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Buying healthy foods seems like the expensive route to take when youre at the grocery store, but think about the healthcare expenses youll save in the long run.在杂货店购物的时候,购买健康食品看上去很费钱。但是要考虑一下长期内节省的医疗费用。You Will Need你需要Research调查A plan计划Coupons优惠券Bulk foods批量购买Produce in season应季农产品Generic brands一般品牌Self discipline自律Steps步骤Step 1 Make a meal plan1.制定餐饮计划Make a meal plan for a couple weeks at a time. Plan every meal for that time period so that nothing will go to waste.一次制定几周的餐饮计划。制定这段时间内每一餐的计划,这样不会造成浪费。Step 2 Look for deals2.购买特价商品Keep an eye out for sales. When staples such as rice, grains, and beans are on sale, stock up, but dont buy what you wont eat just because its on sale.关注促销商品。当大米,谷物和豆类促销的时候,多囤货,但是不要仅仅因为促销而购买。Step 3 Find local organic sellers3.寻找本地有机农产品卖主Find and take advantage of local farmers markets and food co-ops. The food is always fresh and often less expensive.利用当地农产品市场和食品合作社。这些食品总是新鲜的,而且通常更加便宜。Avoid oils, except Flax and extra virgin Olive oil, and add pharmaceutical grade fish oil with Omega 3 and 6 to maintain a healthy diet.避免油脂,除非是亚麻油和特级初榨橄榄油。添加富含Omega 3和Omega 6的药用级鱼油,维持健康的饮食。Step 4 Select generic4.选择一般品牌Avoid prepackaged foods, even ones that are labeled ;healthy; or ;smart; choice. Prepackaged foods almost invariably contain preservatives and white starches, and are often no less expensive than fresh foods.避免提前包装的食品,即使贴有“健康”或“明智”选择标签。提前包装的食品几乎都含有防腐剂和淀粉,而且并不比新鲜食品更便宜。Step 5 Substitute meat5.替代肉食Eliminate meat once a week and cook vegetarian meals. Use beans, eggs, and other protein-rich foods to supplement.每周一次取消肉食,用素食代替。食用蚕豆,鸡蛋和其他蛋白质丰富的食品来补充。Think about growing your own food in a backyard garden to ensure quality and freshness.可以考虑在后院花园自己种植农产品,保障品质和新鲜程度。Step 6 Eat seasonal foods6.食用应季食品Buy seasonal produce. Load up on stone fruits in the summer and apples and pomegranates in the fall.购买应季农产品。夏季多吃核果,秋季多吃苹果和石榴。Step 7 Avoid eating out7.避免外出就餐Avoid eating out by packing a lunch whenever you can.任何可能的情况下尽量避免外出就餐,自己带午餐。According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans waste around 96 billion pounds of food yearly.根据环保局调查,美国人每年浪费960亿磅食物。视频听力由。 /201311/265951连线小段一个!与扣囧的夜间对话,千万不要想太多。201401/271320That little ticket may seem like a long shot, but simple statistics can help you maximize your chances of winning a small fortune.那一张小小的票似乎遥不可及,但是简单的策略可以帮助你的机会最大化。You Will Need你需要A lottery ticket or scratch-off card一张票或刮刮卡People to pool your resources with共享资源的人Steps步骤STEP 1 Mix up your numbers1.各种数字搭配When youre picking numbers, try to get a good mix of odds, evens, highs, and lows.选择数字的时候,尽量把奇数,偶数,比较大的数字和比较小的数字搭配。If youre playing Powerball, lows are numbers up through 27, and highs are 28 and greater.如果你玩的是强力球,较小的数字是27以下,较大的数字是28以上。STEP 2 Pool with others2.与其他人集中资源People who pool their money have a wider variety of number choices and can afford to buy more tickets. But before laying out any cash, the group should sign a mutually agreeable contract.把钱集中在一起的人数字选择范围更大,可以购买更多票。但是把钱集中在一起之前,最好签订一份大家都赞同的协议。STEP 3 Dont play consecutive numbers3.不要选连续的数字Dont play consecutive combinations: Its extremely unlikely that four or five numbers will hit.不要选连续的数字:连续四个或五个数字的可能性微乎其微。When playing a five-number game in which the numbers go up to 55, your picks should total between 104 and 176. Sums that fall within that range account for about 70 percent of all lottery jackpots.当你在55个数字中选择5个数字时,你选择的数字总和最好介于104至176之间。总和位于这个区间的几率高达70%。STEP 4 Vary your picks4.多几种选择Dont pick all of your numbers from the same number group, like the tens or thirties, and avoid selections that all end in the same digit.不要在同一个数字群中选择,比如全部都是十几或三十几,不要选择最后一位相同的数字。STEP 5 Play smaller games5.不要玩太大For contests where there is always a winner, increase your chances by playing unpopular games and times -- like small payouts and on days like Friday the 13th.要是想赢得票,玩一些不是太受大众欢迎的票,选择不是非常受欢迎的时间,比如派较小的票,在周五,13号购买等等。STEP 6 Consider scratch-offs6.考虑刮刮乐Be smart about scratch-offs. They have better odds than the pick-a-number games, but the payouts are smaller.聪明一点,选择刮刮乐。它们的几率比选择数字的几率更高,但是派更小。Check your states official lottery web site for information about payouts and how to claim winnings, or call the office directly to clarify.查看你所在地区官方票网站,了解关于派和领奖的信息,或者直接打电话查询。STEP 7 Go beyond the calendar7.不要限于日历People often play dates that are special to them, which means the numbers one through 31 get a real workout. It wont help you win, but if you do, choosing numbers over 31 will help you win bigger, because fewer people will be sharing the jackpot.人们通常选择对自己来说比较特殊的日子,这就意味着经常选择1至31之间的数字。这不会让你更容易。但是如果想的话,选择超过31的数字会让你的可能性更大。因为和你分享奖项的人更少。In 2002, a West Virginia man won a 5 million Powerball jackpot, then the largest jackpot ever awarded to a single winner. Oddly enough, he was aly a millionaire before he won.2002年,西佛吉尼亚一名男子赢得了3.15亿美元的强力球头奖,这是截止到当时最大数额的头奖得主。更反常的是,在赢得头奖之前,他已经是一位百万富翁。视频听力译文由。201404/293319Can you really print out edible Oreos? CNNs Laurie Segall taste tests a 3D-printed Oreo at South by Southwest.-So first of all, tell me a little bit about what we are looking at here.-Of course, so you are looking at the trending/vending machine fromOreo. So the whole idea here was how do we begin to explore customizing flavors for consumers, and really connecting that consumer experience to technology in a way thats never been done before.-A part of the technology behind here is 3D printing.-Yes, so we use 3D printing parts and a 3D printing approach.-How does this transit to other types of food? Could we one day 3D print tacos, perhaps?-I think one day, you are able to 3D print a lot of things, everything from chocolate to candle, but again, I think its not so much just about technology, although its a breakthrough, its really about how do we begin to understand what consumers want and to liberalize those kind of customized experiences.-At what point are we going to be able to 3D print our own customizable Oreoes from our home?-Thats a good question. I dont have a direct timeline, but we would love to be able to deliver that customized experience, so consumers could have all flavors that we offer as well as create their own.-Aly.-OK, here we go.-OK. All right. It looks good. It looks like a normal one, just OK.-Yep, go ahead.-Really good.-See, now you can just go over to the milk bar and dunk it in the milk.-Yeah, that is really good, taste like an Oreo.-Here you go. /201403/280103

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