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上海双眼皮费用静安背部脱毛英国:大风刮跑“钻戒气球”破坏浪漫求婚英国一名男子求婚时别出心裁,将一枚价值约6000英镑的钻戒放在一只气球内,打算让不知情的女友戳破气球的瞬间向其求婚。不料遭遇罕见狂风,钻戒随气球一同被狂风吹走。It is the one moment every man wants to get right -- and which London floor-fitter Lefkos Hajji could hardly have got more wrong. The luckless 28 year-old's dreams of giving his sweetheart, Leanne, 26, the ultimate proposal have literally vanished into thin air.Hajji, of Hackney, east London, had concealed a 6,000-pound engagement ring inside a helium balloon. The idea was that she would pop the balloon as he popped the question.But as he left the shop, a gust of wind pulled the balloon from his hand and he watched the ring -- and quite possibly the affections of his girlfriend -- sailing away over the rooftops."I couldn't believe it," he told The Sun newspaper."I just watched as it went further and further into the air."I felt like such a plonker. It cost a fortune and I knew my girlfriend would kill me."Hajji spent two hours in his car trying to chase and find the balloon, without success."I thought I would give Leanne a pin so I could literally pop the question," he said."But I had to tell her the story -- she went absolutely mad. Now she is refusing to speak to me until I get her a new ring."He is hoping the ring will still turn up."It would be amazing if someone found it," he added.(Agencies)Vocabulary:floor-fitter: 地板安装工人plonker:笨蛋,傻瓜 /200803/31596奉贤区人民中医院胎记价格费用 These 10 habits of highly successful women range from maintaining your hormonal balance to letting go of the past -- and they will positively affect your mind, body, and soul。   成功女士的这十个好习惯会保持你的荷尔蒙平衡,放开过去的事情,能够对你的想法,身体,甚至灵魂产生积极的影响。   Taking action is a crucial habit of successful women…and so is dreaming! Don't let go of your passions。   采取行动是成功女人的好习惯之一,梦想也是。不要忘却了你的热情。   1. Maintain your hormonal balance。   保持你的内分泌平衡。   Are you moody, exhausted, irritable, or sad? Check your hormones. If they're out of whack, then you'll struggle to be successful! Make sure you're getting enough protein and vitamins, and decrease your refined sugars and carbohydrates。   你是否是个喜怒无常,疲惫,急躁,忧郁的人?检查下你的内分泌情况吧,如果失衡的话,你就很难成功。确保你每天都摄入足够的蛋白质和维他命,减少糖分和碳水化合物的吸收。 /200911/895621、杞人忧天,愁眉苦脸。Keep on complaining about life /200911/89379上海自体脂肪隆鼻

闵行除皱的费用Emoticons (and some plain old-fashioned punctuation marks) make for rather nice rings. They'll also leave behind a signature mark should you have need to punch someone in the face. 聊天表情(和一些普通的标点符号)也能做成很棒的戒指。要是你要带着这样的戒指揍人的话,我想那人脸上定是充满了微笑。 /201104/133641上海市中山医院开双眼皮多少钱 据英国工会联盟统计的数字显示,2008年有500万英国人自愿免费加班以期在经济低迷期保住自己的“饭碗”,此举所创造的价值达269亿英镑,而如果给付加班费的话,他们这一年平均每人能拿到5139英镑。英国公会联盟秘书长表示,自愿免费加班人数连续第二年增长并不是好现象;工作时间过长对健康不利,同时也会降低工作效率。Five million Britons worked unpaid overtime last year because of a "long-hours" culture and concern that the economic downturn was putting their jobs at risk.The Trades Union Congress (TUC) said the number of people working hours they were not paid for was at the highest level since 1992 and that the value of the work was 26.9 billion pounds.It said if workers were paid for the extra hours, they would receive on average an additional 5,139 pounds a year.TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said the figures, up for the second year, were disappointing."While some of this is due to the long-hours culture that still dogs too many British workplaces, the recession will now be making many people scared of losing their job in the year ahead and joining the ever-growing dole-queue," he said."Inevitably people will be putting in extra hours if they think it can help protect against redundancy or keep their employer in business."The TUC argued that if everyone who worked overtime did all the overtime work at the start of the year, the first day they would get paid would be February 27.The largest increase in workers carrying out unpaid overtime occurred in London, followed by the east Midlands and eastern England. There was better news for those in southeast England and Scotland where fewer people were working unpaid extra hours."Long hours are bad for people's health, and employers should never forget that each extra hour worked makes people less productive once they are over a sensible working week," Barber said. /200901/60932上海市仁济医院激光祛斑多少钱

上海医学院附属医院激光祛斑多少钱If you see something that looks like four hula hoops attached together hovering in the sky, don't automatically assume that it's a UFO. It might just be the Aeryon Scout, a new product from Aeryon Labs of Waterloo that is actually a flying camera.The device is composed of four connected foam rings with a rotor inside and a camera attached to its bottom. It flies under control of a remote. Why would they produce such a weird camera? You may ask.The makers of the Aeryon Scout say it was designed for taking pictures of places where it's too difficult, dangerous or time-consuming to go. According to Steffen Lindner, one of the founders of Aeryon, this new product is mainly targeted at the police forces, security companies and surveying and engineering firms.Floating object inventions have received a lot of attention today. Many of these gadgets make great use of the properties of magnets to create this hovering effect, by engaging magnets set upon opposite poles. The effect is rather unique and almost magic-like.The latest gadget to utilise this concept is a picture frame, which appears to suspend in mid air between two ends of what seems to resemble a desk lamp, but does not emit light, only acts as a magnetic force to hover the picture.With three various styles, including an artistic base, original base and a cosmic base--every idea has been designed and produced. Simply position the photo frame, which holds two pictures, between the "lamp" and watch your own pictures descend from mid-air. 如果你看到一个像四个呼啦圈连在一起的东西在天上飞,可别想当然地以为它是UFO。这个东西很可能就是“艾伦侦查器”,滑铁卢艾伦实验室研制出的一款新产品,它其实是一台会飞的照相机。这款照相机的主体是四个连在一起的泡沫状圆环,圆环中间有一个旋转器,底部安装了一个摄像头,可以由遥控器控制飞行。你可能要问,为什么要生产一款这么奇怪的照相机呢?“艾伦侦察器”的研制者们说,设计这款相机的目的是为了在那些耗时耗力也很难到达的危险地带进行拍摄。斯蒂芬·林德纳是艾伦实验室的创始人之一,据他说,这个新产品的主要目标用户是警察、保安公司以及勘测工程公司。如今,各类悬空式产品的发明引起了不少关注。很多这种小玩意儿都是在两个相对的柱状物上装上磁铁,大大地利用磁铁(异性相吸)的特性,产生出悬空效果。这种效果很独特,几乎可以说是“神奇”。利用这种发明的最新产品是一款相框,它看起来就像是悬在一个类似台灯的东西中间,但这个“台灯”不发光,只能产生磁力令相片悬起来。这款相框有三种不同的样式:工艺底座式、创意底座式和大底座式——三种样式的产品都已设计出并投入生产。相框里可以放两张相片,你只需把相框放到“台灯”中间,就可以看到自己的相片悬在半空中了。 /200812/57993 The Safe House, Milwaukee, Wis. 安全屋 (密尔沃基,威斯康星州)   You’ll need to whisper the secret code into the ear of the doorman to enter International Exports Ltd., the fake front of this spy-themed Milwaukee restaurant that has been open since 1966. Inside the maze-like building, you’ll come across numerous secret passages and spyholes among the walls.   进门之前要在看门人耳边低声说出你的暗号,你才能进入这家标着“国际出口有限公司”的大门,这家间谍主题餐厅创办于1966年。进入这座迷宫似的建筑,你要穿过很多密道,密道两边的墙上有窥视孔。 /200909/85145上海瑞金医院激光除皱多少钱复旦大学附属闵行医院减肥手术价格费用



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