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南康市第一人民医院看泌尿科怎么样赣州全南人民医院网上预约咨询So we have to have backup power to power the place in the event brownouts and stuff. And I think what were gonna end up doing is making the energy center our primary source of power.所以需要后备电源,能源中心将用天然气或其他绿色能源发电。Because we can generate power with Natural Gas and other ways that can be cleaner and cheaper and use the grid as our backup.我们希望将其作为主要的电力来源,把国家电网用作后备电源。Weve got an auditorium because we put on presentations. Much like we did yesterday but we have to go to San Francisco to do them.这里将修建一个大礼堂,我们就不用像昨天那样跑到旧金山去开会了。Fitness center and some RD facilities, these are just things that where we do testing and we need some buildings to test in and theres hardly any people in them.这里是健身中心和研发大楼,这个地方专门用来做测试,里面没有员工。So this is roughly the kind of thing were thinking about.这就是我们的设想。We think about 12,000 people, I put 13,000 on the slides, just because we may make a little luckier than 12,000.苹果现有12000员工,但可能增加到13000人。Were up roughly 40% in people V.S. What the site has been used for aly and were increasing spaceto 3.1 million square feet.将来这里可以多容纳40%的员工,增加20%的使用面积,这样总面积大道了310万平方英尺。So 20% increase in space. The landscaping though increases by 350%, which is nice, trees by 60%. The surface parking goes down by 90%.绿化面积增长350%,这个就厉害啦,植树量增长60%,地上停车面积减少90%。And so I think the overall feeling of the place is gonna be zillion times better than it is now with all the asphalt.你会爱上这片土地的,这比一滴沥青给力多了。And the building footprint actually goes down by 30%. So, we wanna take the space and in many cases making it smaller.建筑占地面积将减少30%。减少建筑面积。Were putting more of desirable things on the space and thats what we like to do. So just wanna give you a look at it.这样有更多的空间留给想象力去发挥。This is a cafe. We have cafe as our facilities. And this cafe will, you know,这里是间咖啡厅,这个可以有,你懂的。feed the better part of the 3,000 people sitting. Thats what you need when you 12,000 people in the campus.它能容纳3000人同时就餐。足足有12000名员工在此贡献智慧,So thats what were looking at. Id love to answer your questions if you have any.所以我们需要那么大的容量。我的介绍到此为止,有什么问题吗?Thank you, Mr jobs. And were really excited that you call Apple our home.谢谢你的演讲,很高兴苹果能在Cupertino安家。If you go to your shop at anything they have a T-shirt that says the mother ship has landed,现在都有印有“苹果飞船”的T恤卖了。and if you look at this picture, definitely the mother ship has landed here in Cupertino.看看印花,亮点是这飞船的登陆地就在Cupertino。Is there any questions or comments from council colleagues, council member Wang?各位参议员同僚有什么要问的吗?王议员?201412/349908章贡医院要预约吗 Now as we pull away from this world -- were going to keep pulling away from the star now.现在,我们将视线从这个世界里移出来--我们从这个星球移出来了One of the things that always frustrated me a little bit about astronomy天文学中有一点曾让儿时的我时常感到困扰:when I was a kid is how it was always presented so two-dimensionally and so static.为什么它总是二维的、静态的呢?As we pull away from the star here,当我们从行星中移开视线,were actually going now out into interstellar space,我们就进入了星际空间。and were getting a sense of the space around our home star.我们对家园行星周边的空间有了直观感觉。Now what I really wanted to do is to present this,现在我真正想做的就是让大家看看这个,basically as wonderfully 3D as it is actually is.这和它的实际存在一样的立体。And not only that, but also show the dynamics,不仅如此,还有一些变化,and a lot of the interesting objects that you might find, maybe like in the Hubble,你还会发现许多有趣的物体,比如哈勃望远镜。at pretty much realistic frequencies and scales.这和实际的频率和规模几乎是一样的。So most people have no idea of the difference between like, an emission nebula and a planetary nebula.大多数人都分不清发射星云和环状星云之间的区别。But these are the things that we can kind of put in this little galaxy here.但是我们可以把这些放进这个小星系里。So were flying over here to what looks like a black hole.我们可以飞到这里看看黑洞。I want to basically have the entire zoo of Hubble objects我想要将哈勃望远镜能看到的一切展示给人们,that people can kind of interact with and play with, again, as toys.让他们可以与之互动,当做玩具来玩。So heres a little black hole that we probably dont want to get too close to.这是一个黑洞,我们可不想离它太近。But we also have stars and things as well.我们还有星星和其他的东西。If we pull all the way back, we start seeing the entire galaxy here, kind of slowly in motion.如果我们继续将视线移远,我们可以看见这一整个星系,缓缓移动。And this is another thing where, typically when people present galaxies,普遍来说,当人们展现星系的时候,its always been these very beautiful photos, but theyre always static.总是用美丽却静态的照片。And when you actually bring it forward in time and start animating it,当你让它随着时间动起来,its actually kind of amazing, what a galaxy would look like, fast forwarded.加快它的运转速度,它看起来就会十分惊艳。This would be about one million years a second,这大约是每秒一百万年,because you have about roughly one supernova every century or so.因为大概每个世纪会出现一颗超新星。And so youd have this wonderful sparkling thing, with the disk slowly rotating,这样你就会看见如此美丽而闪耀的物体缓慢旋转,and this is roughly what it would look like.这就是它大概的样子。And so really, part of this is about bringing the beauty of this, of the natural world,这个游戏的目的之一就是用一种充满想象的方式,to somebody in a very imaginative way,让人们看见自然世界的美,so that they can start calibrating their instinct across these vast scales of space and time.让他们开始大规模地跨越空间和时间,重构自己的直觉。Chris was wondering what kind of gods that the players would become.一个天主教徒有一天问我游戏的玩家会变成怎样的上帝。Because if you think about it, youre going to have 15-year-olds,你想想,十五岁、二十岁的年轻人20-year-olds, whatever, flying around this universe.将会飞入这个宇宙。And they might be a nurturing god.他们会成为一个一个无微不至的上帝。They might be boot-strapping life on planets, trying to terra-form and sp civilization.也许会成为星球上自力更生的生命,努力地占领地盘,散布文明。You might be a vengeful god and going out and conquesting,你可能会成为一个复仇心切的上帝,四处侵略征,because you actually can do that, you can go in and attack other intelligent races.你真的可以,你能闯进别的智慧的种族攻击他们。You might be a networking god, building alliances,你可能会成为一个左右逢源的上帝,建立盟友,which you can also do in the game, or just curious,你也可以这么做。或者你只是出于好奇,going around and wanting to explore as much as you possibly can.尽你所能,四处游历。But basically, the reason why I make toys like this is because我想要创作这个玩具的原因,I think if theres one difference I could possibly make in the world,是我觉得我可能可以、也想要,为这个世界带来的变化that I would choose to make, its that I would like to somehow give people就是,我想要让人们能更好地just a little bit better calibration on long-term thinking.从长远看问题。Because I think most of the problems that our world is facing right now is the result of short-term thinking,因为我觉得我们的世界现在所面临的诸多问题大多归咎于人们目光短浅。and the fact that it is so hard for us to think 50, 100, or 1,000 years out.让我们去畅想五十年、一百年甚至一千年以后的变化实在太难。And I think by giving kids toys like this and letting them replay dynamics,而我认为给孩子们一个这样的玩具,让他们重现动态变化,very long-term dynamics over the short term,用很短的时间看长期的变化,and getting some sense of what were doing now, what its going to be like in 100 years,让他们了解我们现在在做的事情,了解一百年后会发生的事情,I think probably is the most effective thing I can be doing to help the world.就是我现在能为帮助这个世界所做的最有效率的事。And so thats why I think, personally, that toys can change the world.这就是为什么,我自认为,玩具可以改变世界。Thank you.谢谢。201601/420397A quick example, think about driving down the autobahn.Your intelligent car develops an engine problem. But instead of flashing you a warning light, it sends a message directly to the manufacturer over a wireless connection to the Net. The manufacturer systems diagnose the problem, and they transmit a fix back to the electronic complex in your car. In fact, that electronic fix is transmitted to all models of that car anywhere in the world without having to notify the owners. And that is good for the driver, so also better for the car maker. Instant performance information captured and sent immediately into product development and manufacturing, continuous feedback loop, continuous improvement, resulting in better cars, good for the consumer and competitive advantage for the businesses to get there first. How can any company with tens of millions of vending machines scattered all around the world know at any point what is selling, what is not selling, how much of an item is left, or when to send a rood driver to empty the coin box. A little chip in each machine could check and report on all of those items with ease, and even better. Why could not that machine include a thermal stack that told it, it is freezing today, drop the price by 10 pfennigs. 举个例子吧。想象一下你正在驾驶一辆新型汽车。当这辆智能汽车发生了一起引擎故障时,它不是向你闪烁警示灯,而是通过无线 Internet 连接直接向制造商发送信息。制造商的系统诊断出问题,然后向汽车的电子系统发回修理信息。实际上这个电子修理信息将在不通告其拥有者的情况下发向世界上所有这种型号的汽车。这对驾驶人员和制造商都是有好处的。性能信息随时都可以得到,并被立即发送给产品开发商和制造商,这样经过不断的反馈,不断的改进,就可以制造出更好的汽车,从而有益于消费者,使企业拥有领先的竞争优势。一家拥有遍布全世界上千万自动售货机的公司如何能够知道各个售货机中什么卖掉了,什么没卖掉,还剩多少,或者什么时候该派人去把售货机里的钱取出来。每台机器中安装一个很小的芯片就可以很方便地检查并报告所有这些信息,甚至可能做得更好。为什么不能在这些机器里装一个温度计呢?温度计会告诉售货机说,;今天很冷,价格下调 10 分尼。201312/270409石城县妇幼保健所割包皮哪家医院最好

石城县妇幼保健所属于几级赣州哪家医院可以治汗疱疹 赣南片区妇幼保健院收费贵吗

赣州什么医院做包皮手术好Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua University,Foreign Minister Wang Yi,Shi Yigong, Assistant President of Tsinghua University,I am truly delighted to be at the Tsinghua University today.You are a world class institution. You are a symbol of success of China’s education sector.You are the foundation for China’s economic miracle. You have produced great leaders, including President Xi.It is not surprising that China’s economic growth and its new leadership in research, science and technology have taken place together.I particularly like the old Chinese saying, If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if you think in terms of ten years, plant trees; if you think in terms of 100 years, teach the people.In India, too, the ancient saying is vyaye krate vardhate eva nityam, vidhya dhanam sarva dhan pradhanamThe wealth that increases by giving, That wealth is knowledge and is supreme of all possessions.This is one example of how our two nations are united in their timeless wisdom.There is much more, though, that links our two ancient civilizations.I began my journey in China in Xian. In doing so, I retraced the footsteps of the Chinese monk Xuanzang.He travelled to India from Xian in the seventh century in search of knowledge and returned to Xian as a friend and chronicler of India.President Xi’s visit in India last September started from Ahmedabad. It is not far from Vadnagar, my birthplace, but important, because it hosted Xuanzang and many pilgrims from China.The world’s first large scale educational exchange programme took place between India and China during the Tang Dynasty.Records talk of about 80 Indian monks coming to China and nearly 150 Chinese monks returning after their education in India. And yes, this was in the 10th and 11th century.Mumbai’s rise as a port and a shipbuilding centre is because of cotton trade with China.And, those who love silk and textiles know that India’s famous tanchoi sarees owe themselves to three brothers from my state of Gujarat who learnt the art of weaving from Chinese masters in the 19th century.And, in an unquestionable evidence of our ancient trade, silk in our classical Sanskrit language is called Cinapatta.So, the centuries-old story of our relations has been of spiritualism, learning, art and trade.It is a picture of respect for each other’s civilisation and of shared prosperity.It is reflected in the human values of Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis, a doctor from India, who treated soldiers in China during the Second World War.Today, after difficult and sometimes dark passages of history, India and China stand at a rare moment of vast and multiple transitions in the world.Perhaps, the most significant change of this era is the re-emergence of China and India.The world’s two most populous nations are undergoing economic and social transformation on a scale and at a speed that is unmatched in history.China’s success over the past three decades has changed the character of the global economy.India is now the next frontier of the economic revolution.We have the demography for it. About 800 million people in India are below the age of 35 years. Their aspirations, energy, enterprise and skills will be the force for India’s economic transformation.We now have the political mandate and the will to make it happen.Over the past year, we have moved with a clear and coherent vision. And, we have acted with speed, resolve and boldness to implement it.We have taken sweeping steps to reform our policies and open up more to foreign direct investments. This includes new areas like insurance, construction, defence and railways.We are eliminating unnecessary regulations and simplifying our procedures. We are using digital technology to eliminate multiple approvals and endless wait.We are building a tax regime that is predictable, stable and competitive, and that will integrate the Indian market.We are scaling up investments in next generation infrastructure – roads, ports, railways, airports, telecom, digital networks and clean energy.Our resources are being allocated with speed and transparency. And, we will make sure that land acquisition does not become a barrier to growth or a burden on farmers.We are creating the global skill pool to establish a modern economy with a world class manufacturing sector.We are reviving our agriculture sector to restore the fortunes of our farmers and boost our growth.Like China, urban renewal is both a necessity and a means to add energy to our economy.We are combining traditional strategies with modern economic instruments to eliminate poverty and create security for the poor.We have launched major schemes on financial inclusion of all, providing funds to the un-banked, and ensuring efficient and direct transfer of benefits to the poor.And, we are ensuring that insurance and pension schemes reach the poorest.We have set time bound goals for providing access to housing, water and sanitation for all.This won’t just transform lives, but also generate a new source of economic momentum.201507/386402 American leadership美国领导In each of these cases, we should not expect change to happen overnight所有这些情况下 我们都不应当指望变化在一夜间实现Thats why we form alliances not just with governments, but also with ordinary people正因为如此 我们才同政府 甚至普通民众建立起联盟For unlike other nations, America is not afraid of individual empowerment we are strengthened by it同其它国家不同 美国并不害怕个人拥有太大权力相反 个人赋权让我们更强大Were strengthened by civil society公民社会让我们更强大Were strengthened by a free press新闻出版自由让我们更强大Were strengthened by striving entrepreneurs and small businesses奋力拼搏的企业家和创业者让我们更加强大Were strengthened by educational exchange and opportunity for all people and women and girls教育交流以及所有人的平等机会让我们更加强大包括女性Thats who we are. Thats what we represent这就是我们 这就是我们所代表的I saw that through a trip to Africa last year我去年在一次去非洲的访问中看到where American assistance has made possible the prospect of an AIDS-free generation while helping Africans care themselves for their sick美国援助在帮助非洲人解决看病问题的同时正让没有艾滋病的未来变得不那么遥不可及Were helping farmers get their products to market to feed populations once endangered by famine我们正在帮助农民将农产品销往市场为曾被饥荒威胁生命的人提供粮食We aim to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa so people are connected to the promise of the global economy我们计划将非洲撒哈拉以南地区的电力供应提高一倍让人们能够更好地分享世界经济的成果And all this creates new partners and shrinks the space for terrorism and conflict所有这些努力都会为我们赢得新的伙伴让恐怖主义无机可乘 压缩冲突发生的空间Now, tragically, no American security operation can eradicate the threat posed by an extremist group like Boko Haram the group that kidnapped those girls悲剧的是 美国的安全行动并没能根除科圣地这类极端主义组织的威胁正是该组织绑架了那些尼日利亚女孩And thats why we have to focus not just on rescuing those girls right away but also on supporting Nigerian efforts to educate its youth因此 我们不应只将注意力集中在营救那些女孩上我们还应帮助尼日利亚教育年轻人201506/381377江西赣州市人民医院割包皮多少钱兴国妇幼保健院怎么样



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