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Marsha is an eager beaver and works like a mule. 玛莎做事很给力,踏实肯干不惜力【Andrew Note】I aly explained that beavers are industrious, but even beavers cant hold a candle to the mule. The mule is big, strong, and completely single-minded in his work. Mules cannot have baby mules, so their only purpose in life is to work, work, and work some more.我已经解释过:海狸是勤奋的,但却不能和骡子相提并论骡子个头大、身体壮,对工作一心一意骡子不能生小骡儿,所以生活的唯一目标就是工作、工作、再工作[1] Marsha was soon appointed manager of the marketing department, in charge of 38 people all told. Quite a few old-timerscouldnt make head or tail of how such a newcomer could win the favor of the general manager and climb up the ladder so fast, getting the upper hand of all of them. In private, some even went so far as to fling mud ather, saying she tried to ingratiate herself withthe general manager using her feminine charms. Anyhow, she never took their loose talk to heart and let people circulate whatever rumors they pleased.[] Young as she was, she knew the way around, hitting it off with not only the general manager but also rank-and-filers(普通成员, 一般人员)in the company. But she didnt flatter herself and get on her high horse,never even making it hot those who had gossiped about her.When a problem appeared, she just talked with the individuals concerned with an open heart. When faced with an embarrassing situation, she always let the person down gently(委婉待人;给人留面子;). She was even-tempered(镇定的, 冷静的)and fair with everyone. Thus, she won respect from all around her and everything went swimmingly. [3] Now everyone knew she had risen through the ranksbecause of her talent and keeping her nose to the grindstone. When errors cropped up, she kept her cool and never passed the buck toothers. She worked her way intogreat success. Of course, the praise sp all over: Marsha is an eager beaver and works like a mule.[1] 玛莎很快被任命为市场部经理,负责管理38个人一些老资格的人搞不明白为什么这个新手赢得了经理的宠信,而且爬得这么快,占尽了风头 私下里,有些人竟然恶意中伤,说她试图施展女性魅力来讨好总经理然而,她从来就不把这些闲言碎语放在心上,任凭人们怎么高兴就怎么造谣[] 虽然年轻,可她却精于世道,不仅和总经理相处融洽,和公司里的普通员工也和和睦睦不过她不沾沾自喜,盛气凌人,甚至也不为难那些曾经说过她闲话的人一旦出现问题,她和相关人员开诚布公地谈遇上尴尬局面,她总是就给人留足面子她镇定自如,待人公正因而赢得了大家的尊重,一切也都进展得很顺利[3] 现在,大家都知道,她之所以能平步青云,是她才华出众,工作刻苦认真出现差错了, 她就冷静下来,从来不推委责任她工作兢兢业业,因而取得了成功当然到处都能听到对她的赞美之词:玛莎做事很给力,踏实肯干不惜力 175您定做的衣想用什么料子?- :9: A:I’d like to be fitted a suit please.我想要做一件外套B:Certainly. Have you decided which material you would like the suit to be made from? We have a selection of materials over here.当然你想要什么料子的?我们这人有几种选择A:Well, I thought that I would choose either this one or that one. I really want a dark blue suit. Which do you recommend.好吧,我想要这种或是这种我想要件深蓝色的外套你推荐哪个?B:This material is a little more expensive, but is of much higher quality.这种面料有点贵,但是质量很好A:Yes. I can feel the difference in material. There’s not much difference in price. Ok, I’ll take the more expensive one.是我能感觉出料子不一样价格没有差太大好吧,我要贵一点儿的B:Fine. I’ll measure you the suit.…shoulder…waist…inside leg…earm…upper arm…thank you.I’ll prepare the suit you tomorrow. Could you come again the day after tomorrow just to check that the suit fits correctly. Then I will make the final suit within a few days.好的我量一下尺寸肩宽、腰围、腿围、手臂、胳膊、谢谢我明天就为你做你能后天再过来一次以确定是否合身吗?在这之后的几天内,我就会把最终的外套做好A:That’s fine. I would also like a few shirts and a jacket. I don’t need them specially made. Those shirts over there look very nice. Are they made of cotton?好的我还想要衬衫和夹克不需要特别做,那边那些就不错是棉质的吗?B:Yes, they are. How many would you like and of which color?是你要几件?什么颜色的?A:I’ll take three light blue ones, please.我要三件浅蓝色的B:Are you looking a casual jacket or something mal?你要休闲一点的夹克还是正式点的?A:Just a casual one- a sport jacket. This one looks nice. I’ll just try it on.…yes, that ’s fine. I’ll take it. Here’s my credit card.要休闲运动点的夹克这件不错我要试试嗯,不错这是我的信用卡B:Thank you very much, sir. I’ll put the shirts and jacket into a bag you.谢谢你先生我把衬衫和夹克给你包起来A:Thank you very much. I’ll see you the day after tomorrow.谢谢后天见

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Travel Etiquette出行礼仪Norway挪威Dont stare at naked people: ;People are pretty relaxed about nudity, and both men and women will example change on public beaches without any attempt at covering themselves up. You are however expected to look away.;不要盯着裸露的人:“人们觉得裸体很自在,比如在公共沙滩上,男人女人都不会穿一丝半缕,但你绝不能盯着人家看”Dont unwrap flowers bee you give them as a gift: ;Germans do this.;送花作为礼物时,不要先拆开花束:“德国人会这么做”Dont ask people about church: ;Most attend none, and asking this is seen as intrusive, rude and downright weird.;不要向人们打听教堂:“很多人根本不去教堂这么问会显得冒犯、无礼,也特别奇怪”Dont expect special treatment: ;People are very inmal here and being on a first-name-basis with anyone short of the King is the norm. Even the prime-minister of Norway is most often referred to by first name.;不要奢望得到特别礼遇:“这里的人都很随意,人与人之间一般都直呼其名哪怕是挪威首相也经常被人这么叫” intrusive adj.闯入的,打扰的; 侵入的例句:Staff are courteous but never intrusive.员工谦恭有礼却从不让人感到唐突 stare at 盯,凝视; 睽例句:Dont stare at me— it impolite!别盯着我看——这是不礼貌的! 更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 300

少儿英语情景对话:你每次都迟到-- :31:   You are late every time  你每次都迟到  Student: Are you upset to me?  Teacher: Don't talk to me.  Student: I'm really sorry,please accept my apology.  Teacher: You are late every time.  Student: I'll never be late again.  Teacher: Come on. You aly said that about 0 times.  Student: This is the last time, please give me.  Teacher: Ok. If you are late again,it will be over.  学生:我若怒你了吗?  老师:不要跟我说话  学生:我真的很抱歉,请接受我的道歉  老师:你每次都迟到  学生:我以后不会再迟到了  老师:行了吧你已经说饿了一百多次了  学生:这是最后一次,请原谅我  老师:好吧如果你再迟到,它也就结束了

沉寂三年半 宁浩电影《无人区回归贺岁档 --18 19::59 来源: 沉寂三年半 宁浩电影《无人区回归贺岁档沉寂了三年半,宁浩的电影《无人区就在今年岁末要上贺岁档啦!《无人区是一个关于被一路追杀的律师的逃亡路的惊悚电影After facing the wrath of the government's film review board, director Ning Hao's road thriller, "No Man Land," is coming to China's theaters on December 3, over three and a half years after it was set to be released.While originally finished in April , "No Man Land" earned the ire of Zhao Baohua, member of the film review board of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), who alleged that the film was "trash" and its depiction of depraved individuals was not on a par with reality, adding that any film SARFT bans is also fit a waste bin. Zhao Baohua also took a shot at Ning Hao directly, saying that the director had gotten about the social responsibility of being an artist, adding that the gratuitous nature of the movie reflected his narcissism.Ning Hao, who is busy shooting his new film in Yunnan province, has yet to respond to the news. However, actor and star of "No Man Land," Huang Bo, expressed his excitement the film's Chinese debut by uploading an image of the movie's promotional poster on his microblogging Weibo on October . Huang added that he will have a shaved head in the film and that he was "exchanging" hairstyles with fellow actor and "No Man Land" co-star, Xu Zheng who often acts in an image of being bald.The film tells the story of the main character driving a car to the west and meeting up with various people and having different stories happening to him. Behind the story, audiences can see in-depth themes of man's nature of being a social animal.The film revolves around a lawyer who heads west to the Gobi desert, navigating terrain as treacherous as the people he encounters. 宁浩 无人区

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