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Japanese train commuters who don't want to reach conspicuously into their bags or pockets to start their iPods will soon be able to do it more subtly -- by simply clenching their teeth.Japanese researchers have developed head gear that uses infrared sensors and a microcomputer to let people operate music players by clenching their teeth.The computer receives a command when the user clenches his or her teeth for about one second -- which differentiates the action from other activities such as chewing gum and talking.The research team at state-run Osaka University hopes to put the device to commercial use for music players and believes it can eventually be adapted to run cellphones, wheelchairs and other products."You are able to operate the devices without using your hands," said Fumio Miyazaki, an engineering science professor who heads the laboratory working on the project."You would be able to listen to music hands-free or operate your cellphone in a crowded train. Handicapped people would also be able to move wheelchairs," he told reporters.Kazuhiro Taniguchi, who is playing a leading role in the research, said the system can be used by anybody who can chew food with their teeth -- real or artificial."I just thought it's inconvenient" to have to use your hands to switch on iPods or phones, especially on packed trains, Taniguchi said.In the laboratory, grinding right teeth can play and halt music on an iPod while clenching left teeth makes it skip to the next track, he said.The system could also allow users to flip through pages of a PowerPoint demonstration, allowing the presenter to gesture freely by clenching teeth instead of pressing buttons.(AP) 乘火车通勤的日本人如果觉得把手伸进包里或口袋里开iPod太费劲,那么这一问题很快就能解决了——你只需咬咬牙就能启动iPod。日本研究人员近日开发出一种内置红外线传感器和微型计算机的头套,通过这种装置,人们只需咬紧牙就能启动音乐播放器。当人们咬紧牙约一秒钟时,微型计算机就能接收到一个指令。而这里所说的咬紧牙与嚼口香糖和说话等活动是不同的。大阪国立大学的研究小组希望能将这一装置投入商用,用于音乐播放器,并相信这一装置经“改造”后,最终还能用于手机、轮椅和其它产品。工程学教授、该项目的实验室工作负责人宫崎文雄说:“你不用手就能启动播放器。”“以后在拥挤的火车上听音乐、摆弄手机,就不用手了。残疾人也能自己移动轮椅了。”该研究的主要负责人谷口一浩说,只要能用牙(真牙假牙都可以)咀嚼食物的人就可以使用这一系统。他说:“我只是觉得用手操作iPod或手机不方便,尤其是在拥挤的火车上。”据他介绍,在实验室所做的实验中,咬紧右边的牙齿能够启动和停止iPod,咬左边的牙则能使播放器跳至下一个节目。人们还能通过这一系统翻动PowerPoint演示页,这样演示者就可以腾出双手自由地做手势了,因为他们只需要咬咬牙,不用再按键了。 /200804/33393The most accurate predictor of earning power is literacy. According to a number of international studies, it is a better indicator than years of education.Literacy does not just mean being able to , but also refers to how well you cope with the written language. This is greatly affected by the number of words you heard or as a child, or have learned since. For this reason, immigrants often have low literacy levels in the language of their new country. Improving literacy is something you can work on at any time, on your own, without going to school or taking special programs.Nearly all publications thus reduce the complexity of written communications, as measured by various ability indicators. This is undoubtedly a sensible idea for communicating with and appealing to the majority of people. However, if you as an individual want to improve your word power, you should head in the opposite direction. Time Magazine and Newsweek are only written at a Grade 10 level and most popular novels are at a Grade 7 to 10 level. If everything you is at a grade 10 level or less, your literacy level will stagnate. Try to more challenging material to increase your literacy fitness and earning power.Give yourself a literacy workout, regularly. Soon, you will see a difference in the way you use words and in the way people react to your input. Here's how:Find articles on the Internet: Look for articles that are interesting but a little difficult or complex to digest. There is almost no limit to the variety of content available on the web, at all levels of difficulty. BNET and Gutenberg are just some examples of great sources of articles and e-books.Push yourself beyond your comfort level. You may do most of your ing away from the computer, but the Internet is a great place to hone your skills. On the Internet you can identify the difficulty level of different types of ing, as I will explain. In addition you can access online dictionaries and other language resources which can help you.Know the complexity of your ing material: Find out where your comfort level is. Copy a sample page from a source or article that interests you and paste it into Google Documents. There you can go to File/Word Count and you will see several ability indicators. I use the Automated Reader Index which indicates the number of years of schooling required to understand a text.Now try to content that is a level or two higher, whatever that level is. Keep challenging yourself with harder and harder material until you are comfortable with content that is at an index of 12 or 15 or higher. Once you have an idea of the complexity of different types of ing you can target this kind of content for your off line ing too.Measure the richness of the vocabulary: While you have selected text still on your clipboard, go to Tom Cobb's Vocabulary Profiler. There you can see how many words are within the first 1000 most frequent words, how many are "academic" (AWL), and how many are Off-List words. Try to get to the point where you are comfortable ing material that has around 10% or more words in both the AWL and the Off-List categories. Don't hesitate to use online dictionaries and other word learning systems for increasing your vocabulary, if you need to.Listen and : If you want to train your brain to become comfortable with complex language content, seek out sites which offer audio with transcripts for free download. Voice of America, and Interesting Things of the Day are but two examples of such sites. To improve your ability to complex content, listen to the same content as you are ing. This is an effective way to learn languages, and works wonderfully for improving your ing skills, whatever your level.Writing that seemed unnecessarily complicated or confusing will gradually seem clear. If you are up to it, try something like James Joyce's Ulysses. I could never Proust, but I now enjoy him through audio books.Try an example. Listen to and this article on Biometrics. It has the following profile:Readability Index: 15 years of educationFirst 1000 frequency words: 70 %Academic Word List words: 8 %Off-List words: 13 %You can train yourself to get used to language that at first seems difficult to understand. As your language skills improve, you will find that your writing and oral expression will also improve. You will not need to take those remedial writing, or "higher level thinking" courses which are offered in college to students with poor literacy skills. And your earning potential will increase, for life. /200804/34781我们快点装死,熊来了,有危险!结果被熊活埋了……In this article, I want to challenge the common perception that it is only possible to enjoy your leisure time. In particular, this article is targeted at the professional stuck in the 9 to 5 grind who longs for the weekend and, in the process, has given up on trying to find pleasure in the ordinary experiences we have every day.在本文中,作者旨在告诉读者在平时生活中寻找乐趣是可能的。本文旨在帮助那些朝九晚五的上班族们寻找生活的快乐。1. Appreciate Beauty. Each day we come across beauty in a number of shapes and forms. It’s a shame, then, that many people have become so accustomed to this beauty that it largely goes unappreciated. I suggest looking again at the people, plants, gadgets, and buildings (to name but a few examples) around you and taking a moment to appreciate what makes them so special.擅于发现美。每一天我们都会不经意地与很多美丽的人和事物接触,很多时候,我们已经麻木而忘记这些生活中的美丽,所以我建议重新审视你的周围,拥有一双擅于发现美的眼睛。 /200911/90434

西方人将酒大致分成三类:1. liquor 烈酒,包括brandy 白兰地、whiskey 威士忌、vodka 伏特加、tequila 龙舌兰等;2. beer 啤酒;3. wine 葡萄酒和水果酒。除此之外,还有cocktail 鸡尾酒、mixed drink 调酒、liqueur利口酒(具甜味而芳香的烈酒)。好朋友一起喝酒,往往未动筷吃菜就先干三杯,"Cheers"之声不绝于耳,而且必须Bottoms up(干杯,杯底不要养金鱼)。“干杯”还有其他的英文说法,Let's make a toast.是其中一个。据说,从前人们在喝酒的时候,为了加重酒味,会在杯子里放一小片土司,而这就是这句话的由来。英文中喝酒喝很多的人是heavy drinkers(酒鬼,就像把瘾君子叫做heavy smokers一样),而形容一个人喝很多酒、很会喝酒则是drink like a fish,即牛饮、海量。喜欢喝酒的人不仅自己喝,也喜欢劝别人喝。劝酒就是强迫别人喝酒,英文叫做force others to drink。但是,如果是跟外国人一起喝酒的场合,这一点必须小心为好。Drinking Alcohol the Wrong Way 饮酒礼仪Where It's Offensive: Latin America, France, South Korea, Russia. 禁忌地:拉丁美洲、法国、韩国、俄罗斯What's Offensive: Every culture has different traditions when it comes to drinking etiquette. Fail to consume a vodka shot in one gulp in Russia, and your host will not be impressed. Refill your own wine glass in France without offering more to the rest of the table, and you've made a faux pas. In South Korea, women can pour only men's drinks--not other women's--and if you want a refill, you need to drain your glass. And if you're in Latin America, never pour with your left hand--that's bad luck.不同文化的饮酒礼仪也迥异。在俄罗斯,你若不能一口喝完杯中的伏特加酒,主人就会很不满意。而在法国,只给自己添酒而不顾及同桌的其他客人,会被看作失礼。在韩国,女性只能给男性倒酒——不能为其他女性倒酒——如果你想添酒,要先把杯里的酒喝干。在拉丁美洲,千万不要用左手倒酒——那会带来坏运气。What You Should Do Instead: Until you're culturally fluent, leave it to your pals to pour.对策:除非你对当地文化了如指掌,倒酒这种活儿还是留给你的同伴吧! /200907/78110

1. Tomato Sauce 番茄酱Men who eat a lot of tomatoes, tomato sauce, or pizza smothered with the stuff may be giving themselves a hedge against prostate cancer. So say researchers at Harvard, who studied the eating habits of more than 47,000 male health professionals.男人吃大量的番茄、番茄酱或者涂有大量番茄酱的披萨饼,都可以起到预防前列腺癌的功效。哈佛的研究人员在研究了47000多名健康职业男性的饮食习惯后得出了上述结论。They found that men who ate tomato sauce two to four times per week had a 35 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer than men who ate none. A carotenoid called lycopene, which tomatoes contain in abundance, appeared to be responsible. But scientists were puzzled: tomato juice didn't seem to have a protective effect.研究人员表示,每周吃两至四次番茄酱的男性与不吃的男性相比,其罹患前列腺癌的风险降低了35%。番茄中大量含有一种类胡萝卜素即番茄红素,其所发挥的作用不可小觑。然而令科学家困惑的是,番茄汁不具有类似的功效。 /201004/101434


摘要:魔法指试图用某些超自然的力量控制自然或他人的行为。现代科学已为很多神秘现象的原因提供了科学的解释,但仍然有人迷信星相和算命之类的魔法。Magic is the practice of trying to control human actions or natural events by using powers that are supposed to be unnatural or superhuman. Now science has provided an increasingly greater understanding of the true caused of natural events, but many people still trust in such forms of magic as astrology and fortunetelling. Many people who believe in magic may carry magic objects called amulets or charms to protect themselves from harm. Amulets or charms may be stones or rings engraved with magic symbols.To work most magic, the magician, who is supposed to have supernatural powers, sings or speaks special words in a certain order. These words are called incantations or spells. Some spells are prayers to demons, spirits, or other supernatural forces. Other magic words have no meaning, though they are supposed to have power when spoken by a magician. The magician may combine words with actions to form a ceremony called a rite or ritual.Some people believe they can cause an event to happen by imitating what whey want to happen in a small scale. This magic is based on the belief that like produces like. For example, a magician trying to make rain fall may sprinkle water on the ground. Some people also believe a person can injure an enemy by damaging a lock of hair or a piece of clothing from the enemy. A magician can even cripple an enemy by putting a sharp object in that person’s footprint. People who believe in this kind of magic fear that an enemy can gain power over them by obtaining parts of their body. Therefore, they carefully dispose of their nails, hair, teeth, and even their body wastes. And for the same reason, witches and magicians may make a doll or some other likeness of an enemy, and try to harm the enemy by sticking pins into the doll or injuring it in some other way. The doll may have on it a lock of hair or a piece of clothing from the enemy. /200905/71424

Women who gain more than 40 pounds (18 kg ) during pregnancy have nearly twice the risk of delivering a heavy baby as those who gain less, US researchers said on Friday.The study of more than 40,000 U.S. women and their babies found as many as one in five women gains too much weight during pregnancy, doubling the chances her baby will weigh 9 pounds (4 kg) or more.And they found women who gain more than 40 pounds during pregnancy are more likely to have a heavy baby even if they do not have gestational diabetes, a short-term form of diabetes linked with pregnancy that is known to increase the risk of having a big baby."Because there are so many women who are gaining more than 40 pounds during pregnancy, it's an important health message for most women to avoid excessive weight during pregnancy," Dr. Teresa Hillier of Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon, whose study appears in the journal Obstetrics amp; Gynecology, said in a telephone interview.Hillier said gaining extra weight during pregnancy increases the risk for having heavy babies, and studies suggest these babies are programed to become overweight or obese later in life.According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, babies who weigh more than 9 pounds at birth are considered heavy.A large baby can pose risks for a difficult delivery -- increasing the chances of vaginal tearing, bleeding, and Caesarian-sections for the mother and the risk of stuck shoulders and broken collar bones for the baby.In the study, Hillier and colleagues examined the medical records of 41,540 women who gave birth in Washington, Oregon and Hawaii from 1995-2003. All had been tested for gestational diabetes and 5.4 percent were treated for it with a program of diet, exercise and insulin, if needed, to control blood sugar.Overall, 20 percent of the women in the study who gained more than 40 pounds -- the upper limit of pregnancy weight gain recommendations in the ed States -- gave birth to heavy babies.Fewer than 12 percent of women in the study with normal weight gain delivered heavy babies, she said.The group at greatest risk were those who gained more than 40 pounds and had gestational diabetes. Nearly 30 percent of these women had heavy babies, compared with 13.5 percent of women with gestational diabetes who had normal weight gains during pregnancy.The researchers said the findings suggest all women should avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy. And women who are being treated for gestational diabetes should also strive to keep weight gain below 40 pounds."You can't treat the glucose and ignore the weight gain issue," Hillier said.Weight gain during pregnancy has been rising over the past two decades, and some researchers suspect this may be fueling an epidemic of childhood obesity. 美国研究人员于上周五称,怀期间体重增幅超过40磅(18公斤)的女性生出超重婴儿的几率几乎是增重较少女性的两倍。该研究共对美国4万多个女性和她们的宝宝进行了调查。调查结果显示,其中多达五分之一的女性怀期间体重增长过多,这使她们的孩子出生体重达或超过9磅(4公斤)的几率增加了一倍。此外,研究人员发现,期体重增加超过40磅的女性即使没有患妊娠糖尿病,也更易生出体重超标的婴儿。妊娠糖尿病是妇在妊娠期间易患的一种临时性的糖尿病,该病会增加妇生出超重婴儿的风险。位于俄勒冈州波特兰市的凯萨健康研究中心的特里萨#8226; 希利尔士在电话采访中说:“现在有很多妇期体重增幅超过40磅,所以对于大多数女性来说,避免期增重过度是一个很重要的健康信息。”该研究结果在《产科和妇科医学》上发表。希利尔称,期增重过多会增加生出超重婴儿的风险。此外,研究表明,这些孩子日后体重超标或肥胖的可能性也较大。根据美国妇产科医师协会的标准,婴儿出生时体重超过9磅即为超重。胎儿过大会增加难产的风险——产道撕裂、大出血、剖腹产以及婴儿肩难产和锁骨骨折的几率增大。在研究过程中,希利尔及其同事对华盛顿、俄勒冈和夏威夷1995年至2003年间的41540名妇的病历进行了研究。这些妇都接受了妊娠糖尿病检测,其中5.4%的人通过饮食、运动或注射胰岛素(如果需要的话)控制血糖,治疗糖尿病。总体来看,在期体重增幅超过40磅的女性中,有20%的人生下了超重婴儿。在美国,期增重建议最高上限为40磅。她说,期体重增幅在正常范围内的女性中,生下了超重婴儿的不到12%。其中最危险的群体是期增重超过40磅且患有妊娠糖尿病的人,她们当中近30%的人生出了超重婴儿,而这一数字在体重增幅正常、患妊娠糖尿病的妇中仅为13.5%。研究者称,该结果表明,所有女性都要避免期增重过度,而且正在接受妊娠糖尿病治疗的妇也要尽量将体重增幅控制在40磅以内。希利尔说:“妇不能只顾控制血糖,而忽视体重增加的危险。”在过去20年中,女性期增重过度的问题越来越严重。一些研究者认为,这可能会导致儿童肥胖的流行。 /200811/55022

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