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1.Im up to my neck in work.我忙坏了。Todd: So, Steven, youre from Europe, youre from England. (Yep) Have you travelled much in England? Im sorry, have you travelled much in Europe?托德:史蒂文,你来自欧洲的英国。(对)英国的大部分地方你都去过吗?抱歉,我是问欧洲的大部分地方你都去过吗?Steven: Ah, yes I have, yeah. Um, when I was 18 and 20 I travelled all around Europe by train.史蒂文:是的,我去过很多地方旅行。我18岁和20岁的时候坐火车游遍了欧洲。Todd: Oh, wow, sounds fun.托德:哦,哇,听上去很有趣。Steven: Ah, its great, so basically backpacking, but going between countries by train with some friends. I travelled with some friends, so you can buy one ticket. Its called an interrail ticket and you can visit any country in Europe using this one ticket. They last, well, the ticket I had lasted one month.史蒂文:嗯,非常棒,我是背包旅行,我和一些朋友坐火车去各个国家。我是和一些朋友一起旅行的,你可以买一张票。那是火车通票,用这张票你可以去欧洲的所有国家。我买的那张票的有效期是一个月。Todd: Thats a good deal.托德:听起来很值。Steven: So, we went to France and we travelled to Italy and then we went down to some Greek islands. Also we went to Amsterdam in Holland.史蒂文:我们去了法国和意大利,之后又去了一些希腊小鸟。我们还去了荷兰的阿姆斯特丹。Todd: Wow! What did you do in France?托德:哇!你在法国都做什么了?Steven: In France we were on the South Coast, South of France. What did we do? Well, really we spent our time on the beach mainly playing water sports on the beach and just sunbathing and relaxing. (Cool) That kind of thing. Yep.史蒂文:我们去了法国的南海岸,在法国南部。我们做什么了?实际上我们大部分时间都是在海滩上度过的,我们在海滩上玩水上运动、晒日光浴还有放松。(真酷)基本上就是这类事情。Todd: Ah, did you make it to Sardegna?托德:那你去撒丁岛了吗?Steven: Sardegna...no史蒂文:撒丁岛,没有。Todd: Or Corsica? Im sorry.托德:那利西嘉岛呢?Steven: No, no we didnt. Nope.史蒂文:没有,我们没去。Todd: Oh, really.托德:哦,没有。Steven: Um, I think my favorite city was probably Florence in Italy.史蒂文:我想我最喜欢的城市是意大利的佛罗伦萨。Todd: Oh, OK.托德:哦,好的。Steven: We were lucky, We met some students, some British students who was studying Italian, and they had their own apartment on the hills, one of the hills in Florence, and they invited us to their apartment, so we stayed with them, and they had, they had built up some local knowledge. They knew about some local restaurants so they took us to a very traditional, whatchamacallit, piatza, uh pizza restaurant, pizze, pizzu (Pizzeria!) Thank you. Yes. Um, and I think it was the best pizza Ive ever had. It was wonderful.史蒂文:我们很幸运,我们遇到了一些学生,他们是在意大利留学的英国学生,他们在佛罗伦萨的一个山区有自己的公寓,他们邀请我们去他们的公寓,所以我们和他们住在一起,他们为我们普及了一些当地的知识。他们知道一些当地不错的餐厅,所以他们带我们去吃了当地的传统食物,叫什么来着,批萨,对我们去了批萨店,吃了批萨,(是批萨店吗)对,谢谢你。我想那是我吃过的最棒的批萨。太好吃了。Todd: Im hungry now too.托德:我现在也饿了。Steven: And they even took us to a communist festival, which was in the mountain and we played five a side football, at a communist festival which was quite a unique experience.史蒂文:他们还带我们去了一个在山上举行的庆典,我们进行了五对五篮球赛,那是一次很特别的经历。Todd: How bizarre. How bizarre.托德:真奇怪,好奇怪啊。Steven: After some tequila. It was great.史蒂文:还喝了龙舌兰酒。非常棒。Todd: So, Florence was your favorite city. Was Italy youre favorite country?托德:佛罗伦萨是你最爱的城市。那意大利是你最爱的国家吗?Steven: Ah, I think so. I love the Tuscany area. Yeah, its absolutely beautiful. Hard to beat.史蒂文:我想是的。我喜欢托斯卡纳地区。那里真是无比美丽,没有比那里更美的地方了。Todd: Well, wish I could do it again.托德:希望我也能去一次。 译文属 /201410/339266

The child is as good as gold.  (误译)这个孩子像黄金那样宝贵。(正译)这个孩子很乖。as good as gold 是习语,虽然有很多as... as... 形式的词组可以直译,例如as... as ever (always) 可直译为;与往常一样......;,但 as good as gold 则有特殊的意义(;很乖;),不能按字面直译。;乖;的内涵和引申:1. clever adj. 聪明的;机灵的;熟练的Even the media occasionally try to trick the public with a clever April Fool story.大众媒体偶尔也会以巧妙的愚人节故事来愚弄公众。If such a clever person becomes arrogant or sarcastic, however, their words can hurt you.如果这样聪明的人变得傲慢和自大,他们就可能会伤害到你。2. alert vt. 使警觉,使意识到;警告adj. 警惕的,警觉的;留心的n. 警报;警戒,警惕My horse was not above medium size, but he was alert.我所骑的马,大小不过中等,但是感觉灵敏。Be alert to students expressing overwhelming feelings in discussions.警惕学生在陈述时的感情失控。3. good adj. 好的;优良的;愉快的;虔诚的n. 好处;善行;慷慨的行为adv. 好A good lather is half the shave.好的泡沫是修面成功的一半。The news is too good to be true.那消息太好了,很难相信是真的。4. perverse 乖张的,倔强的违反常情的There could be perverse results, too.这样做确实也可能产生荒唐的结果。Americas health-care system is a nightmare of perverse incentives.美国的医疗保健系统具有反动力。5. shrewd adj. 精明的;狡猾的;机灵的n. 精明(的人);机灵(的人)Yet in many respects it was a shrewd move.然而,在很多方面,荷兰都有着良好的发展。He was too shrewd to believe that it must exist.他到是不至于愚蠢到相信那一定会存在。 /201203/175734


  (某事物)听起来耳熟------ring a bellHello, everyone! 欢迎大家来到小强英语!我们在这期将会学习一个新的短语——;ring a bell;。它的简单含义是“响铃,(使)发出钟声”,接下来我们学习它的另一个意思,指“(某事物)听起来耳熟”。If something rings a bell, it means it sounds familiar to you, as though you have heard it before.我们来看一下例句:Yes, the song rings a bell but I am not sure exactly where Ive heard it before. 是的,我对这首歌有印象,但是我不记得我在哪里听到过。His name rings a bell but I cant think where we met.他的名字听着很熟,但是我想不起我们在哪里见过。好了,本期我们学习了;ring a bell;,大家要掌握它的两个意思,“响铃”,“指某些事物听着让你觉得耳熟”。这个习语也会帮助充实我们的英语口语词汇的。这期的节目到此结束,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请关注新浪微@小强英语!本栏目由原创,。 /201408/319884。

  13. He is in a meeting right now.他现在正在开会。还能这样说:He is holding a meeting now.He is having a meeting at the moment.谚语:Who makes everything right must rise early.要把事事都做好,必须坚持起得早。14. Would you mind calling back later?你能过会儿再打来吗?还能这样说:Can you call back after a short time?What about ring back in a short while?谚语:Little things amuse little minds.小人志卑。15. She is still angry with you, so she doesnt answer you.她还在生你的气,所以不接你的电话。还能这样说:She is still displeased with you and refuses to answer your call.She still gets angry with you, so she will not receive your call.应用:get angry at sth. 因某事而生气;make sb. angry 使某人生气16. Its urgent. Could I have his mobile phone number?我有急事,可不可以告诉我他的手机号码?还能这样说:Can you tell me his cell phone number? I have something urgent.Would you be so kind as to let me know his cell phone number? Its urgent.谚语:Deliver not your words by number but by weight.言不在多,而在有物。17. She doesnt stand your constant bother.她受不了你无休止的纠缠。还能这样说:She has tired of being entangled by you.She doesnt want to be bothered from you any more.应用:bother ones head about 为……而操心;hot and bothered 心急火燎的 /201304/233234

  Li: Welcome to The English We Speak, Im Li and with me is Rob. Hi Rob.李:欢迎大家来到我们所说的英语栏目,我是李,和我一起的是罗伯。你好,罗伯。Rob: Hello Li.罗伯:你好,李。Li: So Rob, thanks for offering to help me build my new wardrobe. Its come in a hundred pieces and I dont know where to begin.李:所以,罗伯,谢谢你来帮我安装新衣柜。它有上百个零件,我不知道从哪里开始。Rob: No problem Li, Im happy to lend a hand. Im great at building furniture!罗伯:不用担心,李,我很乐意帮忙,我很擅长安装家具的!Li: Good because the instructions seem to be so confusing. This bit here… doesnt fit… here.李:太好了,因为说明书感觉很让人困惑,这里和那里不太合适。Rob: Lets have a look. Give it to me. Lets have a look at these instructions. Yes, simple, its crystal clear!罗伯:让我们看一看,把它给我。让我们看看这些说明。是,很简单,和水晶一样清楚明白!Li: Crystal clear? The instructions are crystal clear? Rob, my wardrobe may look fancy but there are no crystals in it.李:水晶一样清楚?这些说明和水晶一样清楚?罗伯,我的衣柜可能看起来很耀眼,但是这里面可没有水晶。Rob: I know that. I just mean the instructions are obvious – they are simple and clear to understand. If we say something is crystal clear we simply mean it is absolutely clear. Is that clear?罗伯:我知道,我只是指这些指示很明白。它们很简单,很容易理解。如果我们说一个事物和水晶一样清楚,就是说它很容易理解。明白了吗?Li: It is. You mean its easy to understand. I suppose, literally it means as clear as a crystal?李:是的。你指它很容易理解。我猜,字面上它指和水晶一样透明吧?Rob: Exactly. Lets hear some examples of this idiom in action:The mans directions were crystal clear and we arrived at the station early.Mum made it crystal clear that we wouldnt be going to the party.罗伯:是的。让我们来听几个关于这个短语的例子吧:那个男人指的路和水晶一样清楚,我们提早就抵达了车站。妈妈说的非常明白,我们不能不参加派对。Li: So in those examples, crystal clear was used to mean extremely clear or easy to understand. But Rob, what I cant understand is why you find these instructions crystal clear and I cant?李:所以在这些例子里。和水晶一样清楚指非常清楚或很容易理解。但是罗伯,我不能理解的是为什么你能理解这些指示而我不能?Rob: Thats easy – you had them upside down.罗伯:这很简单,你拿反了。Li: Silly me!李:我真傻!Rob: But if you just put that piece of wood in there… and put a screw in there… and hook the doors onto there… your wardrobe will be complete. Is that clear?罗伯:但是如果你,把这块木头放到这...然后放一个螺丝在这...然后把门勾到这里...你的衣柜就完成了。明白了吗?Li: Crystal clear!李:非常明白!Rob: Good. But as Im here now, Ill finish it for you.There you go… what do you think?罗伯:很好。但是刚好我在这,我会替你完成。来吧...你觉得怎么样?Li:Yes, it seems quite solid… oh no…Oh dear. Now I know what is really crystal clear.李:这看起来很结实...哦,不要...哦天啊。现在我觉得很清楚了。Rob: Oh yes, whats that?罗伯:哦,是的,什么清楚了?Li: I will never ask for you to help me build a wardrobe again. Is that clear?李:我不会再找你帮我安衣柜了。清楚了吗?Rob: Crystal!罗伯:非常清楚!Both: Bye.一起:再见! /201401/271237


  Todd: Kawabe, can you talk about your first job interview?托德:川边,你能谈谈你第一次面试的经历吗?Kawabe: Sure, first job interview! This is a funny story and that was a time I took the interview, had an interview with the TV broadcaster, and then it was a very famous one in Yotsuya, in Tokyo and that was a very important interview because the job is interesting and there are many, there are so many applicants to the same position so, and the thing is I was late for that interview (No) and I was late for thirty minutes (Ooh) I was really bad, you know, and then the reason is, at that time I was working for, I was a bike rider at a delivery.川边:当然可以,第一次工作面试!这是个有趣的故事,当时我去参加电视播音员的面试,那是东京四谷一家非常著名的电视台,而且那是一次非常重要的面试,因为那份工作很有意思,申请同一个职位的人非常多,可是我面试时却迟到了,(不是吧)我迟到了30分钟,(噢)那太糟糕了,你知道,我迟到的原因是当时我在做单车快递的工作。Todd: Oh, you delivered stuff?托德:哦,你递送物品吗?Kawabe: Bike delivery!川边:单车快递!Todd: Oh, really, what did you deliver?托德:哦,是吗,那你都递送什么东西?Kawabe: Ah, the documents and you know whatever it is when you want to send somewhere the thing fast!川边:啊,文件之类的东西,就是你想快速送到某个地方的东西!Todd: Yeah, yeah, cool job!托德:好的,这工作真酷!Kawabe: Thats what I was doing, and then before the interview I was delivering one thing.川边:那是我当时在做的工作,而面试之前我正在送东西。Todd: Oh, no, yeah!托德:哦,天哪!Kawabe: And then, so, anyway, I was late and in my bag, when I was driving the motorcycle I put my suits and shoes and everything, Ive got to wear for the interview and I was in a rush, and Id been to that building where I had an interview and in front of that building there was a MacDonald and then I rushed into the toilet of that MacDonald that was on the first floor and I think, you know, it was funny if you were looking at me. I was wearing..川边:不管怎么说,反正我迟到了,而我骑托车的时候把西装、鞋和所有东西都放进了包里。那是我要穿去面试的衣,我当时非常着急,在我参加面试的那座大楼前面有家麦当劳,我冲进一层麦当劳的卫生间,而我想,如果你当时看到我一定觉得我很滑稽。我当时穿着……Todd: I can imagine.托德:我可以想象。Kawabe: I was wearing like a drivers suit and when I came out from the toilet I was in a suit, like Superman! And then, yeah, I changed my clothes, very very quickly in the toilet and I rushed into the building for the interview but I was 30 minutes late, and actually I got a great interview with the guys of the broadcast station, but ah, since I was late that was the only and biggest reason I couldnt get that job. Actually, they said that if you were not late I could take you, so its a funny story, now but at that time I was like so disappointed with myself, (Yeah) I was so stupid. The job was great!川边:我穿得类似赛车的衣,可是我从卫生间出来的时候我已经换上了西装,就像超人一样!我在卫生间用非常快的速度换了衣,然后我冲去面试的那座大楼,可是我还是晚了30分钟,实际上那些电视台的人给我进行的面试非常顺利,但是因为我迟到了,那是我不能得到那份工作的唯一也是最主要的原因。实际上,面试官说如果你没有迟到,我们会录取你,所以现在看来这是个有趣的故事,但是当时我对自己非常失望,(嗯)我太愚蠢了。那份工作非常棒!Todd: Ive done that too! I think we all do that at one point. Well!托德:我也做过类似的事情!我想我们在某个时刻都做过那样的事情。Kawabe: Yeah, I learned a lot of things from that experience.川边:是的,我从那次经历中学到了很多事情。Todd: But you got another job with another TV company after that, correct?托德:但是在那之后,你在另一家电视公司找到了一份工作,对吧?Kawabe: Mm, its not a TV company but the same kind of job and it was lucky cause, since I missed the first one I got the second one and that is why I could join to the World Cup.川边:嗯,那并不是电视公司,但是是同一种工作,其实我很幸运,因为虽然我第一次错过了,但是第二次我还是得到了工作,那就是我能参与世界杯报道的原因。Todd: Oh, cool!托德:哦,真酷!Kawabe: Yeah, so!川边:是啊!Todd: It all worked out at the end!托德:最后一切都解决了!Kawabe: Yeah! Fortunately.川边:对!很幸运。 /201404/292019

  6月24日,中国“蛟龙”号载人潜水器在西太平洋的马里亚纳海沟试验海区创造了中国载人深潜最新纪录,首次突破7000米,达到7020米。这是我国深海技术的一项重大突破。请看《中国日报》的报道:Jiaolong has enabled China to join the ranks of countries with deep-dive technology. The ed States, Japan, France and Russia currently lead the world in the development of deep-sea technology.“蛟龙”号让中国成为掌握深潜技术的国家之一。目前,在深海技术发展中处于世界领先位置的国家有美国、日本、法国,以及俄罗斯。上文中的deep-sea technology就是“深海技术”,指对深海环境和资源的调查、勘探和开发利用技术。而deep-dive technology就是“深潜技术”,指在深海环境利用deep-diving submersible(深潜器)进行水下考察、海底勘探、海底开发和打捞、救生等任务的技术。在三位astronauts(航天员)完成神州九号与天宫一号manual docking(手控对接)的任务时,三名oceanauts(潜航员)也随着“蛟龙”号来到7020米的海底,为scientific research(科学研究)和peaceful exploration(和平开发)海底资源提供有效数据和技术持。 /201207/191932。

  Todd: Hey, Marika!嗨,玛莉卡!Marika: Hey!嗨!Todd: How you doing?你怎么样?Marika: Im OK. How are you?我很好,你呢?Todd: Good. Marika do you like summer?很好。玛莉卡,你喜欢夏天吗?Marika: No, I dont like summer its my least favorite summer.不,我不喜欢夏天,夏天是我最不喜欢的季节了。Todd: Wow, why?哇,为什么?Marika: Because I dont like hot weather. I dont like being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable.因为我不喜欢炎热的天气。我不喜欢很热,出很多汗,那样很不舒。Todd: OK. Well, its pretty hot in Japan so you must not like summer here.日本夏天很热,你一定不喜欢这里的夏天。Marika: No, I dont.我不喜欢。Todd: Is it hot in summer where youre from?你的家乡夏天热吗?Marika: Yeah, its pretty hot but usually we go away on the weekends to cottages and we go swimming in lakes and stuff.是的,那里夏天非常热,但我们周末都去湖边小屋居住,并且在湖里游泳什么的。Todd: Oh, thats nice. Where are you from by the way?真棒。顺便问一句,你来自哪里?Marika: Canada.加拿大。Todd: So, whats your favorite season?那么,你最喜欢的季节是什么?Marika: Winter or fall.冬天或者秋天。Todd: OK. Well, what do you do in the winter?你在冬天都做什么?Marika: In the winter, activities you mean?你是说在冬天有什么活动?Todd: Yeah.是的。Marika: I go snowboarding and I go to onsens and I walk around and I enjoy the cold weather.我冬天去滑雪,泡温泉,散步,我很享受寒冷的季节。注:译文属原创,,。 /201301/222792

  Can you pass me...? vs Give me...人们不喜欢别人配他们去做事情,因此有时想直接得到你想要的可不是那么简单。换掉那些听起来是命令的语句,例如将;Give me the newspaper.;说成;Can you pass me the newspaper?;内容来自: /201211/210279

  Situation 13情景 13I goofed up.我弄错了。Im sorry,but I didnt finish mailing those letter.抱歉,我没寄完那些信。What happened?发生了什么事?Oh,I goofed up the zip codes.我把邮递区号弄错了。How could you do that?你怎么会弄错?Well,I wrote Illinois zip codes on the out-of -state addresses.嗯,我把伊利诺的邮递区号,写在别州的地址上。Youll have to address them over again.你得重写地址了。Im sorry,but I didnt finish mailing those letter.抱歉,我没寄完那些信。What happened?发生了什么事?Oh,I goofed up the zip codes.我把邮递区号弄错了。How could you do that?你怎么会弄错?Well,I wrote Illinois zip codes on the out-of -state addresses.嗯,我把伊利诺的邮递区号,写在别州的地址上。Youll have to address them over again.你得重写地址了。Hey,Jerry,what did you do with the Acme order?嗨,杰瑞,艾克明的定货,你怎么处置了?The Acme order?I mailed it out this morning.艾克明的定货吗?我今天早上寄出去了。Oh,no!That order wasnt complete.哦,不!那定货还没弄好。I guess I goofed up.我想我弄错了。You sure did.You should have the invoice.你当然弄错了。你应该看发货单的。Now Ill have to send a second package.现在我得再送一个包裹。Hey,Jerry,what did you do with the Acme order?嗨,杰瑞,艾克明的定货,你怎么处置了?The Acme order?I mailed it out this morning.艾克明的定货吗?我今天早上寄出去了。Oh,no!That order wasnt complete.哦,不!那定货还没弄好。I guess I goofed up.我想我弄错了。You sure did.You should have the invoice.你当然弄错了。你应该看发货单的。Now Ill have to send a second package.现在我得再送一个包裹。How is your house-painting coming along?你家里的油漆进行得怎能样?Not so good.I messed it up.不怎么好。我弄得乱七八糟。How did you do that?怎么弄的?I used the wrong kind of paint.我用错了油漆。You have to be careful about that.你得小心。Right.Now I have to do it all over again.是的。现在我得重新来过。How is your house-painting coming along?你家里的油漆进行得怎能样?Not so good.I messed it up.不怎么好。我弄得乱七八糟。How did you do that?怎么弄的?I used the wrong kind of paint.我用错了油漆。You have to be careful about that.你得小心。Right.Now I have to do it all over again.是的。现在我得重新来过。 /201206/188422

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