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You would think that after having been branded a serial infringer of competitors#39; patents that Samsung#39;s management would bend over backward -- as it did last week at the Galaxy S4 unveiling -- to present itself as a true innovator with its own ideas.大家可能会认为,多次被指侵犯竞争对手专利后,三星(Samsung)管理层会上周的Galaxy S4发布会上那样,竭尽全力给自己打造一个拥有自主创意的真正创新者形象。But there was Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung#39;s mobile business, telling Bloomberg -- the news outlet that reported last month that Apple (AAPL) had 100 engineers working on a smart watch -- that Samsung is doing the same.然而,三星负责移动业务的执行副总裁李幼熙日前向彭社(Bloomberg )表示,三星也在研发智能手表。而彭社上月曾报道称,苹果(Apple)有100名工程师正在研发一款智能手表。;We#39;ve been preparing the watch product for so long,; Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung#39;s mobile business, told Bloomberg#39;s Jungah Lee in an interview in Seoul. ;We are working very hard to get y for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.;李幼熙在首尔接受采访时向彭社的李静雅透露:“这款智能手表产品我们筹备已久,我们非常努力地进行准备。我们在开发面向未来的产品,而智能手表绝对是其中之一。”Apple, of course, has said nothing about making a watch, smart or otherwise. So far, all we have are press reports sourced by unidentified people ;familiar with; or ;briefed on; the effort.当然,苹果完全没有透露自己在研发手表,不管是什么智能手表,还是普通手表。到目前为止,相关新闻报道都是援引“熟悉”此事者的“简要介绍”。For all we know Apple#39;s smart watch is one of those dead-end projects Steve Jobs was famous for saying ;no; too.就我们所知,若是史蒂夫?乔布斯在世,他肯定会制止苹果搞智能手表这种没有前途的项目。Meanwhile, keeping mum about future products is a practice that Samsung might consider imitating. Because if the South Korean manufacturing giant knows how to make a wrist-watch computer that people will buy by the millions, it should be selling it, not talking about it.此外,三星不妨学习苹果这种对未来产品保持沉默的做法。原因是,如果这家韩国制造业巨头知道怎么造出销量能达数百万的智能手表,那它应该赶紧开卖,而不是夸夸其谈。Marc Andreessen, speaking about Apple television, another project the company has never discussed and may never build, put his finger on what#39;s going on.苹果电视也是苹果公司从未谈及、而且可能永远不会涉足的项目。马克?安德森在谈到苹果电视时的说法可谓一针见血。;Once the television launches, everyone will scramble to copy it,; he told a DealBook conference in December. ;There#39;s a pattern in our industry, Apple crystallizes the product, and the minute Apple crystallizes it, then everyone knows how to compete.;“一旦苹果电视发布,各路厂商将争相效仿,”他在去年12月的DealBook会议上说。“我们这一行有个规律,苹果使产品成型,而一旦产品成型,各路厂商就都知道怎么抢生意了。”UPDATE: To its credit, Samsung has indeed been working on touchscreen watch products since at least 2009, when, as er Steve R. points out, it released the Samsung S9110. Check out the link. The comments are priceless.最新消息:需要澄清的是,三星确实早在2009年就在研发触屏手表,读者史蒂夫R.指出,三星公司当时发布了Samsung S9110。大家不妨点击这个链接。里面的很有价值。 /201303/231610

Ray Ozzie, the former Microsoft executive, has a revolutionary idea: Make phone calls cool again.微软公司(Microsoft)前高管雷o奥兹有一个革命性的创意:让打电话再次变得“酷”起来。It’s not clear that voice communication was ever cool. It was always more like a necessity. What is clear, however, is that it has been largely replaced by all sorts of real-time, text-based services, from SMS to the latest crop of mobile messaging apps. Ozzie thinks he’s found a way to revitalize the old-fashioned, voice-based phone call.语音通讯似乎历来和“酷”字沾不上边,充其量只是一项必要的功能。很显然,在很大程度上,语音通讯已经被各种基于文字的实时通讯务取代了,比如短信和近来大量涌现的移动通讯应用。但是奥兹认为,他找到了一种方法让传统的语音电话功能重新焕发青春。“I passionately believe that there’s immense latent potential in voice to convey tone and emotion, to quickly resolve issues, to make decisions and to get things done,” he wrote in a blog post announcing the launch of his new company, Talko (sounds like “taco”). “There’s simply no faster and no more effective way to express essential emotions such as urgency, anxiety, understanding, confidence or trust. Quite simply, amazing things can happen when we just choose to talk.”奥兹在一篇宣布他的新公司Talko正式成立的文中称:“我认为声音中蕴含着无限的潜能,它可以传递语调和情感,可以快速解决问题、做出决定、处理事情。要想表达诸如紧急、焦虑、理解、信心或者信任之类的情绪,基本上没有其他方式比声音更快、更有效。当我们选择用说话来交流时,总会发生一些令人惊奇的事情。”One of the ways Ozzie hopes to make voice-based communication relevant again is by infusing it with other methods, including text and images. Talko’s mobile application, which recently launched on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, lets people make ordinary phone calls, send text messages, and share photos without having to open a separate application. The app also allows users to bookmark and tag conversations, and automatically records calls for playback purposes. The app’s interface lends itself to conference calls. A user can easily create groups using their phone’s address book, and therefore push out voice messages or initiate live calls to more than one person at a time.奥兹想到的令语音通讯重新焕发青春的方法之一,是把语音与文字、图像等其它交流方法融合起来。Talko移动应用最近刚刚登陆苹果iOS平台,除了可以拨打电话、发送短消息之外,它还可以直接发送图片,而无需再打开另外一个应用。另外,用户还可以对通话做“书签”或者标记,它还能自动对通话进行录音,用于回放。用户还可以非常方便地借助这款应用的界面发起多人电话会议。用户只需借助手机通讯录就可以轻松地创建对话群,因此可以一次性向多人推送语音消息或发起多人进行实时对话。“It won’t replace [email or messaging] but if we can increase the amount of talking I think it will help a lot,” Ozzie tells Fortune.奥兹对《财富》(Fortune)表示:“它不会取代(电子邮件或短消息),但如果我们能增加语音通话的数量,我认为它会起到很大帮助。”The long-time entrepreneur founded the company with Matt Pope and Eric Patey. The trio has raised money from Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Kapor Capital, and from Ozzie himself. (The company won’t disclose exactly how much it has raised to date.)这家公司是奥兹与另外两名联合创始人马特o蒲伯和埃里克o佩蒂共同创办的。他们已经从安德里森-霍洛维奇基金(Andreessen Horowitz)、格雷洛克合伙公司(Greylock Partners)、卡普尔资本(Kapor Capital)和奥兹本人那里拉来了投资。(不过该公司没有透露目前获得的融资额。)Earlier in his career, Ozzie was one of the masterminds of Lotus Notes, the collaboration software that was eventually acquired by IBM . He later sold another company, Groove Networks, to Microsoft in 2005 and worked for the Redmond-based tech giant until he left in 2010. More recently, he joined the board of directors at Hewlett-Packard .在职业生涯的早期阶段,奥兹曾是协作软件Lotus Notes公司的主要幕后功臣之一,这家公司后来被IBM收购。奥兹又于2005年将他创办的另一家公司Groove Networks卖给了微软,然后在微软工作了五年,2010年时从微软离职。最近,他又加入了惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard)董事会。Despite deep knowledge of the technology industry and previous successes to his name, it’s a tall order for Ozzie to bring voice back in vogue. If the company takes off, it’s going to need business customers to embrace the app, not just consumers. Today, Talko is free, but the company plans to charge a monthly subscription fee to users who want their calls saved indefinitely. (The free version of the app will only preserve conversations for a 10-day period.)虽然奥兹对科技行业有很深的理解,此前的成功也让他小有名声,但要想让语音通话再次流行起来,恐怕也不是容易的事。这家公司要想展翅高飞,它不光需要普通消费者捧场,还得受到企业用户青睐才行。目前Talko仍然是免费的,但该公司计划向那些想要无限期地存储通话的用户按月收取费用。(Talko的免费版只能将通话储存10天)。Talko isn’t the only startup trying to make money in this category. Twilio, a development platform for voice communication, lets corporate customers create their own apps. That company recently launched a feature which lets users easily integrate images in its communications.Talko并非唯一一家试图在这个领域赚钱的公司。另一个语音通讯开发平台Twilio允许企业用户构建自己的应用。该公司最近推出了一项新的功能,可以使用户轻松地将图片整合进通话中。Voice is unlikely to make a strong comeback. (When’s the last time you checked your voicemail?) But it may have untapped potential when bundled with more fast-growing modern means of communication. Why shouldn’t you be able to quickly share photos of your surroundings while on a personal or work call?语音貌似不大可能会强势回归。(你最近一次检查语音邮箱是什么时候?)但一旦与各种热门的现代化通讯手段结合在一起,它还是有很多潜能可以挖掘的。如果你能在打电话的时候(不论是私人电话还是工作电话)快速分享照片的话,为什么不这样做呢?Ozzie says he plans to integrate other functions—such as document or sharing—into Talko’s calls in the near future. The company also plans to make the app available on Google’s Android mobile operating system as well as a web-based application.奥兹表示,他计划近期继续在Talko中添加其它功能,比如文档或视频分享等。该公司还打算推出安卓版和网页版应用。One place Talko won’t be available anytime soon? Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone. Apparently, you can take the boy out of Microsoft and take the Microsoft out of the boy.不过有一个平台是Talko短期内不打算登陆的,那就是微软的Windows Phone系统。显然,离开微软之后,奥兹身上已经没有一丁点“微软情怀”了。 /201410/332277

YANGON, Myanmar — Images of Steven P. Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg adorn the walls of Myo Myint Kyaw’s creative digital agency. He says they inspire him. But he imagines neither man ever worked in an environment where Internet connections were so unreliable that a “file transfer” often involved delivering electronic documents across town by taxi.缅甸仰光——在妙敏觉(Myo Myint Kyaw)的创意数字社,墙壁上的装饰品是斯蒂文·P·乔布斯(Steven P. Jobs)和马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)的图片。妙敏觉说,他们鼓舞着自己。但他猜想,这两个人应该从未在互联网连接如此不稳定的地方工作过。在这里,“传输文件”常常意味着,乘出租车抵达城市的另一头,把电子文档亲手交给对方。In Myanmar, that is often faster than using email.在缅甸,这么做通常比发电子邮件节省时间。Mr. Kyaw said the start of a website for an American client based in Thailand involved an upload that took seven hours — a process that would have taken just minutes elsewhere. On another occasion, a client had to fly from Malaysia to hand-deliver high-resolution photographs that proved too large to send electronically.妙敏觉说,在为一名身在泰国的美国客户建立网站时,他花了七小时才完成一项上传任务——这个过程在其他国家可能只需几分钟。还有一次,一位客户不得不从马来西亚飞到缅甸,亲手把像素较高的一批图片交给他,就因为文件尺寸太大了,无法在网上传送。But Mr. Kyaw, 29, the founder and chief executive of Revo Tech, remains optimistic about Myanmar’s technology scene. And thanks to a rapidly developing cellphone network, he predicts such technical difficulties may soon be in the past. Even better, he says, it presents a huge opportunity for mobile apps and web development.不过,现年29岁的妙敏觉对缅甸的科技发展仍然乐观。缪敏觉是Revo Tech的创始人及首席执行官。他预计,随着手机网络的迅速发展,这样的技术障碍可能很快将成为历史。他说,更棒的是,这还为移动应用和网络开发带来了重大机遇。“It won’t be like Silicon Valley even in five or 10 years,” he said. “But maybe in three to four years time we can catch up to Singapore.”“即使再过5到10年,缅甸也不会变得像硅谷那样,”他说,“不过,3至4年之后,我们说不定能赶上新加坡。”Limited telephone and Internet infrastructure, and decreasing smartphone costs, mean most of Myanmar’s 60 million people will experience the Internet for the first time through cellphones. The biggest growth potential, Mr. Kyaw says, is for mobile and web services relating to tourism, transportation and e-commerce.有限的电话和互联网基础设施,以及智能手机价格的不断下跌意味着,缅甸的6000万人口中,多数将通过手机初次接触互联网。妙敏觉说,与旅游、交通运输和电子商务相关的移动与网络务拥有最大的增长潜力。Although broadband Internet prices have declined in the last two years, they remain high. Installation costs the equivalent of about 0, and the monthly rate for a 1 megabyte-per-second connection is about ; the monthly rate for a connection twice as fast is 0. That is steep in a country where per capita gross domestic product was about ,700 in 2013.尽管宽带网络的费用在过去两年中已有所降低,但仍然价格不菲。宽带初装费大约相当于500美元(约合3100元人民币),而速度为每秒1M的网络务的月使用费为70美元;2M的则为120美元。对于缅甸人来说,这样的价位难以承受。缅甸2013年的人均GDP约为1700美元。By contrast, a smartphone — and the Wi-Fi access it brings — can cost as little as , increasing the demand for mobile apps and services in Myanmar.相比之下,一部智能手机——带有Wi-Fi连接功能——最低仅需43美元。这就增加了缅甸对移动应用和务的需求。Next month, Revo Tech will introduce its first proprietary app, which will let children practice writing the Myanmar script by tracing letters on screen.下个月,Revo Tech将推出第一款专有应用程序:儿童可以用它来描摹屏幕上的字母,从而练习缅文的书写。“We’re going to revolutionize the way our kids learn how to write Myanmar,” said Mr. Kyaw, describing the iPad app.妙敏觉在描述这款iPad应用时说,“我们将为儿童学习缅文的方式带来一场革命。”A Yangon-based Australian, David Madden, has similar socially conscious ideas. Mr. Madden founded Code for Change Myanmar and organized the country’s first hackathon, a gathering of developers to tackle a problem, in March. He said he hoped to “inspire the technology community and support the community to get excited about social innovation work.”在仰光生活的澳大利亚人戴维·马登(David Madden)拥有类似的具有社会意识的点子。他创立了“代码改变缅甸”(Code for Change Myanmar),并于3月组织了缅甸的首次黑客马拉松——这种活动把开发者聚在一起,让他们合作解决一个问题。马登说,他希望能“激励技术群体,让他们为社会创新工作兴奋起来。”Assigned to create a technological solution to one of eight social problems presented by nongovernmental organizations, the winning team developed an Android app that allows farmers to share and receive alerts about pests and diseases from nearby farmers and the government. Mr. Madden said the team was discussing fully developing the app.各团队接到的任务是,为非政府组织提出的八个社会问题中的某一个提供科技解决方案。获胜团队开发了一款Android平台上的应用。务农者可以用它来分享和接收来自附近农场和政府的关于病虫害的信息。马登说,该团队正在讨论把这款应用完整地开发出来。The growth of Myanmar’s telecommunications industry offers a potentially lucrative vein of work for developers. In June 2013, Myanmar’s government awarded Ooredoo Qatar and the Telenor Norway 15-year licenses to expand the country’s limited network. Ninety-two companies from around the world bid for the work, estimated to be worth about billion.缅甸电信业的增长为开发人员提供了一个可能有利可图的职业方向。2013年6月,缅甸政府向卡塔尔的Ooredoo和挪威的Telenor发放了有效期为15年的执照,委托其扩建该国有限的网络设施。此前,来自世界各地的92家公司对这个估值约为20亿美元的项目进行了投标。A 2012 report by the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson estimates growth in the telecommunications industry could contribute as much as 7.4 percent of Myanmar’s gross domestic product over three years and employ 66,000 people full time.瑞典电信巨头爱立信(Ericsson)2012年公布的一份报告估计,今后三年,电信业能为缅甸的GDP做出高达7.4%的贡献,并在当地创造6.6万个全职工作岗位。Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, told an audience here in March 2013 that Myanmar was about to “leapfrog 20 years of difficult-to-maintain infrastructure and go straight to the most modern architecture.”谷歌(Google)董事会执行主席埃里克·E·施密特(Eric E. Schmidt)在2013年3月对仰光听众表示,缅甸将“跨越过去20年里基础设施难以为继的局面,直接迈入最现代化的架构。”But the lack of affordable and reliable Internet connections that is driving demand for mobile apps is also a major hurdle for Myanmar’s technology community. Thiha Aye Kyaw, 20, an Android app developer who works from home here, said of the first time he used a tablet: “I feel like I’m into the future, from what I’ve been using. That large screen, everything you can do with it.”不过,缅甸的科技群体还面临一个主要的障碍,那就是缺乏价格合理且性能可靠的网络连接,而这种连接正是催生移动应用需求的关键。20岁的Android应用开发员丁埃觉(Thiha Aye Kyaw)在位于仰光的家中工作,谈到自己第一次接触平板电脑时的情形时,他说:“我感觉好像超越了一直在用的东西,进入了未来世界。那么大的屏幕,你拿它干什么都行。”Like many other developers, he is self-taught and relies on online resources to keep up with technological developments. However, watching a YouTube , for instance, can be painful with a slow Internet connection that crashes regularly.和许多开发人员一样,他自学成才,依靠网络资源紧跟技术发展的步伐。不过,慢腾腾的网络常常崩溃,举个例子,用它上YouTube网站观看视频会让人苦不堪言。“I have to download them with download managers overnight,” he said.他说,“我必须用下载管理器下一晚上。”The industry also lacks experienced developers. Myo Myint Kyaw of Revo Tech said he had been looking for a web designer for more than a year, but could not find qualified talent.缅甸互联网行业还缺乏有经验的开发员。Revo Tech的妙敏觉说,他一直在寻找网页设计师,可是都一年多了还是没找到合格的人才。“What happens in Myanmar is, they get a computer science degree, then they work in an agency, or come to our agency, to get experience,” he said. “Once they think they are good enough, they go to Singapore.” Developers can earn ,600 to ,200 a month in Singapore, compared with 0 to 0 for senior developers in Myanmar.他说,“缅甸的现状是这样的,开发人员获得计算机科学学位后,就会去一家机构打工,或到我们这里来积攒经验。一旦他们认为自己足够优秀了,就会去新加坡。”在新加坡,开发人员每个月能挣到1600到3200美元,比较之下,在缅甸,一名资深开发员的月薪只有500到600美元。Soe Naung Win, 31, owns a mobile phone shop in Yangon and is helping consumers. The lack of international credit cards and limited access to iTunes and Google Play makes it difficult to download apps and pay for additional features.31岁的梭瑙温(Soe Naung Win)是仰光一家智能手机店的店主,一直在给顾客提供帮助。缅甸缺少国际信用卡,也只能有限地接入iTunes和Google Play。这让智能手机难以下载各种应用,或是购买附加功能。“There is no Myanmar iTunes yet, so we created a fake U.S. iTunes account,” said Mr. Win, who holds a medical degree and retrained as a software developer. “After that, we can use an iTunes gift card to redeem the gift card code.” A friend in the ed States buys iTunes gift cards and sends Mr. Win the codes, which he resells at a small profit.“缅甸还没有iTunes,所以我们创建了虚假的美国iTunes账号,”梭瑙温说。他拥有医学学位,通过再培训成为了一名软件开发员。“之后,我们可以利用iTunes礼品卡兑换礼品卡号。”梭瑙温在美国的一名朋友负责购买iTunes礼品卡,然后把卡号发给他,他再把卡号转卖并从中获得小笔利润。This use of gift cards, applied around the world to circumvent geographic licensing restrictions, allows people in Myanmar to make purchases. In a similar fashion, developers who sell apps rely on relatives and friends living abroad to collect payments on their behalf.全球各地都可以用礼品卡规避地理上的授权限制。通过利用礼品卡,缅甸人也能进行购买了。销售应用的开发人员则能采用类似的方式,依靠在海外的亲朋好友替他们收费。The hope is that the next wave of infrastructure investment will help drive more technology businesses. Although neither Telenor nor Ooredoo would disclose a date for its networks to begin operations, each aims for the last quarter of 2014. Telenor plans to introduce 3G and the older, slower 2G networks. Ooredoo has chosen an all-3G strategy.让人寄以希望的是,下一波基建投资将有助于催生更多的科技企业。不管是Telenor还是Ooredoo都没有披露,他们的网络会在哪天开始投入运营。不过,他们的目标日期都落在了2014年的最后一个季度。Telenor计划推出3G和更老更慢的2G网络。Ooredoo则选择了全面3G的策略。While mobile phones are aly widely available, users are excited about improved connectivity from the thousands of towers the two telecoms are building across the country and the release of more SIM cards. Only a limited number of cards are available through a lottery system for 1,500 kyats, or about .50, from the state-owned Myanmar Post and Telecommunications. On the black market, cards can cost to 0.人们已经能够普遍购买到智能手机,即便如此,这两家电信商在缅甸全国兴建数千座基站并发放SIM卡以改善网络连接的前景,依然让用户们兴奋不已。目前,国有的缅甸邮电公司(Myanmar Post and Telecommunications)通过摇号系统,发放数量有限的SIM卡,其标价为1500缅甸元(约合9.6元人民币)。不过在黑市,SIM卡的价格炒到了80到100美元。“There is huge pent-up demand,” said Ooredoo Myanmar’s chief executive, Ross Cormack.Ooredoo驻缅甸首席执行官罗斯·科马克(Ross Cormack)说,“这里的市场有巨大的潜在需求。” /201407/316503

What do the men and women who govern us do all day? They sit in front of their screens and gawp at Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Flickr and TripAdvisor. A list released last year of the websites most visited by British MPs reveals that what they get up to at work makes them no different to the rest of the population: they cyberloaf.那些为我们当家做主的男士和女士们整天在做什么?是他们整天呆坐在屏幕前,盯着推特(Twitter)、Facebook、Gmail、YouTube、亚马逊(Amazon)、eBay、Flickr、以及TripAdvisor等网站。就在去年,有人公布了一个英国议员最常去网站的清单。该清单披露了一个事实:这些英国议员上班时所做的事和其他人没什么两样——他们也在同样网上闲逛。Even the young bankers who work such long hours that their employers have started banning them from coming to the office for the entire weekend seem to do more loafing than lending. At a recent conference I heard the heads of HR at two top investment banks complaining that data from these bankers’ computers show that less than half of their time in the office was spent on work. A study from Kansas State University backs this up: the average US worker spends 60-80 per cent of their time online at work doing things that are quite unrelated to their jobs.再看看另一个群体——年轻的家。这些家的工作时间如此之长,以至于他们的雇主已开始禁止他们在周末上班。然而即使对于他们来说,花在网上溜达的时间似乎也比花在借贷业务上的时间长。在最近的一次会议上,我曾听到两家顶级投资人力资源部门的主管抱怨说,从这些家的电脑中获得的数据表明,他们上班时只有不到一半的时间用于工作。堪萨斯州立大学(Kansas State University)的研究也持这一结论:美国员工平均有60%到80%的上班时间被用于在网上做与工作没什么关系的事。David Ryan Polgar, a US pundit and lawyer, has come up with a metaphor to describe our new affliction. He says we are getting mentally obese: we binge on junk information, with the result that our brains become so sluggish they are good for nothing except more bingeing.身为律师的美国专家戴维#8226;瑞恩#8226;波尔格(David Ryan Polgar)曾用一个比喻来形容我们所受的新式折磨。他表示,我们正患上一种心理肥胖症:对垃圾信息的疯狂摄入令我们的大脑变得如此迟钝,以至于除了继续摄入更多垃圾信息,其他什么事都做不了。The obvious answer is to go on a crash diet, reducing the amount of junk information we consume. Having tried – and failed – over the past couple of years to resist the temptation of Twitter through mere willpower, I’m in search of something stronger. Various ers and colleagues have pointed me towards the hundreds of apps that are supposed to help with the addiction, but until now I have resisted on the grounds that the answer to technology overload surely cannot be still more technology.对于这个问题,显而易见的是实行一次强力“节食计划”,减少我们对垃圾信息的消费量。过去几年,我曾试图只依靠意志力抵御推特的诱惑,结果没能成功。所以,我开始寻找更有效戒除网瘾的办法。读者和同事们向我推荐了几百种旨在帮人戒除网瘾的应用。不过,到目前为止我一直在抵制这些工具,因为我认为对于技术过载的问题,解决办法当然不能是依赖更多技术工具。Now recognising myself as mentally obese, I have decided to give them a go. The target is simple: to maximise work done in the office and minimise time spent looking at pictures on Twitter of people carrying dogs in baby slings. I don’t want to go cold turkey on cyberloafing, as tests have shown that in small quantities it perks you up. I just want to learn moderation.如今,在认识到我患上心理肥胖症之后,我决定试试这些工具。我的目标很简单:一方面尽可能提升我上班时的工作量;另一方面则是要把我在推特上观看无聊照片(比如某人用婴儿背带背小之类的照片)的时间压缩到最短。我并不想突然之间完全戒除上网闲逛的习惯,我只想学会有节制地上网。因为有测试表明,人只要上网逛一小会就能感觉精神饱满。To this end I started 2014 by downloading five apps: Workrave, Rescue Time, Nanny for Google Chrome, Focus Booster and Remember The Milk. The initial result was disappointing. The computer wouldn’t sync to my BlackBerry and I kept forgetting the login details for the different sites. Worse still, a whole new way of being unproductive opened up to me: I started obsessively checking my progress on the productivity apps.出于这个目标,2014年伊始我下载了五款应用:Workrave、Rescue Time、Nanny for Google Chrome、Focus Booster和Remember The Milk。初步实验结果令人失望。电脑无法与我的黑莓(BlackBerry)同步,我总是忘记不同网站的登陆信息。更糟糕的是,我又出现了一种全新的低效行为:我开始着魔似地查看那些增效应用,看自己取得了多大进步。Nanny for Google Chrome“Nanny for Google Chrome”The first one I tried was Nanny for Google Chrome – which does for information what the Atkins or the Dukan diet did for food, by outlawing or restricting certain websites. My own Bermuda triangle of productivity is Twitter, email and eBay, and so I told the app to allow me respectively 15, 30 and five minutes on each. Alas such limits were broken almost at once, causing a message to flash up that said in huge, shouty type: “Shouldn’t you be working? The site you are attempting to access has been blocked by Chrome Nanny.” My wrist thus slapped, I became at once a bolshie teenager. How dare my computer tell me what to do? After some searching, I found a button to disable it, which I clicked with glee. Twitter seemed more tempting than ever.我测试的第一个应用是Nanny for Google Chrome。对于信息的摄入来说,这个应用的做法就像阿特金斯减肥法(Atkins diet)和杜坎减肥法(Dukan diet)对人们摄取的食物所做得那样,它禁止或限制人们对特定网站的访问。对我来说,降低工作效率的三大敌人是推特、电子邮件和eBay,因此我把该应用设置为使用这三者的时间上限分别为15分钟、30分钟和5分钟。时间上限差不多要突破时,一条消息闪耀着蹦出来,用震耳欲聋的声音吼道:“还不工作么?您要上的网站已被Chrome Nanny封禁。”于是,我就像是挨了板子,一瞬间就变成了一个不听话的十几岁小孩。我的电脑怎么敢指使我该做什么?于是我找了半晌,总算找到一个能禁用该软件的按钮。接着,我欣然点击这个按钮。就这样,推特似乎又变得前所未有地吸引人。Workrave“Workrave”The next kind of information diet works by getting you off the screen altogether. Workrave is a bit like the 5:2 diet – which forces you to fast two days a week. It features a cute little lightbulb with a smiley face that warns: “Time for a micro-break”, followed by increasingly shrill and distracting warnings, culminating in the whole system freezing up so you have to take a break, like it or not. This is maddening, especially when it happens at the very moment you had finally stopped skiving and were getting down to some work.第二种信息节食方案的思路是让你干脆离开屏幕。Workrave的原理有点像5比2节食法(5:2 diet),它迫使你每周保两天的高效率工作。该应用的一大特性,是一个带有笑脸的可爱小灯泡,该灯泡会警告说:“休息一会吧”。接着,就是越来越刺耳、越来越扰乱人心的警告,直到将整个系统冻结。于是,不论你喜欢不喜欢,你都不得不休息一会。这种做法让人完全无法接受,而如果这种状况就出现在你刚刚停止闲逛,正要干点活儿的时候,就更加令人疯狂了。Remember The Milk“Remember The Milk”Having decided that apps which rely on stick were not my thing, I turned to those that use carrot. Remember The Milk is a glorified system of online lists, which invites you to write down everything you want to get done and set a deadline. When you have done them you tick them off, and send bragging tweets about how well you are doing.在确信“大棒”式应用不是我的菜之后,我开始试用“胡萝卜”式应用。Remember The Milk是网上各种推荐清单里备受推崇的一个系统,它会让你写下每件想做的事,并设置一个截止日期。每完成一件事就划掉一项,并发出一条夸耀自己成就的推特消息。Remember The Milk is a relatively sound concept, though not as sound as writing a list on a piece of paper – which requires no password or logging on, and the action of crossing something off a list with a pencil is much more satisfying than clicking a box on the computer. A list has the even bigger advantage that you cannot automatically shower your followers with junk tweets that say: “I completed 2,401 tasks with @rememberthemilk in 2013.”Remember The Milk的理念听上去比较合理,不过它的可行性不如一纸清单——往纸上写字不需要登录和输入密码,而且在纸上划掉一项比在电脑上点击方格能产生更大的满足感。比起该应用,纸制清单更大的优势在于,你不能自动刷屏、让粉丝们看到“2013年我用@rememberthemilk完成了2401项任务”之类垃圾推特消息。Rescue Time“Rescue Time”More promising is Rescue Time, which is the Weight Watchers of information diets. It is a data-gathering system with targets, which monitors everything you do on the computer and displays the results on a pretty dashboard. A “productivity pulse” records how hard you work at different times during the day, and how well you are doing compared with your targets and with previous days’ performance. Thus I discover that I am unproductive in the early afternoon – which I knew anyway – and that today I did better than yesterday, which I also knew aly. The app encourages you to spend too long poring over the data, which is not terribly productive. Also, the data show if I am emailing, but do not know whether I am doing productive emailing or gossiping with a friend.相比之下更有戏的应用是Rescue Time,该应用是慧俪轻体(Weight Watchers)节食计划的信息版。该应用是一个设立了目标的数据收集系统,它会监控你在电脑上做的所有事,并把结果显示在一个漂亮的面板上。在一个名为“效率脉搏(prudctivity pulse)”的项目下,记录着你在一天不同时段工作的努力程度,把它与你的目标以及你头一天的表现相比较,并记录下比较的结果。就这样,我发现我在下午早些时候效率很低——不过这一点我已经知道了。我还了解到我今天比昨天表现好——这一点我同样已经知道了。这个应用会鼓励你花大量时间仔细审视统计数据,这不利于提高效率。此外,这些数据能显示出我是否在发送电子邮件,却无法判断我是在发送与工作有关的电子邮件,还是在与朋友闲聊。Focus Booster“Focus Booster”Having rejected four diets, I have at last found one that works for me. Focus Booster is beautifully simple and involves neither stick nor carrot.在拒绝了以上四种“节食计划”之后,我最终找到了一个适合我的应用。Focus Booster是一个非常简单的应用,它与大棒和胡萝卜都不沾边儿。It is a little timer that sits at the top of the screen and runs for 25 minutes, after which you can take a five minute break. You press start, and a line slowly advances across the screen reminding you that during that time you should be focusing. Even I can concentrate for 25 minutes, and for some reason I cannot explain I have not cheated once. Strange though it seems, my cyber skiving problem appears to be miraculously solved.这个应用会在屏幕顶端显示一个小计时器,它每走动25分钟之后,都你可以休息5分钟。当你点击开始按钮之后,屏幕上会缓慢飘过一句话,提醒你在这段时间内应该集中注意力。有了这个应用,连我这样的人都能在25分钟里集中注意力,而且出于某种无法解释的理由,我一次也没有作弊过。尽管该应用看起来似乎有点奇怪,我上网闲逛的问题确实奇迹般地得到了解决。However, it is early days, and miracle diets tend not to work for long; in time I may slip backwards and start gaining mental flab again. Mr Polgar warns that curing mental obesity is tougher than physical obesity because you cannot tell how you are doing by looking in the mirror.不过,现在还只是开头,那种神效节食计划往往都不能长久有效。随着时间的推移,我可能会重蹈覆辙,再次出现心理“赘肉”。波尔格警告说,治疗心理肥胖症比治疗生理肥胖症更难,因为你无法通过照镜子判断自己做得如何。Yet he says technology will soon make this easier. Various wearable products – including a headband called Melon – are about to come to market that measure brain waves and display the data on your screen, telling you when your brain has got so torpid from excessive YouTubing that action is needed.但他表示,不久以后,技术进步将令这一过程变得更容易。多种即将上市的可穿戴产品(其中包括一种名为Melon的头部饰带)能测量人的脑电波,并在屏幕上显示相关数据。当你因为看多了YoutTube网站视频而头脑迟钝时,这些产品会提醒你需要采取行动了。Possibly that will make a difference. Yet I suspect a better answer lies not with technology but with people.也许这类设备能起到明显效果。不过,我怀疑这个问题更好的不在于技术,而在于人。A highly efficient young acquaintance tells me that neither apps nor alarms on her phone are powerful enough to make her stop work at 6.30pm.一位和我相熟的高效率年轻人告诉我,不论是手机上的应用还是闹钟,都不足以让她在下午6点半停下手头工作。The only thing that succeeds is a call from the woman she uses as her occasional personal assistant. It does not matter that she has paid the woman to phone her; it is the sound of a human voice that makes the difference.唯一能做到这一点的,是偶尔当她私人助理的一位女士给她打来的电话。这位女士给她打电话是因为收了她的钱,不过这一点并不重要。真正起作用的,是这样真人发出的声音。Equally, when I told a friend that Focus Booster was changing my life, she looked unmoved. With a boss who was forever looking over her shoulder, the need for an app to keep her mentally fit was zero.同样,当我告诉一位朋友Focus Booster正在改变我的生活时,她对此无动于衷。这位朋友成天在老板眼皮底下活动,她完全没必要借助某款应用来维持良好的心理状态。 /201403/280866The social networking site Ello is just five weeks old, but damn if it hasn’t made an impression. In the past week, the site has exploded on social media, starting with the LGBTQ community, the music industry, and—somewhat randomly— Germans. It continues to expand to various other corners of the Web. Today, 40,000 new signup requests are pouring in each hour, according to co-founder Paul Budnitz. The site had to temporarily cap new user invitations several times to keep from crashing. More than a million people are waiting to get into Ello, which is more people than are actually onEllo.社交网站Ello刚刚上线五个星期,但它已经给很多人留下了深刻的印象。上周该网站的注册人数激增,尤其受到同性恋圈、音乐界人士,还有德国人(最后这一点应该是个随机现象)的追捧。它还在继续进军互联网的其它角落。该公司的联合创始人保罗o巴德尼茨表示,现在Ello每小时都会收到4万个新的注册申请,该网站不得不多次对新用户邀请进行限制,以避免务器崩溃。超过100万人还在排队等待进入Ello,这甚至比Ello上现有的用户还多。It’s the kind of attention any app developer would die for. How did a handful of guys in Vermont, with a bare-bones Tumblr knockoff, create the latest Web craze? Answer: Launch with a manifesto and an enemy. Ello refuses ads and dislikes Facebook for doing the opposite. “Your social network is owned by advertisers,” its manifesto declares. “You are the product that’s bought and sold.”对于任何软件开发者来说,能有这样高的关注度真是死也值了。那么这几个佛蒙特州的家伙,凭着一个界面还很简陋的山寨版Tumblr,是怎样创造出让这么多人为之疯狂的奇迹的?是:凭借一份宣言和一个敌人。Ello拒绝广告,也不喜欢靠广告吃饭的Facebook。该公司的宣言称:“你们的社交网络实际拥有者是广告商,你们都是被买卖的货物。“At the bottom of the screed, users are offered two buttons. Click “I agree” and you end up on a sign-up page. Click “I disagree” and you arrive at facebook.com. A subtle burn.在这篇雄文的末尾,用户能看到两个按键。点击“我同意”,你就进入了注册页面。点击“我不同意”,你就进入了Facebook。真是一个巧妙的小花招。While discussing the app, it’s difficult to keep Budnitz from wandering into soapbox territory. “I want to change the world,” he says in an interview with Fortune. “I want to prove that advertising isn’t the only way to make money on the Internet. What’s screwing up the Internet and creating all the data collection problems and privacy issues has to do with advertising as a model on the Internet.” Hundreds of thousands of people have clicked Ello’s “I agree” button in solidarity.在讨论这款应用时,你几乎很难打断巴德尼茨慷慨激昂的演讲雅兴。他在接受《财富》(Fortune)采访时表示:“我想改变这个世界。我想明广告并不是在互联网上挣钱的唯一方法。互联网之所以变糟,之所以有这些数据搜集问题和隐私问题,跟广告这种挣钱模式有莫大关系。”而几十万人已经团结一心,在Ello上选择了“我同意”。There’s a small problem with being too self-righteous on the Internet, though: People are eager to point out your hypocrisy. Not long after Ello went viral, one of the site’s users pointed out that it had raised venture capital. The message was that the company will eventually be pressured to make lots of money or sell to someone who would likely do the same. Ello’s investors own 12% of the company, Budnitz says, and acknowledges that Ello is “obviously a business.” Unsurprisingly, his inbox has been flooded with venture capital interest this week.不过在互联网上抢占道德高地也会碰到一些小问题,比如人们会迫不及待地明你的伪善。就在Ello走红后不久,该网站的一名用户指出,Ello已经从风投那里拉来了融资。这说明Ello最终还得面临赚钱的压力,或者被卖给想通过Ello赚钱的人。巴德尼茨也坦承投资者拥有该公司12%的股份,并表示Ello“显然是笔生意”。不出所料,他的邮箱这周都快被表达风投意向的信函挤爆了。There have been issues with Ello’s lack of privacy and blocking features, a basic requirement for any social media site in the era of online bullying and harassment. The company has responded by building features as quickly as possible, moving around its priorities, not unlike a politician might do to keep various constituents happy. For the haters, Budnitz has little sympathy. “If you don’t like what we’re doing, then please delete your account and leave,” he says.Ello目前依然存在缺乏隐私和阻止功能等问题,在这个网络流氓泛滥的年代,这个功能对任何社交媒体都是必不可少的。Ello公司表示会尽快构建相关功能,调整工作重点。他们就像政客对待选区的民众一样,希望让大家都满意。不过对于讨厌Ello的人,巴德尼茨则毫不留情面。他说:“如果你不喜欢我们正在做的事,请删除你的账户并离开。”Even if Ello, a company with strongly stated principles, can make its audience of users with strongly held beliefs happy, it faces a much bigger challenge: survival. To be a successful business, Ello faces the not insignificant task of turning Internet’s entire business model on its head.对于Ello这样一家原则性很强的公司来说,就算它真的能让那些同样很有原则的用户感到高兴,它也依然面临着一个更大的挑战,那就是生存。想要成为一家成功的企业,Ello需要解决的一大任务,就是转变互联网行业的整个业务模式。Content and communications on the Web have monetized with eyeballs and advertisements since the Web’s earliest days. In Michael Wolff’s 1998 book Burn Rate, the teams at Time and Wired magazines in the mid-1990s separately have a lightbulb moment: “Users prefer to accept advertising rather than pay for the cost of content.” He writes: “Wired’s stature in the Internet community, and Time’s stature in the advertising community nearly overnight made advertising part of everyone’s plans for the Web.”从互联网的襁褓阶段开始,网络上的内容和传播就一直在靠网友的眼球和广告挣钱。迈克尔o沃尔夫在1998年的著作《烧钱速度》(Burn Rate)一书中写道,90年代中期,《时代》(Time)和《连线》(Wired)杂志都分别意识到广告对互联网的重要意义。书中写道:“用户更倾向于接受广告,而不是花钱去购买内容。《连线》在互联网社区中的高度,以及《时代》在广告界的地位,几乎一夜之间使广告成了每个进军网络的人都要考虑的问题”Wired’sfirst banner ad appeared in 1994. On that foundation, the Web’s economy was built. The ad-supported Web contributes around 0 billion to the U.S. economy, directly employing two million people and indirectly, 3.1 million, according to an IAB study from 2012, the latest available.《连线》的第一条网页横幅广告诞生于1994年。以此为基础,互联网经济开始建立起来。根据IAB公司2012年的一项研究,由广告持的互联网行业为美国经济贡献了大约5300亿美元,提供了200万个直接工作岗位和310万个间接工作岗位。It’s not that the world loves digital advertising. It’s that advertising happens to be the thing that works best. The Atlantic recently called digital advertising “the Internet’s original sin.” And so, we have a handful of noble, ambitious, possibly naive attempts to repent by reeling back Web’s default business model. Before Ello, there were the social networks App.net and Diaspora, both of which came up short in their lofty goals.这并非是说世界喜欢数字广告,而是广告正好是最合适的东西。《大西洋月刊》(The Atlantic)最近撰文称,数字广告是“互联网的原罪”。因此,有少数内心崇高又雄心勃勃(可能也有点幼稚)的公司希望能摆脱这种默认的业务模式。比如在Ello之前还有App.net和Diaspora等社交网络,可惜他们的目标虽然高尚,却仍免不了昙花一现的命运。Ello’s business plan is different. The site plans to charge for features. If you want to manage two different accounts on Ello, you will have to pay a one-time fee of . The site launched with hardly any features in order to be as simple as possible. That gives Ello the option of charging for each new feature it introduces.Ello的商业计划则有些不一样,该网站计划根据功能收费。如果你想在Ello上拥有2个账户,你就得一次性付2美元。由于奉行极简主义,该网站刚发布时几乎什么功能也没有,因此对每项新功能收费成为Ello今后的可能性之一。The problem with App.net, Budnitz says, is that its per year membership was a high hurdle for people to get over. But it’s not clear how, even at scale, charging users and at a time could turn into a sizable (nevermind profitable) business. The company’s investors might not be okay with that, but Ello’s founders are. Its manifesto states that Ello’s founders are not interested in ruling the world: “We think people that are motivated to do things like that have unresolved psychological problems.”巴德尼茨认为,App.net失败的原因在于每年50美元的会员费实在是太贵了。不过我们现在还不清楚,哪怕Ello有再多的客户,光靠向用户一次收取1到2美元如何能演变成一个规模可观的生意(更不用提盈利了)。虽然投资人可能会对此感到不爽,但Ello的几位创始人却认为这样没什么不好。Ello的声明中表示,Ello的创始人对统治世界不感兴趣:“我们认为,一心想当老大的人,肯定有一些没解决的心理问题。”(财富中文网) /201410/334025

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