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Now it could be a revolution for the publishing business. It's been called electronic paper, computer device which can hold 100 books or receive newspapers downloaded whilst you sit on a train or anywhere else. But instead of a flickering computer screen to give you a headache, the makers claim it's just like ing from normal paper. British consumers'll get their first chance to buy the product within the next couple of weeks. But are we really y to say goodbye to the traditional book? Well, our Science Correspondent Tom Clark reports.We Britons have a voracious appetite for words, each year we buy around 300 million books and every day digest miles and miles of words in 13 million newspapers. Since the time of Gutenberg, all those words have been printed on paper. But is this device or something like it about to change the way we get our words forever? Farewell to the dog-eared novel, the well-thumbed but out-of-date guidebook and the grubby newspaper, meet Iliad, the first E-paper device to come to Europe. It's a whole new technology in screen display. It produces a very stable, very clear image; you can this in bright sunlight.Er,it's a stable display, there is no flicker, so it's completely different to what you would normally expect from a computer screen or a PDA. Behind this and several new E-ers coming out soon is a technology developed by an American company called E Ink. The display is made up of thousands of tiny spheres, each no wider than a human hair. The spheres sit on top of an electronic grid; each sphere is filled with a clear fluid containing black and white charged particles. By changing the charge in one part of the grid, the black negatively charged particles move to the top of the sphere, the white to the bottom, making that part of the screen black. The opposite charge sends the particles the other way. Software controlling the charges across the grid can produce any pattern you want. Its makers hope it will revolutionize ing. But the Sinclair C5 was supposed to revolutionize driving, so we took the Iliad to meet the ing public. 'You can it, fine. It's, it's just like ing a book.''This is set up like a book, you know, in the same way, the same sort of er,dimensions as a book page. So, yeah, it looks quite good.''Do you think it's gonna replace the book, do you think we're all gonna be ing new thing in one of these...'No, not at all''Why not?''Because this isn't, books are lovely, aren't they? And this is er,another bit of sort of plasticky metal stuff. To add to all, so um... lives are aly full of plasticky metal stuff.'Would it be better if it was bendy? One British company is developing a flexible E-paper screen, almost as thin as a real sheet of paper. 'It's very lightweight, so you can carry it around like a regular magazine. And this is incredibly robust, you know, I can just take my shoe and do this to it, and nothing happens to the display. This is just Ramp;D electronics, the real product will look something like this. We will be able to shrink all the electronics into something on the edge of the device, so it'll be like a magazine.'A paper-like device that can store hundreds of novels, update the news while you browse the headlines and weighs less than a paperback, almost certainly has a future. But as long as sand gets stuck between pages and corners are folded to keep your place, new technology isn't going to consign paper to the wastebasket. 1.voracious:adj. ardently enthusiastic about a certain activity; ravenous 狼吞虎咽的, 贪婪的2.well-thumbed:adj.A book or magazine that is well-thumbed is creased and marked because it has been so often.3.charged particle:small particle which carries an electrical charge 4.dimension:n. measure; size尺寸, 容积, 次元 5.consign:v. To consign something or someone to a place where they will be forgotten about, or to an unpleasant situation or place, means to put them there. (FORMAL)200805/39350Script:We have seen some big swings on Wall Street in the last week or so, today, no different. Stephanie Elam is in New York to tell us about a down day for the market.Disappointing earnings from the Lights of DuPont and American Express dragged the Dow Industrials sharply lower, and the housing market continues to worry investors as the CEO of the nation’s largest mortgage lender says he doesn’t think the sector will recover until . Put all of that together, and you have a lot of red arrows. The Dow Industrials tumbled 226 points to close at 13720, the third biggest drop of the year. Then NASDAQ and Samp;P500 both slid nearly 2%. And this was the broad-based sell-off with declining issues swamping gainers by a seven to one margin. Among stocks on the move, Apple tumbled 6%. Iphone activations by ATamp;T came in weaker than expected during the first few days the Iphone went on sale. Investors fear it’s a sign Iphone sales may be disappointing as well. Let’s continue to talk about gadgets. TIVO is debuting a more wallet friendly version of its HD digital recorder. TIVO pioneered DVR technology, but cable providers have moved in ever since. And that had forced TIVO to make products which are more cost effective. The new machine costs about 300 dollars. That’s a significant price difference from the company’s other high-def machine. It costs 800 dollars. The new offering comes as TIVO tries to win over customers from the cable companies, which allow subscribers to rent DVR boxes on a monthly basis instead of paying an upfront fee. The new box provides 20 hours of HD recording time. And unlike the cable boxes, TIVO’s new HD DVR is capable of downloading movies from Amazon.com.But DVRs aren’t the only boxes in our entertainment centers these days, game consoles are filling our shelves as well. Whether it's Sony’s PS3, Microsoft’s X-BOX360 or Nintendo’s Wii. Gaming is big business. A new report bears this out. The market research firm NPD says sales of game consoles jumped 44% in the first half of the year to more than 6 billion dollars. But the consoles aren’t much used without the games. And game sales are up as well, they claim, climbed 24% to nearly 3 billion dollars. The big winner in all of this, Nintendo. Its Wii product / came out at the same time as the PS3. It costs far less than a PS3, but seems to have won the hearts of gamers who have embraced the concept of active gaming where your motions dictate the action on the screen. The same study we pointed to earlier says the Wii is the top home console and Nintendo’s DS is the best selling hand-held console. Running out a success, Nintendo’s games now dominate the market as well. In June, the top four game titles were all made by Nintendo. The most popular was Mario party 8. Can say I have played that one? That’s the latest business news from New York, I am Stephanie Elam.Notes:Mario: Mario is a game character created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and is the official mascot of Nintendo.Console: A game console is an interactive entertainment computer or electronic device that manipulates the display signal of a display device (a television, monitor, etc.) to display a game. 200807/44313Pentagon Official Says Next US President Faces Challenges in Pakistan, Afghanistan美军警告新总统交接面临更大威胁   America's top military officer, Admiral Michael Mullen, says the transition to a new U.S. administration could be a time of heightened threat for the ed States. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who spoke in Los Angeles Monday, said the next president must address a growing insurgency along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. 美国军方高级官员马伦上将表示,在美国新政府接管权力的过程中,美国可能受到更大的威胁。美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦星期一在洛杉矶发表讲话说,下一位美国总统必须处理阿富汗和巴基斯坦边界沿线日益严重的反叛活动问题。The 44th U.S. president will take the oath of office on January 20. And Admiral Mullen says the months around the inauguration are always a time of transition and risk as a new administration gets up and running. 明年1月20号,第44届美国总统将宣誓就职。马伦上将说,美国总统宣誓就职、接管权力的前后几个月通常是权力转换和风险比较大的时候。He says the most serious threat comes from the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where, he says, the level of violence has been rising.  他说,最严重的威胁来自阿富汗和巴基斯坦边界地区。他说,在那里,暴力活动在升级。Earlier this month, Mullen told a congressional committee that he is not convinced that coalition forces are winning in Afghanistan. But, he says, he believes they can. He repeated the comment on Monday before an audience in Los Angeles, and later told reporters, that the ed States needs to focus on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. 本月早些时候,马伦在一个国会委员会上说,他不认为联军正在阿富汗取得胜利。但是他说,他相信,联军能够取胜。星期一他在洛杉矶发表讲话时再次重申这一点。他后来又对记者说,美国需要集中处理阿富汗和巴基斯坦边界的问题。"Al-Qaida is there. Its leadership is there. We know that. And it continues to plan against the West, including against our homeland," he said. 他说:“基地组织在那里。基地组织的领导层在那里。我们知道这一点。他们在继续计划针对西方的行动,包括针对美国本土的行动。”Pakistan has criticized a series of suspected U.S. missile strikes and a ground attack against militant targets in Pakistan.  巴基斯坦对据怀疑是美国发动的一系列导弹袭击和一次地面进攻提出批评。这些攻击行动针对的是巴基斯坦境内的激进组织目标。Pentagon officials deny news reports that Pakistani soldiers fired at two U.S. helicopters late Sunday for allegedly violating Pakistan's airspace in a suspected attack on a militant base. Admiral Mullen said he has received no information that such an incident happened. 美国国防部官员否认有关报导,这些报导说,巴基斯坦军人星期天晚上向两架据称在攻击一个激进分子基地过程中侵犯了巴基斯坦领空的美国直升机射击。马伦将军说,他没有得到有关此类事件发生的信息。Speaking in Washington Monday, Afghanistan's defense minister said his country has proposed a joint force made up of Afghan, Pakistani and coalition troops that would operate on both sides of the border. Admiral Mullen said he has not seen details of the proposal, but is encouraged that an Afghan leader offered the idea as a way to increase border security. 星期一,阿富汗国防部长在华盛顿讲话时说,阿富汗建议成立一联合部队,由阿富汗、巴基斯坦和联军人员组成。这部队能够在边界两测活动。马伦将军说,他还没有看到建议的细节,但是由一名阿富汗领导人提出这个方案,作为加强边界安全的途径,这使他感到振奋。Mullen says the coalition strategy in the region needs to be economic as well as military. He says it should focus in part on eradicating poppy production, which fuels the heroin trade and feeds a growing insurgency. 马伦说,联军在该地区的战略需要考虑军事和经济两个层面,应该把部分努力放在杜绝罂粟生产方面。罂粟生产推动了鸦片贸易,并且助长了日益强大的反叛力量。"The profits from that crop are feeding the fight. And the extension of that is, they're killing Americans and killing our coalition partners and killing Afghan soldiers and citizens," added Mullen.  马伦说:“来自罂粟生产的利润为战争提供了资金。战争导致美国人和联军成员的死亡,以及阿富汗士兵和老百姓的死亡。”In addition, Admiral Mullen says Iran must also be a top priority for the new administration. He says Tehran hopes to extend its influence beyond the Middle East, and that it is working with the Taliban, once its archenemy, against coalition forces in Afghanistan. 此外,马伦将军还表示,美国新政府还必须把伊朗问题作为头等大事。他说,德黑兰希望把影响力扩大到中东之外。伊朗正在跟过去的主要敌人塔利班合作,对抗在阿富汗的联军力量。200809/50168

An influential member of the U.S. Congress, Senator Joseph Biden, is proposing a massive increase in non-military financial aid to Pakistan. Senator Biden made the proposal during a news conference in Islamabad. 在美国国会有影响力的参议员拜登提议大幅增加对巴基斯坦的非军事援助。拜登在伊斯兰堡的一个新闻发布会上提出了这一建议。Senator Biden, who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he believes Pakistan has taken an important step on the road to democracy with this week's parliamentary elections. 参议员拜登是国会参议院外交关系委员会的主席。他说,他认为巴基斯坦通过这个星期的议会选举在通向民主的道路上迈出了重要一步。Senator Biden called the election, which resulted in a major defeat for parties supporting Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, credible and reflecting the will of the country's moderate majority. 持穆沙拉夫总统的政党在这次选举中大败。拜登参议员说,选举结果是可信的,并且反映了巴基斯坦温和的多数派的意志。Biden said the new government of Pakistan should enjoy what he called "a democracy dividend." 拜登说,新的巴基斯坦政府应该享受他所说的“民主分红”。"I believe, I am speaking only for myself now, that we should be tripling our non-military assistance," he said. "We should sustain that commitment for a 10-year period. We should be focused on helping you build schools and roads and health care centers and dealing with the infrastructure of the entire country." 他说:“现在我仅仅代表自己发言。我认为,我们应该把非军事援助款额增加两倍,而且,我们应该把这项承诺持续10年。我们应该集中力量帮助你们修建学校、道路和医疗中心,并且改善整个巴基斯坦的基础设施状况。” Currently the ed States gives Pakistan 0 million in non-military aid per year. So under Senator Biden's proposal that figure would jump to .5 billion. 目前,美国每年给巴基斯坦5亿美元的非军事援助。因此,根据拜登参议员的提议,这一数字将跳升到15亿美元。This would be in addition to the billions of dollars in American aid given to Pakistan's army to fight al-Qaida and Taliban-linked militants on the country's border with Afghanistan. 除了非军事援助以外,美国还给巴基斯坦军队提供了数十亿美元的援助款,帮助它在巴基斯坦和阿富汗交界的地区同基地组织以及和塔利班有关的激进分子作战。Before the election, Senator Biden said the ed States should cut military aid to Pakistan if the polls were rigged. 在巴基斯坦议会选举开始前,拜登参议员说,如果选举纵,美国就应当切断对巴基斯坦的军事援助。Senator Biden traveled to Pakistan to observe the election with two other members of the Senate, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel. 拜登参议员这次到巴基斯坦是为了观察选举情况的,和他同行的还有另外两位参议员,他们是约翰.克里和查克.黑格尔。The three met with President Musharraf and Senator Kerry described Mr. Musharraf's reaction to the election results. 这三位参议员会晤了穆沙拉夫总统,克里参议员描述了穆沙拉夫对选举结果作出的反应。"He made it clear to us that he looks forward to working with the other parties," he said. "He expects the new prime minister and the new government to govern. He said he would respect the power of that prime minister in the new government." 他说:“穆沙拉夫清楚地向我们表明,他期待同其它党派的合作,期待新总理和新政府来管理国家。他说,他将尊重新政府中的新总理的权力。” President Musharraf has been a key U.S. ally in the war on terror, but Senator Biden suggested it is time to broaden American foreign policy.  穆沙拉夫总统一直是反恐战争中美国的重要盟友,但是,拜登参议员暗示,现在是拓宽美国外交政策的时候了。"This is an opportunity for us to move from a policy that has been focused on a personality to one based upon an entire people and a move to a genuine Pakistani policy," he added. 他说:“这是我们改变政策的机会,我们一直以来的政策是把焦点集中在一个人身上,以后,我们的政策应当基于整个民族,我们应该建立一个真正的巴基斯坦政策。” Senator Biden says it is time for Pakistani leaders to focus on the future, restore constitutional order, insure a free media and an independent judiciary. 拜登参议员说,对巴基斯坦的领导人来说,现在是他们着眼于未来、恢复宪法秩序、保媒体自由和司法独立的时候了。200802/27655

UN Holds Food Crisis Talks in Switzerland潘基文:粮价飙升演变成全球危机   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is heading emergency talks aimed at tackling the growing crisis caused by soaring food prices around the world. Participating in this two-day high-powered meeting in the Swiss capital, Bern, are the President of the World Bank, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and the Heads of nearly 30 ed Nations aid agencies.  全球粮食价格上涨引发的危机日益加剧。为此,联合国秘书长潘基文在瑞士首都伯尔尼主持召开为期两天的紧急会议。与会者包括世界行长、国际货币基金组织主席、以及将近30个联合国援助机构的负责人等国际发展领域的重量级人物。U.N. Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon says the steeply rising price of food has developed into a global crisis. He says the U.N.-sponsored meeting in Bern must find solutions to a problem that is increasing poverty, hunger and instability in the world. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,粮价飙升已经演变成一场全球危机。他说,联合国在伯尔尼召开的紧急会议必须找到解决方案,应对这个在全球范围内加剧贫困、饥饿、和动荡的问题。The ed Nations estimates about 100 million of the world's poorest people cannot afford to buy food. Because of the spiraling costs, the World Food Program says its original budget for this year is not enough to feed all the hungry. It is appealing for an additional three quarters of billion to meet the extra expenses. 据联合国有关机构估计,目前世界上有大约一亿贫困人口买不起食物。由于粮价上涨,世界粮食计划署宣布本财年预算出现资金缺口,无法为所有的饥民提供食物。粮食计划署呼吁捐助国提供7.5亿美元的额外资金,以满足预算开。The U.N. refugee agency says millions of refugees and internally displaced people will be particularly hard hit by skyrocketing food prices. Spokesman, Ron Redmond, says most of these people are totally dependent on food donations from the international community. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署说,千百万名在本国境内流离失所的难民尤其容易受到粮食涨价的冲击。该机构发言人朗.雷德蒙德说,这些人绝大部分依赖国际社会的粮食援助。"This kind of dramatic price increases can also trigger instability, particularly in poor countries and this is of great concern to UNHCR as well, because we are aly seeing this happening in several countries," said Redmond. "Of course, the possibility could be eventual increased displacement should it trigger further conflict and instability in those countries."  他说:“食品价格的迅速上涨可能引发动荡,尤其是在穷国。难民事务高专署对此深表关注。因为我们看到一些国家已经出现这种问题。而且,这些国家的冲突和不稳定持续加剧的话,难民流离失所的问题可能会更严重。”The Food and Agriculture Organization warns sharp rises in cereal prices have left 37 poor countries in an emergency situation. This has sparked food riots in many countries including Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Senegal. 联合国粮农组织警告说,粮食涨价已经使37个贫穷国家陷入紧急状态。在布吉纳法索、喀麦隆、海地、科特迪瓦、埃及、和塞内加尔,粮荒引发骚乱。The meeting in Bern will also address the impact of climate change on food production and explore ways to help poor countries adapt to these changes. The growing controversy over bio-fuels is also on the agenda.  伯尔尼的会议还将讨论全球气候变化对粮食产量的影响,同时探讨如何帮助穷国应对这些变化。日益引起争议的生物燃料开发也是议题之一。Critics argue that the cultivation of crops for bio-fuels is taking good land away from food production and causing prices to rise. Some people are calling for a moratorium on the production of bio-fuels. 批评者认为,使用农作物转化生物燃料减少了粮食供应,造成粮食涨价。一些人呼吁,生物燃料应当缓行。The U.N. meeting is expected to come up with a plan of emergency measures to solve the immediate global food crisis. Participants also will begin to address the longer-term problems.  预计,联合国此次会议将推出一项解决眼下全球粮食危机的紧急方案。同时,与会者也会讨论更为长期的问题。200804/36935Fighting on the right, questioning on the left, the candid Tony Blair admitted today that he's battling on all fronts to get his way on public sector reform. At his last regular Downing Street press conference of the year, Mr. Blair told journalists he felt confident, and was enjoying the fight, but as well as reinvigorated Conservative Party, he is also facing a revolt of his own party over his education reforms. Our political editor Gary Gibbon takes a look at what the new year might bring for the prime minister.Gary Gibbon: This was the prime minister's chance to say how he sees the coming year, to kill off any notion that he is flagging, oppressed by his critics, likely to throw in the towel, to persuade his audience that 2006 will not be the year his premiership ends.Tony Blair: I feel a tremendous sense of confidence. I've never felt more confident. We should be confident. I feel very confident. I thought I 've never felt more confident...Gary Gibbon: But is the prime minister confident that he can get his way, or confident he can keep his job? There're signs of Westminster that he won't necessarily be able to do both. Normally, reliable supporters of the government determined not to let prime minister have his way on education reforms. They sense the government's offering a compromise, perhaps tightening the rules on selection, but they're determined to make a stand against what they see as a drastic reform of local education authorities.""You've got a te....for loosening the LEA's control over secondary schools and rethinking it."Gary Gibbon: The rebels are demanding a rewrite of the bill that would tighten local government's grip on schools."...would it be worse passing an education bill that in some cases strengthened the LEA's control and largely left it unreformed?"Tony Blair: It won't. No is the answer. If...if...if what it does, actually hobbles schools from moving forward in the way that they need to."Clive Betts: I don't want to speculate on the end of the prime minister's premiership, because ..um.. you know..there..he has just won the... a thrid term...um.. as I say, the, there has been a great success in our education program so far in raising standards (but) and building new schools (but), but I just wish he would listen on this issue.Gary Gibbon: In this week, the prime minister have to deal with public attacks from a man who says he just doesn't do that sort of thing."But when we do disagree. I don't wish you out and issue a press release or brief the newspapers."Gary Gibbon: But that 's what he just did, swacking the prime minister where it hurts. He said he was critical and not totally convinced of Mr.Blair's cherished education plans.Tony Blair: ...you know, in respect of John's comments on, on education, I doubt any of you are particularly surprised that was his concern,..um...and, you know he, he does this.."Gary Gibbon: And Tony Blair is entering a new year in which the polls are moving in the wrong direction. An average of polls after the election showed Labor within an 8 point lead. This month Labor's down. The Tories for the first time in 12 years could be getting a sustained lead. Mr. Blair said Labor could come back, if it's stuck with public sector reform. He sensed David Cameron's conservatives wanted to paint Labor the party of the state, and that trap must be avoided.Tony Blair: If there is an arguement that the Labor party has got to be careful of, it's this arguement that we are more interested in the state than we're in people.George Osborne: Tony Blair is right to identify this is a problem for the Labor party. Uh, the only thing I'd say he has been prime minister for eight years and he's not done much about it, ur, the Labor government's solutions and also its public service reforms have tended to be top-down solutions, and of course there is this, other person in charge of the Labor party Golden Brown, who explicitly rules out..Um.. greater transfer of collective power to a community away from the state.Gary Gibbon: Mr.Blair warned against high-octane sensational headlines predicting his imminent demise, but he knows he is entering a year that many in his own party hope will be the closing chapter of his leadership.The prime minister also insisted he didn't want to add fuel to claims that CIA planes can, prisoners onboard, may have landed in Britain before moving to countries to practise torture. Last weekend, the US Secretary of state Colin Paul said that rendition is not new or unknown to my European friends. Well, I ask the prime minister, now that he knows, is he going to investigate the allegations?Tony Blair: I, I have absolutely no evidence to suggest that anything illegal's been happening here at all, and I don't want to start ordering inquiries into this stuff or the next thing well if I've got no evidence to show whether this's right or not, and honestly, you know, it's like all the stuff about camps in Europe or something, I don't know, I've never heard of such a thing, I can't tell you whether such a thing exists, because I don't know 本期难点1. throw in the towel: give up; admit defeat.2. the LEA: Local Education Authority (UK) 3. swack: vt. [苏]重击; 鞭打; 猛掷 4. Tory: A member of a British political party, founded in 1689, that was the opposition party to the Whigs and has been known as the Conservative Party since about 1832. 5. high-octane: High-powered; dynamic200805/39184Golly gosh, oh dear. What’s the matter?天啊,怎么了?It’s his hotel room. He doesn’t like it.是他的酒店房间,他不喜欢。The bed’s too soft, too small and it’s a single room not a twin room.床太软,太小了,而且还是单人房,不是双人房。Oh yes, he likes to have two beds in the room for some reason.是的,出于某种原因他喜欢房里有两张床。But Tom said he only likes a single bed in the room.但汤姆说他只喜欢房里有一张床。Really? Oh no, he insists on a twin – something to do with business partners he says.是吗?不,他坚持要两张床,他说与商务伙伴有关。Anything else?还有什么?Yes. He says he wanted freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast, not the stuff out of a carton.是的。他说早餐要鲜榨橘汁,不要盒子里的果汁。Anything else? ! A view of Mount Everest perhaps?还有吗?!也许是能看到珠峰的房间?Yes, thank you Denise.谢了,丹尼斯。Well, we really must sort this out.我们必须马上解决。We can’t afford to upset Mr Socrates.我们不能让苏格拉底先生生气。Now Anna, you chose this hotel, I really think you need to sort out this mess.安娜,你选的酒店,我认为你能搞定这场灾难。It was Tom’s suggestion…这是汤姆的建议……Just sort it, quickly. Oh golly gosh, golly gosh.快点搞定它。上帝啊。Uh oh Anna. Time to do some complaining. What are you going to say?安娜,是时候投诉了,你要怎么说?Oh...I don’t know. I’m not very good at complaining.我不知道,我不擅长投诉。Well, Anna. Keep your cool and politely tell the hotel why you’re not happy.安娜,保持冷静,有礼貌地告诉酒店你为什么不满。You could say: I’m very disappointed with your service.你可以说:我对你的务很失望。 /201702/491113

Natalie Morales: Barash recently completed a study that defines what she calls the "New Wife". Who is she? A young educated woman in her twenties who decides that while a career is important, marriage and family come first. Susuan Sharpiro Barash: She wants to stress free marriage, she wants to have time with her children and her husband.Natalie Morales: So they see women who have tried to have it all as having failed in summer garden, their personal and professional lives?Susuan Sharpiro Barash: I don't know about fail, but I think very disappointed. And I think that is a myth of having it all.Music: Love and marriage, love and marriage, Natalie Morales: Marlene Mcmahon and Rachel Driling are exactly the kind of women Barash says are examples of the new wife. Marlene put herself through college before starting a career in medical publishing. She met her husband Michael when she was 24, they now have 8-week-old MeKeller.Music: What a world! What a life, I am in love...Marlene Mcmahon: Being able to, you know, take her to school, and go to PTA meetings and beat every dance with sidle and make her lunch, I can't even imagine not being able to do that.Music: Lucky me, can't you see I'm in love...Natalie Morales: Marlene planned to work part time at some point, but for now she leaves the heavy financial lifting to her husband.Marlene Mcmahon: We compliment each other, so he is more successful having, knowing that I can take care of our children, and I am more successful knowing that I don't necessarily have to worry it as much, because he's gonna make sure our hot water has got turned off.Natalie Morales: What does this mean then for the trailblazers who did pave the way for many of us who have careers and have families?Susuan Sharpiro Barash: The trailblazers were not able to get rid of that second shift that remains today, studies show us that women who work all day still come home to the second shift for their children.It's hard to put that together.Natalie Morales: Rachel D's mom Linda Chambers was a baby boomer who tried to do it all as an accountant and mother of 2.Linda Chambers: I really love my job, I love what I do, and I didn't wanna give that up to be a permanent stay-at-home mom, and I had a lot of stress, you know.Natalie Morales: That stress made daughter Rachel resolve to do things differently.Music: Baby, love. my baby, Love. I need you, I know I need you...Natalie Morales: Married at 26, she stays home with son Dashwood and works just 4 times a month as a nurse practitioner.Rachel: I would much rather sacrifice material items, myself, I would, my husband and Dashwood...and to be old for us to have me stay at home with our son.Miss Magazine senior editor Michele Kort finds Barash's trend troubling.Michele Kort: It will be a step backward if women blame this choice on their hardworking mothers, and didn't look at the societal situation that creates that kind of stressKid: No, no, no...Natalie Morales: The harsh reality is there is no easy answer for joggling career and family, especially for women in demanding professions. Doctor Grace Kang is an unmarried 37-year-old pediatric cardiologist with 14 difficult years of medical training finally behind her.Grace Kang: I think it would have been very difficult to have a husband and a family and to do well in my training, to succeed, really succeed at it.Natalie Morales: Doctor Kang has no regrets and feels confident that a marriage and a family are in her future.Grace Kang: I don't think it's too late, Natalie Morales: So then we talk now the 21st century wife, what does she represent?Susuan Sharpiro Barash: She is probably the smartest of all, because she is willing to scrutinize, the recent past, and to take the best from each decade.200707/15187Bush To Meet Putin In Russia布什应普京邀请访俄磋商导弹防御  President Bush has accepted an invitation from Russian President Vladimir Putin to travel to Russia for talks April 6 on missile defense. The hastily arranged meeting will come at the end of a European tour that will also take Mr. Bush to Ukraine, Croatia and the NATO summit in Romania.布什总统接受俄罗斯总统普京的邀请,将在4月6号前往俄罗斯谈论导弹防御问题。这次匆忙安排的会见将在布什总统欧洲之行的末尾举行,布什总统这次赴欧洲将前往乌克兰和克罗地亚,并参加在罗马尼亚举行的北约组织峰会。President Bush will confer with President Putin in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi. It is likely to be their final meeting as heads of state.布什总统将在黑海渡假胜地的索契市与普京总统会谈。这很可能是两位领导人作为国家元首的最后一次会面。With a new Russian president slated for inauguration in May, and the American presidential campaign well underway, both men appear to be seeking some final breakthroughs before leaving office. And few issues have created as much tension between Washington and Moscow as missile defense.新的俄罗斯总统预定在5月就任,而美国的总统大选也已展开多时,看来这两位领导人都在寻求离任前的某种最后突破。而几乎没有任何其它问题能够像导弹防御系统那样给华盛顿和莫斯科带来如此紧张的气氛。When he announced the meeting in Sochi during a pre-trip interview with foreign reporters, Mr. Bush made clear he had been invited to the Russian resort to specifically talk about the missile defense issue. He said he knows America's European partners will breathe a sigh of relief if an agreement can be reached with Moscow. He said he is optimistic it can be done.布什总统在他的欧洲之行前与外国记者会面时宣布了索契会谈的安排,他明确表示,自己是应邀前往俄罗斯这一渡假胜地专门讨论导弹防御问题的。他说,他知道如果能与莫斯科达成一项协议,那么美国的欧洲盟国将会感到欣慰。他说,他对达到这一目的感到乐观。Recently, the president sent Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to Moscow to discuss the missile defense dispute with their Russian counterparts. Mr. Bush also sent a letter to President Putin in which he spoke of a new strategic framework between their two countries.不久前,布什总统曾派遣赖斯国务卿和盖茨国防部长前去莫斯科与俄罗斯外长和国防部长讨论导弹防御引起的争论。布什总统还致函普京总统谈及两国间的新战略框架。The president described his talks in Sochi as a follow-up to the Rice-Gates visit. White House National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley says President Bush believes now is the time to get together with Putin and build on the momentum.布什总统把自己的索契会谈称为赖斯与盖茨访俄的后续工作。白宫国家安事务助理哈德利说,布什总统认为,现在是与普京会晤以取得继续进展动力的时机。"This is an opportunity for the two leaders to meet, assess what progress has been made and see whether we can come together with a framework that can, as I say, consolidate areas where we are cooperating together, maybe resolve some outstanding issues such as missile defense," he said.哈德利说:“这是这两位领导人会面评估已取得的进展并思考是否能达成一项框架性协议的良机。我认为,有关框架性协议能巩固我们正在进行协作的领域,并可能解决如导弹防御之类某些悬而未决的问题。”Moscow is vehemently opposed to the U.S. proposed missile defense system, which would put a radar system in the Czech Republic and missile interceptors in Poland. The Russian government says the plan threatens Russian security and could lead to a new arms race. But President Bush has stressed the target is not Russia, and that the facilities are intended to protect Europe from the threat posed by rogue states, such as Iran.莫斯科强烈反对美国提出的导弹防御体系,这一体系将在捷克共和国安设雷达系统,并在波兰设制导弹拦截器。俄罗斯政府说,这一计划危及俄罗斯安全并可能导致新一轮军备竞赛。但是布什总统再三强调,有关计划的目标并非俄罗斯,那些设施旨在保护欧洲免受伊朗无赖国家的威胁。Hadley says the administration has been looking for a way to provide Russia with concrete assurances and bring it into the process. "The president has talked about maybe the ed States, Russia and Europe should work together to develop a regional architecture - equal partners, if you will, in developing that architecture - that will use resources contributed by the ed States, Europe and Russia to provide against threats from the Middle East that could threaten Europe as well as Russia. That is what we would like to see occur," he said.哈德利说,布什政府一直在寻求途径向俄罗斯提供切实的担保,并让有关计划付诸行动。他说:“布什总统一直说,美国、俄罗斯和欧洲也许应该作为平等夥伴进行合作,发展一个地区性框架,这个框架将利用美国、欧洲和俄罗斯提供的资源抵制来自中东的威胁,而这一威胁可能危及欧洲,也危及俄罗斯。那就是我们希望看到的进展。”In addition to missile defense, President Bush also plans to discuss proliferation issues in Sochi - particularly, his concerns over Tehran's nuclear ambitions. 除了导弹防御问题之外,布什总统也打算在索契讨论核扩散问题,他特别关注的是伊朗当局的核野心。The president did not say during the interview with foreign journalists if he expects Russian president-elect Dmitry Medvedev to attend the talks. Mr. Bush indicated he will be watching developments in Russia in coming months with great interest, but suggested he would withhold judgment on the new president until he has a chance to deal directly with him.布什总统在会晤外国记者时没有说明,他是否希望俄罗斯当选总统梅德韦杰夫也参加会谈。布什总统表示,他将在今后几个月内以极大的兴趣关注俄罗斯的事态进展。不过,布什表示,在自己有机会与俄罗斯新总统进行直接接触之前,将不作任何评判。200803/326165 保险咨询3句英文任你选May I ask you a few questions about insurance?我可以问您几个有关保险的问题吗?What insurance rate do you suggest we should get?您建议我们办什么样的保险费率呢?What kind of risks do you want covered?请问您要申请哪一种保险?半个句型要记牢insurance rate (保险费率)Tip:保险费率:投保人向保险公司每年交纳的保险费除以所投保的财产金额所得的比值,以百分数计。是应缴纳保险费与保险金额的比率。(费率保险费/保险金额) /201605/434142

US Presidential Candidates Debate Economy, Foreign Policy麦凯恩、奥巴马辩论会上激烈交锋 The two major party candidates for president of the ed States, Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Senator Barack Obama met in a spirited debate over the financial crisis and foreign policy Friday at the University of Mississippi. The two candidates clashed frequently over such issues as tax cuts, Iran's nuclear ambitions and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.美国两大政党的总统候选人、共和党的麦凯恩和民主党的奥巴马星期五在密西西比大学举行激烈的辩论,讨论美国金融危机和外交政策问题。两位候选人在减税、伊朗的核野心以及阿富汗和伊拉克战争等问题上频繁交锋。Although this was to have been a debate focused exclusively on foreign policy issues, the grave financial crisis that almost undermined the debate was the top issue addressed during the first half of the debate. Both Senators came to Mississippi from Washington, where they had been involved in the effort to put together an emergency package to stem the crisis.虽然原计划这次辩论专门讨论外交政策问题,但是美国严峻的金融危机却是第一场总统候选人辩论的头半场的首要议题。金融危机险些让第一场辩论不能如期举行。两位候选人参议员都是从华盛顿来到密西西比的。他们在首都参与了为制定因应金融危机的应急计划所作的努力。On Wednesday, Senator McCain suspended his campaign and called for a postponement of the debate in order to concentrate on the financial crisis. Senator Obama said he would come to the debate alone, if necessary, and for two days the fate of this first presidential debate of the 2008 election was uncertain. On Friday, however, just hours before the event was to take place, Senator McCain said enough progress had been made in Washington for him to come to the debate.星期三,麦凯恩中断了自己的竞选,他呼吁推迟候选人辩论,集中对付金融危机。奥巴马则表示,如果必要,他会一个人参加辩论。有两天时间,大家不知道2008年总统选举的第一场辩论能否举行。但是,星期五,在辩论原计划举行的时间前几个小时,麦凯恩说,在华盛顿已经取得了足够的进展,因此他能够到密西西比参加辩论。In their responses to questions about the crisis, the two senators gave support to the general idea of a government bail out plan, but differed over what needed to be done to restore the nation's economic health. Senator McCain said government needs to restore fiscal responsibility.两位参议员在回答有关金融危机的问题的时候,都表示持政府拯救金融机构的总体设想。但是两人在应该采取哪些具体措施来恢复国家经济健康的问题上意见分歧。麦凯恩说,政府需要重新负担起财政责任。"We have to, obviously, cut spending. I have fought to cut spending. Senator Obama has 800 billion dollars in new spending programs. I would suggest that he start by canceling some of those new spending programs that he has," he said.他说:“很明显,我们必须削减开。我曾为削减开而奋斗。奥巴马参议员曾用8千亿美元来推动新的政府开项目。我建议他先取消一些他的新项目。”Senator Obama fired back, accusing Senator McCain and Republicans of approving tax cuts for the wealthy while neglecting the needs of average working Americans.奥巴马还以颜色,他指责麦凯恩和共和党人一方面批准给富人减税,同时却忽视普通美国工薪阶层的需要。"If we are spending 0 billion on tax cuts for people who do not need them and we're not even asking for them and we are leaving out health care, which is crushing on people all across the country then, I think, we have made a bad decision and I want to make sure we are not short-changing our long-term priorities," he said.他说:“如果我们用3千亿美元来给那些不需要减税的人减税,而且根本不问这些人需不需要减税,我们正在忽视医疗保健,这使全国各地的人们受害。我认为,我们作出了很糟的决定,我要确保不再改变我们的长远的头等大事。”When the debate moved to foreign policy, the exchange became more heated, with Senator McCain frequently suggesting that Senator Obama did not fully understand such issues as the threat of a nuclear Iran or how to deal with Russia. Senator Obama fought back with criticisms of the Bush administration's policies, which he said Senator McCain has largely supported. Senator McCain hailed the success of the military surge in Iraq and Senator Obama attacked the decision to invade Iraq in the first place. 接下来辩论议题转到外交政策。两人的交锋变得更加激烈。麦凯恩频繁暗示奥巴马不完全理解伊朗核武化的威胁等问题,也不理解应该怎样对付俄罗斯。奥巴马则反唇相讥,批评布什政府的政策,并且说,麦凯恩基本上持布什的政策。麦凯恩则称赞美国军队在伊拉克的军事成功。One of the fiercest exchanges between the two candidates came over the issue of Iran and what to do about its plan to develop nuclear weapons. Senator McCain emphasized the threat this would pose to Israel and attacked Senator Obama for saying he would hold direct meetings with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.奥巴马还抨击布什从一开始根本就不应该打伊拉克战争。两位候选人辩论中一次最激烈的交锋有关伊朗问题。谈到伊朗发展核武器的计划时,麦凯恩强调,这将对以色列构成威胁,他抨击奥巴马,说奥巴马曾表示愿意跟伊朗领导人艾哈麦迪内贾德举行直接会晤。"What Senator Obama does not seem to understand is that if, without precondition, you sit down across the table from someone who has called Israel a stinking corpse and wants to destroy that country and wipe it off the map, you legitimize those comments. This is dangerous. It is not just naive, it is dangerous," he said.他说:“奥巴马似乎不理解,如果不预设条件,就跟伊朗人谈判,那你就把伊朗人的声明合法化了。伊朗人说,以色列是一具发臭的僵尸,他们要摧毁以色列,把以色列从地图上消灭掉。奥巴马这样作很危险,这样作不仅天真,而且危险。”Senator Obama responded by defending his willingness to meet with any foreign leader at any time if he believed it would make the ed States more secure.奥巴马的反应是,为他愿意在任何时候跟所有外国领导人会晤进行辩解,只要这些会晤能让美国更安全。"Now, understand what this means, meeting without preconditions. It does not mean that you invite them over for tea one day. What it means is that we do not do what we have been doing, which is to say that 'until you agree to do exactly what we say, we will not have direct contacts with you," he said.他说:“请理解我的意思。我说的无条件会晤,意思是请他们来喝茶。我的意思是,我们不再沿用过去的作法,不再说,‘除非你完全同意我们的立场,否则我们就不会同你进行直接接触。”Senator Obama said one of McCain's own advisors, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, had endorsed the idea of meeting with Iran's leaders without preconditions. Senator McCain said that was not true. In a recent meeting with other former secretaries of state, Kissinger did say U.S. officials should meet with the Iranians without preconditions, but he did not say the two presidents should meet.奥巴马说,麦凯恩自己的一个顾问,前国务卿基辛格就持无条件会晤伊朗领导人。麦凯恩说,这不是事实。他说,基辛格最近会晤其他前任美国国务卿的时候确实表示,美国官员应该无条件会晤伊朗人。但是基辛格没有说两国总统应该会晤。The next scheduled debate will be between the two vice presidential candidates, Republican Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska and Democratic Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. That event is scheduled for October 2 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.按计划,下次辩论将在两位副总统候选人之间举行。他们是共和党的佩林州长和民主党的拜登参议员。下次辩论将在10月2号在密苏里州圣路易市的华盛顿大学举行。200809/5086115第十五单元Conversation 1会话 1A:Anne, would you please come in for a while? Please also bring along the minutes of yesterdays management meeting.A:安妮,你能进来一下吗?同时,请带上昨天的高层会议记录。B:Of course,sir. Heres the minutes of the meeting.B:当然可以,先生 这就是会议记录。A:How long did the meeting last?A:会议进行了多久?B:The meeting was delayed by thirty minutes and it lasted for two and a half hours.B:会议推迟了三十分钟,进行了两个半小时。A:Did the chairman ask for me?A:会议主席问起我吗?B:Yes,I told him that you were very ill and couldnt attend.B:是的,我告诉他你病重,所以无法出席。A:All right. Have you handed in my report to him?A:好的,你把我的报告交给他了吗?B:Yes,l did. Besides, here are all the reports and materials handed out in the meeting. I think youll have to do some replies.B:是的,此外,这是在会议中分发的报告和资料,你也许要做些回答。A:Thank you, Anne. Youve done an excellent job. Did they mention the date for the next meeting?A:谢谢你,安妮,你做得非常好。他们提及下次会议的日期了吗?B:No,they didnt. The chairman said he would send a memo to all managers by the end of this week informing them of the date of the next meeting.B:没有,主席说将在本星期内发一份备忘录给各位经理,Conversation 2会话 2A:Hi, Mary, you have been a secretary for several years in this company. Could you tell me what a secretary should do for a meeting or a conference?A:喂,玛丽,你在本公司干了几年秘书了,能告诉我在会议中秘书必须做些什么工作吗?B:Well, an important part of the duties of a secretary, I think, is to do well the preparation work for the meeting.B:唔,我认为一个秘书的重要职责之一就是做好会议的准备工作。A:What should a secretary do to prepare for a meeting? Can you tell me a bit more about it?A:那么秘书应该做些什么样的准备工作呢?你能讲得稍微详细些吗?B:First of all, the agenda should be prepared before the meeting. Then you should ensure that those entitled to be present are properly informed.B:首先,开会前要准备好议程,然后你要确定通知到应该出席会议的所有人员。A:I see, and how about the documents and the Information?A:我明白了。文件和资料怎么办呢?B:All the necessary documents and the information relevant to the meeting should be available, preferably printed and distributed before the meeting.B:所有有关会议的必备文件和资料都得准备妥当,最好在会议前印好并分发出去。A:And what should a secretary do during the meeting?A:那么在会议期间秘书要做些什么呢?B:Of course, she should take minutes.B:当然应该做记录。A:And after the meeting?A:在会议之后呢?B:After the meeting she should type the minutes up, and then keep proper records of the business transacted and the resolutions passed and also implement many of the decision reached at the meeting.B:会后应当把会议记录打出来,还要把讨论的问题和通过的解决方案记人档案,并把会上所作出的决定加以执行。A:Its seriously good.A:非常好。 /201605/441948Now it's not a disability but a way of life. That's how some people with autism are challenging the conventional view. As new research suggests as many as one in fifty-eight children may have the condition. Now autistic people are using the Internet to fight for their rights to be accepted as they are, rather than be treated or cured. Jenny Clainman reports.Who's got a bank account. Everybody got a bank account?Truly, yes. Yep.At this workshop in Surrey, people with autism are learning social skills that will give them the confidence to participate in everyday society. Autism is a developmental disability which affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them. The National Autistic Society runs workshops like this so that autistic people can deal with the non-autistic world. But some people with autism are saying they shouldn't have to fit in with mainstream society. They claim that autism is just a different way of being, rather than a disorder to be treated and cured, and say they shouldn't have to change for all benefit. Amanda Baggs is an autistic campaigner from Vermont. She is profoundly autistic and can only communicate with words by using a computer. Amanda posted this on YouTube to show up the assumptions non-autistic people make when they see people with severe autism.The way I naturally think and respond to things looks and feels so different from standard concepts or even visualization that some people do not consider it thought at all. But it's a way of thinking in its own right. However the thinking of people like me is only taken seriously, if we learn your language.Amanda's is a YouTube hit. 300,000 people have seen it since she posted it in January.It is only when I type something in your language that you refer to me as having communication. I would like to honestly know how many people if you met me on the street, would believe I wrote this.Amanda uses the virtual online universe "Second Life" to meet up with other autistic activists. They call their group the Autistic Liberation Front. Amanda is proud of her autism. In a world where you can choose to be whatever you what to be, she has spent months giving her avatar the same ticks and mannerisms that she has in real life. New research says that as many as one in fifty-eight people in the UK are born with autism. The Autistic Liberation Front fear that as science increasingly understands the causes of autism, this may lead to prenatal genetic engineering and selective abortion, which they brand as genocide.I tend to liken it to it to Martin Luther King in the sort of Black Pride's Movement.Joshua Muggleton is 17, and has Asperger's Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. He has his own blog and recognizes how the Internet has empowered autistic people. The Internet has been to the autistic community what sign language has been to the deaf community, a channel of communication that allows them to speak for themselves.What I and l and a few other people tend to use, is the word disability which basically, is about, is not disability, it’s a difference of ability. I am happy being who I am. If I was cured, I wouldn’t be who I am. I know a lot of my friends who are Asperger's autistic who wouldn't want to be cured of their autism and their uniqueness, just fit in with society's norms.But the National Autistic Society worries about the implications of redefining autism as a cultural difference rather than a disorder. There is a real concern that if it is seen as just a personality trait, extreme shyness, a different way of functioning, then individuals won't be able to get the support and the help that they need so badly. It takes the emphasis away from their very complex needs and the fact that they need funding they need support and they need assistance to be able to live the sort of life that most of us would, would expect.The people who look most set to benefit from the autistic rights movement are those who have constant access to the Internet. Autistic Liberation may mean that people with autism become dependent on computers for their freedom. But for campaigners like Amanda who spend most of their waking hours online, it's a prize worth paying to be understood on their own terms.200805/39710

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