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湖南省郴州不孕不育预约郴州桂东县人民医院妇幼保健男科大夫郴州东方男子医院泌尿科咨询 七夕“乞巧”的风俗由来已久,年轻女孩子们在这一天乞求的,不仅仅是巧夺天工的好手艺,还会乞求一段美好姻缘。似乎是TVB剧中经常出现七夕之夜女子祈求姻缘的桥段~不知道今年七夕,有多少人会在星空之下默默祈祷呢?On that night, unmarried girls prayed to the Weaving Maid star for the special gift. When the star Vega was high up in the sky, girls performed a small test by placing a needle on the water#39;s surface: If the needle did not sink, the girl was considered to be y to find a husband. Once a year, on this day, girls could wish for anything their hearts desired。七夕之夜,未婚女子通常会向织女星乞巧,也会乞求姻缘。她们将一根针放在水面上,倘若针不下沉的话,她们就能得偿所愿。据说这一晚女孩子们能祈求任何心愿成真。 这里“乞巧”的这个“乞”,我们可以说beg,也可以用plead这个词,plead to be endowed with perfect sewing skills. 貌似这两个词都和浪漫气氛不符哦,plead其实更常见于法庭上,律师为某人辩护,就是plead one#39;s case;而那句我们耳熟能详的“不认罪”,则是plead not guilty,反之“认罪”就是plead guilty——注意这里的用法,比较特殊哦,是在动词plead后面直接加形容词guilty——法官就会经常问这句话:Do you plead guilty or not guilty?你可认罪?也有一个更常见的情况,就是被告人plead insanity,以精神失常为借口,试图减轻刑罚。回到七夕乞巧的风俗吧,乞巧是为了精进自己的女红手艺,女红(注意啊注意啊,这里的“红”读音是“工”,不要读错了哦)也就是针线活,用英语说就是doing needlework。印象中女红活儿就是刺绣(embroider)吧,不知道现在还有多少女孩子会刺绣活儿呢?似乎大家都更prefer简单易学的十字绣 (cross-stitch)了。那么,学十字绣的话,也是需要乞一下巧的吧……至于祈求姻缘,这个恐怕还是要看缘分哦,如果两个人是predestined to be together,那么是无论如何都会相遇并相爱的吧。在这里祝天下有情人终成眷属吧!(All shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill!) /201508/393942郴州市割包皮手术费用

郴州哪家医院做包皮手术比较好据一项最新调查显示,北京人每天上下班花在路上的时间正在增加,而这主要是由路面上不断在增加的机动车导致的。数据显示,自2007年至今,北京市机动车增加了100万辆,到12月25日,北京市机动车保有量已冲破400万辆大关。由此带来的直接影响是,北京人每天在上下班高峰期时花在路上的时间平均达到62.3分钟,比2007年增加了7.3分钟。《经济学人》杂志上周公布的一项数据也表明,北京人花在上班路上的时间为42分钟,居世界之首。有专家表示,不断增加的机动车数量是以牺牲空气质量和道路交通效率为代价的,并呼吁政府采取措施限制机动车数量的增加。   Beijingers waste seven more minutes on clogged roads each day compared with two years ago, a report said。  The time increase is directly linkedto the city's soaring car population, which increased by one millionduring the same period, the biennial study on residents' mobility fromBeijing-based Horizon Research said。  Beijing residents now spend an averageof 62.3 minutes on daily commutes made during rush hour, an increase of7.3 minutes from 2007, according to the study。  With no major traffic jams, residentsstill spent 40.1 minutes traveling to and from work everyday, said thesurvey, which will be officially released in January。  The study emphasizes the impact newcars on Beijing's roads is having on the daily lives of residents here,Horizon research director Zhang Hui said Thursday。  "The noteworthy result this year ismore residents are concerned with the growing number of vehicles on thestreets," Zhang said。  "A large group of them have urged authorities to restrict the car population."  The number of cars in Beijing hit abench mark of four million last Friday, completing a record breakingleap of one million cars in less than three years. Transport policyexperts have warned the explosion of car ownership is sacrificing bothair quality and road efficiency in Beijing。  The Economist magazine reported lastweek that Chinese commuters now spend an average of 42 minutes going towork each day, the longest commute time for workers in the world。  More than 65 percent of the 1,510 respondents surveyed in seven major Chinese cities blame the overpopulation of vehicles, the Horizon study said. One third of respondents think measures should be taken to limit the growth of private car ownership。  Another 14 percent suggested controlling the increasing number of government vehicles。  Residents in car-filled cities,including Beijing, Shanghai and Guang zhou, picked Beijing's traffic asthe nation's worst in terms of time and money consumed, the study said。  Based on a calculation of Beijingresidents' average monthly incomes, Horizon researchers determined traffic jams cost each Beijinger 335.6 yuan, the highest amount amongthe cities surveyed。 /201001/93654郴州东方门诊可以用医保卡吗 郴州妇保医院治疗早泄多少钱

郴州市人民医院看男科怎么样IT WOULD be a good question for the quiz game Trivial Pursuit. What has the National Rifle Association (NRA), America’s powerful pro-gun lobbying outfit, got in common with Syria, Iran and North Korea? The answer: all are opposed to the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which was overwhelmingly approved by 154 countries on April 2nd by the General Assembly of the ed Nations.对于“打破砂锅问到底”这个竞猜游戏,这将是一个很好的问题。一个美国强大的亲游说机构,美国步协会(NRA),与叙利亚、伊朗和朝鲜有何相似之处?是:在4月2日的联合国大会上,由154个国家参与并以压倒性优势通过了反对“全球武器贸易条约“(ATT)的决定。The next stage is for those countries which voted for the treaty to begin formally signing up to it in early June. Each signatory country will then have to ratify it at home. The treaty will come into legal force 90 days after the 50th country has ratified it—perhaps as soon as the end of this year. For some, ratification will be a simple process; for others it could prove harder.下一个阶段是在六月初那些投票持该条约的国家将正式开始签署这一协议。届时各签字国将在国内批准实行这一协议。该协议将在第50个国家批准后的90后具有法律效力——也许只要今年年底该协议就会生效。对一些国家来说,批准该协议会很简单;然而对于其他国家却未必简单。The Obama administration is a strong supporter and likely to sign up soon. But getting the two-thirds majority in the Senate needed for ratification will be a struggle, even though the American Bar Association has confirmed the treaty does not infringe any constitutional right to bear arms (as the NRA claims). America’s defence industry also supports it, hoping to bring other countries’ arms exporters closer to the high standards it operates under.奥巴马政府是一个强有力的持者并且很快会签署。但在参议院要想获得大多数的认可将是一场斗争,尽管美国律师协会(依据NRA的主张)已经实了该条约不违反宪法中的保有制。美国的国防工业也持它,希望它能使其他国家的武器出口商在更高的标准下运作。Whatever difficulties may lie ahead, supporters of the treaty to regulate the -billion-a-year trade in arms are jubilant. It is the climax of a campaign that began a decade ago. It had especially strong support from African and Caribbean countries where society has been torn apart by civil war or transnational crime, both stoked by the illicit trade in small arms. The deal involved compromises: for example, a weaker section on munitions. But what a senior diplomat close to the negotiations describes as “the heart” of the treaty—the prohibitions section—is alive and beating.无论前方遇到什么困难,该条约的持者都因控制着每年亿的军火贸易而雀跃。这是十年前开始一项运动的高潮。该协议受到非洲和加勒比国家的大力持,因为这些国家的社会已经因内战和跨国犯罪而四分五裂,小型武器的非法贸易更是使社会问题火上浇油。协议的商定采用折中的办法:例如,淡化了军需品的规定。但是,正如高级外交官所述协议的“心脏”部分——那些禁止的条约——仍就砰砰的跳动着。The ATT requires states to establish regulations for arms imports and exports in eight main categories: battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large-calibre artillery, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, and small arms and light weapons. They must assess whether their transfer could lead to serious violations of international humanitarian law, terrorism or organised crime. They must take into account the risk of serious acts of violence against civilians, particularly women and children. An overriding risk of any of these consequences means states must block the deal.ATT要求各国在8大武器类别上建立进出口管理机制,它们分别是:主战坦克,装甲战车,大口径火炮,作战飞机,攻击直升机,军舰,导弹和导弹发射器,小武器和轻武器。各进出口国必须评估其转让是否会严重违反国际人道主义法,和导致恐怖主义或有组织犯罪。他们必须考虑到严重的暴力行为,对平民,特别是妇女和儿童的影像。国家必须制裁任何凌驾于这些风险之上的贸易。States must also report annually on all their arms transfers to a UN-run “implementation support unit”. The aim is to shine a light on a previously murky business and make governments accountable under the terms of the treaty. The main sanction is embarrassment. That may seem feeble, but previous treaties on landmines and cluster bombs have set a new global norm which makes it shameful to use such weapons indiscriminately.各国还必须每年向联合国运行“实施持单位”报告他们所有的武器交易。目的是让今日光明的交易形式照耀往日黑暗的交易形式,并且就协议让政府负责。的主要制裁是尴尬。这可能显得苍白无力,但之前有关地雷和集束炸弹条约已经设置了新的全球规范,这使得种武器的滥用变得可耻。The abstainers include big arms exporters (China and Russia) and importers (India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Indonesia). But they may sign up later. Russia says it needs more time, while China (surprising some) played a constructive role, apparently influenced by the African countries with which it has forged close commercial ties. Both may find they pay an economic price if their arms industries are increasingly excluded from global supply chains. It will take time for new standards of behaviour to establish themselves, but the push has begun and the treaty can be further strengthened over time. For the moment, says a diplomat involved with the treaty over many years, what has been achieved is “pretty damn good”.会上的弃权者包括大武器出口国(中国和俄罗斯)和进口商(印度,沙特阿拉伯,埃及和印度尼西亚)。但是,不久他们就会签字的。俄罗斯说,它需要更多的时间,而中国(不足为奇了),显然受到与它有密切商业关系的非洲国家的影响而发挥了建设性作用。如果他们的军工行业渐渐淡出全球供应链中,那么他们发觉自己将付出经济上的代价。这将需要一段时间来建立自己新的行为标准,但压力开始慢慢显现,并随着时间的推移,该协议可以进一步加压。一名多年参与该协议制定的外交官说,就目前的成就而言已是“相当的不错”。 /201304/234366 郴州哪个医院看皮肤比较好郴州市中心医院前列腺炎多少钱



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