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济南妇儿女子医院网上预约电话济南八院如何So...so you get the call,you are...and...you really want to know,dont you? yeah, I kinda do.所以你接到了电话 然后 你真的很想知道 是吧 对啊 还真想Eh...but no,so you are...you are...Well, at first,were you like oh,my god.Or were you like oh ,my god!this is exciting.不过 所以你 好吧 刚开始你是觉得“不是吧” 还是觉得“天哪 太好了”I was...well,yeah,oh my god,it is exciting,em...and this is gonna be a little bit of nightmare now for the next few weeks. Right.我当时 恩 觉得 “天哪 太好了” 但觉得接下来几周 会很难捱 恩Em...you know,cause ,you know,everybody knows.Its well documented,it was kind of uncomfortable.是啊 每个人都知道了 被大篇幅报道了 挺让人不舒的And you know, the situation. Right.你懂的 这种情形下 是的But em..em this things happen, and you know everything is kind of calm now,and Im happy.但是 这种事总会发生的 但现在已经平静下来了 我其实挺开心的And in fact I am actually happier than Ive ever been.从来没有这么开心过Well, thats a good thing. Yeah. Thats good thing. Which is why obviously this is happening, because you...you have to be in the space.and Lauren ,is her name right? Yeah.那很好啊 是啊 那很好 这也是为什么这件事会发生 为了能让你开心 她叫Lauren是吗 是的And she is healthy and happy,and...yeah,yeah,she is in really good.她现在的状态和心情都还好吧 恩 她现在很不错Really really godd place. I know this has been hard for her, cause the whole, you know,everything has been kind of thrust on her, and shes ,shes , a lot of attention,and thats gonna be hard on her.状态很好 我知道她肯定也不好受 正处在风口浪尖上 那么多的闲言碎语 她肯定不好受Well,yeah,I mean this is obviously...I...I cant blame the media,cause it was, you know, a kind of what I call a juicy story, you know.恩 确实 我是说这很明显 不过我不会去责怪媒体 因为你也懂的 这就是我说的那种很有料的故事But there was a lot of stuff that was said about her,但是大家说了很多她的坏话You know,you know,the...she trapped me and that shes a gold-digger, I mean this is absolutely nonesense.right.你知道的 什么她给我下套了啊 为了傍我啊 都是胡扯 对Shes a great girl,em...but you know,她是个很好的女孩 但是like it said,it was...it was...awkward because of the circumstances.就像报道说的 这件事关系有点尴尬Right,and em,and its a boy? Youll have to wait and see.是啊 那个 是男孩吧 我还得等等才知道呢But,but its a boy. Well,there are a lot of boys in my family,so the odds are...但是 就是男孩吧 好吧 我家族男孩还挺多的 几率比较大Right, thats gonna be a boy. And so em,whats his name?好吧 就是个男孩嘛 名字取好了吗Your mom is happy,right?She is gonna be...你妈妈很开心吧 她会Shes thrilled,yeah,yep,yep,,really,really thrilled.她很开心 是啊 真的超级开心So now are you worried thought that...所以现在你会担心that how much time youre gonna ,youre gonna travel with...将来要带着他到处跑 这里那里的where will you raise the boy? You are funny,Ellen.here?i mean...他主要会待在哪个城市呢 Ellen 你可真淘气 这里吗 我是说Here or... well ,both in New york, los angeles, london.在这还是 在纽约 洛杉矶 伦敦之间He is gonna travel a lot. Thats exciting.他也会跟着你们跑来跑去的 多爽啊He or she will travel a lot,yes. Right. Right.他或者她啦 好吧 好吧We all know its a boy. Ill tell you later. Alright.我们都知道是儿子啦 过段时间 再告诉你 好吧You said you wanted like a little,en...你说过你想要一个if you...if you do have a son,which you will,如果你有个儿子的话 其实明明已经有了that he will be...that you want a little ;mini-me;他会 你想让他成为迷你版的你so I got him a little T-shirt to get him started.所以 从我为他准备的小衬衫开始吧And well first of all ,em...actually that would fit me.首先 这个其实我也穿得上额That is yours,thats yours. Oh,thats mine.这个就是你打 给你的 哦 我的No,this is ,this is his. Thats his. Thats yours.Look, come on.这个才是他的 这个是他的 那是你的 看吧I know...I said I know, Simon. That is hilarious.我最懂你了 这太好笑了I know,so... okay,boy or girl,I am gonna keep these.我知道 好吧 无论男的女的这衣我都会留着的It will work for either,but...thanks very much.男孩女孩都可以了啊 谢谢你But its gonna be a boy. Thats very sweet.Alright.但肯定是男孩的 你太贴心了 好吧I have more to talking about, we will be back. we will talke about X FACTOR and other stuff.我还有更多要聊的 一会回来 我们得聊聊《X FACTOR》什么的注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/260143济南真爱女子医院生孩子价格 Today, its time once again for another Gross Fact of the Month.今天的节目又到了令人生厌话题的时刻。Uh oh! I hope no ones eating!我希望此时此刻没人正在用餐。Okay, y? In a recent study of people passing through major U.S. airports, it turned out that about thirty percent werent washing their hands after using the bathroom.准备好了吗?最近对经由美国主要机场的人群的调查显示,大概百分之三十的人厕后不洗手。Phew! that wasnt nearly as gross as I thought it would be.那没有我想象中的令人讨厌。Well, think of the consequences.想想后果。These people who dont wash their hands dont just keep them in their pockets.不洗手的人们不会只把手放在口袋里,They walk around shaking other peoples hands, holding babies, and handling food and doorknobs.他们四处走动,也会和别人握手,抱小孩,拿吃的,并接触门把手。Okay, so that it a little gross.喔,被你这样一说有点恶心。So basically, these folks are running around exposing the fastidious hand washers among us to infections that can range from the pesky common cold to SARS, which can be fatal.根本上来说,相比那些仔细洗手的人,这些人更会接触到各种疾病,从普通的流行感冒到致命的SARS。After all, many infections are transmitted through hand-to-hand contact.毕竟许多接触是通过手来传播的。I see what youre getting at.我明白你所说的了。Whats interesting is that people tend to exaggerate when theyre asked about hand- washing.有意思的是人们倾向于夸大洗手的次数。In surveys, ninety-five percent of people claim to wash their hands every time, when the actual observed percentage is much lower.在调查中,95%的人声称他们每次都洗手,而实际观察到的比率要远低于这个数字。So think about the fact that only around seventy-five percent of people claim to wash their hands after sneezing or coughing!想想打喷嚏和咳嗽后有75%的人声称会洗手的事实。The actual numbers there are much lower too, huh?实际数字要比那低得多,对吧?Probably. On the bright side, since the SARS outbreak in Toronto, hand-washing rates at the airport have been near to one hundred percent.很可能。而好的方面是,自从SARS在多伦多爆发后,在机场洗手的比率接近百分百。So all it takes to get people scrubbing diligently is a major epidemic.所以所需要做的就是让勤洗手成为一种习惯。You call that a bright side?你称那为好的方面?Well, the other alternative is education on the importance of washing hands.另一方面也要教育人们洗手的重要性,Now all we need is a catchy slogan.我们现在需要的就是容易记住的口号。 201401/271652济南省立医院看妇科

济南山大医院网上挂号Science and technology科学技术Global health全球健康One potato, two potato, three potato一个懒汉,两个懒汉,三个懒汉An effort to count the worlds sloths来数一数世界上的懒汉A PAPER in the Lancet, shamelessly timed to coincide with the Olympic games, compares countries rates of physical activity.《柳叶刀》的一篇文章对世界各国人民进行体育锻炼的比率做了一个比较,而这篇文章的发表时间竟有意选在了奥运会召开之际。The study it describes, led by Pedro Hallal of the Federal University of Pelotas, in Brazil, is the most complete portrait yet of the worlds busy bees and couch potatoes.文章中的研究由巴西佩洛塔斯联邦大学的Pedro Hallal主导,是迄今为止对世界上的勤劳之人和电视懒虫最为完整的描绘。It suggests that nearly a third of adults, 31%, are not getting enough exercise.研究显示,世界上有将近三分之一的成年人缺乏锻炼。That rates of exercise have declined is hardly a new discovery.人们的锻炼比率有所下降这并不是什么新发现。Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, technology and economic growth have conspired to create a world in which the flexing of muscles is more and more an option rather than a necessity.自从工业革命开始后,科技和经济发展合谋创造了一个新世界,在这个世界里,锻炼身体越来越成为人们的一种选择,而非迫切的需要。But only recently have enough good data been collected from enough places to carry out the sort of analysis Dr Hallal and his colleagues have engaged in.但直到最近,Hallal士和他的同事才从足够多的地区收集到了充足的数据来进行这类分析研究。In all, they were able to pool data from 122 countries, covering 89% of the worlds population.Hallal士和他的同事总共收集了122个国家的数据,覆盖了89%的世界人口。They considered sufficient physical activity to be 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week, 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three days a week, or some combination of the two.他们认为,充足的体育锻炼应该是每周五天进行半小时的适量运动,或是每周三天进行20分钟的激烈运动,或者对这两者进行适当结合。There are common themes in different places.不同的地区出现了同样的模式。Unsurprisingly, people in rich countries are less active than those in poor ones, and old people are less active than young ones.富裕国家的人比那些贫穷国家的人锻炼得更少,老人比年轻人锻炼得更少,这一点在意料之中。Less obviously, women tend to exercise less than men—34% are inactive, compared with 28% of men.但较为隐秘的一个现象是,女性通常比男性锻炼得少。女性懒惰人数占总人数的34%,而男性却只占了28%。But there are exceptions.但是也有例外情况,The women of Croatia, Finland, Iraq and Luxembourg, for example, move more than their male countrymen.如克罗地亚、芬兰、伊拉克、卢森堡这几个国家的女性锻炼得就比本国男性同胞多。Malta wins the race for most slothful country, with 72% of adults getting too little exercise.马耳他有72%的成年人缺乏锻炼,成为世界上最懒的国家。Swaziland and Saudi Arabia slouch in close behind, with 69%.斯威士兰和沙特阿拉伯紧随其后,懒惰人数占全国的69%。In Bangladesh, by contrast, just 5% of adults fail to exercise enough.相比之下,孟加拉国只有5%的成年人缺乏锻炼。Surprisingly, America does not live up to its sluggish reputation.让人吃惊的是,美国竟然没有人们所说的那么懒。Six Americans in ten are sufficiently active by Dr Hallals definition, compared with fewer than four in ten Britons.根据Hallal士的标准,十个美国人中有六个拥有足够的锻炼,而相比之下,十个英国人中拥有足够锻炼的人还不到四个。In an accompanying analysis of peoples habits, Dr Hallal found equally wide differences.同时Hallal士还对人们的生活习惯进行了分析,发现在这方面不同地区的人差别也很大。In South-East Asia fewer than a quarter sit for at least four hours each day; in Europe 64% do.在东南亚,每天至少坐四小时的人不到四分之一,但在欧洲这样的人却占了总人口的64%。And even neighbours may differ.而且即使是邻国之间差别也很大。Only 2% of Swiss walk to work, whereas 23% of Germans do so.在瑞士,只有2%的人走路上班,但在德国却有23%的人这样做。These high rates of inactivity are worrying.这么高的懒惰率实在令人担忧。Paradoxically, human beings seem to have evolved to benefit from exercise while eschewing it whenever they can.人类似乎已经进化到一种自相矛盾状态,尽管运动十分有益,但人类却唯恐避之不及。In a state of nature it would be impossible to live a life that did not provide enough of it to be beneficial, while over-exercising would use up scarce calories to little advantage.在自然状态下,缺乏锻炼的生活是不可能对人有益的,但过度锻炼又可能耗尽宝贵的卡路里,对人体无益。But that no longer pertains.但现在这种说法已经不再适用现代人了。According to another paper in the Lancet, insufficient activity these days has nearly the same effect on life expectancy as smoking.《柳叶刀》中的另一篇文章称,缺乏锻炼对寿命造成的影响几乎和抽烟差不多。 /201402/275663济南治疗不孕不育的好医院 济南山大二院看男科

济南齐鲁治疗妇科怎么样 Water in Brazil巴西水资源Nor any drop to drink无水可喝Dry weather and a growing population spell rationing干旱的气候和快速增长的人口迫使水资源限量分配BRAZIL has the worlds biggest reserves of fresh water. That most of it sits in the sparsely populated Amazon has not historically stopped Brazilians in the drier, more populous south taking it for granted. No longer. Landlords in S?o Paulo, who are wont to hose down pavements with gallons of potable water, have taken to using brooms instead. Notices in lifts and on the metro implore paulistanos to take shorter showers and re-use coffee mugs.巴西拥有世界最大淡水储备量。但这些淡水大多分布在人烟稀少的亚马逊并不能缓解巴西由来已久的干旱问题,以至于大部分南方民众都对干旱习以为常。以前圣保罗的农场主习惯将水管伸到地下抽取成加仑的可用水资源,而现在他们开始使用滴灌技术。该技术电梯和城铁中的告示恳请圣保罗居民缩短冲凉时间,重复使用咖啡杯。S?o Paulo state, home to one-fifth of Brazils population and one-third of its economic activity, is suffering the worst drought since records began in 1930. Pitiful rainfall and high rates of evaporation in scorching heat have caused the volume of water stored in the Cantareira system of reservoirs, which supplies 10m people, to dip below 12% of capacity. This time last year, at the end of what is nominally the wet season, it stood at 64%.圣保罗,这一拥有1/5民众以及1/3经济活动的州,正在经历着自1930年以来最严重的干旱。低降水量以及高温带来的高蒸发使得的Cantareira蓄水系统的水位降至12%以下,去年的这个时候,也就是所谓的雨季尾季,其水位达到64%。据悉,改蓄水系统为大约1千万民众供水。On April 21st the governor, Geraldo Alckmin, warned that from May consumers will be fined for increasing their water use. Those who cut consumption are aly rewarded with discounts on their bills. The city will tap three basins supplying other parts of the state, but since these reservoirs have also been hit by drought and supply hydropower plants, fears of blackouts are rising.4月21日,州长奥克明警告道自五月开始超额用水将面临罚款,而那些减少用水的可在水费上获得一定折扣。城市会开放3个流域用于持该州的其他地方,但是由于蓄水池受到干旱的影响,还要满足水力发电产厂的需求,民众对断电的恐慌情绪开始上涨。Without a downpour, Sabesp, the state water utility, expects Cantareiras levels to sink beneath the pipes which link reservoirs to consumers a week after S?o Paulo hosts the opening game of the football World Cup on June 12th. To tide the city over until rains resume in November, it is installing kit to pump half of the 400 billion litres of reserves beneath the pipes, at a cost of 80m reais. The company says this “dead volume”, never before used, is perfectly treatable. Some experts have expressed concerns about its quality.由于降水量不足,自来水公司Sabesp希望Cantareira的水位可以在6月12号世界杯揭幕战的一周之后再下降至管道之下,这些管道与蓄水池相连为民众提供自来水。巴西的雨季通常在11月,在那之前,为了度过干旱他们将花费8000万雷阿尔安装设备用以抽取管道下约2000亿升左右的储备水。该公司称这是最后的储备,之前没有动用过,但该项措施足以缓解干旱。一些专家表示将密切关注该举措的作用。Mr Alckmin has not ruled out tightening the spigots. Flow from taps in parts of S?o Paulo has aly become a trickle, for which Sabesp blames maintenance work. Widesp cuts could hurt the governors re-election bid in October. Hours after he announced the latest measures, a thirsty mob set fire to a bus.奥克明并没有取消对供水量的限制。圣保罗的某些地区,打开水龙头已经只有水滴了,Sabesp这是日常维护。广泛地断水可能会给现任政府在10月的连任带来不利影响。在他宣布最新措施的一个小时内,一个暴徒纵火烧公交车以示不满。Paulistanos use more water than most Brazilians, but lose less of it to leaks: 35%, compared with a national average of 39%. Sabesp, listed on the New York Stock Exchange but majority-owned by the state government, is a paragon of good governance, says John Briscoe, a water expert at Harvard and a former head of the World Bank mission in Brazil.与大多数巴西民众相比,圣保罗人用水量更大但渗漏较少,渗漏率约为35%而国家的平均值则为39%。Sabesp虽然已经在纽约劵交易所上市,但仍由国家控股。水利专家也是前世界驻巴西负责人的John Briscoe表示,该公司公司经营良好。The problem exposed by the drought is that supply has not kept pace with the rising urban population. Facing a jumble of overlapping municipal, state and federal regulations, investment in storage, distribution and treatment has lagged behind. And not just in S?o Paulo; the national water regulator has warned that 16 projects in the ten biggest cities must be completed by 2015 to prevent chronic water shortages over the next decade. So far only five are finished; work on some has not begun. Short-term measures should keep the water trickling for now. But the well of temporary solutions will eventually run dry.干旱的爆发是因为水供应没跟上城市人口增加的速度。由于各级政府权力划分不清,州与联邦条例混乱的问题,政府在储存分配和处理的出不足。这不仅仅是圣保罗的问题,国家水警告道位于10个大型城市的16个项目必须在2015年前完成,这些项目旨在在未来的十年中解决长期性缺水问题。到现在为止,只完成了5个项目,一些项目甚至还没有开始。短期措施应使现在有水可用,但这些临时措施只保得了一时,保不了一世。 201406/305371济南宫外孕手术得多少钱济南第二人民医院在哪里



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