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Mike: So Ana, I was wondering, are you familiar with the term inferiority complex?迈克:安娜,我想知道,你熟悉自卑情结这个词吗?Ana: Yes. I think Ive heard it before.安娜:熟悉。我以前听到过。Mike: Well, you know, sometimes when a person feels he is not quite as good as other people at something then he can feel inferior or not as good. But this is also true for countries sometimes. For example, if theres a very small country and its next to a very big country, such as Portugal and Spain, would you say thats the case in your country?迈克:你知道,有时一个人会感觉在某件事上他不如其他人做得好,他就会感到自卑,或是感觉自己不是太好。我想对国家来说也同样如此。比如,如果一个非常小的国家有一个非常大的邻国,就好像葡萄牙和西班牙的情况,你认为你们国家的情况是这样的吗?Ana: Yeah, thats interesting. I think thats definitely the case in our country. Spain is a big country and in terms of the economy, they have been doing a lot better than Portugal recently. And actually, were starting to get a lot of products from Spain. So things that used to be produced nationally before, now are being imported from Spain.安娜:对,这很有趣。我认为这完全就是我们国家的情况。西班牙是一个大国,从经济上来说,他们最近的表现比葡萄牙好很多。实际上,我们已经开始从西班牙进口大量产品。以前国产的一些产品,现在都要从西班牙进口。Mike: I see.迈克:我知道了。Ana: And also in terms of other things like banks, a lot of our major banks in Portugal are Spanish now. And a lot of Portuguese students are moving to Spanish universities because the education is better there.安娜:就来说,现在葡萄牙境内的许多主要都是西班牙。还有许多葡萄牙学生选择去西班牙大学学习,因为西班牙的教育更好。Mike: Really. But you have some very old universities and a very old tradition or academic tradition in Portugal as well then, do you?迈克:真的吗?可是葡萄牙也有历史悠久的大学和学术传统,对吧?Ana: Yes, we do. And actually, our universities are full but I think the problem is that theyre not growing enough, so there arent enough places for Portuguese students in our universities. So many of them are moving to Spain. Its very interesting but also a little bit sad that we cant provide the education that these students need nowadays.安娜:对,没错。实际上,葡萄牙的大学人满为患,我认为问题是葡萄牙大学的增长速度不够快,导致没有太多地方供葡萄牙学生学习。所以,许多学生前往西班牙求学。这虽然很有趣,但同时也令人难过,因为现在我们不能为这些学生提供他们需要的教育。Mike: I see. If you look at Portugal on the map, you can see its much smaller than Spain. What about the population? How many people live in Portugal?迈克:我明白了。在地图上看的话,可以看到葡萄牙比西班牙小很多。葡萄牙有多少人口?有多少人生活在葡萄牙?Ana: I think we have about eleven million people.安娜:我想葡萄牙大概有1100万人。Mike: Eleven million people.迈克:1100万。Ana: Yeah. So its not very big. But actually, it might have changed in the last few years because so many Portuguese people are moving to other countries around the world. Since the credit crash and everything thats been happening with the economy, there havent been a lot of jobs in Portugal.安娜:对。人口不是很多。不过这是过去几年所发生的改变,因为有许多葡萄牙人搬到世界其他国家去生活了。在信贷危机和经济崩溃以后,葡萄牙的工作机会变得非常少。Mike: All right. I a story in the newspaper of the – was it the minister of foreign affairs or the minister of the economy in Portugal advised young people, young Portuguese people to leave the country and find jobs elsewhere because there are no jobs for young Portuguese people. Is that true?迈克:好。我在报纸上看过一篇报道,好像是葡萄牙的外交部长还是经济部长建议葡萄牙年轻人离开葡萄牙,去其他地方找工作,因为葡萄牙没有工作提供给年轻人。这是真的吗?Ana: Yes. That was a big scandal actually because, yeah, the government recommended young Portuguese people to move to other countries when in fact we think that they should be creating jobs in Portugal for new people.安娜:对。这实际上是一起大丑闻,因为政府建议葡萄牙年轻人去其他国家生活,可实际上我们认为葡萄牙应该创造新的工作岗位。Mike: So people were quite angry. So how was that? What were the peoples reactions?迈克:所以人们非常愤怒。是这样吗?人们有何反应?Ana: I think people were quite angry. Its a reality though. So many young people are moving overseas. But we understand that at this point, its more of a survival instinct and we should go if we want to get a job.安娜:我想人们的确非常生气。可是这就是现实。所以许多年轻人搬到去国外生活。现在我们理解了,这是一种生存本能,如果我们想找到工作,那我们就得离开。Mike: And then maybe – do young people who leave the country want to come back and work in Portugal again when the economy is better?迈克:那在经济好转以后,离开的年轻人还想回到葡萄牙来工作吗?Ana: Yes, I think so. I think most people want to go back to Portugal but I think we might have to wait a few years before things are back on track.安娜:想,我是这样认为的。我认为大多数人都想回到葡萄牙来,可是让一切都重回正轨,我们可能还需要几年的时间。 译文属 /201705/507632unit 351 物品损坏dialogue 英语情景对话A:Were sorry, but we cannot allow your claim.A:对不起,我们无法接受你的赔偿要求。B:Why not?B:为什么?A:The material was not damaged by us.A:东西不是我们损坏的。B:Well have to talk this over some more.B:这件事我们得再好好地谈一谈。 /201603/429463Exercise 1-5:Four Main Reasons for IntonationDepending on the situation, a word may be stressed for any of the following reasons:New Information Opinion Contrast and the word ;Cant;1. New InformationIt sounds like rain.Rain is the new information.Its the most important word in that sentence and you could replace everything else with duh-duh-duh.Duh-duh-duh rain will still let you get your point across.Repeat:Duh-duh-duh rainIt sounds like rain.Make rain very musical and put it on two notes:ray-ayn.Duh-duh-duh ray-aynIt sounds like ray-ayn.2. OpinionIt sounds like rain,but I dont think it is.In this case,intonation makes the meaning the opposite of what the words say:It looks like a diamond, but I think its a zircon.It smells like Chanel, but at that price, its a knock-off.It feels like...It tastes like...These examples all give the impression that you mean the opposite of what your senses tell you.Practice the intonation difference between new information and opinion:It sounds like rain. (Its rain.)It sounds like rain, (but its not.)3. ContrastHe likes rain, but he hates snow.Like and hate are contrasted and are the stronger words in the sentence.4. CantIt cant rain when therere no clouds.Contractions (shouldnt, wouldnt) and negatives (no, not, never) are important words since they totally negate the meaning of a sentence, but they are not usually stressed.Cant is the exception. /201503/365495Jana: So, Peter, Ive been asking you about hunting for treasure. Can I ask you a few more questions?嘉娜:彼得,我之前问过你寻找宝藏的事情。我能再问几个问题吗?Peter: Sure.彼得:可以。Jana: So why are there so many sunken ships in South Africa?嘉娜:为什么南非有那么多沉船呢?Peter: Well I guess around the southern tip of Africa because of the really bad weather. It really changes really quickly in those parts and with the ancient ships I guess they werent really prepared for that kind of weather, its unexpected, so I think thats probably one reason. And I think one of the other reasons is probably piracy, people that were after them, the loot I guess if you want to put it that way, yeah.彼得:我想是因为非洲南端那边天气非常恶劣。那个地区的天气变化非常快,而且古代船只并没有为应对这种天气做准备,这是当时始料未及的,我认为这可能是其中一个原因。另外一个原因可能是海盗猖獗,海盗会抢劫那些船只,我想可以这样说。Jana: Right, and if its so dangerous, how do people find these sunken ships nowadays?嘉娜:好,那既然这么危险,现在人们为什么还要寻找这些沉船呢?Peter: I think, obviously with technological advances its easier to track where the, possibly where these sunken ships might be. I think they can use satellite navigation and things like that but obviously also finding out more about history and, you know, going through historical records and finding out the old shipping routes and possibly where ships got lost and finding it that way, I think, is now, is more easier than it used to be.彼得:显然由于技术进步,现在更容易追踪这些沉船的位置。我认为可以使用卫星导航之类的设备,而且还可以找到更多的历史,通过历史记录找到古老的航线,查到船只的失踪位置,继而找到那些船只,我想现在比以前更容易做到。Jana: So it sounds like an interesting combination of technology, science, history...嘉娜:听起来很有意思,是技术、科学和历史的结合……Peter: I would guess so.彼得:我想也是。Jana: Adventure.嘉娜:还有冒险。Peter: Adventure, yeah.彼得:对,冒险。Jana: So your friend does this as a hobby. Do you know if its very expensive? Is it a big investment to...?嘉娜:你朋友是因为爱好而去寻宝。你知道那花费高吗?需要大投入吗?Peter: As far as I remember what he told me and I think its really expensive and they formed a little company to start off with but because it involves so much searching and basically doing historical research, also doing a lot of preparation and technological preparation and finding, first tracking, sorry first finding places where possible finds may be and then actually preparing equipment and some of its really deep sea diving so it involves, I think, a lot of initial capital investment to get it going. Obviously there might be a lot of return when they actually find something but I think in many cases they dont find as much as they expected so theres a potential for losing a lot of money so youd have to have quite a bit of capital investment behind you if you start out.彼得:我记得他告诉过我花费非常高,他们成立了一家小公司,因为寻宝需要做很多搜寻工作,要进行历史研究,还要做很多准备工作,进行技术准备,首先要追踪……抱歉,首先要找到船只可能沉没的地方,然后准备设备,有时需要进行深海潜水,所以需要投入很多初始资本。当然在他们发现宝藏以后,他们会很多丰厚的回报,不过我认为在很多情况下,他们找到的不如他们预期的那样多,所以可能他们还会损失很多钱,如果你要开始这种工作,那需要很多资金投入。Jana: Right. So you need a lot of courage and a lot of money?嘉娜:好。就是说需要很多勇气和资金?Peter: Yes. But I think hes an adventurer so he, I think he goes where adventure leads him so it would be a nice job to do I think.彼得:对。不过我认为他是一名冒险家,是冒险引领他去各个地方,所以我认为这是份不错的工作。 译文属 /201611/479759

小咖实用英语口语 第19期:检查check /201503/358047

01. Are you a blogger?你写客吗?02. He is something on the website.他是网络名人。03. I update my blog every day.我每天更新我的客。04. My blog has two thousand ers last month.上个月,我的客共有2000 人访问过。05. Could you show me how to create a blog?你能告诉我怎样创建客吗?06. You can express your views on my bulletin board.你可以在我的留言板上发表。07. Its my first time to write a blog.这是我第一次写网络日志。08. I like to record my thoughts in the blog.我喜欢在客里记录我的想法。09. Remember you dont just keep your ;journal; for yourself, but for your audience.记住你的日志不仅仅是写给你自己的,而是写给更多读者的。10. You can address any topic in your blog.你可以在客里谈论任何话题。11. A blog works best when it has a steady stream of updated conten.一个成功的客需要有不断更新的内容。12. Could you tell me how to link my blog to other blogs or interesting websites?你能告诉我怎样把我的客同其他客或有趣的网站链接起来吗?13. Googles Blogger site offers a great guide to blogging.谷歌的客页面上有对写问题的具体指导。14. Its been a long time since I wrote a blog last time.从我上次写到现在已经好久了。15. Millions of blogs fight for ership online.数百万的客在线争夺读者。16. How can I add pictures and s to my blog?如何在我的客上添加图片和视频呢?17. The success of a blog often depends on its audience size.客成功与否通常取决于它的读者数量。18. Im a new blogger.我是个客新手。19. Ive been keeping a blog for about 6 months now.到现在为止,我已经写六个月了。20. I am a first-time visitor to your blog.这是我第一次访问你的客。 /201506/381170

讲解文本:period 时期,大姨妈She is on her period.她大姨妈来了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201604/438209

经典句型:Would you like one more? 你要再来一杯吗?The wine is very nice.这酒真不错。Would you like one more?你要再来一杯吗?No.I feel a little tipsy tonight.不。今晚我有点儿喝多了。Are you kidding?你开玩笑吧?Its so strong and goes to my head.这酒劲大,上头。经典句型:Im drunk. 我喝醉了。Im drunk.我喝醉了。It doesnt matter.You always drink like a fish.没关系,你酒量不错的。I should have drunk less.我应该少喝一点。句型讲解:说自己喝多了,可以用Im drunk.I feel tipsy.I feel stoned. /201501/353413

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