果我想天黑前到家,最好现在就动身。2. hit the spot 使人满意,正合需要它起初的意思是射中靶心,射中者对自己的射击技术非常满意。现在,hitting the spot通常是指食物或饮品尤其令人满意。例句:Pepsi Cola hits the spot, 12 full ounces, thats a lot.百事可乐真棒,满满12盎司,好多哦。3. hit bottom 到了最低点例句:If the price of shares of a stock hits bottom that might be the time to buy it. Its value can only go up.如果股票价格见底,就是时候买进了。这时候股票价格只会往上涨了。4. hit the books 看书,学习例句: I can not go with you to the movies because I have to hit the books.我不能和你们去看电影因为我要学习。5. hit the ceiling 勃然大怒例句:A wife may hit the ceiling because her husband forgot their wedding anniversary.妻子可能会因为丈夫忘了他们的结婚纪念日而勃然大怒。6. hit the nail on the head 说得中肯,一针见血;解释正确例句:Your analysis really hit the nail on the head.你的分析确实一针见血。7. hit the hay 上床睡觉这个词汇来自于当年人们睡在铺满干草的床上的那个年代。还有人睡在饲养牲畜的马房(或牛棚之类的)的干草上。例句:John, its time for you to hit the hay.约翰,该去睡觉了。 /201111/161680。