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Much like regular science, the science of advertising is constantly growing and evolving. The advent of the Internet and mobile devices have given marketers more options than ever grabbing your attention. But it turns out those marketers are just getting started.就像普通科学一样,广告的科学也在不断发展进步随着互联网与移动设备的普及,市场营销人员有更多的方式来吸引你的注意力事实明,这只是营销渗透到生活中的开端.Engineered Jingles.特殊的广告歌曲The American Psychological Association recently published a revealing paper on the phenomenon of earworms—songs you cant seem to shake from your head, even if you dislike them. Songs that hang on and wont let go share some unique characteristics not shared by less catchy hits. In addition to a quick tempo, these songs share what researchers called a ;common melodic shape,; as well as the frequent use of unusual intervals and repetitive notes. That these characteristics are distinct enough that one may be able to predict which songs will get stuck in listeners heads by analyzing their melodic content—or, familiarity with these patterns ;could help aspiring songwriters or advertisers write a jingle everyone will remember days or months afterward.;最近,美国心理协会发布了一篇文章,分析了那些不断盘旋在人们脑中的歌曲片段,即一些你不喜欢,但仍在你脑中挥之不去的旋律与普通的音乐相比,这些“洗脑神曲”有很多特点这些曲子都节奏较快,旋律线条变化相似,经常使用独特的音程,不断重复特定的音符这些特点十分明显,通过分析歌曲旋律,我们就可以预测哪些歌曲可以成为“洗脑神曲”,或者根据这些旋律特点,作曲人和广告商可以写出那些数天或数月都在人们脑中盘旋的旋律9.Smart Appliances9.智能家电Many electronics manufacturers envision smart homes, in which appliances such as clothes washers, refrigerators, and thermostats are connected to the Internet and managed from a central hub. Chinese company Hisense, which recently acquired the use of the Sharp brand name in North and South America, debuted such a system at a trade show. A big takeaway many was the potential advertising, much of which need not be web-based or even very intrusive. example, a smart clothes washer could detect when youre running low on detergent and suggest ordering more of the previous brand, or offer options other brands. A smart thermostat could chime in with ads discounted vacation destinations during cold months, or a smart refrigerator could put together and automatically order a shopping list based on preferred brands. Google has been onboard with this since smart appliances have existed, and it seems all but certain that such targeted advertising will be a major aspect of the connected home of the near future.很多家电生产商都描绘过未来的智能家居产品,像洗衣机、电冰箱、恒温器等家电都与互联网连接,由中央集线器控制中国的海信公司,在北美和南美用的是夏普的品牌名称,在年贸易展览上首次展出这种智能家居系统比如说,智能洗衣机能够检测洗涤剂是否充足,假如洗涤剂不足,它就会提示添加同品牌的洗涤剂,或者向你推荐其他牌子的洗涤剂智能恒温器报告温度的同时,还会向你推荐合适的冬季旅游胜地,并提供相关打折信息智能冰箱能够自动为你列出特定品牌的购物清单谷歌公司已经开始研发这种智能家电,我们确信在不久的将来,所有的家庭都会覆盖这种广告方式8.Drones8.无人机Some companies are using drones to capture high quality aerial use in commercials that would have otherwise been prohibitively expensive; some, like Tequila maker Patron, have even integrated such footage into successful virtual reality campaigns, combining two cutting edge advertising techniques. Of more concern, however, is the potential drones to collect data. Singapore-based advertising firm Near conducted a proof of concept trial in in several markets, including Los Angeles, in which drones collected publicly available Wi-Fi data to gather user inmation and deliver super-targeted, location based ads. Despite questions about the trial legality, it seems unlikely that marketers would leave such a potentially vast data source untapped.一些公司正在使用无人机进行航拍,用于商业推广,而且无人机拍摄的费用要远低于其他拍摄方式,比如说Patron的龙舌兰酒采用两种最前卫的广告技术,将无人机拍摄的素材应用于虚拟现实的竞争但人们更加关心的是,无人机在数据收集方面的潜力早在年,总部位于新加坡的广告公司Near就进行过概念性的试验,在多地商场,比如洛杉矶,通过公共WIFI来收集用户信息,然后有针对性地进行当地广告投放这个试验的合法性仍存在争议,但营销人员应该不会对这一大块潜力无限的数据置之不理7.Interactive Unstores7.无人售货商店Most brick-and-mortar retail outlets have struggled with the ascent of online commerce to some extent. Recently, a few major manufacturers have pioneered a completely new retail concept—using a physical space purely as a showcase, giving consumers hands-on time with their products without the option to purchase. Many consumers use retail outlets in this manner aly, evaluating products in person bee completing their purchases online. Retailers following this model can make better use of space without the need a stock room, and consumers are relieved of the pressure to buy while being able to ;deep dive; into a brand, its products, and its ethos. Electronics manufacturer Samsung recently unveiled such an ;unstore;—a 0,000 square foot showcase in Manhattan.由于线上网购的发展,某种程度上影响到实体零售店的生意最近,一些零售商开创出一个全新的零售概念——打造实体展示空间,不以销售产品为目标,而是让客户亲自体验产品的各种功能很多客户已经这样做了,他们在实体店里查看商品功能和质量,再在网上下单购买零售商们可以利用这种方法来合理使用店铺空间,不需要多余的储藏室,顾客们也能够轻松购物,同时也能够了解到不同品牌更多的信息,包括产品、评价等三星的电子制造业务已经开始发展这种无人售货商店,这家商店位于曼哈顿,占地万平方尺6.Connected Cars6.车载广告In , electronics manufacturer Magellan launched its Smart GPS, a standalone dash-mounted system that had a few features lacking in other similar s. Specifically, its interface can be made to volunteer inmation relevant to your current location—such as places to eat, hotels to stay in, or entertainment options. Many of these suggestions come paired with coupons or special offers through Foursquare. This is an example of contextual marketing, and many in the industry believe it to be the wave of the future as more cars come standard with Internet connectivity. Location-based ads are only one potential avenue in-car advertising; even today, devices connect to your car diagnostic computer and offer situational rewards. example, careful driving during a storm may reward you with a free wiper blade installation from a nearby auto shop, or a stressful, gridlocked commute may earn you a free dinner from a local restaurant.年,电子制造商麦哲伦发布了一款智能GPS系统,这个系统独立安装在仪表盘上,与普通的GPS系统相比,有几个独特的特点特别是它能够根据你当前的位置自动向你推荐相关信息,如饭馆、旅店或休闲的地方与这些推荐信息一起出现的,还有Foursquare公司提供的优惠券或其他折扣这就是一个情境营销的案例,而且行业内的许多人都相信这在未来会掀起新的营销浪潮,因为越来越多的车能够直接接入互联网基于位置的广告只是车载广告的一种潜在形式,即使是今天,也有设备能够连接到汽车电脑检测仪并根据需要提供反馈比如说,在暴风雨中谨慎驾驶,附近的汽车店检测到这一事实后会免费帮你安装雨刮器,或者在通勤过程中遇到交通大拥堵时,会有附近的餐馆给你提供一顿免费的美食 56A: I was wondering if I could speak to someone about some concerns of mine with the pool area.我在想我能否和某个负责人说下我关注的泳池区域的问题B: I can answer any questions that you might have. What are your concerns?我能回答你的问题你忧虑什么?A: I enjoy living next to the pool, but it gets really loud out there at night.我喜欢住在泳池旁,但是现在那里晚上很吵B: The pool is supposed to be closed after :00. Are you saying that people are partying later than that?泳池应在晚上点后关闭,你是说人们晚于那个时候还在聚会?A: There have been parties out there that havenrsquo;t ended until two in the morning!有些聚会要持续到凌晨点B: Did you call the front desk?你给前台打电话了吗?A: Yes, I tried, but no one picked up.是的,我打了,但没人接听B: You can have my personal line to call if this happens again. Do not hesitate to call.如果再遇到这种情况,你可以打我的私人专线别犹豫A: Thank you taking care of this me.谢谢你的关心B: Thank you bringing it to my attention. We will send reminder memos to help people remember what the rules are.谢谢引起我对此事的注意我们会给居民发提醒函,让他们记住有关泳池的规定 9

Long bee they were called selfies, Karl Baden snapped a simple black and white photo of himself. Then he repeated it every day the next three decades.在“自拍”出现前,卡尔·拜登就每天拍下1张自己的黑白照片,接下来30年,他每天都这样做Baden ;Every Day; project officially turns 30 on Thursday and he says he has no intention of stopping. The stark contemplation on mortality and aging has prompted some to dub the Boston College professor the unwitting ;father of the selfie.;拜登的“每日”计划到上周四正式满30年,但他表示没想停下来拜登这种忠实审视死亡与衰老的做法,让他获得“自拍之父”的封号他是波士顿学院的一名教授He recognizes the ubiquity of the selfie has helped raise the profile of the project, which has been exhibited in art galleries in Boston, New York City and elsewhere over the years.他承认自拍风潮帮助他的项目提高了知名度,这些年来,照片在波士顿、纽约市等地的美术馆展出;If it wasnt the selfie craze, Id probably be slogging along in anonymity as usual,; Baden joked this week. ;Which is sort of what I had expected.;他本周开玩笑说:“如果不是自拍热,我大概会和以前一样匿名拍照片,那也是我之前希望的”What makes the project work is that it reflects a number of universal themes, from death to man obsession with immortalizing himself in some way, said Howard Yezerski, a Boston gallery owner who has exhibited the project on two occasions.曾两次展出照片的波士顿一家画廊的主人Howard Yezerski表示,拜登的照片能一直拍下去,是因为照片反映了很多普遍的主题,从死亡到人类某种对不朽的执迷等等;It both personal and universal at the same time,; he said. ;He recording a life, or at least one aspect of it that we can all relate to because were all in same boat. Were all going to die.;他说:“这是个人的,同时也是普遍的他在记录一段生命,或者至少是生命的一方面,我们都与此相关,因为我们都在同一条船上,都会死亡”Baden, 6, quietly launched his project on Feb. 3, 1987, the day after Andy Warhol died and nearly two decades bee Facebook emerged. He tries to remain faithful to that first image, posing with the same neutral facial expression and using the same 35mm camera, tripod, backdrop and lighting.1987年月3日,现年6岁的拜登悄然开始了他的自拍计划摄影师安迪·沃霍尔前一天刚去世,距离脸谱网问世还有将近年他尝试拍下与第一张相同的照片,采用同样的面部表情,使用相同的35毫米相机、三脚架、背景和灯光;The act itself is like brushing your teeth,; he said. ;Ill just take the picture and get on with the rest of my day. It not a holy ritual or anything.;他说:“拍照就像刷牙我拍下照片,然后继续过一天的生活这并非任何神圣仪式”Baden has taken other pains to maintain the same aesthetic. He has consciously not grown a beard or mustache, and his hair remains simply styled.为了让照片保持一贯的风格,拜登还付出了其他代价他有意不蓄胡须,发型也一直很简单;I have to turn all these variables into constants so that Im not distracting from the aging process,; Baden explained.拜登解释说:“这些都保持不变,这样才能看出照片所表现的衰老过程”Besides mortality, Baden says the project touches on the notions of obsession, incremental change and perfection.除了死亡,拜登说照片还触及了痴迷、渐进的改变和完美的概念;As much as I try to make every picture the same, I fail every day,; he said. ;There always something that a little different, aside from the aging process.;他说:“我尽可能每天都拍一样的照片,但每天都失败除了衰老,总有那么点儿东西是不同的”Approaching ,000 photos, the changes in Baden appearance over time dont appear dramatic. But in 01, Baden underwent chemotherapy to treat prostate cancer and became noticeably thinner.在大约1.1万张照片中,拜登的外貌随着时间的改变没有太剧烈但在01年,拜登接受了治疗前列腺癌的化疗,明显消瘦了The cancer is now in remission and, as later pictures show, Baden quickly bounced back. The only lasting change from that time, he says, has been his eyebrows; they never quite grew back.目前他的病情缓解,就像随后的照片中那样,拜登迅速恢复了他说,那段时间带来的唯一持久变化,就是他的眉毛,它们没有再长回原来的样子 73A: How do you like the apartment?你觉得公寓如何?B: I like the apartment, but I see something wrong with it.我喜欢这个公寓,但是我看见有些问题A: Whatrsquo;s wrong?什么问题?B: Therersquo;s a leaking faucet in the kitchen.厨房水龙头漏水A: That isnrsquo;t a problem.那不是什么问题B: That leak is going to raise my water bill.漏水会增加我的水费A: What can I do?我能做些什么?B: You need to fix it.修好它A: I canrsquo;t right now.我现在修不了B: I wonrsquo;t rent it if the faucet isnrsquo;t fixed.如果水龙头修不好,我就不租A: I will fix it you.我会为你修好B: Irsquo;m glad you finally agree.很高兴你最终同意了 59

Monkeys have the vocal tracts to produce human speech sounds, but what they lack is a speech-y brain, a new study has found.据一项最新研究发现,猴子的声道可以发出人类语言的声音,但是它们缺少一个会说话的大脑The study, conducted by researchers from the U.S. and Europe and published this week in the U.S. journal Science Advances, used X-ray to see within the mouth and throat of macaque monkeys induced to vocalize, eat food, or make facial expressions.这份研究由美国和欧洲的研究者们联合进行、发表在本周的美国杂志《科学进展上,在猕猴发出声音、进食和做出面部表情时,他们使用X射线来观察它们嘴巴和喉咙内部The scientists then used these data to build a computer model of a monkey vocal tract, allowing them to answer the question ;what would monkey speech sound like, if a human brain were in control?;科学家们随后用这些数据建立了一个猴子声道的电脑模型,从而使得他们回答这一问题--“如果猴子长了人脑,那么它们的语言是什么样的?”The results showed that monkeys could easily produce many different sounds, enough to produce thousands of distinct words.结果表明,猴子可以轻松地发出许多不同的声音,足以产生上万个不同的词汇 example, monkeys could produce comprehensible vowel sounds -- and even full sentences -- with their vocal tracts if they had the neural ability to speak.举例来说,如果猕猴真的具有神经功能的语言能力,它们可以用自己的声道说出可理解的元音--甚至是完整的句子The researchers noted, however, that while monkeys would be understandable to the human ear, they would not sound precisely like humans.不过研究者们指出,虽然人类可以理解猕猴说的话,但是它们的声音却和人类不大一样Theree, the researchers concluded that previous research -- largely based on plaster casts made from the vocal tracts of a monkey cadaver -- underestimates primate vocal abilities and that evolution of human speech capabilities required neural changes rather than an adaptation of vocal anatomy.研究者们作出结论,之前的研究(很大程度上基于一只死亡猴子声道的石膏模型)低估了灵长类动物的发声能力,而人类语言能力进化需要的是神经的改变,而不是声道生理构造的改变;Now nobody can say that it something about the vocal anatomy that keeps monkeys from being able to speak -- it has to be something in the brain,; said Asif Ghazanfar, a professor of psychology at the Princeton University and one of the study leaders.该项研究领导者之一、普林斯顿大学心理学教授阿西夫表示:“现在没人说猴子不能说话是因为声道生理构造和人类不同了--而是它们大脑里的东西和人类不同” 8686

has seen theme park industry in China grow in leaps and bounds, with Disneyland launching an outlet in Shanghai, and domestic brands such as Happy Valley and Fantawild Adventure expanding across into new regions.年,我国主题公园行业呈爆炸式增长,迪士尼在上海开设乐园,欢乐谷和方特欢乐世界等国内品牌也向新区域进行扩张However, of the ,700 theme parks in the country, only % are making profits, according to the report on Chinese theme parks. 70% are said to be in the red, with the rest at break-even point.但《中国主题公园发展报告显示,全国700家主题公园中,仅%实现盈利据称70%的主题公园处于亏损状态,其余的则处于收平衡Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Academy, says most indigenous Chinese theme parks are unable to meet public demand in design, operation and maintenance, and are in particular lacking cultural creativity.中国旅游研究院院长戴斌表示,大部分本土主题公园在设计、运营、维护等方面均不能满足公众需求,尤其缺乏文化创意;Theme parks in the past were no more than a landscape show. Now they have become amusement parks as the second generation, which still dont have an attractive theme and a story or logic th to link up all elements. Theme parks dont mean you display a dinosaur statue or a Ultraman. They should be alive and interactive with visitors. People come to pursue inner values and feelings,; said Dai.戴斌说道:“过去的主题公园,往往是以景物展示为主到第二代产品,往往是一个游乐场的结合体,缺少一些有吸引力的主题、有吸引力的故事线、逻辑线把它串起来不是简单的放一个恐龙的造型,放一个奥特曼的造型就是主题公园了,是让你过来以后,为了某一种情感和价值追求来到这里园区好像是一个有生命的空间一样,我可以跟他进行有机的互动”Industry experts observe that many theme parks mainly rely on ticket sales their profit, providing a flimsy business, and leaving little left over to invest in new recreational facilities to attract repeat visitors.业内专家称,不少主题公园业务薄弱,收入主要依靠门票销售,没有足够资金来投资建设新的设施,从而吸引回头客Business insiders have called the authorities to stop granting licenses new parks the sake of the industry.业内人士已经呼吁,为了整个行业着想,希望有关部门不再批准新主题公园项目The theme park report says 6 new parks were expected to be established between to , with a total investment of about $ billion.不过根据主题公园相关报告,在年至年,国内预计还将增加6个主题公园,总投资额将达到0亿美元 7576PW: Today we are going to talk about the Olympic Opening Ceremony.Y: Yeh!PW: You sure are excited about the Opening Ceremony. But is it such a big deal?Y: Of course it a big deal. 奥运会四年才开一次主办国可以在开幕式上显示历史、文化,经济实力You know, to show off.P: So, I am guessing there will be lots of permances - dances and acrobatics.Y: Yes, that right, Patrick.开幕式一开始要升起奥运旗帜,演奏奥运主题歌P: It starts with the raising of the Olympic flag and the perming of the Olympic anthem.Y: 然后是各国运动员入场P: That called a ;Parade of Nations,; when the athletes of each nation participating in the Olympics parade through the stadium with their national teams. Y: 开幕式除了大型表演,最精的是最后点燃奥运圣火P: Lighting of the Olympic Flame with the torch is the climax of the opening ceremony. It awesome.Y: 说了半天,我只在电视上看过奥运会开幕式,如果能到现场那该多好P: Well, look what Ive got!Y: 开幕式门票!Oh my gosh, Patrick! Who did you knock off to get those?P: Who did I ;knock off;? Dont worry, I didnt have to kill anyone, Yang Chen. The tickets to the opening ceremony are sold out long time ago. I was given these by a friend whose brother is an Olympic athlete.Y: 你还认识奥运会运动员Cool.PW: Say, do you want to go, Yang Chen? Ive got two tickets?YC: Do I want to go? Id LOVE to go! 1870

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