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平阴县四维彩超医院济南市第三人民医院怎么去William Kamkwamba: How I built my family a windmill When he was just 14 years old, Malawian inventor William Kamkwamba built his family an electricity-generating windmill from spare parts, working from rough plans he found in a library book William, hi, good to see you!Thanks.So, um, we got a picture I think, where is this?This is my home, this is where I live. Where, what country?In the Malawian zone, in Kasonga, yeah, Malawi.OK, now, you’re 19 now?Yeah, I am 19-year-old now. 5 years ago, you had an idea. What was that?I want to make a windmill.Windmill?Yeah. And so, just water power electric for lighting and stuff?Yeah.So what did you do, how do you realize that?Er, after I dropped out from school, I went to library and I a book Technology, using energy, and I get information about doing the mill. And I tried and I made it.So, (applause) so, you copied, you exactly copied the design in the book?Er, no, I adjust. What happened? In fact, a design of the windmill, it was in the book, it had got for up 3 plates, and mine have got four plates. The book had 3, yours have 4? (Yeah.) And you made that out of what?Er, I made 4 plates just because I want to increase power. OK, did you test it 3 and found that 4 works better?Yeah, I adjust.And what did you make the windmill out of? What materials did you use?I use a bicyle frame and a pulley and plastic pipe, wooden poles. Do we have a picture of that claim in the next slide?Yeah, so that’s the windmill.And so, and that windmill, what, it worked?When the wind blows, it produces and generates (electricity).How much electricity?2 volts.And so, that lit a light for the house? How many lights?4 bulbs and 2 radios. Well!Yeah.And so, next slide.So who’s that?This is my parents. Work in the radio.So, what did they make of that, you were 14, 15 at that time, what did they make of this?They impressed?Yes.So what are you gonna do with this? What do you I mean, do you want to build another one?Yeah, I want to build another one to pump water, irrigation for crops. So, this sort of has to be bigger?Yeah.How big? I think it will produce more than 20 volts.So that would produce irrigation for the entire village? (Yeah.) Wow, and so you are talking to people here attend to get people who might be able to help in some way to realize this dream.Yeah, if they can help me, ….And as you think of your life going forward, you’re 19 now, do you picture continuing with this dream of working in energy?Yeah, I am still thinking to work on energy.Wow, William, it’s a real honor to have you at the Thai conference. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you. 01/60970济南市省立医院电话多少 近来,一种神秘的“布鲁里溃疡”疾病开始在非洲迅速蔓延。这种病摧残人的身体,使患处的肌肉不断掉下,其病状惨不忍睹。因为人们对其病因、病菌藏身处、传播方式等等还一无所知,也没有任何药品能够有效地治愈它。因而它严重地威胁着人们的健康,制约着经济的发展。在疫区,人们把它叫做“新型麻风病”。 Buruli ulcer is a bacterial disease that eats away muscle tissue. People can become disabled. They may even need to have an arm or leg removed. Buruli ulcer disease can be easily treated with antibiotics. Yet people often do not get medical help until the damage aly has been done。Doctor Alexander Tiendrebeogo from the World Health Organization says the disease causes no pain at first. The condition usually begins as a swelling on the skin. Then large ulcers form. These breaks destroy skin and soft tissue, sometimes all the way down to the bone. Buruli ulcer is a disease found in tropical climates. It belongs to the same family of bacteria as those that cause tuberculosis and Hansen's disease, also known as leprosy.Cases have been reported in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the western Pacific. At least thirty nations have had cases of Buruli ulcer disease. But experts say this condition has not gotten as much attention as it should. It was just discussed during an international health conference held in Benin. Benin, Ghana and Ivory Coast have thousands of current cases of Buruli ulcer disease. Health officials believe other countries in West Africa have unreported cases.Scientists are not sure how Buruli ulcer disease sps or even how it develops in nature. They suspect it may involve mosquitoes or other organisms that live in water. A British doctor reported the first cases of what was probably Buruli ulcer in eighteen ninety-seven in Uganda. Sir Albert Cook of the Church Missionary Society described the condition in patients at his Mengo Hospital in Kampala. In nineteen forty-eight, Peter MacCallum and other scientists in Australia reported six cases near Melbourne. They also identified the bacterium that causes Buruli ulcer. The first complete genetic map was published in two thousand seven. That genome may lead to better treatment and control of the disease. Public health officials hope that a treatment can be developed that does not require injections. If people could take the medicine by mouth, they would not need to travel to health clinics. In the nineteen sixties there were many cases in an area then called Buruli County in Uganda. That explains the name Buruli ulcer, the most commonly used name for the disease.04/66605African Union Rules No Coup In Guinea-Bissau非盟谴责几内亚比绍总统遭暗杀  The African Union has condemned the killings of Guinea-Bissau's President Joao Bernado Vieira and his army chief, calling it a blatant attack on state institutions. But the continental body stopped short of suspending Guinea-Bissau's membership in the organization. 非洲联盟谴责几内亚比绍总统维埃拉和武装部队总参谋长瓦伊将军遭到杀害,称这是对国家制度的悍然攻击。非洲联盟险些中止几内亚比绍非盟成员国的资格。The AU Peace and Security Council met in emergency session Tuesday to determine whether the assassination of President Vieira constituted a military coup, which would have meant automatic suspension from the organization. 非洲联盟和平与安全委员会星期二举行紧急会议,决定几内亚比绍总统维埃拉遭暗杀是否构成军事政变。军事政变意味着自动中止非洲成员国的资格。Two other west African nations, Mauritania and Guinea Conakry have recently been expelled from the continental body after army officers took power through extra-constitutional means.  另外两个西非国家毛里塔尼亚和几内亚-科纳克里最近被驱逐出非盟组织,因为一些军官通过宪法以外的途径夺取了政权。Guinea-Bissau military chiefs say an 'isolated group' of soldiers was responsible for the president's death, and the speaker of parliament will temporarily take power. 几内亚比绍军方领导人说,一个由士兵组成的“孤立的组织”对维埃拉总统被杀负责。几内亚比绍议会议长临时接管了国家政权。Burkina Faso's AU ambassador Bruno Nongoma Zidouemba, who holds the council's rotating chairmanship, said Guinea-Bissau's case does not appear to meet the definition of a coup. 布基纳法索驻非盟大使齐多安巴目前担任非洲联盟和平与安全委员会轮值主席。他说,几内亚比绍事件似乎还不符合军事政变的定义。"The assassination of the president is a very unusual situation and sad situation, but there is a coup when the constitution is suspended or institutions of the country are suspended. It is a very sad step in the evolution of Guinea-Bissau, but from the information we have up to now, it is not considered a coup d'etat," he said.  “几内亚比绍总统被暗杀是一件非同寻常的情况,非常悲惨的情况。但是如果发生政变,宪法会被中止,国家机构会被中止。这是几内亚比绍发展中的一个非常沉痛的一页,但是从我们目前掌握的信息来看,这次事件不是一次军事政变。”Guinea Bissau has a history of coups and coup attempts. The most recent came after last November's parliamentary elections, when soldiers attacked the president's office. Two people were killed, but the attempt failed. 几内亚比绍历来有政变和企图政变的传统。最近一次政变是去年11月议会选举之后,当时军人袭击了总统的办公室,两人被打死,但政变失败。In the latest incident, Security Council Chairman Zidouemba says a constitutional transfer of power appears to be in the works. "We have heard a declaration of a group of officers, and this group of officers said they will act through the constitution, and if you the constitution of Guinea-Bissau, normally the transition power should go to president of the national assembly. In the hours to come everything will be clear," he said. 在最新一起事件中,非洲联盟和平与安全委员会主席齐多安巴说,符合宪法的权力转移似乎正在进行之中。“我们听到一群军官发表的宣言,这个军官组织说,他们将遵循宪法的规定。如果你阅读一下几内亚比绍的宪法,就会知道,通常权力应转移给议会议长。在未来几个小时内,一切都会明朗化。”The country's constitution calls for a presidential election to be held within 60 days. 几内亚比绍的宪法要求在60天内举行总统选举。Guinea-Bissau has become notorious as a transit point used by Latin American drug cartels for shipments of cocaine bound for Europe. Government estimates indicate as much as 800 kilograms of cocaine moves through the west African nation each week, making drug trafficking easily the largest foreign exchange earner. 几内亚比绍被拉丁美洲的贩毒集团作为将可卡因运向欧洲的中转站,因此声名狼藉。根据政府的估计,每个星期有多达800公斤可卡因经几内亚比绍进入欧洲,使走私成为几内亚比绍最大的外汇收入来源。03/63778滨州妇女医院预约时间表

山大二院正规吗  Russian President Dmitri Medvedev will be in the ed States in the next few days. His visit will focus on economic and trade matters.The high point of President Medvedev's stay in the ed States will be his visit to Silicon Valley - an area in northern California known for its high-tech companies, venture capitalists and forward-looking entrepreneurs.  Experts, such as Robert Legvold from Columbia University, say Mr. Medvedev is trying to generate interest in his plan to create a Russian Silicon Valley in the suburbs of Moscow known as the Skolkova Innovation Initiative."That area of Skolkova, where the Skolkova School of Business and Management is located, has a fair amount of acreage," he said. "So when Medvedev committed himself to the idea of creating a Silicon Valley, and there were a number of parts, different cities in Russia that vied for its location, it was decided to put it in this park. I think the notion is that there will be some link between the businesses and research centers that are created and the school."David Kramer, former senior State Department official in the George W. Bush administration, says the Russian president will be in northern California to try and form business partnerships and to learn how Silicon Valley got started."He's looking for investment. He's looking for expertise and know-how," he said. "He's looking to form consortiums and alliances with the private sector, with the universities." "And the question is how much interest there really will be and how much money there might be, at least from the outside. There's money in Russia that can be provided to fund some of this, but how much money from the West is there in supporting this kind of initiative? Those are questions that don't have answers yet," he added.Skolkova initiativeAnalysts say President Medvedev's idea of creating a Russian Silicon Valley is tied to his broader plan to modernize the country's economy."There is a realization at the end of the day that despite all the profits that Russia got from its sale of oil and gas over the last 10 years, that unless it modernizes its economy and reforms it, it will be a declining power," said John Parker [expressing his own, personal views] with the National Defense University. "So there is what seems to be a growing body of opinion in Russia among leadership circles that Russia has to start investing in its own technology sector."For that to work, Parker says the Skolkova initiative must be copied throughout Russia. "The danger is that it would just be a very confined experiment," he said. "You really need system-wide Skolkovas - Silicon Valley - otherwise it ends up just like under Catherine the Great when they imported a lot of German tradesmen and planted them in various settlements - but they were fairly self-contained. To really do the trick, Skolkova can't be self-contained. Its rules have to apply to all of Russian society, to all of Russia's economy."After visiting Silicon Valley, President Medvedev comes to Washington for a brief summit with President Barack Obama. Bilateral relationsExperts such as David Kramer say relations between the two countries are good. "The Obama administration touts the U.S.-Russian relationship as one of its major foreign policy successes," he said. "I wonder whether that says more about the rest of its foreign policy than about the U.S.-Russian relationship." Experts say the two sides also will discuss a host of other issues, including arms control after the recent signing of the New START Treaty, what to do about Iran following tougher ed Nations sanctions, as well as trade and economic questions."But having said that, relations are certainly better than they were at the end of 2008, when there were significant tensions between Moscow and Washington in the aftermath of the Russia-Georgia war. And so the tone and environment are much better than they were," he continued. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫即将来美国访问,这次访问重点将集中在经济和贸易方面。 梅德韦杰夫在美国逗留的重点将是访问硅谷,这个位于北加州的地区以高科技公司、风险投资家和前瞻性企业闻名。 专家说,梅德韦杰夫为他计划在莫斯科郊外建立俄罗斯硅谷而努力激发人们的兴趣。俄罗斯计划在斯科尔科沃开发科技创新园区。 哥伦比亚大学教授罗伯特.莱格沃尔德说:“ 斯科尔科沃管理学院所在地区就是这个科技创新园区选定的地址,那里有比较宽阔的土地。当梅德韦杰夫致力于兴建这个硅谷的时候,俄罗斯有很多地方的不同城市争相提出承办这个科技创新园区,最后确定在斯科尔科沃。我认为这意味着在这里创立这个园区是要和这个管理学院形成一种联络。” 小布什政府时期在国务院任职的高级官员戴维.克拉默说,梅德韦杰夫将到硅谷努力建立生意伙伴关系,学习硅谷创业的经验。 他说:“他是来寻找投资的。他来搜寻专业技术和高科技。他希望成立财团,和私营企业和大学形成联盟。” “问题是从外界能真正吸引多少兴趣,能得到多少可能的资金。俄罗斯可以为此提供资金,但是从西方国家可以得到多少对这一园区的持呢?这些问题还都没有。” 分析人士说,梅德韦杰夫要创立俄罗斯硅谷的想法和他更广泛的实现俄罗斯经济现代化的计划是密不可分的。 约翰.帕克是国防大学的教授,他表达了他个人的看法。他说:“ 俄罗斯最终认识到,尽管他们过去10年一直通过出售石油和天然气获得了大量收益,它仍将是一个走下坡路的大国。除非它实现经济现代化,将经济进行改革。俄罗斯领导层逐渐认识到,必须开始对本国技术领域投资了。” 帕克说,俄罗斯要做到这一点,斯科尔科沃科技园区必须成为俄罗斯各地的榜样。他说:“ 危险在于这仍是一个非常受限制的实验。俄罗斯真正需要的是体制的改革,也就是体制范围的硅谷化。否则这些努力不过是当年俄国女皇叶卡捷琳娜改革的翻版。她吸收了大批德国商人把他们安置在各地,但这些人基本上是自成一体的。俄罗斯的条例必须适用于整个国家和社会,适用于俄罗斯的经济。”  访问硅谷之后,梅德韦杰夫总统将前往华盛顿与奥巴马总统举行简短的峰会。包括克雷默在内的一些专家说,美俄两国之间的关系良好。克雷莫说:“奥巴马行政当局把美俄关系大力宣扬为它外交政策的重大成功之一。我想这也许是对奥巴马政府外交政策的其它部分的评价,而不是评价美俄关系。” “不过,尽管如此,两国之间现在的关系肯定比2008年年底的时候要好。那个时候,俄罗斯打完了和格鲁吉亚的战争,莫斯科和华盛顿的关系相当紧张。现在两国对话的语调和气氛比过去改善了很多。” 专家说,美国和俄罗斯将讨论很多其它方面的问题,包括最近签署了削减战略武器新条约之后的军备控制、联合国对伊朗实施更严厉制裁之后如何应对伊朗、以及其它贸易和经济问题。201006/106700济南免费孕前检查 The decline of marriage婚姻的衰落For richer, for smarter结婚吧,为了更富有、更聪明The traditional family is now the preserve of a minority 传统家庭:少数人的坚持Jun 23rd 2011 | SEATTLE | from The Economist print edition MARRIE, and its many ups and downs, still exercises a powerful hold over newspapers, magazines and the airwaves. Nearly 23m Americans watched Prince William being joined in holy matrimony to Kate Middleton. Millions more have wallowed in the break-up of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage after revelations that he fathered a son with a maid. And the tumescent tweets of congressman Anthony Weiner have stirred up endless speculation about the health of his own year-old marriage and the forbearance of his newly pregnant wife.婚姻、婚姻里的悲欢离合仍然强有力地占据着报纸、杂志的版面和广播电视的节目。近2300万美国人收看了威廉王子迎娶凯特#8226;米德尔顿(Kate Middleton)的神圣婚礼。更有数百万人因阿诺德#8226;施瓦辛格与女管家育有一个私生子被曝光而离婚一事感慨不已。而国会议员安东尼 温纳(Anthony Weiner)在微上上传自己勃起内裤照片后激起无数人猜测他刚刚才一年的婚姻是否良好、他最近怀的妻子是否容忍他的行为。Less titillating are revelations about the sorry state of marriage across the ed States. Data from the Census Bureau show that married couples, for the first time, now make up less than half (45%) of all households.美国人自己婚姻的糟糕状况则不那么令人感到兴奋。人口普查局的数据显示已婚夫妇现在占全部家庭的比例不到一半(45%),这是首次出现这种情况。The iconic American family, with mom, dad and kids under one roof, is fading. In every state the numbers of unmarried couples, childless households and single-person households are growing faster than those comprised of married people with children, finds the 2010 census. The latter accounted for 43% of households in 1950; they now account for just 20%. And the trend has a potent class dimension. Traditional marriage has evolved from a near-universal rite to a luxury for the educated and affluent.典型的美国式家庭是妈妈、爸爸和几个孩子生活在同一屋檐下,现在这种模式正在逐渐消失。在每一个州,未婚伴侣、没有子女的家庭和单人家庭的增长速度都比由有孩子的已婚夫妇组成家庭的增长速度快,2010年人口普查结果如是说。1950年后者占全部家庭的43%;现在只占20%。这种趋势阶级强极具说力。传统婚姻普遍被视为习俗,现在它已经进化为受教育人群和具有经济实力的人群所享有的奢侈品。201107/142839淄博妇女医院咨询专线

济南山大附院妇科专家大夫US Congress Hears Views on Domestic Impacts of Recession美国议员听专家谈经济衰退的影响 Days before next Tuesday's U.S. presidential and congressional election, U.S. lawmakers heard from economists and other experts about the impact of recession on Americans, and pros and cons of a new economic stimulus package for the U.S. economy. Majority Democrats are expected to call Congress back into session in mid-November to focus on the U.S. financial crisis and possible new legislation aimed at stimulating the U.S. economy. 在美国即将于下星期二举行总统选举和国会选举之际,国会议员们听取了经济学家和其他专家讨论经济衰退对美国人的影响以及一个新的经济刺激计划会产生哪些正面和负面的效果。预计,国会多数党民主党将在11月中旬召集国会开会,集中讨论美国金融危机以及为刺激美国经济进行新的立法的可能性。This past week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointed to data showing a decline in U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the third quarter of 2008, and an increase in the numbers of Americans applying for unemployment benefits, saying this underscores the need for what she called a fiscally responsible stimulus plan. 在过去这个星期里,国会众议院议长南希.佩洛西提到2008年第三季度美国国民生产总值下滑、美国人申请失业补贴数字增长的数据,她指出,这凸显了制定负责任的财政刺激计划的必要性。Economists and other experts offered projections about just how bad the economic downturn, which many said constitutes a recession, may be. 经济学家和其他专家对经济放缓的程度提出种种预测,很多人说,美国可能已经进入衰退。Appearing before the bipartisan Joint Economic Committee, J. Steven Landefeld, Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis, says whether it's called a recession or not, the economy is in a dramatic slowdown: 商务部经济分析局局长兰德菲尔德对国会由两党成员组成的联合经济委员会说,不管叫不叫衰退,经济目前是急剧下滑。"We all know there has been a huge loss of consumer wealth during this period. Household's disposable income share going to energy has certainly gone up considerably over time and the economy is growing at a rate too slow to generate new jobs sufficient to keep up with labor force growth, population growth, and growth in productivity," he said. 他说:“我们都知道,这段时间消费者财富急剧缩水。家庭可配收入中相当大的一部分被用于能源消费。经济增长率是如此之低,以至于无法创造出足够多的新工作来跟上劳动力增长、人口增长以及生产力增长的步伐。”Nuriel Rubini, a former U.S. treasury department official now at New York University, flatly calls it a recession, and predicts it will last 18 and possibly as long as 24 months, involving a cumulative decline in economic output of more than four percent, the worst since World War II. 前财政部官员、纽约大学的鲁比尼干脆就把目前的现状称为经济衰退。他预计,这种状况将延续18个月,甚至24个月之久,经济产出累计下降4%以上,将会是二战以来最糟糕的状况。Rubini urges Congress to act on a second fiscal stimulus of at least 300 billion dollars, saying that without support for Main Street [average Americans], government steps to support financial markets could be undone: 鲁比尼敦促国会采取行动,推行第二个总金额至少为3千万美元的财政刺激计划。他指出,如果不对美国普通老百姓提供撑,政府解救金融市场的步骤可能不起作用。"This action has to be taken right away and soon. We cannot wait until the next Congress in February because three months from now the collapse of spending, consumption and investments will be so sharp that the economic contractions could become even more severe," he said. 鲁比尼说:“必须马上尽快采取措施。我们不能等到明年2月国会下一届会期开始。因为从现在起三个月时间内,出、消费以及投资的下滑幅度将会非常大,经济紧缩的状况可能会更加严重。”Richard Vedder, Professor of Economics at Ohio University and a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute is concerned that an overly-zealous Congress, as he puts it, will craft legislation that could have adverse effects and questions where the money will come from. "In a financially-stressed situation, we're talking about going out and borrowing to add 300 or 400 billion on to what we are aly doing, the better part of at trillion dollars, seven or eight percent of GDP. I think that is a dangerous and somewhat fiscally irresponsible thing to do and I think in the long-run it will inspire a decline in confidence and will lead to inflationary expectations soaring." 俄亥俄大学经济学教授、美国企业研究所访问学者维德则担心一个过于急切采取行动的国会将通过可能产生负面效果的立法。他还对国会的钱从何处来提出了质疑。他说:“面对金融困境,我们在谈论如何走出来,谈论如何在目前的基础上再增加3千亿到4千亿美元,接近一万亿,这是国内生产总值的7%或8%。我认为这是很危险的,是不负责任的财政措施。我认为,长期看来,这会引发信心下跌,抬高通涨预期。”Former International Monetary Fund research director Simon Johnson, now with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, warns of unprecedented global dimensions from a U.S. recession.He urges Congress to act quickly on a package of around 450-billion dollars, to include extending unemployment benefits, job re-training, student and small business loans, and infrastructure projects. "I think we probably have a month or perhaps two months to really see the direction of the economy. I would agree completely with people who think that now is the time to prepare a large fiscal stimulus."In the House Ways amp; Means Committee, state governors, a city mayor, and state and local officials called for another government stimulus plan. 在众议院筹款委员会,各州州长、一名市长以及州和地方官员呼吁再制定一个政府刺激计划。New York Governor David Paterson said his state is among 25 U.S. states facing huge deficits. "There are 25 states in deficit, totaling more than billion of debt. Their projections for 2010 are spiked upward incredibly. There will be 39 states in deficit and the amounts owed total over 5 billion." 纽约州州长佩特森说,纽约州是面临巨大赤字的25个州之一。他说:“有25个州面临赤字,债务总额超过480亿。他们对2010年赤字上涨的预测更是高得令人难以置信。到那时,39个州将有赤字,总金额高达1050亿美元。”Among more dire warnings, Robert Greenstein, of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, spoke of potential sharp increases in poverty, with Americans facing what he calls holes in the social safety that did not exist during previous deep recessions in the 1970's and 1980's: "I think we are facing a growing prospect of levels of destitution, not just poverty, destitution, severe hardship and increases in homelessness that we haven't seen in several decades," he said. 预算和政策优先中心的格林斯坦的警告更可怕。他谈到了贫困急剧增加的可能性。格林斯坦说,美国人面临社会保障上的漏洞,而这在1970年代和1980年代发生的深度危机中并不存在。他说:“我认为,我们面临不同程度贫困的可能性越来越大。不仅仅是贫穷,是贫困,是几十年未遇的极度艰难以及无家可归人口的增加。”Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel, chairman of the Ways amp; Means panel, says Democrats and Republicans should work together when Congress returns after the election to help with the economy. "We have to be prepared to put together that will indeed be bipartisan. Quite frankly I don't think that should be very difficult. When someone loses their job, their health insurance, can't pay the mortgage, finds himself not being able to get credit, no one asks whether they are a Republican or whether they are Democrat." 众议院筹款委员会主席、民主党人兰热尔说,大选之后,国会重新开会时,民主党人和共和党人应该共同努力,帮助经济增长。“我们必须准备好,做出真正超越党派的努力。坦率地说,我不认为这会非常困难。当一个人丢掉工作、没有医疗保险、不能付房贷、发现自己无法得到贷款时,没有人会问他是民主党还是共和党。”Republicans such as Representative Jim McRery share concerns about the widesp impacts of recession, but oppose any package that would have little chance of winning congressional and presidential approval. "It would do us little good to draft a package like that if it stands little chance of passing a closely-divided Senate or getting signed by the president," he said. 众议员麦克拉里等共和党人对经济衰退的广泛影响表示担忧,但是反对制定任何可能不会被国会或是总统批准的计划。他说:“如果我们起草一揽子计划,但几乎没有可能得到国会或总统的批准,这样做于事无补。”The White House has so far expressed resistance, at least in public, to any new measure containing the kind of provisions and level of spending Democrats are likely to include.This means Democrats would have to wait until next year and a new congressional session, to work with either Senator Barack Obama or Senator John McCain as president, on the next stage of efforts to help the economy. 这就意味著民主党人不得不等到明年新一届国会开会的时候,与当选总统的奥巴马参议员或是麦凯恩参议员一起,为推动经济发展开始下一个阶段的努力。200811/54785 Obama Names Richardson as Next US Commerce Secretary理查森将出任奥巴马政府商务部长 President-elect Barack Obama has chosen yet another former political rival to join his incoming cabinet. Mr. Obama has announced that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be his Secretary of Commerce and that Richardson will be a key member of his economic team. 美国当选总统奥巴马星期三宣布了他的经济团队的又一位关键人物:新墨西哥州州长比尔.理查森将出任下届政府的商务部长。理查森曾经作为奥巴马的竞争对手角逐过民主党的总统候选人提名。President-elect Obama announced the Richardson appointment at a news conference in Chicago. 奥巴马在芝加哥举行的一个新闻发布会上宣布了他对理查森的任命。Mr. Obama said Governor Richardson's experience in Congress and in the cabinet of former President Bill Clinton makes him uniquely qualified to be the top U.S. "economic diplomat" as head of the Commerce Department. 奥巴马表示,理查森州长在美国国会的经历以及他在前总统克林顿内阁中扮演的角色,使他具有独特的资格来担任商务部长,充当美国最高级别的“经济外交官”。"It is time to not just address our immediate economic threats, but to start laying the groundwork for long-term economic prosperity to help American businesses grow and thrive at home, and expand our efforts to promote American enterprise around the world," he said. 他说:“时至今日,我们不仅需要对付那些迫在眉睫的经济威胁,还要开始为我们长期的经济繁荣奠定基础,帮助美国企业不仅在国内成长壮大,而且要在全世界扩大努力推动美国企业。”Earlier this year, the 61-year-old Richardson was one of Mr. Obama's political rivals when he sought the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Richardson dropped out of the race after poor finishes in the early contests and later endorsed Mr. Obama. 今年早些时候,61岁的理查森一度成为奥巴马的政治对手,谋求民主党的总统候选人提名。不过由于在最初的竞选中就连连败北而退出竞选,转而持奥巴马。Richardson joins two other former Obama rivals in the incoming administration, Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Secretary of State-designee Hillary Clinton. 其实在下届政府中,由竞选对手变成奥巴马下属的人并不只是理查森,副总统当选人拜登和被任命为国务卿的希拉里.克林顿都曾经致力于入主白宫。Richardson said he was pleased to join a strong team in the incoming Obama cabinet. 理查森表示,他对加入阵容强大的奥巴马内阁深感欣慰。"There are some who speak of a team of rivals, but I've never seen it that way," he said. "Past competitors? Yes. But rivals implies something harder edged and less forgiving, and in the worlds of diplomacy and commerce, you open markets and minds not with rivalry, but instead with partnership and innovation and hard work." “有人说这是一个由对手组成的团队,我可从来没这么看。过去的竞争者?一点不错。然而对手这个词却暗示某种针锋相对、互不相让的意味。就像在外交和商务世界,你并不是以对抗的态度来开放市场和心胸,取而代之的是伙伴精神、创新和勤奋。”Richardson served in Congress for 15 years before joining the Clinton administration as U.S. Ambassador to the ed Nations and later as Energy Secretary. He was elected New Mexico's governor in 2002 and was re-elected two years ago. 理查森在加入克林顿内阁,先后出任美国驻联合国大使和能源部长之前,曾经担任了差不多15年的国会议员。2002年他被选为新墨西哥州州长,两年前又当选连任。Richardson has also served as an envoy on several international missions over the years to countries such as Iraq, North Korea, Cuba and Sudan.  在过去的这些年中,他还担任过负责伊拉克、北韩、古巴和苏丹等国际事务的特使。Richardson is the first Hispanic-American named to the Obama cabinet. Mr. Obama won roughly two-thirds of the Hispanic vote in last month's election. 理查森是奥巴马任命的第一位拉美裔内阁成员。在上个月举行的总统大选中,奥巴马赢得了拉美裔选民三分之二的选票。Some Richardson supporters had hoped he would be named secretary of state, but Mr. Obama said Richardson will play a key role on his economic team as Secretary of Commerce. 有些理查森的持者曾经希望他能被任命为国务卿,但是奥巴马说,作为商务部长,理查森将在他的经济团队中扮演一个关键的角色。"His mixture of diplomatic experience, hands-on experience as a governor, experience in the cabinet and experience in Congress means that he is going to be a key strategist on all of the issues that we work on," he said. “他的外交经验、作为州长的第一手经验、担任内阁成员的经验和在国会的经验,这些经验加在一起意味着:在我们要努力解决的所有问题上,他都将是一个关键的战略家。”Since his election on November 4, Mr. Obama has chosen more than half of his cabinet as well as several key White House positions in advance of his inauguration on January 20. 自从11月4日赢得总统大选以来,奥巴马已经任命了一半以上的内阁成员以及一些关键的白宫顾问。他将在明年1月20日宣誓就职。George Mason University government expert James Pfiffner says Mr. Obama is wise to put his new team in place as soon as possible. 乔治.梅森大学的政府事务专家詹姆斯.菲夫纳教授说,奥巴马的精明之处在于他能刻不容缓地组建新班子。"The best chance for a president to get things through Congress is in his first several months in office," he said. "And so hitting the ground running is crucial with respect to the policy agenda."A number of cabinet posts remain to be filled, including the heads of the Departments of Interior, Transportation, Labor, Energy and Education, as well as a Director of National Intelligence and a new chief for the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. 奥巴马政府还有几个内阁职位有待填补,其中包括内政部长、交通部长、劳工部长、能源部长和教育部长,以及国家情报总监和中央情报局的新局长。200812/57896山东济南真爱妇科医院做人流怎么样?聊城治疗尿道炎多少钱



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