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Paul writes letters to fellow Christians around the empire:保罗给整个帝国的基督信徒们写了信函Romans, thessalonians and corinthians.有罗马书 帖撒罗尼迦书 格林多书They make up nearly half of the new testament.它们几乎占了圣经新约全书中的一半;There is no longer Jew or Greek,;世间再无犹太人和希腊人之异;Slave or free, male and female,;奴隶和自由之身之差 男女之别;For all of you are one in Jesus Christ.;因你们都存在于基督耶稣之下;We who are many are one body in Christ.;我们这儿的许多人 在基督里同为一体;Love is patient and kind,;爱是恒久忍耐 是温润善良;Love is not jealous or boastful, arrogant or rude...;;爱是不嫉妒 自负 傲慢或粗鲁...;Those letters become very much like the Twitter tweets that we see during the Arab Spring.这些信件就像我们在阿拉伯之春运动中 看到的推特网一样This was the communication of the time这就是当时的交流方式and it was very much under the Roman radar.但多数是在罗马的监控之下;When I was a child, I talked like a child,;我作孩子时 话语像孩子;I thought like a child, I reasoned as a child...;;思绪像孩子 意念像孩子...;Paul#39;s letters are entrusted to other believers Who deliver them across the empire.保罗将这些信件授与其他信徒 他们将此传遍罗马帝国;But when I became a man, I put away childish things.;;但当我长大成人 便将孩童之事丢弃;By this time, Rome has built A quarter of a million miles of roads,在这个时候 罗马已经修建了二十五万英里的公路Enough to circle the earth ten times.这些路足够绕地球十圈Shipping lanes connect 250 major ports.有着连接二百五十个重要港口的航道This is how Paul sps the word.这就是保罗传播信息的方法 Article/201510/405414Fiber helps waste products pass quickly through纤维素能够加快食物在大肠中的the colon which has been shown to help reduce the吸收速度,从而降低罹患大肠癌的几率risk of colon cancer. Several ideas have been关于如何解释纤维素对于大肠癌的proposed to explain this observation of fiber防治作用,人们提出了几个想法in the colon. One possibility is that fiber reduces一种可能是纤维素减少了排泄物the transit time of feces through the colon. The faster在结肠中停留的时间,排泄物通过feces passes through the colon, the shorter time there结肠的速度越快is for mutagenic material in the feces to排泄物中的致癌物质与结肠壁的interact with the inner surface of the colon.接触时间就越短In addition to fiber, whole grains contain many除了纤维素外,天然谷物还富含多种antioxidants such as Vitamin E, a variety of抗氧化物,例如维生素E 还有多种different phytochemicals, and selenium.植物化学性物质以及硒Antioxidants such as Vitamin E protect the cells维生素E等抗氧化剂能够保护身体中的in the body from oxidative damage and prevents细胞不受氧化过程的侵害,并且阻止carcinogen formation. Phytochemicals also致癌物形成,植物化学性物质和抗氧化剂protect the cells in your body from damage as many拥有相似的功效,都可以保护身体中的细胞are antioxidants as well. Selenium, which is required而硒是谷胱甘肽活动的必须物质for the activity of glutathione peroxidase is an过氧化物酶是一种重要的酶important enzyme that protects cells against oxidative它能够保护人体细胞不受氧化过程的损害damage. Oxidative damage can lead to cancers such as氧化过程可能导致癌症lung, prostate, and colorectal cancers.比如肝癌和直肠癌Now that we know the benefits of consuming我们已经知道了食用天然谷物可以whole grains in cancer prevention, how many有效预防癌症,那么每天摄入的whole grains should be eaten each day?天然谷物量是应该在多少呢?The recommendation is to make half of your grains是保每天食用的谷物中whole. Alternately, three ounces or more per day.有一半是天然谷物,或者是三盎司以上Here are some easy examples of servings of whole下面就是几种简单的饮食搭配grains: 1 cup of y-to-eat whole grain cereal,粮食: 一杯天然谷物a half cup of oatmeal, one slice of whole wheat b,半杯燕麦,一片全麦面包one half cup of brown rice or pasta,半杯黑米饭或者意大利面and five whole wheat crackers.以及五个全麦薄脆饼干In the grocery store aisle, how can you be sure我们怎样才能确保在杂货店买到的to find whole grain products? What should you是真正的天然谷物呢? 我们应该关注look for on the package?标签上的哪些信息呢? Article/201510/406056栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/396371

When those bells were first played in the fifth century , China was in military and political disarray, essentially just a collection of competing fiefdoms, all battling for supremacy.公元前一千五百年,当这口钟第一次被奏响时,中国正处于政治混乱、战火连绵的时期。诸侯为争夺霸权,不断挑起战争。There was widesp social instability, but also lively intellectual debate about what a society ought ideally to be, and by far the most famous and influential contributor to these debates was Confucius.社会普遍动荡不安,诸子为理想社会的形态争论不休。而诸子中影响力最大、最有名的一位便是孔子。Perhaps not surprisingly, given the insecurity of the times, he places a very high value on peace and harmony.他极为推崇和平与和谐,有鉴于当时动荡的社会背景,这恐怕并不令人惊讶。We#39;re told that one of his celebrated sayings was: ;Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.;据说他曾说:“夫乐者,乐也,人情之所不能免也。”For Confucius, music was a metaphor of a harmonious society, and its performance could actually help bring that better society about.对孔子来说,音乐是和谐社会的象征,可以让社会更美好。It#39;s a view of the world that still resonates strongly in China today, and it brings us back to our bell.这样的世界观在今天仍能得到中国人的热烈响应,也与本文中的铜钟故事紧密相连。 Article/201410/333890

If having your wedding announced in the society pages is important to you, and your relatives didn’t come over on the Mayflower, here’s what you’ll need to do.如果在报纸上宣布婚讯对你来说比较重要,你的亲戚也没有乘坐“五月花”号船只跋山涉水而来,下面是你要做的事情。You Will Need你需要An excellent picture of the bridal couple新婚夫妇的漂亮照片A flair for embellishment修饰的眼光Networking skills社交技能A high-profile volunteer position高级志愿者的职位Noteworthy achievements引人注目的成就Impressive careers令人印象深刻的职业Respectable addresses值得尊重的住址A cute meeting story有趣的两人相遇的故事A grand proposal很好的求婚Steps步骤STEP 1 Follow the rules1.遵守规定Find out the newspaper’s submission guidelines and follow them to the letter. Editors are busy, and they’re going to toss your application right into the bin if it’s missing critical information, is incorrectly formatted, or arrives after the deadline.查看该报纸的投稿指引,遵守他们的规定。编辑们都很忙,如果错过了关键的信息,格式错误,或者在最后期限之前送达,他们会立即把你的申请丢入垃圾桶。STEP 2 See eye-to-eye2.深情凝视Send a photo in which the eyebrows of you and your betrothed are on the exact same level, with your heads close together.That’s what the New York Times prefers, and they, after all, are the mother of all wedding announcement sections.发送一张两人的眼球在同一水平线的照片,两人的头部紧紧地依靠在一起。纽约时报喜欢这样,毕竟,它们是所有婚讯宣布栏目的开创者。STEP 3 Be charitable3.慷慨仁慈If you’re involved with a charitable organization, mention it. If you’re not, do your best to get your behind on a do-gooder board before submitting your wedding announcement.如果你参加了慈善团体,提及这一点。如果没有参加,宣布婚讯之前尽最大努力让自己登上善人榜。STEP 4 Mention achievements4.提及成就If you or your intended has done something worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, the Guinness Book of World Records, or even a spot in the circus, mention it.如果你或者你的另一半做了一些值得获得诺贝尔和平奖,吉尼斯世界纪录,或者是戏剧表演的焦点,也提到这些成就。STEP 5 Tweak job titles5.调整工作头衔Make everyone’s job—you, that of your beloved, and those of your parents—sound as impressive as possible. After all, you can’t turn the University of Who Cares into Harvard, but you can turn a garbage man into a waste removal expert.尽量让你和爱人,父母的工作听上去让人印象深刻。毕竟,你不能把野鸡大学改为哈佛大学,但是你可以把捡破烂的改为废品处理专家。Consider having someone with a low-level job incorporate his first and middle name. Voila! Your father-in-law becomes president of David James, Inc.考虑把工作职位较低的人的首名和中间名合在一起!哇!你的岳父或公公将成为大卫·詹姆斯公司的总裁。STEP 6 Be geographically desirable6.称心如意的住址Proceed cautiously when providing addresses. If you, or any of your loved ones, live in a dodgy neighborhood, list the nearest nicer town instead.提供地址的时候小心谨慎。如果你或任何一个亲人住在不太光鲜的地方,提及最近的比较豪华的社区。STEP 7 Include a meet-cute story7.两人相遇的有趣的故事If how you met was cute, say so—newspapers eat those up. An unusual proposal works, too.如果你们的相遇很有趣,简单讲述一下,报纸最喜欢这些内容。非同寻常的求婚也是不错的选择。STEP 8 Network8.社交网络Ask everyone you know if they know anyone even remotely connected to the society pages. Someone who could do you a favor—or blackmail someone else.向你认识的每一个人咨询,看他们是否认识和这家报纸有关系的人。或许有人会帮你,或者辗转帮到你。STEP 9 Get over it9.恢复平静If you don’t have any luck, fuggedaboudit. Do you really want to be a part of a system that reveres people simply because their parents are wealthy or are fifth-generation Americans? Well, get over it.如果你运气不好,那就放弃吧。你真的想成为只因为他们的父母是有钱人或者第五代美国人就赢得尊重的人群中的一员吗?还是恢复平静吧。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/333465

Many children who have milk and egg allergies对牛奶和蛋类过敏的儿童are potential candidates for developing allergies可能在儿童时期更容易出现to other highly sensitizing food such as peanuts对易引发过敏反应的食品的过敏现象during childhood.比如花生However people who have a peanut allergy但是,对花生过敏的人do not usually react to other legumes such as反而可以接受一些其他的豆类食品green beans, lima beans or navy beans and比如绿豆,青豆或者海军豆are also likely to tolerate soy.也可能可以接受大豆This shows that some individuals are这表明一些人genetically more susceptible to从基因上就更容易出现develop food allergies.食物过敏的现象Now let#39;s examine some treatment options现在我们来讨论一下for food allergy.食物过敏的治疗方法There is currently no cure for food allergy目前对于食物过敏and the American Academy of Pediatrics并没有治愈的方法and the Food and Drug Administration advise美国儿科学会和食物和药品those with the condition to completely avoid建议食物过敏的人远离the susceptible foods.可能引发过敏的食品However there are several promising treatments但是确实有一些很有发展前景的in the process of development or are in testing.治疗方法正在研究实验过程中Next we will look at a few of these options.下面我们就来看看这些方法中的几种The first is sublingual immunotherapy第一种是舌下免疫疗法and oral immunotherapy are based on the concept和口腔免疫疗法,它们基于这样一种概念that the contact of the antigen with the oral mucosa通过口腔黏膜and gut associated lymphoid system leads to tolerance.和内脏淋巴系统接触抗原可以导致耐受性With these treatments patients are given用这种治疗方法的病人通过口腔minute amounts of the allergen orally and over time接触了很小剂量的过敏原,随着时间推移the quantity is increased.他们可以接受得过敏原的剂量增加了Only a few uncontrolled trials have been reported.已报告的失败的案例只有几例And although OIT and SLIT for egg, milk虽然对蛋类,牛奶和榛子的过敏and hazelnut appear to provide desensitization用这两种治疗方法在治疗期间during therapy long term tolerance可以达到脱敏的效用has yet to be validated.但是这是否长期有效尚未得到验The second treatment option we will examine is第二种治疗方法是the anti-IgE therapy.抗IgE疗法In one research study on peanut allergy在对花生过敏的一项实验研究中treatment TNX-901,给接受实验者使用一种抗IgE的名为an anti-IgE antibody was administered to individualsTNX-901的抗体,剂量从150毫克in varying doses from 150 to 450 milligrams到450毫克不等each week for 4 weeks.时间长度为4周Results showed that the 450 milligram dose实验结果表明 450毫克剂量的人significantly increased the threshold response from可以接受的花生数量从平均半个about one half of a peanut to 9 peanuts on average.上升到了9个The increased threshold would be enough to protect上升的数量足以使against accidental ingestion of peanuts and对花生过敏的人,在意外吃到花生后potentially protect the patient from a life不受影响,也可以使他们threatening reaction.免于遭受生命威胁However the results were inconsistent但是实验结果也有不一致的地方and the therapy would require bimonthly且这种疗法需要两月一次or monthly injections for life.或者一月一次接受注射Still it may be useful for those可能它对那些对花生who have severe reactions to peanuts.严重过敏的人较为有效The third treatment option we will examine is第三种疗法也是again for peanut allergy and is针对花生过敏the engineered recombinant protein.是工程重组蛋白The three major proteins that elicit可以引发过敏反应的三种an allergenic response have been isolated主要的蛋白质已经被分离出来to identify the allergenic components of peanuts.从而查明花生中可以导致过敏的部分The proteins have been modified to这些蛋白被进行了重组,降低它们reduce their ability to bind with the IgE antibodies在人体内与IgE抗体的联系能力within the human body therefore从而减少reducing the allergenic response.过敏反应The recombinant proteins have been shown to be重组蛋白在抑制过敏症状发生significantly more effective at blocking symptoms.方面作用显著This treatment is undergoing further testing before这种疗法目前正在being submitted for an application试验阶段,今后会向for approval by the Food and Drug Administration.食物和药品申请批准Another treatment option that is being researched另外一种疗法是is the food allergy herbal formula.采用植物配方This herb blend contains 9 Chinese herbs这种植物配方中包括9种中草药and has been shown to block anaphylactic symptoms在对老鼠进行的临床试验中and provide protection against symptoms of在抑制花生过敏的过敏性反应peanut allergy in a clinical study performed on mice.方面效果显著The FDA has recently approved the application食物和药品最近批准了这项申请and a Phase I clinical trial will soon be underway.一期临床试验即将开始In summary, food allergies are an autoimmune response总结下来,食物过敏是一种自身免疫反应that is often mistaken for food intolerance.经常被误认为是食物不耐症Research and reporting has found that peanut allergy研究及报告显示尤其是in particular appears to be increasing and theories花生过敏的数量一直在增加as to why this is happening are still being examined.而这其中的原因还未找到Genetic, environmental and immunological influences人们进行了基因,环境和are being examined to explain免疫系统方面的研究来解释食物过敏是how food allergies develop and many research studies如何产生发展的,目前仍然有很多实验研究are underway to find this answer.正在进行中来寻找Improved diagnosis, allergy management and成功诊断,过敏管理和患者教育patient education have improved in recent years近年来都得到了发展,对食物过敏的人and foods that elicit allergenic responses应该远离should be avoided.可能引发过敏反应的食物While a cure is not available numerous虽然目前没有可行的治愈方法treatment options are being examined.但是有很多疗法正处于研究试验阶段Reading food ingredient lists and asking questions目前对食物过敏的人来说about the foods you plan to consume are最好的方式是阅读食物成分表currently the best defense for those以及询问你要吃的食物的with food allergies.成分包括什么 Article/201506/380621

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