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栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧!201510/405035One step further towards organ regeneration.A Chinese biotechnological company claims to be have created the world’s first 3D blood vessel bio-printer, which could pave the way, in theory, to producing personalised, functional organs. One of the major stumbling blocks in tissue engineering is supplying artificial tissue with nutrients, and scientists around the world have been working for years on trying to create artificial blood vessels.向器官再生又迈进了一步。中国生物科技公司声称已经制造了世界上第一台3D血管生物打印机,理论上讲这为制造个人化功能器官铺平了道路。组织工程中主要的障碍之一是向人工组织提供营养,世界各地的科学家已经工作多年试图制造人造血管。With two nozzles working alternately, this bio-printer can finish a 10-centimeter blood vessel within two minutes.两只喷嘴交替工作,这种生物打印机可以在2分钟内制造一根10厘米的血管。The core of the printer is the BioBrick, in which there are stem cells. Given certain environments and certain conditions, stem cells can, according to our needs, differentiate into the cells we need.打印机的核心是生物砖,其中有干细胞。在特定的环境和条件下,干细胞可以根据我们的需要分化成我们需要的细胞。At the heart of the technology is a stem cell culture system that consists of seed cells and bio-inks filled with growth factors and nutrients. When combined with other materials, the 3D bioprinter creates layered cell structures that can be cultivated to form tissues with physiological functions.技术的核心是一个干细胞培养系统,包括种子细胞以及充满生长因子和营养物资的生物油墨。当与其它材料结合,3D生物打印机产生分层的细胞结构,能培养出具有生理功能的组织。The achievement here in producing a 3D blood vessel bio-printer is not just that we can print a blood vessel, but we have found a way of keeping vascular cells and other substances active. The method can be used to print blood vessels, but also livers, kidneys and other organs.3D血管生物打印机的成果不仅仅能打印血管,而且我们找到了一种使血管细胞和其它物质保持活性的方法。这种方法不仅能用于血管打印,也可用于肝、肾等器官的打印。While the prospect of a 3D-printed kidney, liver or heart remains years off, as creating entire organs involves work that is impossible today, the good news is that 3D printing does have the potential to help patients today in many other ways.尽管3D打印肾脏、肝脏或心脏的愿望仍然遥远,在尚不能完整制造器官的今天,好消息是3D打印在其它许多方面具有帮助病人的潜力。译文属。 /201511/407569

Yet another study on nearsightedness says more of us will develop the condition.然而,有关近视的另一项研究表明,更多的人可能会患有近视。Other studies have shown theres an increase in nearsightedness in different regions of the world, but this study analyzed data on nearsightedness from around the globe.其它研究已经表明,世界不同地区的近视数在增加,但该研究分析了来自世界各地的近视数据。The study in the journal Ophthalmology looked at 145 studies encompassing 2.1 million people. Based on the analysis, researchers say about half the world will be nearsighted by 2050.眼科学杂志进行了145项研究,涉及210万人。基于分析,研究人员称到2050年大约有一半的人口会患有近视。And about 10 percent will have high myopia, or nearsightedness, based on researchers estimates.根据研究人员的估计,约百分之十将有高度近视。Those numbers could be pretty serious, considering nearsightedness could put you at an increased risk for permanent vision loss.考虑到近视会让你增加永久性视力丧失的风险,这些数字可能是相当严重的。A growing body of research on the condition suggests more time indoors, increased screen time and high-pressure education systems are partially to blame.越来越多的研究表明,待在室内时间越长、面对屏幕的时间越长以及高压力的教育体系是造成近视的部分原因。The study in Ophthalmology suggests if urbanization continues increasing across the world, that 2050 estimate could be difficult to avoid.眼科学研究表明,如果世界各地城镇化继续增加,2050的估计可能是难以避免的。Some research suggests lifestyle changes like spending more time outside and taking frequent breaks from the computer screen might reduce your risk of nearsightedness.一些研究表明,改变生活方式,像花更多的时间在户外、面对电脑屏幕经常休息可能会降低你患近视的风险。译文属。201602/427210

And if Valter is right,如果费尔特说得没错my liver should also have stopped producing so much IGF-1,我的肝脏也已不再产生大量的促生长因子putting my cells into repair mode.我的细胞被迫开始自我修复Finally, its 7am, day four,终于到了第四天 早上七点Im getting my blood test done.我正在接受血液检查- So, after this, I can go and have breakfast? - Absolutely.-验完以后我能去吃早餐了吗 -当然可以The first food for three-and-a-half days,三天半以来的第一餐the first food for 86 hours. Well, whos counting86小时后的第一餐 我才没去算呢Im just hoping that this is going to show some change,我只希望有些指数发生了改变particularly in my IGF,尤其是生长因子cos if I have spent the last three-and-a-half毕竟我已经有三天半到四天to four days not eating没吃任何东西了and the results have been absolutely zero,如果没有任何效果的话that would be very, very depressing.我将非常 非常沮丧The fast is over.禁食计划落幕了Mmm. Ah! That is very...这真是太...I can just sort of begin to feel the empty spaces.我现在才开始感到肚子里是空的I wasnt actually terrible今早起床时hungry when I woke up this morning, but...我并不觉得特别饿 但是...when I start eating this,当我开始吃东西时I realise what it is I was missing.我意识这就是我一直想念的东西重点解释:1.sort of 有几分地例句:That would sort of ruin the point.那会有几分破坏的意图。2.wake up 醒来例句:I didnt wake up until I heard the alarm clock.直到听到闹钟的铃声我才醒来。 201510/405183

像《魔兽世界》这样的游戏,提供了一个让玩家在虚拟空间充当救世主的角色,并且同时激励这些玩家学习那些英雄们所具有的良好品质。那么我们能否利用这种机制去解决现实世界中的问题呢?Jane McGonigal说可以,并且给出了她的理由。201507/383458Ive suggested that religions die, but, as when people die, perhaps they leave ghosts-and you can see across the Middle East many ghosts, many survivals of older religions, in the newly successful religions. So as you look at Islam, for example, you see many, many survivals from Christianity and Judaism. The Quran is absolutely littered with stories which make no sense, except in terms of what the Christians and Jews of that time would have understood, the sacred stories. Also in terms of the buildings of Islam, the institutions of Islam, the mystical practices of Islam, you can see a great many of these ghostly survivals. Then, as Islam sps, it carries on drawing new kinds of pattern in from older religions, and evokes new ghosts.我曾提出宗教死亡论,但也许它们会留下一些幽灵。在中东,你能看到许多古老宗教的幽灵进入了新兴宗教。例如,伊斯兰教中有一些来自基督教与犹太教的内容。《古兰经》中的有些故事看起来毫无意义,只有放到当时犹太教或基督教的背景中才能理解。在伊斯兰的建筑、制度和一些神秘仪式中都能看到别的宗教的影响。随着伊斯兰教的传播,它会继续从其他古老宗教中吸收新的模式,唤醒新的幽灵。Eventually that sping Islam would conquer most of the world that weve been talking about this week. Indeed, it would conquer all the places from which our objects have come, except Dorset.最终,伊斯兰教成功地散播到本部分所提及的绝大部分地区,只有多塞特例外。接下来,我们将探讨这些成功的伊斯兰统治者如何管理他们所 征的领土。201508/391459He had such pipes and drama in his voice他的嗓音很好又富有情感to be so young.却又如此年轻He was just one of a kind in that respect.他真的很独特He really did the songs justice.他唱的真的很好l think Michael knew how important lyric was to the song.我觉得迈克尔很了解歌词的重要性And it had to reach, touch something, l think, for him to really wanna sing it.明白它一定要能够感动 他才会想去唱那首歌And, you know, hed dance and sing at the same time况且他又能歌善舞so it had to correspond with his body, too.所以还必须要与肢体产生共鸣so it all had to be one piece for him.所以一切都要搭配得很好He didnt want fluff. He wanted something with legs on it,他不喜欢很花俏的东西 他要的是实在something that was gonna last through time可以承受时间洗礼的东西and thats actually what he ended up creating.这也是他所创造的The bigger he became as an artist,他愈走红the more enamoured he seemed to be over songwriters.就愈崇拜词曲创作者A lot of people have done those songs and couldnt get a handle on em许多人都没有办法驾驭llike the levi stubbs or Diana Ross,像是利瓦伊·史塔布斯 或是黛安娜·罗丝but he just had a knack, a gift.但他真的很有天份He aly had a cake but then he put icing all on top of it.对他来说简直是锦上添花201509/398342

You see quite a lot of all of this sort of stuff,and really its from all the fishing vessels that use these very northerly shipping lanes out there.遍地都是有用的东西 都是从航行于 那边极北航道的 渔船带过来的80% Of the worlds whitefish comes from arctic waters.全球八成的银鳕鱼 都产自北极水域Its the superhighway of fishing if you can get out to it.能走出这个渔船密集的航线 就看你的本事了Theres probably enough of all this sort of thing to improvise some sort of raft.这些东西 足够建造一艘简易的救生筏I could make one thats gonna float and can then get out to some of these outer islands,make a signal fire.我应该可以做一个 慢慢漂到那些外海岛屿 然后燃起火堆求救Thats probably your best chance of being spotted from the shipping lanes.那可能是你被航船发现的 最好办法All this has been dumped off the ships out at sea.这些都是船上丢下的的废弃物Its buoyant and tough.And even something as simple as this.浮力不错 还很结实 这些破东西也有用Just this ...lashed on the top of the raft,and then attached to these balls is gonna give us some stability.比如这个 就可以绑在筏子上面 再栓上这些浮球 会更稳定些The sea up in the arctic is freezing.北极地区的海水 冰冷刺骨I do not want to be getting wet if I can avoid it.我要尽量不被打湿I only have an hour before the tide turns,which would pull me back to shore.再有一小时海潮就要转向 潮水会把我冲回海岸Well, Im afloat. But the problem is this end barrel.好了 浮力还行 可问题是 筏尾这个油桶Its got a crack or something in it,cause thats now filled up with water.大概是漏了 现在里面进水了It means this whole raft is leaning at quite a dodgy angle.整个筏子都 倾斜得 很厉害And its also a bit rougher out here,which isnt kind of helping me.另外 这里的浪也有点大 这下就困难了201601/423647EU foreign affairs chief to visit Iran, Saudi Arabia欧盟外长将访问伊朗和沙特EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini will visit Iran and Saudi Arabia next week.欧盟外长费代丽卡·莫盖里尼将于下周访问伊朗和沙特阿拉伯。The trip follows the agreement reached last week on Irans nuclear program.此行旨在履行上星期在伊朗达成的核协议。Mogherini played a key role in the long-running negotiations with Tehran.莫盖里尼在同德黑兰的长期谈判中发挥了至关重要的作用。She will visit Saudi Arabia on Monday and Iran on Tuesday to discuss the implementation of the nuclear agreement.下周一她将访问沙特阿拉伯,而在周二将访问伊朗就有关核协议的实施进行讨论。 译文属201507/387920I drove Stephen and his young brother out to Woburn Park and he climbed a tree.我带着史蒂芬和他的弟弟 去沃本公园 他爬上一棵树He was testing himself out, I think. I didnt realize.我想他在测试自己 我没有意识到He did manage to climb a tree and go along a branch of it and get himself down.他能够爬树 沿着树枝把自己弄下来I think he began to notice that his hands were less useful than they had been,but he didnt tell us.我想他开始认识到自己的双手 没有曾经那么好用了 但是他没有告诉我们Univ has these square staircases which are round but theyre square.大学里有些垂直的楼梯 圆角但却是垂直的It was just coming down from one of the rooms.他从一个房间出来Steve actually fell on the stairs coming downstairs and kind of bounced all the way down to the bottom.史蒂芬从楼梯上摔了下来 一直滚到底部I dont know if he lost consciousness, but he lost his memory.我不知道他是否失去了意识 但他失忆了We took him to either my room or someones room.我们把他弄到一个地方 不是我房间也不是别人的房间The first question of course was, ;Who am I?;We told him, ;Youre Steve Hawking.;他第一个问题就问 ;我是谁; 我们告诉他 ;你是史蒂芬·霍金;Right away he would ask again, ;Who am I?;;Steve Hawking.;接下来他立马又问了一遍 ;我是谁; ;史蒂芬·霍金;Then, after a couple of minutes, he remembered he was Steve Hawking.接着 过了几分钟 他想起他是史蒂芬·霍金Then wed say, ;Do you remember going down to the bar and having a drink on Sunday night?;然后我们问他 ;你还记得星期天晚上; ;你去酒吧喝酒么;Or, ;Do you remember coxing on the river on Monday?;或者 ;你还记得星期一我们在河上划船么;And his memory came back gradually until he could remember the previous days events,他的记忆逐渐恢复了 直到他能记起几天前的一些事and then the previous hour and by the end of the two hours, he could remember everything.然后是几小时前 后来的两个小时他能记起每一件事The question was, ;Well, maybe youve lost.some of your mind because of this.;问题是 ;你可能因为这个损伤了; ;一些脑细胞;And so Steve decided, ;Well, Ill take the Mensa test.;然后史蒂芬说 ;这样的话 我要参加门萨考试;We said, ;Of course youll get in.;But he came back delighted he was able to get into Mensa.Absolutely delighted.我们回应道 ;你一定会进的; 他回来很高兴他能够进入门萨 极其欣喜201603/434616

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