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1. Thats not fair. 这不公平。还能这样说:It is unfair.That is unjust.应用:fair可以作形容词:公平的,公正的;晴朗的;花言巧语的; 还可以作名词:集市,庙会;展览会;义卖会。2. Im afaraid I have a complaint about the service. 我对你们的务有意见。还能这样说:I am not satisfied with your service.I have something to complain of the service.应用:be afraid of ones own shadow 很胆小,非常胆怯;be afraid of doing sth./that...担忧或忧虑……3. You are always grumbling about everything. 你总是抱怨。还能这样说:You always have some moan or another about everything.You always complain.应用:grumble at 抱怨;grumble ones complaint 发牢骚;grumble out 抱怨,嘟囔地说出4. She is railing against fate. 她在抱怨命运不好。还能这样说:She repines at her misfortune.She murmurs at her bad luck.应用:rail 作动词:咒骂,严厉责备; 作名词:铁轨,铁路,栏杆。例如:More than 50 people were badly injured when the train went off the rails.火车出轨时,50多人受重伤。5. The cause of his discontent was the low salary. 他不满意的原因是工资太低。还能这样说:He was dissatisfied with the low salary.The low salary did not satisfy him at all.应用:give cause for 引起;成为……的原罪have cause for 有理由;lost cause 已注定的败局;没希望的事;make common cause with 与……同心协力6. What are you most dissatisfied with? 你最不满意的是什么?还能这样说:What is your greatest grievance?What is the thing that makes you feel most resentful?应用:satisfy the eye 悦目;satisfy the peoples needs 满足人民的需要;satisfy ones desire 满足欲望;satisfy oneself 彻底弄清楚;明;satisfy with 使对……感到满意7. Youre nothing but an old grouch! 你就是个爱发牢骚的老家伙!还能这样说:You are an old bellyacher.You are really an old grumbler.谚语:By doing nothing we learn to do ill.一闲生百邪。8. I dont seem to fit. 我在这里格格不入。还能这样说:I am like a square peg in a round hole.I am incompatible with things here.应用:seem to be/seem like 似乎,好像,仿佛;it seems as if... 看样子……,似乎…… /201210/204246

Cinderella: Dont stay out past curfew.灰姑娘:别夜不归宿。 /201302/224134

Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak from B Learning English. Im Feifei and Im joined today by Jen.菲菲:大家好,欢迎来到B学英语之我们所说的英语。我是菲菲,和我一起的是珍。Jennifer: Hi there, were going to go on a day trip today - and were going to explore how the colour red fits into London life. Ive packed my sandwiches...珍妮佛:大家好,我们今天将要进行一天的旅行---而且我们将要探索出红色是如何与伦敦生活融为一体的。我已经打包好我的三明治了。Feifei: And Ive got my camera – lets go!菲菲:我拿好我的相机了,我们走!Jennifer: So here we are on Oxford Street - its one of the busiest streets in London. So lets play a game: how many red things can you see? You go first, Feifei!珍妮佛:现在我们身处牛津街,这是伦敦最繁华的街道之一。所以让我们玩一个游戏吧:你能看到多少红色的东西?你先来,菲菲!Feifei: Its easy to see red things in London. Look over there -theres a red post box. There are hundreds of them around the UK,although some of them were painted gold after the Olympics!菲菲:在伦敦很容易看到红色的东西。看那里,有一个红色的邮箱。英国有上百个这样的邮箱,尽管有一些在奥运会后被刷成了金色!Jennifer: Oh yes. Thats a good one. OK, my turn. There are a couple of red telephone boxes over there. Not many people use them nowadays,because almost everyone has mobile phones, but they are certainly another iconic symbol of London.珍妮佛:哦是的。这是一个不错的。好的,到我了。那里有一些红色的电话亭。如今没有太多人使用了因为几乎人人都有移动电话了,但是它们的确是伦敦标志性的代表之一。Feifei: If something is iconic, it typically represents something - so a red telephone box typically represents London. Here comes one of the most iconic symbols of London - a big, red double-decker bus!菲菲:如果某物有代表性,它典型的代表了伦敦。那里走来了伦敦最具代表性的标志之一,一个巨大的红色的双层巴士!Jennifer: Shall we get on it and head over to Hyde Park for a stroll?珍妮佛:我们可以坐上它前往海德公园散会步吗?Feifei: Good idea. Ill stick my hand out for the bus...Hey! It didnt stop!菲菲:好主意。我会伸出手拦下公车...嘿!它没有停!Jennifer: Oh thats so annoying! It really makes me see red!珍妮佛:哦,这好烦人啊!它真的让我生气了!Feifei: Oh me too! Here, the phrase to see red can be used to describe getting really angry about something.菲菲:哦,我也是!这里。短语“看见红色”可以用来形容对某事非常生气。Jennifer: Well dont worry. We can catch the next one... in fact, here comes another.珍妮佛:好吧别担心。我们可以赶下一辆...事实上,又一辆来了。Feifei: We made it! Off to Hyde Park we go. Shall we move down inside and get a seat? Theres a couple at the back there.菲菲:我们做到了!前往海德公园。我们可以往里走走找个座位吗?后面有几个座位。Jennifer: There are quite a few people in the way though... Excuse me,sorry, can I just squeeze past into this seat? Would you mind moving out of the way? Excuse me? These people wont let me past! Theyre just pretending were not here. Oh! Im really seeing red now! 珍妮佛:但是有很多人挡路...不好意思,对不起,我可以挤到这个座位吗?您介意闪开道吗?不好意思?这些人不让我过去!它们假装自己不在这里一样。哦!我现在真的生气了!Feifei: We should have walked. Lets get off. Were not that far from the park anyway.菲菲:我们本应该步行的。我们下车吧。不论如何我们并没有离公园那么远。Jennifer: Yeah lets go.珍妮佛:是的我们走。Its lovely here in the park - its a breath of fresh air compared to that crowded bus. Shall we find somewhere to go and eat our sandwiches?公园里好美丽啊,跟拥挤的巴士比这里真是空气清新。我们不如找个地方吃三明治吧?Feifei: Heres a picnic area, lets sit down. Oh no - more red!菲菲:这里是野餐区域,我们坐下吧。哦,不,更多的红色!Jennifer: What do you mean?珍妮佛:你什么意思?Feifei: Someone has spray painted red graffiti all over the table and the seat... And the paint is still wet! Its all over my clothes! I thought I was seeing red before, but Im really seeing red now!菲菲:有人在桌子和椅子上喷满了红色的涂鸦,而且漆还没有干!我的衣上全都是!我以为我之前生气了,但其实我现在才真的生气了!Jennifer: Well, our game was to look for red things in London - but I didnt think wed be seeing red all afternoon! I think it might be time to go home, before we see red again!珍妮佛:我们的游戏本是在伦敦寻找红色,但是我没想到我们一下午都在生气!我觉得我们最好回家吧,在我们再次生气之前!Feifei: I think youre right. Join us again for another edition of The English We Speak from B Learning English. Bye for now!菲菲:我觉得你是正确的。加入我们来获取其他版本的B学英语之我们所说的英语。暂时再见了!Jennifer: Bye!珍妮佛:再见! /201401/273364


  1. Are you involved in any extra curriculum in school?在学校你参加什么课外活动?还能这样说:What kind of activities are you involved in?Do you have any extracurricular activities after class?应用:be involved in disaster 陷入不幸;be involved with 涉及;become involved in 卷入,陷入;get involved with 给……缠住2. We had few after-class activities.我们几乎没有什么课外活动。还能这样说:We hardly take some exercise after class.We seldom take after-class exercise.应用:a very few 极少数;in few 简单地说,总之;no fewer than 不少于,多达;not a few 相当多;few and far between 稀少,隔很久才发生的;few or no 几乎没有3. Our schools extracurricular activities are very wonderful.我们学校的课外活动很丰富。还能这样说:There are a lot of extracurricular activities in our school.Our school is abundant in after-class activities.应用:curricular goal 课程目标;curricular study 课程研究;co-curricular 课程联合4. The time for extracurricular activities is between 17:00 and 18:00.课外活动时间是下午5点到6点。还能这样说:We can do extracurricular activities between 17:00 and 18:00.Our extracturricular activities begin from 17:00 and ends at 18:00.谚语:Time tries all.路遥知马力,日久见人心。5. He was the member of our schools speech club.他是学校演讲俱乐部的社员。还能这样说:He joined the schools speech club.He was one of the members of the schools speech club.谚语:Passing oneself off as a member of the orchestra.滥竽充数。6. Im on the soccer team.我加入了足球队。还能这样说:Im a member of soccer team.I joined the soccer team.谚语:A word once spoken cannot be taken back even by a team of four horses.一言既出,驷马难追。7. Lets play basketball on the playground.咱们一块去操场上打篮球吧。还能这样说:What about playing basketball on the playground?Shall we play basketball on the playground?8. Doing extracurricular activities is beneficial to our health.课外活动有益于身体健康。还能这样说:Extracurricular activities are good for our health.We can benefit a lot from doing extracurricular activities.应用:beneficial birds 益鸟;a beneficial association 互助组合;be beneficial to 对……有益 /201212/216557。

  经典句型:I prefer beef. 我要牛肉。A:What do you prefer, chicken or beef?甲:您想要什么,鸡肉还是牛肉?B:I prefer beef.乙:我要牛肉。A:Here you are.甲:给您。B:And what do you like to drink?乙:您要喝什么呢?A:Water, please.甲:请给我水。经典句型:Would you please give me double? 能给我两份吗?A:Can I help you, sir? 甲:先生,需要什么帮助?B:Would you please give me double? 乙:能给我两份吗?A:Sorry, sir. We havent got so many. 甲:对不起,先生。没有那么多了。句型讲解:在飞机上就餐时,乘务员会问你What would you like?您想要什么?这时,你可以根据自己的口味回答Id like some noodles.我要面条。Id like some mineral water.我想要矿泉水。 /201405/302155

  Lets go to the park,shall we?我们去公园好不好?Thats sounds a good idea.听起来不错。What do you like to play in the park?你要在公园玩什么?I like to play the seasaw, Its fun.我想玩跷跷板,很好玩耶!There are so many flies and mosquitoes in the park.公园里有很多苍蝇和蚊子。You can apply some anti-mosquito body spray before you go there.你可以在去之前抹一些防蚊液。What id the name of the flower?这种花叫什么名字?It is morning glory这是牵牛花What id the name of the insect?这昆虫叫什么名字?It is beetle.这是甲壳虫、Did you see the sign?It says ;keep pff the Grass;.你看到这个标语吗?上面写着“请勿践踏草坪”Ooops, I didnt mean it . I am sorry.喔喔,我不是故意的,对不起。Where is the restroom?厕所在哪里?Just follow the sign and you will see it.只要按照表示你就可以找到。I am tired. Lets sit on the bench by the pond.我很累了,我们在池塘边找一条板凳休息一下。Good idear.好主意。Im hungry, Can we find something to eat?我好饿,我们可以找些东西吃吗?Lets buy some hotdogs at the street vendor at the gate.我们去大门旁边的路边摊买些热吧。Can we walk the dog in the park?我们可以在公园遛吗?Of course, you can, Just make sure you will not leave your dogss shit on the ground.当然可以,职业好确定你会清理地上的屎。What should we bring to the park for a picnic?我们应该带什么到公园野餐呢?Some food, some frinks and a clean blaket to sit on.一些食物,一些饮料,和一张用来当坐垫的干净毯子。 /201310/259595北京市第十三届人大常委会第三十四次会议7月25日决定,接受郭金龙辞去北京市市长职务的请求,任命王安顺为北京市副市长、代理市长。请看相关报道:Wang Anshun was appointed vice mayor and acting mayor of Beijing Wednesday.本周三,王安顺被任命为北京市副市长、代理市长。上面的报道中,acting mayor就是“代理市长”,acting通常指serving temporarily especially as a substitute(临时顶替某人行驶职责),如He is temporarily acting for her in that post.( 他是暂时代理她的职务)。在政治领域常见的另一个与acting意思相近的词是caretaker,这个词通常指过渡时期的掌权人和组织,例如caretaker cabinet(过渡时期的内阁),caretaker government(旧政府已下台、新政府产生前的看守政府)。另外,interim也表示“临时的,过渡时期的”,表示“过渡政府”时也可用interim government。 /201208/192999Neil: Hi there, Helen. Now, something really funny happened to me on my way here this morning.尼尔:嗨,海伦。今天早上我来上班的路上发生了一些非常奇怪的事情。Helen: Oh, really? Do tell me. I love a funny story!海伦:哦,真的吗?一定要告诉我。我最喜欢听有趣的事情了!Neil: Right. A man got on my bus wearing his shoes on the wrong feet.尼尔:好啊。有一个穿错了鞋子的男人上了我坐的公交车。Helen: OK. And what happened next?海伦:好。那之后发生了什么?Neil: Then he started speaking to me. He asked if I liked Shakespeare.尼尔:然后他开始和我说话。他问我是否喜欢莎士比亚。Helen: Oh, right.海伦:哦,好的。Neil: And then he started ing one of Hamlets famous speeches!尼尔:然后他就开始朗读《哈姆雷特》里一段著名的台词!Helen: Yeah, Neil?海伦:尼尔,就这样?Neil: Yeah?尼尔:怎么了?Helen: You told me it was a funny story. But Im not laughing. Its not funny. Its a bit weird.海伦:你跟我说这是个好笑的事情。可是我没有笑。这并不好笑。而是有点儿怪异。Neil: Yeah - I meant funny peculiar, not funny ha-ha.尼尔:是啊,我就是说这是个奇怪的事情,而没有说是好笑的事情。Helen: Funny peculiar?海伦:Funny peculiar是什么意思?Neil: Yes, funny is usually something you laugh about. But sometimes we use funny to mean strange or weird. Because it has these two meanings - sometimes people want to make it clear which one they mean. Funny ha-ha is for things which make you laugh, and funny peculiar describes...尼尔:嗯,funny这个词通常用来指好笑的事情。但是有时我们也用这个词来表示奇怪或是怪异。因为这个词有两个意思,有时人们要讲清楚他们用的是哪个意思。Funny ha-ha就是指让你大笑的事情,而funny peculiar则用来形容……Helen: It describes things which are weird!海伦:用来形容怪异的事情!Neil: Thats it. These are our phrases in todays The English We Speak. Lets hear some examples.尼尔:没错。这就是今天地道英语节目要学的两个短语。我们来听一些例句。A: Martin was late every day last week.A:马丁上周天天都迟到。B: Thats funny.B:那真奇怪。A: You mean funny peculiar?A:你是指奇怪吗?B: Yeah, its strange. Hes always on time.B:对啊,很奇怪。他总是很准时的。A: I went to a funeral last week. Everyone there was in a good mood. It was funny. Funny peculiar, I mean.A:我上周参加了一场葬礼。那里的所有人心情都很好。真奇怪。我的意思是那很怪异。B: Yeah that does sound a bit odd. But a funeral is a celebration of someones life.B:是啊,那听起来是有点儿奇怪。葬礼是对某个人一生的赞美。Helen: Anyway, Neil, thanks for your story about the guy on the bus. Do you know what happened on my way to work today?海伦:尼尔,不管怎么说,谢谢你和我们分享了公交车上那个男人的故事。你知道我今天来上班的路上发生了什么吗?Neil: No?尼尔:什么呀?Helen: The bus driver was telling jokes.海伦:公交车司机讲了笑话。Neil: Thats funny, peculiar. Its odd for bus drivers to tell jokes. But was the joke funny ha-ha?尼尔:那真怪异。公交车司机讲笑话,这事儿真是奇怪。不过那个笑话好笑吗?Helen: Sadly, no! A bit like your jokes.海伦:不幸地是,不好笑!和你的笑话有点儿像!Neil: Hey - thats not true! My jokes are funny!尼尔:嘿,那不对!我讲的是奇怪的笑话!Helen: Theyre funny - peculiar!海伦:它们都很怪异!Neil: Thank you so much, Helen.尼尔:海伦,非常感谢你。Both: Bye!二人一起:再见!译文属 /201409/325484

  经典句型:Would you please tell me the postal code? 请告诉我邮政编码好吗?A:Would you please tell me the postal code?甲:请告诉我邮政编码好吗?B:You may check it from this book.乙:您可以从这本书上查询。A:All right.甲:好的。经典句型:What is the postage for a registered mail? 邮寄挂号信的邮资是多少?A:Can I send it by registered mail?甲:我可以寄挂号信吗?B:Yes, you can.乙:是的,您可以。A:What is the postage for a registered mail?甲:邮寄挂号信的邮资是多少?B:2 yuan.乙:两元。A:Here are the letter and money.甲:这是信和钱。句型讲解:a registered mail 表示“挂号信” register 的意思是“挂号,登记”。如:a municipal register of births, marriages, and deaths都市的出生、结婚及死亡的记录;a household register户口登记簿;a register of patents 专利登记簿。 /201408/319107


  Troy:But seriously,you have an amazing voice.Youre a singer,right?特伊:你的嗓音真好啊,你是个歌手,是吧?Gabriella:Just church choir is all. I tried to solo and nerrly fainted.加布瑞拉:只是在教堂的唱诗班,我试过独唱,差点晕倒。Troy:Really?Why is that?特伊:真的?为什么?Gabriella:I looked at the people staring at me.Next thing I knew,I was staring at the ceiling.加布瑞拉:我看到人们在盯着我,然后我知道的就是我正在看着天花板。Troy:The way you sing, that’s hard to believe.特伊:看你唱歌的样子,很难相信。Gabriella:I know!Completely!加布瑞拉:我知道!确实这样!Troy:You sound like you’ve sung a lot,too.特伊:听起来你也唱过很多。Gabriella:Yeah,sure. My showerhead is very impressed with me.加布瑞拉:对的,我家里的淋浴喷头有深刻印象。 /201209/200522。


  I dont have the energy for this.我没有能力应付这个。

  Li is proud of her cat . She thinks her pet Fluffy is sweet and cute. But does Rob agree with her? Listen to the programme to find out.莉对她的猫咪视频感到自豪。她认为她的宠物弗甜美又可爱。那罗布与她意见一致吗?请收听本期节目并找出。Li: Ahhh… So cute! Sweet and cute!莉:啊……太可爱了!甜美又可爱!Rob: Cat s on the computer, Li?罗布:莉,你在电脑上看猫咪视频吗?Li: Yes, yes Rob. Theyre adorable!莉:是啊,罗布。它们太可爱了!Rob: What makes people so obsessed about these cat s? Let me watch this one with you.罗布:人们到底为什么对这些猫咪视频这么着迷?让我和你一起看看。(cat meowing)(猫喵喵叫的声音)Rob: Oh, Ive seen this one! Its everywhere! Look how many people clicked on this site to see it. About one hundred thousand by now!罗布:哦,我看过这个!到处都有这个视频!看看有多少人在这个网站上观看这个视频。点击率竟然有10万!Li: Yes, everybody loves Fluffy!莉:是啊,所有人都喜欢弗!Rob: Fluffy. Yes. This cat is fluffy and … crazy!罗布:弗。是啊,这只猫的确是毛茸茸的,而且很疯狂!(cat growling)(猫咆哮的声音)Rob: Look! Its gone viral!罗布:看啊!这个视频传播得非常迅速!Li: What do you mean? Fluffy is MY cat and shes very well-behaved and healthy. No virus in my cat!莉:你是什么意思?弗是我的宠物,她举止得当而且很健康。我的猫身上没有病毒!Rob: In English, the expression to go viral is used for a picture or a which has become extremely popular by being circulated quickly and broadly on the internet.罗布:在英语中,go viral这个表达用来形容一副图片或一部视频在网络上快速、广泛地传播,非常受欢迎。Li: Oh, viral… you mean it sps quickly like a virus.莉:哦,viral意思是指像病毒一样迅速传播。Rob: Yes. It can be used with a verb, to go viral, or just as an adjective before a noun. You can say viral . Viral is todays expression in The English We Speak. Lets hear some examples of how its used.罗布:没错。这个词可以和动词搭配,用go viral表达,或是用作名词前的形容词。你可以说‘迅速传播的视频’。Viral就是今天地道英语节目要学的表达方式。我们来听些例句,看看这个词的用法。Examples例句A of First Lady Michelle Obama dancing with a turnip has gone viral on the internet. Hundreds of thousands of people have watched her in support of healthy eating.第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马手举萝卜跳舞的视频广为传播。有数十万人观看她的视频,持健康饮食。Viral s are big business nowadays and even marketing companies are posting amateur-looking s in the hope of cashing in on the trend. 传播迅速的视频是现在的大买卖,甚至连营销公司都会上传业余视频,希望在这股潮流中分一杯羹。Li: So the viral part of what you said has been explained, but what about the crazy cat part?莉:那你刚刚说的viral这部分是解释清楚了,那“疯狂的猫”又怎么解释?Rob: Li, Im sorry. The good part is that its gone viral so everybody finds your cat interesting. But the bad part is…罗布:莉,我很抱歉。好的方面是这个视频传播广泛,所有人都知道你的猫很有意思。但是坏的方面是……Li: Is…?莉:是什么?Rob: Is that youve got a very angry cat! Very fluffy and very angry! I know you love your pet but youve got to admit it is funny. Lets watch it again.罗布:就是你有一只非常容易生气的猫!一只毛茸茸又爱生气的猫!我知道你很爱你的宠物,可是你要承认它很好笑。我们再看一遍吧。(cat growling)(猫咆哮的声音)Li: It is funny!莉:它很好笑!Rob: You see? There you go. Fluffy is a star!罗布:你看到了吧?就是这样,弗是个明星!Li: Yes. Thank you, Rob!莉:是啊。谢谢你,罗布!Rob: Youre welcome. Bye bye.罗布:不客气。再见。Li: Bye.莉:再见。(cat growling)(猫咆哮的声音) 译文属 /201412/347610

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