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1. I am sorry, but could you please speak a little slower?抱歉,你能说得稍微慢点儿吗?. Excuse me, could you slow down a little?劳驾,你能不能说话慢一点儿?3. Pardon? Would you speak a little faster?抱歉,你能说得快一点儿吗?. Excuse me, but could you speak in a slower pace?抱歉,您能说得慢点儿吗?5. Excuse me, I cant follow you;could you speak more slowly?劳驾,我没听明白你能说得慢一些吗?6. Yes, I am sorry speaking too fast.好的,很抱歉,我讲话太快了7. I will try my best to slow down.我会尽量说慢点儿8. Sorry, I am used to speaking in a slow pace, but I will try to be faster.抱歉,我习惯说话的慢节奏了,不过我会试着说快点9. That is the proper speed of speaking, neither too fast nor too slow.这样说话挺好的,不快不慢. Your way of articulating is too slow.你的讲话速度太慢了Dialogue 1对话 1A: Hello, is that Mr. Li?A: 你好,是李先生吗?B: Yes,speaking. What can I do you?B: 是的,我是有什么事吗?A: I am calling to check your inmation bee the interview. What position did you apply?A: 我想在面试前核实一下你的信息你申请的是什么职位?B: I am applying the waiter in your pub.B: 我申请的是你们酒吧的务生A: Excuse me. Could you slow down a little? I couldnt catch you.A: 劳驾,你能不能说话慢点儿?我听不明白你在说什么B: Sure. I will try my best to slow down.B: 当然,我会尽量说慢点Dialogue 对话 A: Hi, this is China Southern Airlines. Is that Miss. Ye?A: 你好,这里是南方航空公司你是叶吗?B: Yes, speaking. What can 1 do you?B: 是的,我是有什么事吗?A: I am responsible verifying your inma?tion bee you come the interview. What, uh, position do you want...uh...to do?A: 我负责在你来面试前核实你的信息你……嗯……想做…… 嗯……什么工作?B: Pardon? Your way of articulating is too slow. Would you speak a little faster?B: 抱歉,你的讲话速度太慢你介意说得快一点儿吗?A: Sorry, I am used to speaking in a slow pace, but I will try to be faster. What position do you want to do?A: 抱歉,我习惯说话儿慢的节奏了,不过我会试着说快点儿你想做什么工作?B: I have been yearning a job as a stewardess in an airline like yours.B:我一直渴望做一名空,在贵单位这样的公司工作 359The moon is pretty, we guess, but what has it ever done for us? Nothing. Until now! The Shimizu Corporation, an enormous contracting conglomerate, has a plan to turn the moon into a giant, solar panel-covered disco ball, providing "13,000 terawatts of continuous solar energy being transmitted back to receiving stations on Earth, either by laser or microwave." The panels would form a "6,800 mile-long band stretching around the light side of the moon's equator," so, not exactly a disco ball, but pretty close. Finally, a use for the moon!月亮是很美,但有什么用呢?没用!——不过以后可能有用了。日本大型承包企业清Shimizu)公司,打算把月亮用反光板包裹成一个巨大的,太阳能 disco 球。via Gizmodo。具体方式是利用激光或是微波,来为地球的基站提供高3000兆兆瓦的太阳胀?这些反光板会组成一800英寸长的板子,环绕整个月球亮面的赤道。多么奇怪的事情啊。来 /201105/138585

  必背句型:A:A debtor may file bankruptcy.债务人可以申请破产B:It is called vouluntary bankruptcy.这叫做自愿破产A debtor may apply bankruptcy.债务人可以申请破产They do not file bankruptcy.他们没有申请破产He choose to file bankruptcy.他选择申请破产延伸阅读:A:Bankruptcy protects the debtor from debt collection by creditors.破产程序保护债务人免受债权人的讨债B:No wonder many people file bankruptcy.难怪很多人申请破产呢The teacher protects the student m danger.老师保护学生免受危险The parents protect the children from hurt.家长保护学生免受伤害Who will protect the product from damaging by someone?谁会保护产品免受别人的损害? 353

  导购口语:Beijing Roast Duck is a specialty of Beijing food.北京烤鸭是北京的特产The famous Beijing Roast Duck is crispy, tender and tasty.著名的北京烤鸭皮脆,肉嫩,味美The roast Beijing Duck is delicious. Its skin is really crispy.北京烤鸭味道好极了,烤鸭皮真是又脆又香 语句:Crispy, tender and tasty皮脆,肉嫩,味美 情景再现:Please wrap the Peking Duck in the pancake with the spring onion and the sweet bean sauce. Youll find the taste better.请将北京烤鸭,葱和甜面酱包在薄煎饼里面这样吃起来味道更好 755。

  Having People Cleaned Room请人打扫房间Room service.what can I do you?客房部我能为您做什么吗?I would like to have my room deaned. Would you please send a maid here right now?我想请人打扫下我的房间,能叫个务员过来吗?OK.someone will be there right away.好的,马上就到Thank you.谢谢 36677

  Reading读书看报I an interesting in the paper this morning.我今天早上在报纸上看到一篇有趣的文章Did anyone bring the newspaper in today?有没有人把今天的报纸拿进来?Are there any good jobs in the Classified today?分类广告上有没有一些好的工作?It convenient us.对我们来说很方便We can get more inmation.我们可以获得更多信息Im ing the news.我正在读新闻Anything interesting in today paper?今天报上有什么有趣的消息吗?Magazines can enlarge your knowledge.阅读杂志可以开阔知识Is the book of ;Gone with the wind; available?《飘这本书有吗?Do you know the title of the book?你知道书名吗?Do you know the author name?你知道作者的姓名吗?This book is verv much in demand.这本书很热门 78星级典句:第一句: Where do you keep the Swiss watches?瑞士表在哪儿出售?A: Excuse me, where do you keep the Swiss watches?打扰一下,瑞士表在哪儿出售?B: Over there on your right.在那边,在您的右边第二句: Do you have some leather jackets in your store?贵店有卖皮夹克吗?A: Excuse me, do you have some leather jackets in you store?打扰下,请问贵店卖皮夹克吗?B: Yes, we do.是的,卖呢A: Where do you keep them?在哪儿摆放的呢?B: It on the second floor.在二楼其他表达法:Have you got anything plainer?有颜色浅一点的吗? 3998

  The ed Nations human rights chief has called for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Syria, as forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad killed dozens more people in attacks on rebellious areas. 联合国人权事务高级专员皮莱呼吁叙利亚立即实现人道停火。与此同时,效忠总统阿萨德的部队在对反政府区域的歼灭性攻击中又打死数十人。Rights groups say government troops killed at least 41 civilians Tuesday throughout Syria, including 20 in an assault on the central protest hub of Helfaya. Opposition sources in the besieged city of Homs told Reuters that tanks from the Syrian armys elite Fourth Division, controlled by Mr. Assads brother, Maher, had moved onto the streets. 人权组织说,政府军星期二在叙利亚各地打死了至1名平民,抗议中心城市哈马附近中部城镇哈勒法耶有20人被打死。In Geneva, Navi Pillay told the U.N. Human Rights Council the international community must take action to prevent Syrian troops from continuing to assault civilians. Syrias ambassador to the U.N. in Geneva ((Faysal Khabbaz Hamoui)) walked out of the meeting. 被围困的霍姆斯市的反对派人士在接受路透社采访时说,叙利亚总统阿萨德的兄弟马希尔控制的精锐第四师的坦克已经进入街道。在日内瓦,联合国人权事务高级专员皮莱在联合国人权理事会上说,国际社会必须采取行动,阻止叙利亚部队继续对平民发动攻击。叙利亚驻联合国大使哈姆维起身离开会议以示抗议。Council members are expected to condemn Syria Tuesday for its ;brutal; use of heavy weapons in residential areas and persecuting opponents, its fourth such rebuke to Mr. Assad since the uprising began last March. 人权理事会在星期二预计会谴责叙利亚在居民区和追剿反对派时;残暴;使用重型武器。这是该机构自叙利亚去年三月举行起义以来,第四次谴责阿萨德。The ed Nations said Tuesday that ;well over 7,500 people; have been killed in Syria during the government crackdown, raising its previous estimated death toll by more than 2,000. 联合国星期二还说,在政府镇压期间,叙利亚;超过7500;死亡,这比先前估计的死亡人数高出 2千多人。U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Lynn Pascoe told the Security Council that ;credible reports; say the death toll now often exceeds 100 civilians a day, ;including many women and children.; Syrian officials insist the government is fighting foreign-backed armed ;terrorists.; 联合国负责政治事务的副秘书长帕斯科在安理会会议上表示;有可靠的报道;说,现在的死亡人数经常是每天超过100人,;包括许多妇女和儿;叙利亚官员一直坚持说,政府是在打击外国资助的武装;恐怖分;。来 /201202/172959

  China has handed down the most significant corruption sentence in more than five years in a case seen as a test of how far the new leadership will go in fighting graft.中国年多来最引人注目的一起腐败案件做出判决,此案被视为对新领导层打击腐败决心的考验。Liu Zhijun, former railway minister, was yesterday given a suspended death sentence for bribery and abuse of power, state media said.官方媒体报道称,铁道部前部长刘志军昨天因受贿和滥用职权被判处死缓。Mr Liu was removed from the railway ministry more than two years ago under the government of Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, who retired in March, but the ruling comes as Mr Hu’s successor, President Xi Jinping, has made an anti-corruption campaign a cornerstone of his rule.早在两年多前,刘志军就被胡锦涛和温家宝(两人于今月退休)政府罢免铁道部长职务,但此次判决的背景是胡锦涛的继任者、中国国家主席习近平将反腐运动作为其执政的基石。Many independent ob-servers have dismissed the campaign as an attempt by the ruling Communist party to improve its image without making substantial changes.许多独立观察人士对反腐运动并不看好,认为它代表着执政的共产党试图在不做出实质性变革的前提下改善自身形象。The former railway minister’s case has been overshadowed by the fall of Bo Xilai, the former party secretary of the western municipality of Chongqing and aspirant to a senior leadership seat. Mr Bo was sacked last year following the flight of his former police chief to a US consulate and the prosecution of his wife for involvement in the murder of Neil Heywood, a former British business associate.比起薄熙来的落马,刘志军一案有些相形见绌。薄熙来曾任西部直辖市重庆的市委书记,并渴望跻身最高领导层圈子。在重庆前公安局局长叛逃至美国领事馆,以及妻子因参与谋杀前英国生意伙伴尼#8226;海伍Neil Heywood)而被提起公诉后,薄熙来去年被解除职务。The Communist party’s internal discipline watchdog accused Mr Bo of a long list of corruption-related crimes. However, Mr Bo has yet to be formally tried.共产党内部的纪检部门指控薄熙来犯有多项与腐败有关的罪名,但薄尚未正式受审。Mr Liu is the most senior official to be convicted of corruption since Chen Liangyu, former Communist party secretary of Shanghai and a member of the party’s politburo, was given an 18-year prison term on corruption charges in April 2008.刘志军是陈良宇以来被判犯有腐败罪名的最高级别官员。陈良宇是前上海市委书记、中共中央政治局委员,于2008月因腐败罪名被判8年有期徒刑。Mr Liu took Rmb64.4m (.53m) in bribes for helping 11 people win contracts or get promotions between 1986 and 2011, said Xinhua, the official news agency.官方通讯社新华社称,986年至2011年期间,刘志军受贿人民币6440万元053万美元),帮1个人赢得合同或升职。Chinese law allows the death penalty against people convicted of taking bribes of more than Rmb100,000. Death sentences with a two-year reprieve like the one given to Mr Liu are often converted to life in prison.根据中国法律,被认定受贿超过人民0万元者便有可能被判处死刑。刘志军被判处死刑缓期两年执行,该刑罚通常会转化为无期徒刑。来 /201307/247218

  Handling The Next North Korean FamineThe annual North Korean flower festival, celebrating today's birthday of founder Kim Il Sung, began this week in Pyongyang. Given the theme -- 'President Kim Il Sung, the sun of humankind, is immortal along with the flower of the sun' -- no wonder money is apparently no object. The festival organizing committee supplied tissue culture-bred seedlings to greenhouses around the country to boost the growing of Kimilsungia, a hybrid orchid named after Kim Il Sung. According to the Pyongyang Times, cultivators 'have ensured the right temperature in day and at night and prevented damage from blights . . . despite climate change and the low percentage of sunshine this year.'What is particularly outrageous about this year's festival is that it comes at the same time that bad weather, compounded by the state's economic mismanagement and ineffective collective farming methods, is causing a failure of the overall agriculture sector. Experts in the ed Nations' World Food Program are warning that this year North Koreans may face the worst food shortage since a famine claimed a million lives in the 1990s. Mid-April also happens to be when the so-called choongoong, or spring poverty, season begins. This is when North Korea runs out of the last bits of the previous year's fall harvest but before summer crops can be harvested.In a still largely command economy, many North Koreans are left without a safety net against starvation. Disastrous monetary 'reform' last November effectively wiped out the savings of many North Koreans, stripping them of purchasing power that could be used to buy food. Hoarding and barter trade are once again prevalent. Periodic crackdowns on private-market activities certainly haven't helped either.As severe hunger looms, the question for donors is whether to resume food aid to North Korea and, if so, how to ensure the assistance reaches the people most in need and is not diverted to the military. Proper monitoring is essential. Some critics think it would be impossible to monitor food deliveries, as the North Korean government would simply reject such a condition, fearing foreigners would learn too much about the world's most secretive state.But there is some precedent for meaningful, if not optimal, monitoring of food aid. For instance, the ed Nations' World Food Program conducted an average of 388 monitoring visits a month in 2005, and 440 a month in 2004. For much of these two years, U.N. employees had access to 160 of the country's 203 counties and districts. More than half of the World Food Program's international staff, numbering 32 at the end of 2005, were directly engaged in food aid monitoring during the year, and some of them spoke Korean. Such monitoring meant at least some of the young children, the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant and nursing women received food aid.The North Korean government can hardly afford another period of severe nation-wide hunger. The country's leaders know that at some point a social explosion is possible as people become desperate. During the years of the famine in the 1990s, North Koreans were still so brainwashed by government propaganda that they died in massive numbers at home, waiting for rations that never came, not letting go of their faith in Pyongyang to save them. North Koreans are now better informed about the outside world, and know whom to blame for their hunger. The survivors have learned that it is foolish, even dangerous, to blindly depend on the government to deliver food.This means renewed massive hunger could pose a risk to the continuity of the North Korean government. As the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, works to ensure another leadership succession to his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, he should consider that North Koreans may not endure another epoch of massive hunger as quietly as they did the last one.That political imperative may force Pyongyang to act sooner, rather than later. Given that, the foreign-aid community can -- and should -- insist that aid workers be allowed to properly monitor aid distribution according to standard international protocols for transparency and accountability. The North Korean government must also pledge to end discrimination in government distribution of food in favor of ruling party officials, the military, the intelligence services and the police -- and against the 'hostile' classes deemed politically disloyal to the government. Otherwise, most donors will remain reluctant to give food aid to North Korea. And that would be a tragedy, on a truly massive scale. /201004/101705。


  :Just do it第单元:做就对了Psychologists say it takes about weeks a person to from a new habit.心理学家说,一个人要养成新习惯需花上十二周的时间In the initial stages of undertaking an exercise program,you may find yourself gritting your teeth and cing yourself to ;just do it;,as the commercial puts it.在开始一项运动计划的初期,你可能会发现自已得咬紧牙关,强迫自己像广告里听说的一样”做就对了;Keep at it and be patient.ce of habit will eventually take over,after which you will struggle less and enjoy your activity more.要耐心地坚持下去,习惯的力量终将使你就范,之后你就不会再这么挣扎了,并且能享受你所做的活动 369356

  One helpful way is to think of the national inmation infrastructure as a network of highways,much like the INTERSTATES of the 1950s.一种有用的方法是把国家信息基础设施想像为50年代州际高速公路网络These are highways carrying inmation rather than people or goods.只不过这种高速公路运载的是信息而不是人或货物Some highways will be made of fiber optics,others of coaxial cables,others will be wireless.某些高速公路将采用光纤,而其它的用同轴电缆,还有的用无线通信But this is a key point:they must and will be two-way highways.但是关键的一点是:必须是双向高速公路So that each person will be able to send inmation in m as well as just words,as well as receiving inmation.这样,每个人能够发送视频信息和文字,同时能接收信息These new inmation highways will be wider than today technology permits.这些新的信息高速公路将比当前技术所能达到的要宽That because of television program contains so many more bytes of inmation than a telephone conversation.这是因为电视节目比电话通话所包含的信息字节多得多And because new uses of and voice and computers will consist of even more inmation moving at even faster speeds.也还因为新投入使用的视频和话音设备以及计算机将包含以更高速流动的信息This new inmation market place based on these highways include four major components.这种基于高速公路的新信息市场包括四个主要部分:First,the owners of the highways,because unlike the interstates,the inmation highways will be built,paid and funded principally by the private sector.首先是高速公路的拥有者,与州际高速公路不同的是,信息高速公路将主要由私人投资建设Second,the makers of inmation appliances,like telephones,televisions and computers,and the new products of the future that will combine aspects of all three.第二是信息设施的生产厂家,这些设施诸如电话,数字化图书馆,信息务提供者以及几百万希望共享或出售信息的单个用户Third inmation providers;local broadcasters,digital libraries,inmation service providers and millions of individuals who will want to share or sell inmation.第三是信息的提供者:本地广播电台,数字化图书馆,信息务提供者以及几百万希望共享或出售信息的单个用户And most important,fourth,inmation customers,who will justly demand privacy?Afd ability and choice.第四是最重要的信息的客户,他们将正当地要求隐私权,可承受性和选择权At some time in the next two decades,we will think about the inmation market place in terms of these four components.今后二十年的某个时候,我们将从四个方面去考虑信息市场We will not talk about cable,or telephones,or cellular,or wireless,because there will be free and open competition between everyone who provides and delivers inmation.我们不会讨论电缆,电话或蜂窝式电话或者无线电话,因为在任何信息提供和发送信息者之间的竞争是自由的,公开的Notes注意事项We will not talk about cable,or telephones,or cellular,or wireless,because there will be free and open competition between everyone who provides and delivers inmation.我们不会讨论电缆,电话或蜂窝式电话或者无线电话,因为在任何信息提供和发送信息者之间的竞争是自由的,公开的 379

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