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Chinas population is expected to peak at about 1.45 billion around 2030, according to the national population development plan for 2016-2030 released by the State Council, Chinas cabinet.国务院于日前印发的《国家人口发展规2016030》指出,030年中国人口预计将达到14.5亿人。The country will enter a key transitional period between 2021 and 2030 in its population development as it will witness a decrease in the number of people of working age, more elderly people, still active population migration and diversified family patterns, according to the plan, which was signed and approved by Premier Li Keqiang.据李克强总理签署的这份规划显示,021年到2030年期间,中国人口发展将进入一个关键转折时期,届时将会出现劳动力人口减少、老龄人口增多、人口迁移仍然活跃、家庭模式多样化等特点。The country will adhere to the family planning policy as a basic state policy, and fully implement the two-child policy to promote balanced population development, according to the plan.规划称,中国将继续坚持计划生育政策为基本国策,全面落实两孩政策,以促进人口均衡发展。The government will improve the policy adjustment mechanism for child birth, allocate public service resources rationally, improve development and support systems for families to achieve a suitable fertility rate, it said.政府将完善生育政策调整机制、合理配置公共务资源、完善家庭发展和持体系,从而达到了一个适宜的生育率。Efforts will also be made to improve the skill set of new workers, make full use of workers potentials, develop the human resources of the senior population, and make good use of international talent.同时政府还要努力提高劳动者技能水平、充分发挥劳动者潜力、开发老年人资源、充分利用国际人才。Measures will be taken to promote urbanization, improve policies on population movement, address the problem of an aging population, promote womens development, and enhance protection of minors and the disabled.政府将采取措施促进城市化、完善人口流动政策、解决人口老龄化问题、促进女性的发展、并加强对未成年人和残疾人的保护。China allowed all married couples to have two children in 2016. This follows an earlier easing of the policy in 2013 that allowed couples to have a second child if either parent was an only child.中国016年允许所有已婚夫妇可以生育两个孩子。在2013年,计划生育政策曾有过松动,当时规定只要夫妻双方都是独生子女就可以生二胎。来 /201702/491449。

China has issued a guideline calling for an ;ecological red line; around areas where development is prohibited, with the nationwide initiative expected to be completed by 2020, the central government said in a statement.根据中央政府日前发布的声明,我国已发布一份意见,要求在禁止开发区域附近划定“生态保护红线”,这项国家倡议预计020年前完成。The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and provinces along the Yangtze River will take the lead in drawing the red line to protect the environment by the end of this year.2017年年底前,京津冀区域、长江沿线省份将率先划定生态保护红线,以保护环境。By 2030, China will see the system working effectively, with noticeable improvements in ecological functions across the country, the statement said.根据声明,到2030年,生态保护红线制度将有效实施,全国生态功能显著提升。The regions mapped out by the ;ecological red line;, which are of critical importance for the protection of water, soil, forestry and biodiversity, should be strictly protected and free from development or exploitation, according to the statement.声明指出,划定生态保护红线的区域对保护水土、森林、生物多样性都至关重要,应严格保护、禁止开发开采;The ecological red line aims to safeguard national ecological security,; the statement said, adding that the country must closely monitor it.该声明称:“这一生态保护红线旨在维护国家的生态安全”,并表示国家必须对此密切监控;I think it is appropriate for the country to keep 35 percent of its territory inside the ecological red line to better protect the environment,; Ouyang Zhiyun, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Center for Environmental Studies, said last Tuesday.中国科学院环境研究中心主任欧阳志云上周二表示:“我认为我国应将国土面积35%的区域确定为国家生态保护红线,以更好地保护环境。”Ouyang said he is confident that provinces will reach their targets for drawing the red line and environmental protection because of the growing attention the system is receiving and other supplementary policies that will support its implementation.欧阳志云称,自己相信各省都会达到制定红线和保护环境的目标,因为该制度受到了越来越多的关注,此外还有其他一些持其执行的补充政策。来 /201702/493037。

Ted Cruz matched Donald Trump with victories in two states on Saturday, positioning the Texas senator as main rival to the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. 特德#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)上周六与唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)各拿下两个州,令这位得克萨斯州参议员成为共和党总统候选人提名领跑者的主要对手Mr Trump narrowly beat Mr Cruz in Louisiana and Kentucky, while the Texan scored more convincing wins over the property developer in Kansas and Maine. 特朗普在路易斯安那州和肯塔基州险胜克鲁兹,而得克萨斯州参议员在堪萨斯州和缅因州以压倒性优势胜过这位房地产开发商Marco Rubio, the Florida senator, had a very disappointing night, coming third in three states and last in Maine, where he failed to win a single delegate. 佛罗里达州参议员马尔#8226;鲁比Marco Rubio)遭遇了一个非常令人失望的夜晚,在三个州名列第三,在缅因州不但垫底,而且未能获得一张选举人选票In the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton secured a resounding victory in Louisiana. But her rival Bernie Sanders again demonstrated the resilience of his campaign by defeating the former secretary of state in Kansas and Nebraska. 民主党方面,希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)在路易斯安那州获得大胜。但她的对手伯尼#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)再次明了其竞选的韧性,在堪萨斯州和内布拉斯加州打败了前国务卿While the outcomes of the latest round of primaries and caucuses did not dramatically alter the landscape of the race, they highlighted the Herculean task facing Mr Rubio who is struggling to gain traction among voters despite being the current establishment favourite. 最新一轮初选和预选结果并未显著改变竞选形势,但它们凸显了鲁比奥所面临的艰巨任务。尽管他目前获得党内体制内人士青睐,但很难争取到选民Mr Trump now leads with 382 delegates while Mr Cruz has 300. Mr Rubio lies in third place with 128, while Mr Kasich rounds out the field with 35 delegates. 特朗普现在拥82张选举人票数,克鲁兹为300张。鲁比奥28张位居第三,俄亥俄州州长约翰#8226;卡西John Kasich)垫底,共获得35张选举人票数。来 /201603/430550。