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How To Write a Love Letter on HowcastHow much do you love what’s-her-face? Here’s how to count the ways你爱她有多深,下面就是考虑的几种方法。Step 1: Consider presentationPick out nice, heavy-stock stationery and a pricey pen. An old-fashioned fountain pen is a classy touch第一步:考虑外观挑选漂亮的信笺信封和昂贵的钢笔。一旧式的自来水笔用起来会很舒。Step 2: Set the moodPut on music that moves you, and perhaps place a photo of your love in front of you for inspiration.第二步:调节心情放些感动你的音乐,也许在你面前放一张你所爱的人的照片会很好。Tip:If your handwriting will have her wondering why you think her eyes twinkle like doormen and her lips taste like straw beds, consider hiring a calligrapher.小贴士:如果你的笔迹想使她想到为什么你认为她的眼睛像看门人那样闪亮,她的嘴唇有稻草床的味道。那你要考虑雇一个书法家。Step 3: Begin lovinglyStart with a loving salutation—use a pet name or term of endearment.第三步:信的开始要有趣味信的开始要有趣味—用一个宠物的名字或是“亲爱的”这样的词语。Step 4: Make your declarationDeclare why you love this person, listing as many reasons as you can.第四步:陈述陈述你爱这个人的原因,尽量多例举理由。Step 5: Close devotedlyClose your letter with another sentiment of devotion, like “Forever yours.”第五步:信的结尾要诚恳信的结尾要诚恳,例如“永远爱你的人”。Step 6: Check spellingCheck your spelling. Your missive will quickly change from a turn-on to a turn-off if you write that your lover is “eggskwisit” in all ways.第六步:检查拼写检查拼写。如果你把所爱的人的名字写错了,你的信件很快会被丢掉。Tip:Wait a day or two and re your letter several times before mailing it, so you can gain some perspective.小贴士:在寄信前等一两天,或是多读几遍,以便看得更清。Step 7: Add a final flourishAdd a final romantic flourish by sealing the letter the old-fashioned way—with melted wax—and lightly spraying on your signature scent, if you have one. Now await your love’s reply!第七步:做些最后的装饰做些最后的装饰将信按传统的方式用蜡封住,如果有香水的话,可以在上面喷些。现在等待度对方的回复吧。 Article/201009/114307銆怴ideo銆?/FONT>銆怲ranscript銆?/FONT> Fortune Magazine has released its annual list of top global 500 companies. Wal-Mart Stores secures first position, and three Chinese companies broke the top 10.銆婅储瀵屻嬫潅蹇楀叕甯冧簡2010骞翠笘鐣?00寮哄悕鍗曪紙銆婅储瀵屻嬫潅蹇楁瘡骞撮兘浼氬姝よ繘琛岃瘎閫夛級銆傛矁灏旂帥绋冲眳姒滈锛?瀹朵腑鍥藉叕鍙镐篃璺昏韩鍓嶅崄銆?/FONT>Under the stress of the financial crisis, Wal-Mart did well to knock Royal Dutch Shell out of the top slot into second place. Three Chinese companies - Sinopec, State Grid and China National Petroleum - all gained spots in the top 10.娌冨皵鐜涢《浣忎簡缁忔祹鍗辨満鐨勯噸鍘嬶紝鎶婄殗瀹惰嵎鍏板3鐗岀煶娌瑰叕鍙告尋鍒颁簡韬悗鐨勭浜屼綅銆?瀹朵腑鍥藉叕鍙?涓煶鍖栵紝鍥藉鐢电綉鍜屼腑鐭虫补-鍧囧湪鍓嶅崄浜夊緱浜嗕竴甯箣鍦般?/P>China's dominance is thanks to the global financial crisis, which badly affected the U.S. and Europe. Unemployment rose sharply in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and their companies couldn't sustain the high profit gains of 2009. But China boosted their companies with a better business environment, created by economic stimulus plans.鍏ㄧ悆缁忔祹鍗辨満鑷翠娇缇庡浗鍜屾娲插浗瀹剁殑缁忔祹鍙楀埌涓ラ噸褰卞搷锛岃繖涔熸槸浠婂勾涓浗浼佷笟鍦ㄤ笘鐣?00寮轰腑寮傚啗绐佽捣鐨勫師鍥犱箣涓銆傚湪缇庡浗锛屾娲插悇鍥藉拰鏃ユ湰锛屽け涓氱巼韫垮崌锛屾湰鍥戒紒涓氶毦浠ョ淮鎸?009骞寸殑楂橀鍒╂鼎銆傝屼腑鍥界殑缁忔祹鍒烘縺璁″垝涓烘湰鍥戒紒涓氬垱閫犱簡鐩稿鏇村ソ鐨勫晢涓氱幆澧冿紝淇冭繘瀹冧滑鐨勫彂灞曘?/P>Notes:Fortune Magazine: 銆婅储瀵屻嬫潅蹇楋紝銆婅储瀵屻嬫潅蹇楁槸涓鏈敱缇庡浗浜轰酣鍒?#8226;椴佹柉鍒涘姙浜?930骞达紝涓昏鍒婄櫥缁忔祹闂鐮旂┒鏂囩珷銆傜幇闅跺睘鏃朵唬鍗庣撼闆嗗洟鏃椾笅鐨勬椂浠e叕鍙搞傘婅储瀵屻嬫潅蹇楄嚜1954骞存帹鍑哄叏鐞?00寮烘帓琛屾锛屽巻鏉ラ兘鎴愪负缁忔祹鐣屽叧娉ㄧ殑鐒︾偣锛屽奖鍝嶅法澶с?/P>Royal Dutch Shell: 鑽峰叞鐨囧澹崇墝闆嗗洟锛圧oyal Dutch Shell锛屽張璇戣毈澹筹級鏄笘鐣岀浜屽ぇ鐭虫补鍏徃锛屾婚儴浣嶄簬鑽峰叞娴风墮銆?/P>economic stimulus plans: 缁忔祹鍒烘縺璁″垝锛屽張甯镐綔鈥?economic) stimulus package鈥濄?/FONT>鏉ユ簮:鍙彲鑻辫 Article/201007/108803Strawberry Smoothie. A healthy and refreshing smoothie that#39;s easy to make and perfect for any time of day. A strawberry fanatics heaven. Relish our Strawberry Smoothie.草莓奶昔非常健康新鲜,制作过程简单,一天中的任何时候都可以食用。这简直是草莓爱好者的天堂。欢迎大家一起来品尝我们的草莓奶昔。Step 1: You Will Need1.你需要some greaseproof paper, 1 baking tray, 1 measuring jug, 1 blender, 1 spatula, 1 serving glass一些不透油的纸,1个焙烤浅盘,1个量杯,1个搅拌器,1个压舌板,1个杯子Step 2: Strawberries2.草莓Remove the stalks from your strawberries.把草莓的茎秆去掉。To give the drink a thick consistency and keep it cold, freeze the strawberries in advance. Lay them out on greaseproof paper in a baking tray and put them in the freezer.为了让饮品比较浓郁凉爽,提前把草莓冰冻。把草莓放在焙烤浅盘中的不透油的纸上,放入冰箱中。Step 3: Blend3.混合Pour 150ml of skimmed milk and 250ml of plain yoghurt into a blender.向搅拌器中加入150毫升脱脂奶和250毫升原味酸奶。HANDY HINT: Adding the liquid ingredients first stops the frozen fruit from blocking the blending mechanisms.小提示:先加入液体原料,这样可以防止冰冻的水果堵塞搅拌器。Add the frozen strawberries from the freezer and about 8 ice cubes. Put the lid on firmly, and blend until smooth. Stir with a spatula to ensure the drink is evenly blended.加入冰冻草莓和大约8块冰块。把盖子盖紧,搅拌,直到混合液体变得光滑。用压舌板搅拌,确保饮品混合均匀。If the smoothie is too thick, add a little more milk and blend.如果奶昔太浓,加入更多牛奶,搅拌。Pour into a glass, drop in a couple of straws.将饮品倒入玻璃杯中,加入两根吸管。Step 4: Serve4.招待Thanks for watching How To Make A Strawberry Smoothie.感谢收看“怎样制作草莓奶昔”视频节目。 /201210/205480

But the responsibilities of government weighed upon him every day,但政务的重任一日日压在他身上especially the urgent need to fill the national treasury.特别是填满国库的需求日益急切Louis#39; next attempt to do so路易再次尝试arrived at Versailles in the shape of Jacques Necker,请雅克·内克尔来到凡尔赛宫one of the wealthiest men in Europe.他是欧洲最富有的人之一Necker is an enormously rich Genevan banker.内克是位极富有的日内瓦家States like France, which,很多国家像法国一样you know, is having financial problems,面临着经济问题finds it terrifically advantageous,他发现这对他非常有利because it means that he places his personal credit因为这意味着用他的信用to the benefit of the state.换取国家的利益He seemed initially as a sort of miracle man,他最初像一个奇迹之子because by establishing confidence, financial confidence,由于建立了经济方面的信心the state can boom.国家经济就此繁荣Necker arrived at an exciting time in Versailles.内克在凡尔赛宫最兴奋的时候到来France#39;s old enemy, England,法国的老对手 英国was struggling with an armed rebellion in its American colonies.正在美国殖民地的武装反叛中挣扎A rebellion that Louis wanted to support.而这反叛 正是路易想要持的 Article/201206/187759It#39;s every performer#39;s dream to take part in CCTV#39;s annual spring festival gala, and be watched by hundreds of millions of Chinese viewers. Today we take a look at one band from Taiwan that#39;s competing to make it onto the show. And we#39;ll round up some of the other initiatives by CCTV, aimed at giving audiences more quality programs.能参加每年一度的央视春晚,在亿万观众面前露脸是每一位表演者的梦想。今天我们先来看看台湾的一个乐队,他们要通过参与竞争才能登上春晚的舞台。然后再来看看央视的其它一些节目,这些节目都是质量上乘的原创节目。These four contestants from Taiwan are rehearsing for their chance at the big time.四位出身台湾选秀节目的选手正在进行排,争夺春晚演出的机会。They#39;ll be taking part in a contest, where the prize is a priceless appearance on CCTV#39;s prime-time spring festival gala.他们将参加这次比赛,奖项是能在春节联欢晚会的黄金时段露面。They#39;ll perform pop songs from the Chinese Mainland as well as classics from Taiwan. The group say they#39;re passionate about connecting with both audiences.他们将会演唱中国大陆的流行歌曲和台湾的经典曲目。对于吸引两岸的观众,他们满怀热情。Taiwan contestants said,; The recording studio is just spectacular! We can#39;t wait to get started!台湾的参赛选手说:“摄影棚超豪华!很期待能站到央视的舞台上去!”They#39;ll compete against 35 groups in the first stage of the contest this Sunday.这个周日进行第一阶段的比赛,他们要和其它35组进行竞争。Meanwhile, CCTV is launching a new cooperation venture with Australian broadcasters. With the first documentary series named ;The story of Australia;, the focus will be on giving an oriental perspective on the country.同时,央视还和澳大利亚广播公司携手,拍摄了首部中澳记录片《来自澳大利亚的故事》,以东方视角探寻一个充满魅力的澳大利亚。It also marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Australia.这也是为了庆祝中澳建交40周年。In the meantime, China is expanding broadcasting and program-making cooperation with African countries.与此同时,在广播和节目制作方面,中国也展开与非洲国家的合作。The 7th Africa TV festival kicked off in Johannesburg on Wednesday. CCTV was one of the chief representatives of Chinese television at the event. During the festival, South Africa#39;s ETV signed a deal to import more than a dozen Chinese films.第七届非洲电视节周三在约翰内斯堡开幕。中央电视台是中国电视的首席代表。参展期间,南非电视公司eTV签署了进口更多中国电影的协议。It#39;s a sign of the ever-growing scale and great potential for China to work with other nations, in media and entertainment.在媒体领域和方面,中国和其它国家日益展开合作,潜力巨大。 Article/201211/207713How To Improve Personality如何提升人格魅力 Here are some good tips that will help you create a personality you always wanted. If you are not satisfied and want to improve your personality, just follow some of these simple tips and you will experience an improvement in your personality.想让自己变得人见人爱吗?本篇视频将向你介绍几招提升人格魅力的途径,希望你们喜欢! StepsHow to improve your personality. We all have personalities and I believe all personalities are great. It's just our behavior sometimes goes a little off track, so when we talk about improving our personality, we're really looking at ways we interact with the world and each other and our own responsibility for how we react to any situation and how we exhibit our feelings and our states. We might find that at some point in life, we are struggling to deal with stuff. We might be feeling emotional or anxious or upset or angry with others in dealing with people badly. The first point to make is we are responsible for outbursts, no one else is. No one can make you feel angry or make you react in a particular way. You make you react in a particular way. So, we can decide how we respond to the world around us and we have to make better decisions. So if you want to improve, let's say, our personality, we just got to improve the way we react to the world. So if things come along that push our buttons, we can decide to react differently, just stay calm or not react at all or let it just wash over us. It may be that we decide we are going to not get angry or not get upset, not say what we want to say in a particular situation, maybe just walk away, for example. There are many ways you can deal with difficult situations. We can change our current personality by making shifts in the way we interact with the world. Every choice we make has an output, every thought and feeling we have, dictates the different state, point within us and we can choose who we are being at any point. We can change the version of us that we're being at any point. Someone may refer to it as they are angry or they are aggressive, it does not matter, we can change that. It's a choice point, we can decide to be a new version of us at any point and you can decide you are no longer going to demonstrate that particular version of your or that particular aspect of your personality and choose a completely different one. Surprise people we are lying with new version of you, make a new one up that feels and looks better, have a think about a perfect personality you would love to have and be that person, act like that person, feel like that person, speak like that person, have the emotions of the person you choose to be and before you know it, you are experiencing and reacting differently and people will respond differently to this new personality. So, it begins with how we think, how we fell, how we speak and our body language and we can make changes in any of these areas and when we begin to make changes, people will react differently to us and our whole world and our whole life experience changes as a result. Our personality is only who we are, being at any particular point, we can change it, it can be magnificent, it can go from terrible to magnificent and it is us driving our bus of life, make some good choices around it and you can choose any personality whenever you wish and just come from that place. So, personalities are driven by our own mind, so just create one that you are happy with and proud of and come from that place. |Here are some good tips that will help you create a personality you always wanted. If you are not satisfied and want to improve your personality, just follow some of these simple tips and you will experience an improvement in your personality. Article/201108/146931

The world#39;s most magnificent palace举世最为恢弘的宫殿is about to become its most notorious.即将名声渐毁Home to decadence on a truly royal scale.它是皇室颓废生活的温床Prostitution and gluttony.充斥着荒淫与饕餮Gambling and torture.与酷刑And enough sex to scandalised even the French.其间的恣情纵欲甚至让法国人不齿This is the story of a king who took Versailles,本片讲述了一位国王如何将凡尔赛turned it into his palace of pleasure,变为自己享乐的天堂and brought the monarchy to the brink of collapse.由此将君主制推向瓦解的边缘The waking ceremony of the Duke of Anjou, by grace of God,画面中这是天佑的安茹公爵King Louis XV, Monarch of France and Navarre,路易十五 法国与纳瓦拉的君主and just an 11-year-old boy.这年仅11岁男孩的起床仪式Louis will reign for 58 years,路易将执政58年but his whole life will be但他的一生都将被lived in the shadow of another man#39;s glory,另一个男人荣耀的阴影笼罩his predecessor, Louis XIV.那就是他的前任 路易十四Louis XIV was an incredibly tough act to follow.路易十四的功绩难以复制He is seen as The Great.人们视他为大帝He is the Conqueror of Europe.他是欧洲的征者He adds to France.他让法国空前强大He is the greatest monarch of the 17th century.是17世纪最伟大的君主He was the first act on the stage of Versailles.他是凡尔赛宫的第一位主人He was the Sun,他是太阳王he was Apollo, the Sun God.是太阳神阿波罗的化身Everything orbited around him.他是一切的中心The etiquette of the court, the day of the court,宫廷的礼仪 日常事宜the extraordinary life lived entirely in the public gaze.万众瞩目下的非凡生活In his patronage of the arts, in his building projects,他对艺术的赞助 他的建筑工程in his personal conduct, in the way he dressed,他的言行举止 着装风格the way he ate, the way he looked,用餐方式 外貌姿态the way he walked.甚至走路仪态From the fountains in his gardens to the silver by his bed,大到花园中的喷泉 小到床边的银器he had established a form of etiquette他建立了一套礼仪规则with the sole view of making the whole country of France仅仅为让整个法国的目光entirely focused upon his person and his power.都聚焦在他个人与他的权力之上 Article/201204/179352Article/200908/81919

For the last time: I didn#39;t cheat—I just rubbed my self against the leg of the postman in a manner that might have seemed horny, but that#39;s not the case at all! Trust me, Miranda! Oh, Miranda, please trust me!再说最后一次:我没有撒谎——我仅仅是用身体擦了一下邮递员的大腿而已,那行为看似下流,实际上根本不是那样的!相信我,米兰达!噢,米兰达,请相信我啊!Monogamy never became successful among dogs一夫一妻制在群中是行不通的 /201705/510927台湾芭比咖啡馆吸引白领女性 Article/201302/224106【视频欣赏】【视频文本】Depending on your juggling skills, it can be a dream come true or your worst nightmare.You Will NeedAccess to women Organizational skills And a silver tongue Membership in an online dating service (optional) Step 1: Date online(网上约会)Consider joining a popular online dating service. It’s the easiest way to meet thousands of available women.Step 2: Weed out prospects(不要选择感情过于认真的人)Unless you’re a sadist, weed out the ones who make it clear they’re looking for a serious relationship.Step 3: Avoid friends(不要选择朋友)Scrupulously avoid dating women who might know each other. Otherwise, expect a posse of angry women on your doorstep—with knives.Keep things separate—don’t bring different dates to the same restaurants and clubs. That’s just asking for trouble.Step 4: Appear busy(表现很忙的样子)Make it clear from the beginning that your free time is limited. Make vague references to 60-hour workweeks and frequent business trips so they won’t know the real reason—you need to make time for the other gals.Step 5: Be organized(有规划)Keeping track of multiple dates and multiple women can be confusing—be vigilant about staying organized, or you could easily betray yourself.If you have two dates in the same night, allow yourself some time in between to check for telltale signs: lipstick, stray hairs, women’s perfume.Step 6: Act like a sailor(不停地变化自己的约会地点)Make like a sailor and have women in different ports of call. If you travel a lot for work or often vacation in the same place, you’ll always have a date when you’re in town.Program your dates’ names into your phone using male codenames—Sam for Samantha, Jack for Jill— so that the one you’re with isn’t suspicious when you’re receiving calls and texts.Step 7: Don't fake it(不要撒谎)Don’t pretend to feel what you’re not feeling. You might not advertise the fact that she’s not the only one, but don’t lie and tell her that she is.Step 8: Be safe(做好保密工作)Practice safe sex, for obvious reasons. And if you know—or strongly suspect—that a date wouldn’t sleep with you if she knew you had multiple partners, don’t exploit her trust. Even if you never gave her a reason to trust you in the first place.There are an estimated 25,000 to 35,000 polygamous marriages in the U.S. Article/201002/97325

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